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Luke A crowned the winner of Big Brother 2012
Luke A has been voted the winner Big Brother 2012 and left the...
Alec | Day -304

Luke A has been voted the winner Big Brother 2012 and left the house to cheers and £50,000 richer.

Seventeen faces have entered the house over the last 70 days, but now the public have crowned Luke A as the thirteenth winner of Big Brother.

The 31-year-old entered the house seeking acceptance after a gender change four years ago, but his worries were cast aside when his fellow housemates reacted positively as he revealed the news.

Luke soon became the house chef with his cooking talents, and forged a strong friendship with Adam which he looks forward to continuing in the outside world.

He, along with second and third placed Adam and Deana, described themselves as soldiers in the closing stages as their group finally overcame the ‘insiders’ who were slowly picked off one by one after controlling the series in the beginning.

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Plus, to top off an already unforgettable day, it’s Luke’s first wedding anniversary too!

Are you pleased Luke A has won? Let us know below!

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  1. we all knew he would win :yawn:


  3. brokenangel on 10:15pm August 13 '12

    On his wedding anniversary too ., what a great way to celebrate . Congats Luke A and Becki xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. YES AMAZING..!!

    YOU DESERVED IT :love: :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  5. Well done to the soldiers…!!!

    :party: :party: :party:

    :music: :music: :music:

  6. on 10:18pm August 13 '12

    The most well deserved winner of ALL the series . He has been honest to himself & others throughout , in spite of the awful experience of having to live with Connor , Luke. S , Ashleih & BEKKY he stayed strong

    :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

  7. Crigginz on 10:19pm August 13 '12

    Not bashing what hes been through because he has an amazing story, but thats the only reason he won, for something that happened outside the house…

    Victoria was more entertaining in her three days…

    • on 10:58pm August 13 '12

      You obviously weren’t watching the same show as the rest off us then . :angry: :angry: :angry:

    • Really? After he had told everyone in the house, I can honestly say I didn’t think about his background at all…

      BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
    • Agree – nice bloke but sooooooo boring. There was better people who should have won. He was sucking up to everyone one minute then slating them the next!

      • JaniceR on 9:53am August 14 '12
        MEMBER (3570 COMMENTS)

        You obviously don’y get his humour. He is such a funny,genuine guy. The friendship between him and Adam made this show worth watching. It was such a contrast to the nasty bitching and bullying. They started out as friends and stayed friends. They didn’t turn on each other or switch sides. Luke A was so supportive of Caroline in the tasks and tried to see some good in the others.
        I didn’t vote for Luke A to win because “of what he had been through” in fact initially I was against him because I’m fed up with people going on reality shows,giving a hard luck story expecting that will get them votes.
        In the same way I didn’t vote for Deana when others said she deserved to win because of the bullying. That to me is a different issue and should be addressed through OFCOM etc.

    • Orchid333 on 5:54am August 14 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      CRIGGINZ.. Cretin. And you are backing Caroline??? What has she done? Inside or outside the house? LOSER.

      When I refer to LOSER, I mean you and Caroline.

      • Crigginz on 9:20am August 14 '12

        LOSER?? hahahaha you seem about as lovely as Becky!!

        I set the backing to win thing to Caroline before she became a mega b***h!! I just couldnt be bothered to change it! Not that I need to express myself or my opinions to you!!!

        And by your “Inside or Outside the house” comment… Inside – Caroline did a hell of a lot more than Luke A whether you like it or not!! Outside – IMO the show shouldnt be based on what people have done!!!

        :yes: :yes: :yes:

  8. Knew he would win right from the start! What a worthy winner luv Luke a :clapping:

  9. I thought the final 4 was the best people, but it should’ve gone
    4th Sara
    3rd Luke A
    2nd Adam
    1st Deana
    ^that should be the result

  10. microsis on 10:31pm August 13 '12

    Thank you thank you all lukeA fans

    Luke A the winner. :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 6:30pm August 14 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Just a tiny little sniffle from me, Microsis, but the end result was great. All three there at the end, supporting each other. Really was too close to call as they were all winners.
      Heard on another ‘site’ that Conor and Arron were banned from the wrap party??!!! :rofl: If thats true :clapping:
      See you tomorrow!!

