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Rebecca and Scott set secret missions
A sneaky Big Brother has set two secret missions this afternoon,...
| Day -331

A sneaky Big Brother has set two secret missions this afternoon, in ‘Token play at that game’.

With the house getting messier by the day, Big Brother is making housemates have a big clean.

To help with the tidying, everyone will be provided with MP3 players, loaded with either a pop or rock motivational playlist.¬†However, hidden among Rebecca’s tracks is a secret mission from Big Brother.

She will be instructed to secretly collect eleven gold tokens from the hatch, each with a different housemate’s face on, to hide around the house without the others discovering them as they tidy up.

[vimeo id="45955498" caption="Watch Becky's surprise task unfold..."]

Rebecca has also been told a Chinese meal is up for grabs should she succeed, but doesn’t know that Scott is also on a mission.

He has been instructed via his own MP3 player to search the house for gold tokens as he pretends to help with the clean up. For each one he finds, he will win a Chinese takeaway for the housemate on the token. Scott is unaware that the tokens have been hidden by Rebecca.

How well do you think Rebecca and Scott will do?

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  1. Thats righ BB set it up so Becky gets moe air time!
    Give some of the others a chance.

  2. on 5:50pm July 17 '12

    WHO CARES ? They get given rewards all the time that’s why they don’t care if they win a luxury budget or not. It’s just that the cretins who call themselves “PRODUCERS” haven’t got a clue what there doing.

    • jennyjuniper on 8:18pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Too true. The only secret mission I’m interested in is if Luke A or Lauren get the chance to nominate one of the insiders (Conor or Caroline) to go up for eviction in their place.

      • Jules on 9:45pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        That would be brilliant wouldnt it Jenny, i have said as much and they could easily let it happen, it has before. Trouble is now Luke A is building bridges so I wonder who he would choose?

  3. Yep! Becky is a sly bitching lardarse fake.

  4. PUBLIC ENEMIES Conor,Carolswine,Becky,Lukes,Ashleigh,Scott,…Sara, THE GOODFELLAS Deana,Lukea,Lauren,Adam

  5. I think this show has been the nastiest for some time,at the end of the face to face nominations you can tell the way things are going, so whats the point of switching on I don’t want to see connor win or any of the others in that group,I for 1 think like a lot more put them all up let the public speak as to who should go,connor should have gone when he had is rant but because he apologised to bb he got away with it where was deana’s familey’s apology.

  6. Tombolian on 10:24pm July 17 '12

    I think it’s funny how comments on this board come fast and furious, especially stating how nobody is going to watch anymore, yet the comments stop flowing as soon as the main show starts…
    I’m just doin’ the math… :blush:

    • jennyjuniper on 1:22pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      My comments stop flowing as soon as my son wants his computer back!! I’ve more or less stopped watching mid week anyway and once only insiders are left I will switch off for good, because none of them deserve to win or deserve the money.

  7. Lauren to win!!! Caroline is a vile creature…Connor is being fake!!! Luke s thinks his a winner already.. and BECKY well all i can say is get her out…annoying greedy cow :rock:

  8. AmericanCousin on 12:48am July 18 '12

    I am considering changes who I’m backing because Scott is not allowing his niceness to shine through but his sly and sneaky side that the insiders bring out. Idk, I am perplexed as to why Scott even gives a shit what Conor thinks of him. My mother always said “don’t be a follower, be a leader” and Scotty boy is letting me down big time. I hope he changes or else, he’s gonna lose my support(not like he cares). And Becky, can her mouth open wide enough? Who remebers when she was in the DR bitching about losing calories? Cow disgusting can she get? Prancing around in clothes that allow the jiggling is one thing but her mouth makes me :envy: (sick). I loathe Becky, Conor, Caroline, Ashleigh, and Luke S.- Sara is in the same boat with Scott, good hearts being led astray.

  9. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 3:06am July 18 '12

    That large bird from Blackburn is a Scorpio and I had her card marked from the moment she was eating all the pies.

    Scorpio’s are the deepest sign of the zodiac and it is said that they are very manipulative and you never truly know them.

    Whilst others were saying how great she was, I knew that jumping in the pool would not be the only splash she’d make. :devil:

    The fact she didn’t know who the Nazi’s were,
    just highlighted the state of our education system, shocking!

    Hang on, GET DOWN CONOR, he is so tactile, I mean tactical :thinking:

  10. lorna22 on 5:52pm July 18 '12

    good task bb becky will get it done easy cos she is sneeky and sly so it should not be a problem for her….

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