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Lydia evicted from Big Brother 2012
Lydia has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from Big...
| Day -349

Lydia has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2012, after the public opted to save Deana.

Lydia and Deana were nominated by their fellow housemates on Monday, and the public have spent the week voting to save their favourite of the pair.

In the end it was the 25-year-old professional dancer who received the least votes, and was evicted this evening to boos from the crowd.

During her time in the house, she ┬ákept housemates guessing over the identity of her “famous fiance” Andy Scott-Lee, and was known by viewers for her gameplay.

Speaking to Brian Dowling, Lydia revealed she was expecting to go after a hard week, but was pleased to have survived almost a month into the series after being saved by the public in week one.

She also added that Luke A, Adam and Lauren would be the housemates she will miss the most.

You can catch more reaction fom Lydia on tonight’s Bit On The Side, from 11PM on Channel 5.

Do you think this was the right result? Will you miss Lydia? Let us know below!

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  1. Sally on 10:11pm June 29 '12

    This was the right result.
    Well done Deana.I hope she stands up for her self. Maybe Conor and Arron might realise that the public like her. :clapping:

  2. What a shame. One of the most gutsy individual characters who was not afraid to stand up to the clones. Lauren, deana and Luke A will prob be up next week if the clones get their way. Lydia was a fab housemate. I suspect Deana got votes after Connor gate, but she isnt contributing anything to the house for me so I would have preferred her to go. Maybe the new housemates going in next week will be of a more diverse nature and not just more to join the clones.

  3. Deanna is like watching grass grow she is boring. Lydia was good T.V. the show needs her. Those of you in the U.K. got it wrong, bad brits bad bad brits.

  4. microsis on 10:29pm June 29 '12

    Oh why oh why didn’t the crowd shout “get Conor out ”
    Well done Deana ,
    :music: :music: :music:

    • Raykco on 3:04pm June 30 '12

      Don’t think they were allowed to Microsis.

      A friend on Fb, who went, said they were told not to chant anything about Conor or Caroline, and she also had her “Get Conor Out” placard taken from her.

      • sammyvan on 4:03pm June 30 '12
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        If that is fact then it is a disgrace. I wanted Lydia out, even though I must admit she did contribute to the show in many ways. Much as we dislike her, she has been a HM to watch. However, that pack outside the house [ cannot call them a 'crowd' as that would be too tame ] were absolutely disgusting with their chanting and shouting while Brian tried to interview Lydia. What on earth do viewers from other countries think of the Brits behaviour? Then to hear that they were forbidden to chant anything about Conor – but obviously encouraged to screech at Lydia……………words fail me!
        BB and :c5: have got to stop this baying mob every Friday – it is encouraging the chavvie disgusting behaviour that most of Britain want stopped.

  5. :crying: :crying: :crying: :envy: :envy:

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  6. Joseph on 10:38pm June 29 '12

    I’m sick of the crowd chanting things during the evictee’s interview… tonight it was “Shut up Lydia” and “Who are ya?” You don’t like her, she’s been evicted, get over it :shake:

    It happened at most of the evictions last year too, so you’d think they would brief the crowd not to do it or at least close the opening on the big eye during the interview… sort it out BB!

    Anyway, that’s four evictions and four outcomes I didn’t want! Hopefully next week someone from ‘the insiders’ will go :bigsmile:

  7. Fudge on 10:42pm June 29 '12
    Avatar of

    Yay! Thrilled for you Deana. Hope this result gives you happiness and confidence in yourself :love: :cool:

  8. Recker on 4:23am June 30 '12

    Now we don’t have to talk about Andy Scott-Lee anymore. Bet he’s a great guy but the jokes gotten stale.

  9. Biddy on 10:41am June 30 '12

    Hopefully Deana will up her game now..
    We can only wait and see….
    Come on Deana start to have some fun now and don’t let that bully Conor get to you !!
    We will get rid of him at th first opportunity…
    :music: :music: :music:

  10. northernmonkey on 5:00pm June 30 '12

    I am becoming a bit bored of this show now, it’s all so predictable. We are getting close to having a house without any real characters. Lost too many too early.

    I could probably predict the people who will be up for the next 5 weeks.

  11. jennyjuniper on 5:40pm June 30 '12

    I am so glad Lydia has gone. Maybe now that she isn’t stirring things the others will get on better? My next two ‘wishes’ for eviction are Conor and Ashleigh. Conor because of his anger and resultant behaviour and Ashleigh, because she grates on my nerves with her whiny accent. Adam says she doesn’t help with cooking and cleaning, so what does she do all day??

  12. lillian on 4:57pm July 1 '12

    Seriously nobody can blame people being a bit
    off put by someone who is so deluded about themself, she was so well rehearsed she repeated everything if someone else spoke and broke her train of thought. If I had to listen to her say ing The thing is, is that one more time I would have thrown the telly out the window. Who talks like that really – voice coach stuff most of us just get to the point and skip the semantics

  13. lillian on 9:31pm July 1 '12

    Think Lydia was desperate to get rid of Deana because she is rather beautiful, cant stand the competition. Lydia should think about the haircut she looks like a reasonably handsome boy. Too hard for me not feminine at all.

  14. AmericanCousin on 10:38pm July 1 '12

    I think the British voters made an awesome choice. Lydia was good for stirring the pot only to serve in purpose, not to enlighten those lead astray. She was too self-absorbed and didn’t seem too happy inside. I will miss her being one of the only outspoken ones, but I have a feeling Deana is going to really put the icing on the cake. Why the boys don’t like her? She’s the most beautiful woman there and could care less about their beauty or brawn unlike mediocre looking girls like Ashleigh. Ashleigh makes the guys feel studly and wanted, Deana goes about her life like they don’t exist, ha ha ha. Stupid boys. PREDICTION-Arron and Deana to be friends before it’s all said and done.

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