      • microsis on 10:35pm August 14 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Oh sorry sammyvan : :love:
        ,I missed alot of the final I had my eyes closed most of the time and had my hands over my ears ,
        I must admit I was very surprised when Brian called out Deanas name in third place
        and those boos I can not for the life of me understand WHY she got booed ,she did not deserve that at all

        See you tomorrow ,who knows we might have the same favourite this time

        :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 11:22pm August 14 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Tbh Sammy i would agree I think there wasnt much in it at all. Luke S didnt have a chance but the others did and it could have gone either way especially with Luke A and Adam as they kept on changing places on the Oddschecker, one moment they were even, then one would be in front and then the other. Would be interesting to see exactly what the percentages were with the last three. :love:

        I think they should have banned Caroline and Becky as well :rofl: :rofl: Will look forward to seeing the pictures when they are released.

        • Orchid333 on 12:21am August 15 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          JULES Did you not see BOTS tonight? The percentages were so close for the last 3 which I thought was nice and was obviously generously welcomed by the 3 outsiders – who were all worthy winners.

          I hope it is correct that Conor and Arron were banned from the wrap party and yes, Caroline and Becky should have been banned too. :bigsmile:

          • Jules on 10:40am August 15 '12
            MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

            I did watch it Orchid, good old series link on tele as I didnt realise that it was on !! Yes those percentagess were really close, I have to admit that I thought they would be. As I have said i have been studying Oddschecker. It would have been interesting to see what percentage the others were as tbh i dont think that Sara was so far behind, once again according to OChecker.

            Luke S was way out of the running so it was obvious he would go first, thank goodness. Even last night he had the limelight with the calendar and the squelching :rofl: :rofl: Squelching though dislike i guess.

            I find it so amazing that so many people saw the potential in the Outsiders and they stood by all three right the way through, brilliant. :handshake: :love:

            It looks as though the two were at the party, Aarron trying to get off with Lauren, I guess she didnt go with Adam after all, she may have made use of him after all in the house. Connor well I had to fast forward the screen as quickly as possible, cant even stand to look at him.

            Sheivonne and Adam, now did they have a quarrel? Emma asking if they had made it up and Adam saying that she didnt speak to him? Chris was definitely out of it and not joining in by the sound of it, he seemed to have gone early. Hope we get more news on it all.

            Wonder what magazine will host it all? Was it in the Star yesterday? Does anyone have a link please.

  11. Sally on 10:33pm August 13 '12

    Well done congratulations luke. :party: :drink:

  12. Congratulations LukeA! A very worthy winner and a decent person. The good guys win again!! :party:

  13. northernmonkey on 10:46pm August 13 '12

    It went exactly to form, I thought the 5 would go in that order.

    I would’ve liked Adam to win( he won in his own way) but happy enough that Luke did, the fools didn’t do well this year, well apart from the Irish Norman Wisdom. :bigsmile:

  14. Finally its over!

  15. BBFANDEBS on 11:43pm August 13 '12

    I am glad that one of them won. They did their fair share of sniping – granted, but when it came to arguments and confrontations they held it together far better than the others.

    Caroline, Becky and Ashleigh had 3 of the worst evictee interviews I have ever heard. Becky ate her way through hers, Caroline was like a startled deer through most of hers, and Ashleigh had trouble putting together a sentence without using expletives. Still, its all over now, and we can look forward to CBB. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  16. 5169paul on 12:10am August 14 '12

    fantastic result i was in tears it proves good always triumphs over evil brilliant luke a

  17. He only won because he’s transsexual, can any1 honestly tell me otherwise?

  18. wow is big brother cheap this year or what, only 50k for the winner! remember early series when they won 70k+

  19. Bet Luke S is kicking himself for not taking the £50K when he had the chance…. HAHA :devil: :devil:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  20. Really happy for :party: Luke A :party: winning this years BB he really did deserve it, also pleased for :party: Adam and :beer: Deana :drink: coming 2nd and 3rd. :yawn: Sara and :angry: Luke S didn’t deserve to be there. :giggle: :clapping:

  21. Flufferx on 1:30am August 14 '12

    YAYYYYY LUKE A!!! I knew he could do it all along <3

  22. Are people serious when they think he only won because he is a transexual? Apart from the first couple of episodes when he told everyone in the house of his situation i did not even think of anything but that he is a really nice and genuine guy! He was more of a man than Connor or Luke S and Aaron in my books for sure!!! How dare people think that is the only reason he won..shame on you people who think that!!!

