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Luke S enticed by Room of Temptation
Luke S found himself caught in two minds today when he entered the...
| Day -351

Luke S found himself caught in two minds today when he entered the Room of Temptation as part of this week’s shopping task.

In their latest attempt to win a luxury shopping budget, the housemates are aiming to accumulate 100 points by completing various challenges set by Big Brother.

One such challenge has been to enter the Room of Temptation, which has already tested the willpowers of Luke A and Lauren, but both managed to resist temptation and earn points.

Today Luke S was given the chance to watch all the nominations made against him so far this series, and he found it an offer difficult to refuse. “It would be a good watch, a very good watch. As Lydia would say, it would be ‘very valuable information’,” he admitted.

The 24-year-old spent over 90 minutes deliberating the offer and devising possible cover-up stories that included telling his fellow housemates he had been allowed to watch football highlights instead.

However, he also remembered how Luke A and Lauren had previously turned down the chance to talk to loved ones, and after three trips to the diary room, ultimately decided to resist temptation.

Would you have given in to the room of temptation if given the opportunity to speak to family members or watch nominations?

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  1. jennyjuniper on 10:42am June 28 '12

    If it had been Lydia I feel sure she would have been tempted. Wasn’t it her debating with Adam and Luke A about whether they should fail the task on purpose.
    Regarding last night’s BOTS, they were very pro Lydia. I hope tonight they will redress the balance and be pro Deana. Or is it as I have long suspected that BB will alter the facts to suit themselves as to who goes and who stays?? The truth IS out there.

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