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Lydia feels uncomfortable around Adam
Earlier today, Lydia revealed she was questioning her friendship...
| Day -364

Earlier today, Lydia revealed she was questioning her friendship with Adam after comments made by the former gang member.

Talking in the kitchen, Lydia alerted Deana to an unpleasant remark Adam had made a few days previously that now made her feel physically uncomfortable around him.

Deana asked if he had been like that with other girls, and Lydia replied: “No, I think he’s got a bit of thing. Sometimes when you have a fiancĂ© or boyfriend you’re more attractive because you’re unobtainable.”

At that moment, Adam came into the room and the girls awkwardly attempted to act natural.

What comment could have made Lydia fell so uncomfortable? Just a few days ago she and Adam voted for each other in Rebecca’s favourite housemate task.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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  1. sammyvan on 5:52pm June 14 '12

    Just Lydia setting up the a target for next weeks nominations – she likes to prepare early! I guess she has realised that Adam is popular with the others – and therefore a threat to her. Playing the game………she just forgot that the public are watching.

  2. Sarasmile on 6:39pm June 14 '12

    Oh wow – Lydia is unbelievable! She thinks he LIKES her? I think she’s delusional along with being a huge game player like Sammyvan said. I’m starting to feel physically uncomfortable around her LOL.

  3. Fudge on 6:41pm June 14 '12
    Avatar of

    Get over yourself Lydia. Not everything is about you. Quote of the day yesterday by Lydia: my fiance is just like a normal person. :rofl: :rofl: I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the poor chap :giggle:

  4. lorna22 on 6:47pm June 14 '12

    how can lydia say that about adam he must be the coolest guy ive ever seen i think she is being sneeky and trying to get people to vote for him next week…

  5. rionablue on 6:51pm June 14 '12

    She is only looking for attention. Adam fancies Deana and Siovaun. You are right Sammyvan she is setting up Adam to be nominated. Spiteful little cow!

  6. plain and simple get rid of that lydia she is like a virus she walks around everyone infecting them with her imagenary ideas of what is going on in the house twisting and playing with peoples minds

  7. Tombolian on 7:06pm June 14 '12

    Please please please tell me Seinfeld was popular in the UK! If not, the following reference won’t make any sense (except for US viewers)…

    Anybody remember the ‘fiance’ episode? I think Lydia guest-starred in that one… :envy: :puke:

  8. joanodea on 8:24pm June 14 '12

    oh that lydia is such a snake, the sooner the other housemates see through her the better……..get her out!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. elliecorn on 8:40pm June 14 '12

    This girl is irritating the life out of me, she better be up next week or I’m switching off LOL!xx

  10. tay_tay on 2:09am June 15 '12

    my god! she is a twig! Adam COULDN’T be attracted to her

  11. jennyjuniper on 11:05am June 15 '12

    The world revolves around and for Lydia, therefore of course all males are attracted to her :rofl: :rofl: She is a sour faced coward, who can’t even do a good confrontation. I usually give housemates a nickname (Adam is Daddy Cool) and Lydia is ****** In The Woods, because she has the same head swivelling movement of said ****** when she is bad mouthing someone to someone else.

  12. sukey on 12:57pm June 15 '12

    I was watching and old re-run of Dirty Dancing The Time of Our Lives, which was a dance competition and Lydia was one of the contestants. I have to say she was just as bad on that. I wonder how many other reality tv shows she has put herself up for.

  13. dinky on 1:55pm June 15 '12

    dont forget sad sack lydia went in big bro just too be herself. well i didnt know her. she really wants people too know who her boyfriend is too make her look slightly interesting. sorry sado your pathetic and a sly human being. and not that good looking neither.she makes me so ANGRY :angry:

    • jennyjuniper on 2:37pm June 15 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Me too Dinky. My worry is that if she stays beyond next week she’ll manage to get Becky nominated and if Becky is against someone popular like Adam she might lose. Ideally next week it’s going to be Chris and Lydia(then we’ll be spoilt for choice)

      • Tombolian on 2:51pm June 15 '12
        MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

        Your ideal situation won’t have a chance to come to fruition if the latest polls are to be believed. As of this writing, the one on this site has Chris losing by 2 votes… Might have to be Arron against Lydia.

        • jennyjuniper on 4:19pm June 15 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          In that case, much as I dislike Arron I’d have to vote to save him. Anything to get Lydia out. But first I want to see her face when she hears the booing

          • sammyvan on 6:42pm June 15 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Initially I thought it may be a good idea to keep Lydia in the house purely to watch the game playing she seemed capable of. However, though some HM’s play the BB game well, this nasty, spiteful HM is not worth keeping. Lets hope she is up soon. Shame we lost Victoria and kept this waste of oxygen.

          • Jules on 7:10pm June 15 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Omgoodness, if she is going against Adam then I wont be voting for her to stay. Have quite liked her up until now but…….not if she is going to targe the ones I like. Not to keen on Rebecca so I would have to vote for Chris to stay lol….

  14. Adam is the coolest dude round i have live with him and he has always been a sweet and real guy. Lydia is a lame… she isnt adam’s type.

  15. chelsea on 8:15pm June 16 '12

    Adam yes lydia no

  16. Im with Brat, Lydia is not adams type at all…. lol Lydia is a dueche

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