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Rebecca favourite for ninth eviction
Tonight sees four housemates face eviction from Big Brother house,...
Alec | Day -314

Tonight sees four housemates face eviction from Big Brother house, but who will be the ninth evictee of Big Brother 2012?

Ashleigh, Deana, Luke A, and Rebecca were nominated by the housemates’ family and friends on Monday, and the public have been voting to save their favourite throughout the week.

Rebecca is currently the favourite to leave with the bookies – Jamie East’s widcard housemate has odds of 8/13 with Bet365 to get the boot tonight. Ashleigh, who survived last week despite being favourite to go, is second favourite for eviction at 11/8.

Luke A and Deana, known by viewers as ‘the outsiders’ of the house, are the outsiders at 22/1 and 33/1 respectively.

Details of how to vote to save can be found on the Channel 5 website by clicking here. Lines close during this evening’s eviction, live on Channel 5 from 9PM.

We may also see a second housemate leave tonight with Luke S and Conor set to be given a £50k ultimatum by Big Brother.

Which of the nominated housemates do you want to go? Let us know below!

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  1. Lesley on 6:00pm August 3 '12

    Good riddance! Actress of the highest order. Took the whole ‘BMI’ comment and used it to direct her nastiness to Luke A. Also her over use of the word ‘disgusting’ is wearing thin. Pun intended!
    CONOR FTW !!

    • Orchid333 on 6:27pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Yes Lesley. Becky did take the BMI comment too far. On BOTS last night they showed her audtion tape saying – “It’s fine if you call me fat or call me ugly” and – “you should be happy cos you are what you are” so why milk Luke A’s BMI comment. :giggle: Did you mean to say “Conor to win”? LUKE A to win or if not ADAM

    • sammyvan on 6:44pm August 3 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Conor?????? surely not?

  2. Lisaxx on 6:22pm August 3 '12

    Good, and take that disgusting excuse of a man Conor with you!

  3. sammyvan on 6:43pm August 3 '12

    HALLELUJAH ! :drink:

  4. hope Luke A goes cannot abide him…he sits there smokes and talks bad about everyone..he should have got more involved with all the house mates….if he won….how would i remember him….hmmmmmmmmmmmm.oh yes that guy that was always smoking outside…talk about promoting good health

    • Talk about promoting good health? Pffft if Conor wins what exactly will that be promoting? Sexual violence and bullying against woman? if Ashleigh wins what would that be promoting? Common uneducated wasted youth who swears every 5 secs…I could go on…LUKE A, DEANA OR ADAM for the win 100%!!!!!!!!

    • AmericanCousin on 8:21pm August 3 '12

      You must admit, they all talk sh!t but the difference between them and Luke A. is he’s resentful when he’s nasty,apologetic, and truthful. I cannot persuade you to like my fave HM but I will say he is a decent man.
      If you like Conor, then let’s chalk it up to you having poor taste in human beings. Conor is the man who said he wanted to shove the epilator and the brush up a woman bottom and called her a bastard he’d punch out. Luke A. has never breathed such nastiness. Becky is a lard and a supposed proud one. I don’t sympathize with the devil, so I can’t relate to her pain. Maybe if she had kept her big pie hole shut, she wouldn’t have been slammed like that. What did Deana do to warrant violent sexual assault? Luke A. was not exactly right for saying the comment nor did he get a formal warning. People shat on Luke A. for weeks straight before he got nasty. He deserves a :clapping: round of applause and he gets it from me.
      Love ya, Luke A.
      Get the laughing while crying cow out! I don’t ever want to see her pink clammy body vibrating on my laptop screen ever again!

    • Orchid333 on 12:44am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Ha Ha Ha – you were wrong then weren’t you? :giggle:

  5. tipper on 7:41pm August 3 '12

    to car ,better outside smoking than inside bullying saying disgusting things about women ,and getting sexual favours from anyone daft enough to give them , i could go on……..

