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Male housemates go speed dating with Sara
This afternoon, Big Brother gave Sara a special speed dating task,...
| Day -330

This afternoon, Big Brother gave Sara a special speed dating task, but there’s a twist…

Housemates were informed of today’s task in the living area when Big Brother revealed whoever impresses Sara the longest before being buzzed out would win a prize.

However, once Sara went off the the diary room, the guys were told the winner would actually be whoever could get buzzed the quickest by being as rude as possible without swearing, being abusive or aggressive.

The dates will take place one at a time with snacks and fizzy wine, and the winning boy will be treated to a lads night with their best mate, later on in the small task room.

Who do you think will win the ‘Speed haters’ task?

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  1. I love it. Its about time Sara had a bit of fun. She is the fittest girl in there. Go Sara xx

    • Jules on 9:12pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      She is a lovely looking lass but I do feel that she is mixing it in her own subtle way. She isnt viscious though and likes to feel that she is in with everyone. It cant be easy in there tbh. She definitely has her say though.

  2. on 8:14pm July 18 '12

    Does anybody really care anymore??

  3. I have watched bb for many years,but i have never been so disgusted at the way the housemates are behaving.I also thhink bb are favouring the insiders as they aree calling themselves,you could tell way the voting went that they had discussed nominations,Luke had not had many votes until this week.Alsothe task was fixed for the good to win,I cant tell you how disgusted I feel,but i have made up my mind that i will not vote this week,and it would be good if all viewers did the same.You also let Luke off by not showing what he said about Ashleigh to the whole house.Come on bb do the right thing and stand up to nthem and show them who is boss.

    • Jules on 9:10pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      They have all got away with murder Muriel but hopefully the tide will change now. Luke and Adam won the treat so great….. Everywhere you go in the forums etc. etc viewers are protesting, hopefully the powers that be will take notice, but, will they? They should do, there are many clips to bear out what is being said. Blatant rule breaking…..

  4. rionablue on 8:56pm July 18 '12

    All very well Muriel but this is about Sara’s speed dating. I love Sara. She is probably the best of a very bad lot with the exception of Deana and maybe at times Adam

    • Jules on 9:07pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Adam is great Rion, i think that Luke A and Adam are gentlemen, they have been great tbh. I am disappoointed that Luke could possibly go.

      Hey though Luke won the task so him and Adam have the treat. Had to laugh at it he just told Sara that he was married and she would be doing him a favour if she pressed the buzzer! Brilliant. So glad that someone else is getting somewhere.

    • Joseph on 9:23pm July 18 '12

      “This is about Sara’s speed dating” well said! :D :yes:

  5. AmericanCousin on 1:31am July 19 '12

    I feel Sara confronting Adam about moving his bed was annoying as he!!. Sara has just gotten on my bad side. I dislike her for standing up for Deana against Adam, of all people. Where was Sara when Becky, Conor, Caroline, and Ashleigh (and Arron) shat all over Deana? I’m sick of Sara playing both sides of the house. Where was she when Deana was going to Adam for support? How dare Sara.

    • Jules on 11:26am July 19 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      I dont dislike the girl as she is definitely playing a game (which is what it is all about). I feel she did this to show herself solidly in with the Insiders. I agree, and so do a lot of others, why, if she likes Deanna so much, didnt she take Connor to task. When Deanna has said to Sara about Connor all she says is but Connor is lovely.

      There is a lovely clip on line re the dating process. Sara is having a go at Adam after the dates finished. He is just sat there and she keeps on asking him if he is annoyed. In his calm way he is saying no and she is saying blah blah blah, just as though she wants to get him to lose his cool. It is quite funny because we know what the task was about. She was saying that Connor isnt annoyed………..oh dear, I guess she is either earmarking him, she doesnt like him or maybe she fancies him? Questionable. This was obviously before the task was revealed. I wonder if she apologised to him. I dont think he would touch her with a barge pole tbh and I dont mean to be unkind. They are just not suited.

  6. BB is just doing this to make her popular and of course it will work, the public (many of them are morons they believe everything that is shown on the highlights never mind there is no live feed and anyone/anything can be edited we don’t know if the editors/producers take things from weeks earlier and make it looks as if occurs just 24 hours ago)

  7. I loved the damage limitation show that aired last night. Obviously edited to make it look like everyone are best of pals now. Even Carolswine became a little humble after her long overdue slap on the wrist. NOT! Clearly the producers are either on holiday, asleep, or don’t give a damn about what the paying viewer has to say.

    • jennyjuniper on 9:13am July 19 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      The last comment I would say. That is why this week I refuse to watch eviction or vote to save. If Conor and Caroline had been pulled up about their cheating, there’s a good chance that neither Luke A or Lauren would have been up this week.

  8. i realy hate conor i wish he will be up nominations, next week

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