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Mike confesses to Danica that he ‘likes’ her
Earlier tonight, Mike 'The Situation' tried to tell fellow...
Alec | Day -300

Earlier tonight, Mike ‘The Situation’ tried to tell fellow celebrity housemate, Danica, that he ‘likes’ her. Could this be a start of a budding celebrity romance?

While talking to Danica, Mike tried to spill his new-found feelings towards her.

A few hours before the conversation, a few other housemates were concerned for Mike as Danica walked away from him, even though they thought he liked her.

Some of the other housemates felt that Danica was upset at him due to Mike failing part of his task. Danica explained to him that she only walked away because she was hungry, and not due to Mike’s task result.

[vimeo id="47691816" caption="Watch the cute moment Mike reveals his feelings to Danica...]

Regarding the potential new romance between the pair, Jasmine is quick to warn everyone that she thinks Danica is playing games. She also went on to say that she thinks ‘he’s headed for a fall’.

What do you think of this potential romance in the house?

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  1. What a cringe hahahahaha :shake:

  2. I love the situation

  3. on 11:13am August 17 '12

    He went off her though after the task. She isn’t what she made herself out to be or something like that it was on BBBOTS. I hate the romances anyway!

  4. Twon on 12:24pm August 17 '12

    Set up for a fall! The situation wouldn’t understand the situation to begin with! :bigsmile:

  5. microsis on 12:34pm August 17 '12

    What situation are we talking here
    The situation in the garden ,or the situation after the situation during the task ,I think the situation knew the situation before the situation :surprised: :surprised:

    :music: :music: :music:

  6. I personally can’t see them getting together… Danica can do far better than him! :nod:

  7. marieowen on 1:32pm August 17 '12

    Wat an akward “Situation” :tmi:

  8. rionablue on 1:37pm August 17 '12

    They’re welcome to each other. I dont like either of the. What a stupid name ‘The Situation’ Danica is definitely not pretty either

  9. jennyjuniper on 2:05pm August 17 '12

    He’s heading for a rinsing.

  10. AmericanCousin on 9:49pm August 17 '12

    Britain can keep him. He is so digsuting. He has no loyalty and thinks with his other head. I don’t like Elmer Fudd one bit. He doesn’t even know Danica and is quite deluded to think she will go for him.

  11. this player is easily played thats the situation

  12. mike mmm whot do i think! Nice fit sexy body nice 2 look at but please just DONT TALK as 4 he like her he just horny he took comdom in with him.

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