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Rebecca and Scott discuss ‘unworthy’ Conor
Rebecca and Scott have been bitching about fellow housemate Conor,...
| Day -343

Rebecca and Scott have been bitching about fellow housemate Conor, and question whether he deserves a place in the house.

Puzzled over how Conor managed to become a housemate, Rebecca said: “All he can do is shove his hands down his pants. He thinks he’s all that.”

Scott asked: “Is that all he can do to be entertaining?” He added that he didn’t even consider Conor worth having an argument with.

The pair are seemingly hoping Conor leaves on Friday, when he faces eviction with Arron and Deana, as well as Rebecca.

Talking to Caroline after yesterday’s ‘You snooze, you lose’ task, Conor claimed other housemates were threatened by him.

As things currently stand in our poll, Conor is last with only 11% voting to save him from eviction, closely behind Arron’s 12%.

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  1. i hate conor :devil:

  2. Jillie on 5:20pm July 5 '12

    Hopefully he is gone tomorrow and we can be less aggreviated watching the programme.
    i am praying to God that crowd outside the house will do us proud and boo like their is no tomorrow and then this horid individual will realise that he is detested by so many. Loving the stats in the poll

  3. its all kicking off in the green team watched a clip on bb offical website on fbk denna conor aaron and becky wer called 2 diary rm the boys wudnt give the seat 2 the girls questions were given 2 them the girls got annoyed by the boys answers , but becky stood up 2 aaron and gave him wat for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , aaron stated that becky belittles him and wenever he tries 2 talk becky butts in which in fact he does the same … get him out and conor dont forget ppl maranite eviction and on 5plus we can start watching live bb on sky yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • D3S1-J4TT on 10:01am July 6 '12

      Yea watched that as well, absolute Discusting behaviour by them two planks, well one of them has def sealed their fate after that performance, I mean how rude were they two both girls, but again all the focus was aimed at deana by them cretins… And again she handled it with dignity… Hope she stays in and that fool Connor I’d booted out tonight…

  4. cant wait for tomorrow when conner hopefully goes because i cant enjoy my favorite programme as mush because of him he is so nasty i cant wait to see the look on his face when he gets evicted cant wait :bigsmile:

  5. not just his face its the rest of his gangs faces lol…. and they all be lke how did he evict not denna ….

  6. Yes Susie I think they will all be expecting Deanna to go, will be waiting for the look on their faces when she is read out as first saved! She is still holding the third place favourite to win. Jules

    • D3S1-J4TT on 10:06am July 6 '12

      Well that weirdo Caroline has already sealed deanes fate, she was heard talking to scott saying ” I’m gonna be really sad when deana goes on Friday” I mean wtf!!! I cannot wait to c her reaction… And I really want Caroline out asap

  7. what i cant understand women likeing him.. every women who votes for him(who make me sick) should be on a list so if they ever get battered by there partner, everyone can say well you do like women tormenters and men who beat do one.. makes me :angry:

  8. sammyvan on 7:09pm July 5 '12

    Take nothing for granted – we have to vote for Deana and maybe Becky as well. Imagine if we all think Deana will be saved as she is so popular now………and nobody votes!!!! Its happened before when the public think a housemate is safe, don’t vote, and then we hear that HM is gone!
    Dont take chances… vote any way you can for your favourite and let us get Conor out this time. We wont get another chance. I want to be able to enjoy BB from Friday on!!

    • Fudge on 10:09pm July 5 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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      I quite agree sammyvan, we must take nothing for granted. Vote for Deana and maybe Becky too and make sure one of the boys (hopefully bully Conor) goes out to just boos……….bye bye Conor :clapping:

  9. It should be a VOTE TO EVICT, BIG BROTHER LISTEN TO US!!! I wont vote to save someone usually , but this week I am voting to save the girls hoping that Connor goes, Arron will do but Connor leaving would be a victory for all women, any woman voting to save Connor should be ashamed.

  10. on 8:25pm July 5 '12

    Connor, Arron & Luke.S are the 3 biggest bitches in the house & if things dont go their way they sulk like little kids. I can’t understand how such horrible, hateful housemates made it into the house. They are closely followed by Ashleigh, Caroline & shievonne.

  11. Hate Deana, spoilt brat who cannot take criticism n wants nice things said about her while bitching about everyone else, so boring n only bothered about ppl saying she’s perfect. Get her out sick oof her face, who voted her Miss India?? Shilpa is beautiful not this bimbo..

  12. I’ve said from the beginning and ppl wouldn’t have it that Lydia was not the vilian in the house and should not have gone, everything she said she’s been 100% correct. Conor and Arron were the manipulative ones all along, the public were as much sheep as the housemates, hope the pennies dropped now

    • jennyjuniper on 8:12am July 6 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I disagree Stu, Lydia was a villain, but even I have to admit, that compared to those two morons Conor and Arron I would have preffered Lydia!! Only just mind you.

  13. Get conner out he is a bully and deana to win

  14. Raykco on 2:32am July 6 '12

    I think that both Arron and Conor will leave the house either on Friday or soon after.

    I predict that if one of them is voted out, the other will totally lose it and do something against the rules which would leave BB with no choice but to eject them.

    Here’s hoping.

  15. northernmonkey on 2:39am July 6 '12

    I have a awful feeling Becky will go, :c5: will tell us how close it was, but Connor may survive. I think Deana will be ok but feel Becky could be vulnerable. I hope i’m wrong.

    For the sake of the house, he or Arron must go, to really shake the house up and completely change the dynamics in the house.

    I am not really a fan of Becky’s, but people probably need to vote both girls to be sure.

  16. northernmonkey on 2:42am July 6 '12

    Haha Connor looks like a young Norman Wisdom in the above picture. What a gimp – If brains were shit – he could sniff em :bigsmile:

  17. i saw the disgraceful behaviour too!! who do connor and arron think they are !!! they have no respect for the girls at all and i think they actually believe they can win…what a joke. they should have been reprimanded by big brother for their bullying behaviour Connor’s already got away with it once …he should have been kicked out when he made the vile comments about deanna last week.. you can’t be seen to be condoning that type of vie talk big brother Conor to be evicted then lets start getting rid of all the other bullies. BRING BACK VOTE TO EVICT listen to what the viewers want Big Brother and put them all up, the public should be deciding now. :devil:

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