    • jennyjuniper on 11:52am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      At least if you smoke outside you injure only your own health. Bullying, sexist and racist remarks are like a stone in a pond, the ripples go on and on and injure many.

  6. Just get this obcene beast off my screen, I can’t take any more of her, sick of swearing everytime she comes on.

    See BB was trying to protect it this week by not showing her stashing food under the bed to gauge out on, she’s is so digusting I can not put into words who on earth would eat uncooked food from under the bed.

    I was the first person to warn fans not to put her in the house, that she was not what she seems and predicted that the once love for her would soon turn to hate as a BB expert we’ve seen it all before – remember Katraya from BB9 the novelty soon wore off her too.

    • Chris was right about her all along….in the begining he saw straight through her. That was ‘ACTING’ when she started that unneccessary argument with him you know…

      • Yeah and that was way back on Day 5 her second day in the house, she evaded nomination for a long time coz her fellow HMs feared nominating her out of fear coz they thought she was popular with the public after being voted in – I recall Adam saying that.

        Next year :c5: should consider having a shortlist of candicates which the public vote in a number of them into the house.

  7. MrTommiiee94 on 9:01pm August 3 '12

    Being Fave to win for now being FAVE to GET THE FECK OUT!!!!!!!

    • ????????????????? deanas fave to get out now? dont know wot u mean with ur post but if its saying deanas the fave to go then sorry but ur deluded to feck, shes gonna win hands down

  8. BBNut on 9:28pm August 3 '12

    As ashamed as i feel, i am literally only watching this shit now to see either Deana, Luke A or Adam to triumph and it had better happen but i have lost all faith so i doubt it. However, anyone voting and spending further money must be out of their minds. It doesn’t matter now who we want to win, it’s utterly pointless! The descision rests in C5′s hands no-one else’s. Haven’t you been robbed enough? I know i have :angry:

    • I feel the same as you BBNut, but will keep voting for Deana as it is the only way I can get back at Conor. I know that may sound pathetic but I do feel very upset. I want her to know what a great person she is too. Shocked by Brian’s interview of Conor, even that showed Deana in a bad light in the clips. Very sad night. :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

      • Totally, not to mention sickening :puke: I expect he’s about to get lauded on BOTS too by those pathetic hosts. Brian’s interview with Conor was absolutely shocking he was nowhere near challenged to the extent he should have been and if they think that pathetic attempt will suffice they are seriously mistaken. No wonder they kept his eviction timespan to the absolute bare minimum. Becky’s interrogation was much harsher than Conor’s which beggars belief. She’s just a silly little childish bitch who needs to grow up and wake up. The only good to come out of this evening is the end of Conor, although we will have endure his numerous appearances on the other shit show that adores him. I hope he enjoys every minute of the slow realisation setting in that he is almost universally hated and will be wise to keep an eye over his shoulder as some nutter will show him just how much.

        • I appreciate everything you have written (and the spelling!) Although I stopped watching this garbage excuse for a programme some time ago (first uk big brother I have ever seen and pretty unbelievable) I really, really want to know why the producers chose to favour this meatheaded tosser Connor ~ I think there is something going on here that goes beyond the ‘uncle’ explanation

  9. conorthug gets 50,000 BARF!!!!!!
    what a fookin joke :angry: :angry: :angry: :no: :no: :no:

  10. great news that beckys out but shame on u bb on chanel 5 absolutely disgusted that connor the sly man took the mony and run he deserved feck all 5 you should all be ashamed of urselves ive watched big brother from 1st show never in my entire life did connor fly man deserve the money oh and why wasnt sara told about these twists that was going to happen in the white room she would have stayed in ther but wasnt given the chance hope he puts it all on a bet and loses the lot you shuda given the mony to charity of some sort but what a waste i really wish chanel 4 had this show we need davina back as willis is crap too :devil:

  11. on 10:56pm August 3 '12

    Well that was a SURPRISE wasn’t it !! :c5: & B.B have got what they wanted. At least we won’t have to see either him or Bekkys face on the show.
    Ive just seen Ashleih’ s response , the poor deluded cow is under the impression that Luke.s is also a winner of 50k stupid bitch.

