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Morrisons sign BB product placement deal
Morrisons has become the official shopping partner of Big Brother...
| Day -370

Morrisons has become the official shopping partner of Big Brother after signing a reported six-figure deal with Channel 5.

Weekly shopping tasks have taken place ever since Big Brother began, and food packaging seen in the house has been covered with white labels to obscure brand names.

However, shopping delivered to the store room will now arrive in Morrisons-branded bags and will be from Morrisons Own and/or Morrisons Value range of products.

Rebecca Singleton, marketing director of the supermarket chain, told Media Week: “With the housemates’ challenging weekly shopping budget, Morrisons offer a fantastic choice of options for them to be able to eat great food, whilst making the most of every important penny.”

Big Brother’s headline sponsor Henkel and Schwarzkopf already has hair and toiletry products placed in the house.

The new Morrisons deal is understood to be in place for both the regular series and Celebrity Big Brother which air this summer.

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  1. coff3e on 10:32am June 8 '12

    it wud b funy seeying the bags at 1st lklol

  2. Avatar of

    Will be funny to see proper shopping bags in the BB house :bigsmile:

  3. coxyy on 12:12pm June 8 '12

    well Big Brother are getting alot out of it, Morrisons and Live colour, so if their making money and can make the even better then :D

  4. lorna22 on 5:22pm June 8 '12

    bet BB dont pay 5p for a carrier bag lol….

  5. Sally on 1:53pm June 18 '12

    This is a good deal for Morrisons my favourite supermarket. The house mates should get good value for their money. Oops this looks like an ad lol.

  6. Fudge on 1:58pm June 18 '12
    Avatar of

    Morrisons will be a whole new experience for Caroline. :giggle:

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