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“Lushleigh won’t last” says Emma Willis
Emma Willis has revealed she doesn't think the relationship...
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Emma Willis has revealed she doesn’t think the relationship between Ashleigh and Luke S won’t last long outside of the house.

The Bit On The Side host shared her thoughts on the couple – dubbed ‘Lushleigh’ – in a recent interview with OK! Magazine.

“They have been thrown into a situation where they have a companion and security. It’s nice to have that in there – you need that feeling,” Emma explained.

She went on to add: “I think they genuinely like each other but I don’t really think it will last.”

However, they may break up sooner rather than later after a heart-to-heart in the bedroom last night, with Ashleigh telling Luke although he makes her happy, she questions what they have in common.

To back up her point, Ashleigh said: “I’m messy and you’re tidy, I click my fingers but you hate that, and I don’t even know how to cook.”

Luke claimed relationships aren’t built on those things, but Ashleigh continued: “You make me feel really insecure in everything you do, I feel so bad when I’m messy.”

“Tell me how I make you feel insecure?” Luke asked.

“You don’t make me feel insecure,” she said, seemingly confused.

Do you agree with Emma’s views on their relationship?

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  1. AmericanCousin on 7:05pm July 18 '12

    Who gives a rat’s hairy a$$. I dislike them both. I think they deserve one another. I will say, Ashleigh is gross to look @. It’s not just her face but her scrawny body and her voice and her nasty ways. If Caroline and Conor weren’t such a$$holes, I’d was Womit(Wallace and Gromit’s love-child) out now!! LukeS. is really into to himself and I doubt he’s sincere. They’ve both been two-faced to one another.

  2. ashly gets her bad mouth from family and thinks it’s ok to sleep around because thats how grown ups act in her family .

  3. I dislike both of them, he is using her and does anyone actually understand a word of what Ashliegh says?

  4. adamlink on 8:08pm July 18 '12

    come on pepole get ur heads together luke s will be voted bye me because he is a fake guy how was a women i dont like him get him out of the house and booo him

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