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Lydia the favourite for eviction
Deana looks set to survive another week in the house, with Lydia...
| Day -349

Deana looks set to survive another week in the house, with Lydia favourite to become the fourth evictee of Big Brother 13.

After the latest round of nominations on Monday, it was announced that Deana and Lydia would go head-to-head in the public vote this week.

Lydia has been up once before, after she was nominated in week one of the 2012 series by Deana – who is facing her first eviction – in a launch night twist.

However, it doesn’t look like Lydia will survive again tonight, as she is favourite among the bookies to get the chop. Bet365 curently have odds of 1/7 for the dancer to leave, with Deana at 4/1.

Visitors to Total Big Brother also think we’ll be saying goodbye to Lydia, with just 35% of over 1200 voters hoping she’ll stay.

Details of how to vote to save can be found on the Channel 5 website by clicking here. Lines close during this evening’s eviction, live on Channel 5 from 9PM.

Who do you want to stay tonight? Let us know below!

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  1. karl_downey on 6:59pm June 29 '12

    I don’t want either of them to go! :(
    I like Lydia & Deana because they stand up against those tw*ts Luke S, Arron and Conor!

    Conor should be live ejected from the house tonight instead of an eviction! :D

  2. Jules on 7:24pm June 29 '12

    I agree I do not want either to go but sadly one will and I to feel it will be Lydia.

  3. coff3e on 7:28pm June 29 '12

    unles secret room thats not there lol

  4. dragon on 9:25pm June 29 '12

    Typical, the most entertaining always leave, so what’s new?

  5. BBNut on 10:15pm June 29 '12

    Glad Deana stayed but gutted that Lydia has left as neither of them deserved to go. The crowd were obviously given strict instructions to not chant ‘Get Conor out’ and crucify Lydia, disgusting! I really hope Deana pushes Conor’s buttons now so he can be ejected as he should have been earlier this week. I think next week’s twist is going to be big and the house is going to be ‘turned upside down’ as promised as if it hasn’t been eventful already.

  6. nagmaster on 11:52pm June 29 '12

    Shes out now so stop yer crying
    Also she only hates Conor because he seen straight through her.
    A woman scorned eh still good lookin but

  7. shipton88 on 11:55pm July 2 '12

    that girl never smiles ever so mardy! :sadsmile:

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