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Main house fail White Room shopping task
The main house only earnt an economy shopping budget after failing...
| Day -316

The main house only earnt an economy shopping budget after failing to beat the three White Room hosuemates in a series of challenges.

Yesterday, Sara, Luke S and Conor entered the White Room where they were set a number of games in order to win prizes. Those left in the main house then attempted the same games in order to beat the White Room trio’s scores and win a luxury shopping budget.

Game 1 – Space Race

The Main House managed to fill their tube to their bench mark line within 1 minute 38 seconds and The White Room filled up their tube in 1 minute and 10 seconds. The White Room won the Space Race task.

Game 2 – The White Form

For the second challenge Big Brother went through Housemates’ application forms. Big Brother asked one Housemate to identify six Housemates by asking six questions about these “white forms”. The Main House correctly identified three Housemates from their application forms. In the White Room the Housemates were faced with the same questions. They managed to correctly identify two Housemates from their application form. The Main House won the White Form task.

Game 3 – Hammer Slammer

The main House flattened twenty-seven cups of which five contained paint. Four empty cups that should have been flattened were not. Therefore The Main House incurred nine fails. In the White Room the Housemates flattened thirty cups, of which five contained paint. One empty cup that should have been flattened was not. Therefore The White Room incurred six fails. The White Room Housemates won the Hammer Slammer task.

The main house failed to beat Sara, Luke S and Conor in at least two of yesterday’s three games, meaning the entire group will live off of an economy budget for the next week. The White Room housemates were rewarded with fish pie and ice-cream.

It is only the second time this series housemates have failed a shopping task.

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