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Mike admits feelings for Danica
Mike - AKA 'The Situation' - has confessed his feelings for Danica...
Alec | Day -295

Mike – AKA ‘The Situation’ – has confessed his feelings for Danica to Julie, Cheryl and Samantha.

Talking to the three girls in the garden, the Jersey Shore star admitted: “I like Danica, obviously.”

“Obviously,” said Julie. “Let’s just keep it quiet though.”

“She’s right there!” Mike noticed, but Samantha reassured him: “She’s asleep, but it won’t be a big surprise.”

“She knows I like her. I’m pretty persistant,” Mike laughed.

He continued: “When I have feelings for someone like this, I fall in. I don’t think the pool is shallow, I think it’s deep so I just dive in and hope that everything’s great.”

As the group began to joke about a future relationship between Mike and Danica, Samantha asked: “Do you want children?”

Mike replied with three, to which Julie responded: “Not tonight!”

Can you see a relationship developing between the pair?

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  1. Danica has dreams well beyond an American. She has bigger and better things to do with her time. My guess is she will tread softly with him. But when she does the research she will run like HELL. Just sayin..

  2. jennyjuniper on 4:22pm August 23 '12

    I think Danica already has the prince in her sights. She was being very flirty with him on last nights show. The suprising thing is that he seems to be falling for it! But then he does seem to think that Jasmine made up all that stuff about Danica and Rhian, so I hope he has a friend to set him straight when he does leave the house.

  3. I think Danica and Rhian using their powers over all the young men in the house.Hope the Prince comes to his senses and can see what they are both up to.Neither of them seem to do much at all except flirt with the boys.Hope Coleen wins.

  4. Why is it that everyone is bitching saying that there leading the boys on, There are big boys you know they can handle themselves, I have a flirtly nature but doesn’t say I’m leading ppl on, it’s obviously part of there job to flirt, and danica did say before she went in the house in a interview that she was seeing someone but is still single but she would have a flirt, so why all the hatred now ehh?

    • yeahyeahyeah on 4:16pm August 24 '12

      Yeah, I’m a bit sick of it. These women don’t have some amazing manipulative super powers. I said in a previous post on another page, that just because a woman is friendly with a man doesn’t mean that she is leading him on. Both Rhian and Danica were upfront with the boys about being in relationships. I think the boys are delusional if they think that they can just be persistent and eventually these girls will cave in and go for them. That`s just searching for hope, and it’s kind of pathetic. It’s also pathetic how they turn on these women when they do get glimpses of reality and wise up to the fact that they really aren’t going to fall for these boys. Ashley did it to Rhian, Mike is starting to be like that with Danica, and we all know how it panned out last year between Kirk and Georgia. It’s quite pathetic behaviour really. Women aren’t a prize to be won. :fubar:

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