  12. hope shes out next ashleigh traylor trash she is a poor excuse of a girl yuck :c5: has got the show rigged to the hilt

  13. I am truly disappointed in the Big Brother Staff for even thinking of putting someone like Conor in a position to win half the money. I hope those of you that work on the program are as sick to death that you did that as we are being sickened by yourselves. Truly :no: This is the first time I have ever been thinking of not watching future shows. Being a HUGE BB Fan. This is allot to take.

  14. Louiza on 11:46pm August 3 '12

    Well done Nina on BOTS. Your comments are spot on. Sooooooooooo angry Connor was rewarded…… but really pleased to see the back of him. Selfish man, only out for himself. Good riddance. That money will be gone in the blink of an eye.
    I totally agree with your comments 1319.

  15. Nina on BOTS – the only voice of reason in what was otherwise a night of shame. No wonder Deana felt sick.
    And as for Conor excusing his comments by saying he was angry, well Conor you were actually LAUGHING when you made them. Not that threatening to physically and sexually abuse a woman can be excused by anger anyway. So why accept his pathetic apology Brian and Emma????
    Do the right thing now Conor – make a public apology to Deana’s family and give half at least of your blood money to a charity for victims of abuse. Only then might I listen to what you have to say.

  16. Stop watching the fixed show or the Bots rubbish with the braindead audience , rather than complaining. There is only one message BB understand and that is loss of ratings.

  17. Orchid333 on 12:29am August 4 '12

    Sara, Scott and Ashleigh said they were not in BB for the money!!!!! Well, if they win they should give the money to charity. Why was Conor not booed? BB protecting him? Why can’t people see BB is fixing things? I am disgusted that no mention of Conor’s terrible rant of Deanna shown tonight. Why were Conor’s real worst bits not shown? Why is £50,000 a life changing amount of money to Conor. For goodness sake Conor you are 25. Be a man and get out to work and earn a living and save up like most of us do to buy a house etc. You are supposed to be a personal trainer – Surely this is one profession where you can be self employed and earn some money to buy a house and earn some decent money – you bloody despicable whinger. :angry:

  18. Im sick to my stomach at tonights results. Delighted Becky got but totally sick that Conor the fucking horrible self centred deemeaning chauvinistic bastard got 50K. He deceived Luke and went for number one. That will be the ONLY money he will ever make from Big Brother. And WHY did the people cheer him when he left and in the BBOTS studio. Totally and utterly disgusted. Im ashamed that he is Irish the bloody horrible man

    • Orchid333 on 12:57am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Yes Ashling. You are absolutely right and why did the housemates welcome him into house and not be bothered that he had cheated the winner out of £50,000? He said £50,000 was a life changing amount of money for him. WHAT? Get out to work Conman like the rest of us and earn a living like we all have to do to buy a house instead of being a racist and abusive to Deanna behind her back. Keelly must be so proud of you – NOT :angry:

  19. well well bb what a suprise ae connor gettn 50k is he related tosome of the crew in bb or what big brother tell me now who is the winner then so that i no and can stop watchn this show that i have bin watching for 12 years what a big mistake and what a fuck up youve made of this show highlight of the night was big becky gettn put out with nowt shel be livid

  20. brokenangel on 1:06am August 4 '12

    Did anyone buy the crap that spilled from Conor’s mouth, he wanted Adam to win?
    They have prepped him in the break and warned him he has been called a racist thug !
    Talk about damage limitation. How can he be called racist when he wants Adam to win? What a load of rolox. Even Carolines faced screwed up as if to say wtf is going on.

