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Marcus Bentley hints at June launch for BB13
Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley has suggested the new series...
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Big Brother narrator Marcus Bentley has suggested the new series will commence in June, despite popular belief producers were planning a May launch.

Talking to Big Brother fans via his twitter account, Marcus revealed no exact date has been set, but the series will start in June.

If so, the end of the 10-week run would overlap with the London Olympics.

However, in response to fears the games could harm Big Brother’s ratings, Marcus joked:
“BB’s on at 9 or 10 every night. What possible major Olympic action will be on at that time? Indoor pistol shooting?”

He added that he expects there to be an olympic-themed task or two for viewers to look forward too.

When would you prefer the new series to launch?

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  1. adamlink on 3:20pm April 19 '12

    i would perfer may because it woudnt clash with the olimpics der

  2. Daniel on 3:52pm April 19 '12

    June, because my exams are over with then :)

  3. coff3e on 4:39pm April 19 '12

    now its been a secret all this time lol not the strart of august to because iam still on holaday 4 2 weeks lucky me whoo and i dont thik ill b able to whach it in spain hmmm whens the spanish one lol

  4. june, is a good time for me i watch big brother all time :bigsmile: :love:

  5. cant wait till june :angry: :angry:

  6. Fudge on 9:54pm April 19 '12
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    coff3e please come on to chat soon – tomorrow? miss you x

  7. microsis on 9:18am April 20 '12

    If this is the case will :c5: still air bb13 at 10-11 and bots 11-12 , any earlier it would clash with some olympic event ,. Even so the late airing is not popular with some

  8. on 10:50am April 20 '12

    I’d much prefer May but the olympics being on won’t have any negative effect with it being on at night.

  9. I would like a june launch so good news for me.

  10. Joseph on 2:52pm April 20 '12

    I was looking forward to the series starting in just a month, but a June launch does mean exams are out the way, plus with The Voice, BGT and The Apprentice all finished it means the focus on reality TV won’t be centered elsewhere…

  11. microsis on 7:56am April 21 '12

    Anyone doing The London Marathon !!!!!!!!

  12. Sally on 9:28am April 21 '12

    I would love to do the marathon.But do you think anyone would be there a week later when I finished. :shake: :rofl:

  13. june cus my exams are over! :tongueout: xx

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    Well, I think June is probably a better month. Better weather, more fun. It’s only gonna be a couple of weeks “late” anyway, I bet if it was to be in May, it would be towards the end of the month. So all is good :yes:

  15. microsis on 12:51pm April 23 '12

    To late now but would you have liked to see a new bb13 presenter, opinions are devided I personally would have liked a new presenter but I think :c5: wouldn’t want the media to see it as a failure on their part :shake:

  16. microsis on 4:18pm April 23 '12

    We need someone like Leo Sayers ; he moaned : he groaned : had diva fits : smashed the side door because bb wouldn’t give him some clean pants : and escaped : What more do you want. He ! He

  17. microsis on 3:55pm April 25 '12

    Bb June 7 th ,,,,,,,, Jay and Louise getting married June 9 th !!!!!!! :thinking:

  18. MacinTyler95 on 6:25pm April 25 '12

    June is the best. I would have left school by then (yay) so I can stay up and watch Big Brother! The only time I wouldn’t be able to watch it is if I had an exam the following day (stupid exams). But there is always Demand 5! Big Brother, Wimbledon and The Olympics. My summer is sorted!

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