  23. Bring back the tree of temptation when CBB starts

  24. i just glad deana did not win good 4 luke a i found him borring but the nice guys have won luke a and conner got 50k

  25. I didnt mind which of the top three won, it was just nice to see the insiders faces, Caroline especially needs to get a huge reality check, if thats what money and a private education turns you into then they can keep it, her parents must be and should be ashamed.

    • Yes, Anonymous, her parents didn’t want her to go into the BB house as it was considered beneath them. They should be ashamed of the type of daughter they raised and the fact the country has seen her for what she is. Can you just imagine her in a school full of girls just like her, bitching and backstabbing? And for that her parents paid thousands of pounds! :bigsmile:

  26. dont mind luck winning wld of loved adam too.x :yes: :tongueout: :wink:

  27. rhero on 10:21am August 14 '12

    it was a real feelgood victory, awesome way to end it with a worthy winner
    congrats to Luke A!!! :yes:

  28. Justice was done with Adam, Luke A and Deana in the final three. I would have loved Deana to win as she was the one that mentally suffered the most beacuse of Conor and his crew but glad Luke A won.

    • brains on 12:19pm August 14 '12

      jillie the last 3 were all winners,they all deserved to be first in there own way i would have also liked deana to have come first simply because of what she had to put up with but what pleases me most is that the hms that tried the hardest with their nastiness and back stabbing all lost not only by being evicted but also in the eyes of the majority of the viewers. good luck to all three of them, and i hope they remain good friends

  29. Belladonna on 11:48am August 14 '12

    Many congratulations soldiers! To be the last three standing was a marvellous achievement. I would have preferred the order to be: 1st Deana, 2nd Luke A, and 3rd Adam, but the final positions didn’t really matter in the end, and I’m extremely happy with the result. It sends a strong and clear message to both the nasty HMs and the producers of BB. Lets hope they have the wisdom to learn from their mistakes, and the courage to do something constructive about it.

    • Jules on 12:24pm August 14 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      You are so right Bella, I cheered well and loud when Luke S and Sara went. The final three, just as many people wanted. I really thought Deanna would have won tbh and was surprised that she was in third place.

      Watching Oddschecker I was concerned that Adam would have gone in 4th place as it was still Deanna favourite, Luke A 2nd then Adam with Sara being fourth and Luke well out of it in 5th. Was so pleased when Sara went. Then i thought ok Adam will be third but that wasnt to be.

      Regardless well done to all three Deanna, Adam and Luke A. They are brilliant. Wasnt to pleased with Deanna’s interview, after all she had been through they made rather a lot of her taking the mickey out of Luke S but look how nasty he was to her in the beginning. Such a bland person, where is his personality, he hides it rather a lot, mmm or does he? Maybe that is him…..

      Loved Adam’s release and his interview what a lovely chap he is. So deserving of all the adulation thrown his way.

      Well done to Luke and good luck to him and his lovely wife. I think the three outsiders will remain true friends along with Lauren. Would love to have followed them to the Wrap Party.

  30. Orchid333 on 2:20pm August 14 '12

    AMERICANCOUSIN. Where have you been?

    Good result hey? :bigsmile:

  31. Athanie on 10:11pm August 14 '12

    I don’t like that they all of a sudden take money from the 100k final winnings and *come up* with a twist so someone else can win some of it.

    Either have it divided up to all housemates and make them fight for it in some kind of challenge or make it so ONLY one HM can win it.

    I didn’t like this year that you could leave early and still get a huge chunk out of the price money.

  32. really happy with the result the outsiders in the top 3 just show how good always over comes evil in the end :party:
    well done luke a deserved to win :bigsmile:

  33. AmericanCousin on 5:10pm August 15 '12

    The best outcome ever. He :cool: is so deserving. I am a little sore he didn’t get the 100 k but that just goes to show, Conor was blowing someone.
    Luke S. facial expressions were hilarious- his little ego was so bruised.
    Luke A. and Adam should get a tv show!!!

  34. l would Have love deana 2 WIN .But pleased luke A WON :bigsmile:

  35. josh-lewis on 9:11pm August 16 '12

    happy that the soliders where in the top 3 but i would of like deana to win but i am happy thay they came in top 3 :bigsmile: :c5:

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