    • microsis on 1:12am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes Brokenangel ,,I was really puzzled when Conor said he wanted Adam to win ,,where did that come from
      You could see even Caroline was shocked at what he had said
      Very strange
      :music: :music: :music:

    • Orchid333 on 1:14am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      I cannot ever remember him being in favour with Adam.., What a load of bo…cks. :devil:

      • brokenangel on 1:17am August 4 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        He never has been , always slating the Outsiders. His best friend in there is Ashleigh- he don’t want her to win? That would be the first one you pick is your best friend.
        I am so mad at Conor getting that money and to add insult to injury he tries to take us for a bunch of bloody idiots.

      • microsis on 1:25am August 4 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hi orchid333 Have you thought of becoming a tbb member :yes:

        :music: :music: :music:

    • I think that he said he wanted Adam to win to cover up his vile hatred for Deana, I believe that he is racist and said Adam to cover his tracks, he must know that his treatment of Deana will be investigated, BB primed him good and proper, why was Nina on Bots not allowed to ask him questions, she was the only one who dare tell the truth.

  21. northernmonkey on 1:22am August 4 '12

    I haven’t watched the show for last few nights but glad Becky has gone.

    I am in shock that Conor has somehow ended up with 50k, it’s unbelievable. For some reason he seemed heavily favoured, :c5: were determined to keep him in, they’ve actually took taking the piss to the extreme, shown contempt towards those who watch/vote in the show.

    I didn’t vote once this year, all I have left now to ” TO SHOW MY GRIEVENCE” is by stop watching all together ( which I have more or less done).

    I just read here to see what is going on .

  22. 5169paul on 1:25am August 4 '12

    did i hear the crowd shouting get luke out surely they havent fixed the crowd like the audience in the bbbots studio tonight, glad 2 hear emma bitch willis is getting hundreds of messages about the bmi subject totally agree with nina she told it like it is that conor didnt deserve the money and becky had blown the bmi incident out of all proportion as the actress she is. be careful voters next week and luke s is safe then it could be ADAM DEANA AND LUKE A up if it is normal noms. going to bed tonight thinking no wonder the country is in a mess if crap like CAROLINE SCOTT BECKY CONNOR SARA AND ASHLEIGH ever are examples to the chidren of today. sorry deana fans but i am really beginning to dislike her

  23. microsis on 1:39am August 4 '12

    Nina was great wasn’t she I was looking forward to seeing Conor squirm under her questioning
    But once again bb producers protected him and left out the usual questioning by the guest :angry:
    :music: :music: :music:

  24. Weldone to conor get it rite up them well the best one the others are just sleekit talk about every1 deana out next biatch

  25. Still completely digusted by this and I should be sleeping. Everyone involved with big brother has let me down tonight . emma brain EVERYONE…This has turned out to be the straw in the camels back for me. :puke:

  26. Woohoo for conor the rest are back stabbers especially deana. Adam to win now :party:

  27. yeahyeahyeah on 5:34am August 4 '12

    I hope against hope that Deana wins…but I’d put money on Adam now that Conor has said he wants him to win. Something is rotten in Borehamwood!

  28. if becky knows what irony is she is’nt as thick as she as been trying to make us all believe, she was acting if you can call it that and still she avoided answering any
    of the questions put to her nasty and ignorant to boot.

  29. ha ha ha ha ha ha it took lukes all this time to realise connor was’nt being honest about his intentions he thought connor was his mate ha ha ha ha numb or what.

  30. connors face would’nt look out of place on a wanted poster and the insiders actualy thought he’s there friend it was obvious he was only out for himself i feel sorry for his girl friend as he’ll drop her as soon as he starts getting female attention whatch out love you’ve seen how he treats his friends.

  31. once his local church as had it’s cut and he’s taken his family on holiday taken his mates (i use the word mates lightly) if thats the way he treats people can’t see him having any there won’t be that much left to make it life changing of a sum and poor mum still having such a big baby still at home.

