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Post-eviction live feed will return for Big Brother 2012
It has been confirmed today by Channel 5 that the post-eviction...
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It has been confirmed today by Channel 5 that the post-eviction live feed will return for the upcoming series of Big Brother.

Since Channel 5 revealed, after buying rights to the programme in 2011, that 24-hour live feed would not return, fans began to protest and set-up online campaigns for it to be brought back. At the start of this year, Channel 5 reacted by broadcasting short post-eviction results on it’s sister channel, 5*, during the Celebrity Big Brother series..

Despite fans continuously fighting for the 24-hour live feed to be recovered, along with the post-eviction feed attracting over 900,000 viewers at one point, show bosses are still sticking to their decisions.

During the final series of Big Brother on Channel 4, an online 24-hour live feed was set-up by way of subscription at a small charge to fans. This was proven to be highly popular, however, was never restored by Channel 5.

Let us know your opinions on the post-eviction live feed returning this summer.

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  1. Sally on 4:17pm May 23 '12

    Im glad there is some live feed, but one of the big problems with post eviction feed is the crowd noise being played into the house.
    It would be much better to have live feed at 6pm for an hour this could be incorporated with something like Big Brother Little Brother.

    • coxyy on 5:49pm May 23 '12

      such a good idea sally ;)

    • When we had Big Brother live feeds, some fans decided to play moral police and made a big stink every time a housemate did something offensive. Those fans didn’t understand that all that noise they made against Big Brother actually hurt the show.

      Dealing with Ofcom is a major headache for the producers so I can’t blame them for being wary of live 24/7 feeds since they do cause a lot of controversy for the show. I think no matter what the producers decide, people will find something to complain about.

  2. Tombolian on 4:24pm May 23 '12

    I’ve not had access to BBUK live feed before. I had it for BBUSA and, frankly, that got boring faaaast, not to mention how much they block out of the “live” feed leaving you nothing to look at but a silly fishtank. How’s it work for BBUK, any better?

  3. im glad the live feed 24 hour is coming back, does any1 nose wen the celebrity big brother is comin on?

    • Sally on 4:45pm May 23 '12
      MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

      Sorry to disappoint you BECKYBEE. The live feed is only on after an eviction. For approximately 1 hour. :sadsmile:

    • MrAnonymous on 6:34pm May 23 '12

      In reality about 42 to 45 minutes after eviction once they pack the endless ad breaks in. So a whole 0.7 to 0.75 hours a WEEK of ‘live feed’ Wow :rofl:

      Still any more than an hour after eviction would giveaway that ‘housemates’ in ‘BB on C5′ werent in the house 24/7 and were going to a hotel everyday after filming the SCRIPTED and STAGED ‘highlights’ :rofl:

      Moot anyway. Methinks it should be renamed ‘Borehamwood Shore’ or BS for short it sure anit a real Big Brother. :rofl:

  4. I suppose some live feed is better than nothing, :yes: but as already mentioned, the crowd noise does get on your nerves. :sadsmile:
    If they can arrange for live feed during the eviction process, why can’t we have it a bit earlier or later? :nod:
    I don’t mind paying if I have to, and I’m sure there are thousands who would fel the same.
    Come on Channel :c5: – make the people happy. :bigsmile: we will love you for it :kiss: :love:

  5. microsis on 10:49pm May 23 '12

    I agree Hobbit, I don’t mind paying for live feed ,,,I have done it before and would gladly do it again :yes:

    • Jules on 10:47am May 29 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I agree Microsis, the trouble with the highlights they are just that highlights and unless the full story is seen then we cannot really judge who is in the right or in the wrong. Have seen it to many times, I have been an avid follower of the live feed and it really enhanced my enjoyment of the show.


  7. Fudge on 8:36am May 30 '12
    Avatar of

    Live feed? Not for me, I can only just keep up with the daily one hour shows!!! And if are given a slightly skewed impression of HMs from the one hour shows on their own, does it really matter I ask myself?! It is only a game show after all :bigsmile: :wink:

  8. Ray on 4:21pm June 3 '12

    I would certainly like to watch the live feed as I don’t have Channel 5

  9. aamile95 on 12:47pm June 8 '12

    Just checked 5* schedule for tonight’s eviction and there is absolutely no live feed after the eviction tonight so they have not fulfilled their promise!

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