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Luke A reveals “sex-change” secret to the house
Big Brother returned to our screens last night, as Brian Dowling...
| Day -372

Big Brother returned to our screens last night, as Brian Dowling welcomed 16 brand new housemate’s to the most famous house in Britain! The launch was filled with twist and turns, and a bunch of rather intriguing characters. The first shock of the night, came in the form of Luke Anderson, who revealed he was originally born as a woman, named Laura.

Luke, who is currently working as a chef, seemed uncertain as to whether or not he should reveal his secret to his fellow housemates, so early in the process. When speaking during the launch, he explained how he wants to give the other housemates an opportunity to get to know him for who he is, before he breaks the secrecy.

Today, Luke revealed his secret, after confiding in Sara, despite meeting the housemates less than 24 hours ago.

Speaking with Sara, Luke explained “I think I am my own worst enemy, I think I just need to grab the bull by the horns”

Sara replied, assuring that she’d be there for him, “Everyone is nice, and I’m here for you, so don’t worry.”

Luke later revealed the secret to the other housemates, who were looking somewhat bemused as to what Luke was saying.

Former L.A Gangster, Adam, was curious as to what surgery Luke had undergone to make the dramatic change. Luke showed no hesitation in answering, as he explained “I’ve had chest surgery, but not the other one yet.”

What do you think of Luke revealing his secret so soon? Was it the right thing to do? Let us know in a comment below…

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  1. Hmm… maybe a bit too soon to be revealing something like this? But good on him for having the courage! :yes:

    • First of all, I like Luke. But I do agree with you Ben that releasing this information to his fellow Housemates seems a little foolish speaking from a game point of view. I feel like he should have waited a bit, maybe after week two would have been best.

      So week two, after nominations had been revealed, That is when I would have done it. This way you’re not sharing pre-nominations to get points.

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  2. coxyy on 9:02pm June 6 '12

    On just Day 1!!! Big news for fellow housemates on day one thought if was revealled it wouldnt be for ages

  3. coff3e on 9:39pm June 6 '12

    love how lydia is just casualy eating HER crisps not offering as she talks then coninus eating lol and bb worn let anyone nomernate him 4 this reason hopefully

  4. Avatar of

    I’d have to agree with you all on this one. I think it was far too early to tell the others, especially from a game point of view, as Alec said :wink: I was really looking forward to us knowing something the housemate’s don’t, and thought he would’ve said it in maybe week 3/4?

  5. shelbywalters42 on 11:05pm June 6 '12

    Luke A is fab! Tell em how it is don’t be afraid to show those scars off. Well proud I think you awesome and sure your wife and family are thinking the same

  6. i think he was right to do so.. if he keeped it secret.. how the hell would he xplain the scares on his chest?? when in the pool, also i think some of the house mates would think he has been leading them on in not tell its now out in the open and let the games begin..

  7. stella on 8:28am June 7 '12

    right to tell them now get it out of the way :dull:

  8. yes but i think its best to say it now so he can just get on with the time in the house and not have to worry if someone sees his scars, he is so brave i hope no one treats him different hes my fav so far… :makeup:

  9. lorna22 on 3:26pm June 7 '12

    good on you i think your a cool guy….. just be yourself and you’ll go far i this show

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