  32. MarkSalem on 7:16am August 4 '12

    I think it took Luke s a little while for the penny to drop,as conor walked out with 50 grand-Luke s knows he will not win,as he would of thought back to the boos he got when he was up……and the only chance he would of got winning some money has just walked out of that white room door……Priceless.

  33. Every single person working for BB should be ashamed of themselves for allowed this vile man to walk away with the money, even more vile was seeing Emma willis give him a hug, two fingers to all the women out here eh Emma?? well done, the only credible preson on Bots was Nina and they didnt let her anywhere near him, why are they protecting him.

  34. jennyjuniper on 8:42am August 4 '12

    Well even though it was predictable, it was still shocking. Although Conor was prepared for this happening. Watch his body language as he and Luke S stand by their buzzers. Normally when the conman is suprised or nervous he wrings his hands and puts his hands to his face. He was too calm, as if he knew what was going down.
    Mind you, why should I be suprised at that!! I didn’t watch BOTS because I didn’t want to see Emma and rent-a-crowd brown nosing him, which I was sure they would do. Fact is, apart from voting for Luke A, Deana and Adam I won’t be wayching every night and certainly not BOTS. It’s a sad day for Britain when a toe-rag like him can walk away with so much money.
    My only consolation is, that knowing how immoral BB and channel 5 is, I wouldn’t be suprised if it was monopoly money!!

    • Biddy on 9:36am August 4 '12

      We and every other BB site tried everything we could to stop it…but :c5: would not listen,,they condonned what this nasty foul mouthed excuse of a human being did and said….
      My only hope is that it all comes back to bite them on the bum and Deana’s family take it further….
      I think Adam , Luke A and Deana would have reacted differently if they new what Conor had said but only a few heard his rant and they are too scared to say anything, which to me makes them as bad as him….
      All we can hope now is that one of the outsiders wins,
      Adam, Deana or Luke A…..any one of those 3 i won’t mind…..Don’t class the sneaky 2 faced Sara as an outsider,, cannot stand her..she is an out and out insider….
      Just one more thing as much as i dislike Luke S i do think he would have shared with that vile thug….hope he too can see now what a vile person he was…….still dislike him though…….!!

  35. On what basis can Deanas family take it further?? Get a grip, if someone is rude to u in the street nobody does anything n police does nothing. He said awful things but at the same time was a contestant who played the game n deserved the money for playing the game as much as anyone else..did he not keep e verybody interested in wot was goin on, Deana can only make u fall asleep..get over it

    • He made sexual and violent assault threats against Deana , which if someone said on the street , they are committing a crime that should warrent an arrest by the police.

    • jennyjuniper on 12:01pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      No conman did not interest me one bit. What is remotely interesting in watching someone pick his nose and eat it, make vile comments about women, encourage bullies and sneaks like Caroline and Becky and not dare face up to any of the men in the house. Even his best friend Arron was shocked at his behaviour when he came out of the house and saw it re-played. Conor is a cowardly bigot and that’s not a bit interesting to watch.

  36. BBFANDEBS on 6:43am August 5 '12

    I won’t be watching anymore BB this year until the final. To see what was once a great show be dummed down to this level and this chaotic is terrible. At least when Davina hosted on Channel 4, she got to the point with the evictee’s!

    The public wanted drama, and thats what they got.

    Conor will wear his badge of housemate most hated with pride no doubt. Backed up by his equally vacuous family.

    Becky will continue to pretend shes happy with her size, while being reassured by her equally podgy sister its all ok. While being fed Chicken Nug Nugs (cringe cringe as thats the kind of thing I would hear from a toddler not a grown woman) by her mother who will also tell her its all ok. One day her BMI will bite back and she will end up with obesity related diseases.

    For both of these characters, Karma will come back and take revenge. By then they will have disappeared from our screens and newspapers, and those who can see beyond the show will sit and say in gratification “Told you so”.

  37. trashly was all over conman when he walked out kissing him hugging him she hopeing he wil buy her a holiday his girlfriend needs to be worried he may just slip in there before he leaves for londonderry.

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