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Luke A angered by nominations result
Luke A has expressed his anger at the result of this week's...
| Day -359

Luke A has expressed his anger at the result of this week’s nominations, claiming the wrong people have been put up for eviction.

Yesterday it was announced that Lauren and Benedict would face the public vote, with the housemate with the fewest votes becomming the third evictee of the series on Friday.

Speaking to the two nominees, Luke A revealed: “I’m angry. Why do they deserve to be up? Last week was a shock and this week is a shock too. I just feel like that they shouldn’t have been nominated.”

Making it clear who he thought should have been chosen, Luke continued: “How can someone like Arron still be here when there’s good people like you two? It’s not fair, because there’s some people who will be up every week because there’s a group who now decide.”

Benedict assured him: “I will carry on being myself and I will walk out with my head held high. I’ve got out of this house what I want and I’m starting to see sides of people I don’t want to see.”

Do you think Lauren and Benedict deserve to be up for eviction?

You can find out who nominated who here. Catch highlights of this week’s nominations on tonight’s show at 10PM.

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  1. Totally agree with him. Lauren is too good of a Housemate to put up for the vote. It should have been Arron that was put up along with Sara.

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  2. skippy1996 on 2:31pm June 19 '12

    No disagree I think they both are up for good reason Benedict more so

  3. microsis on 2:54pm June 19 '12

    Strange ,,Luke A thought Arron should be up this week ,
    But he nominated Luke S and Caroline ,

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  4. Raykco on 3:35pm June 19 '12

    Totally agree with Luke. There are far worse housemates than these two. And I notice that Lauren was nominated because she wouldn’t join a group. I see that both Lauren & benedict got five votes each, which included identical noms from Sara, Caroline, Ashleigh and Becky (the witches of Elstree).

    • They can vote for whoever they want. Its part of the process. Lauren is a crybaby and a loner when it comes to joining in with the girls. Deana also nominated Lauren as did Scott!

    • Jules on 10:54am June 21 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I think they had 6 each, now surely when there are two with the same amount then the next one is up as well. This has been so in many cases, BB changing rules to suit themselves I guess…..

  5. Fudge on 3:46pm June 19 '12
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    I agree with Luke A, it is ridiculous that these 2 are up for eviction this week. I also cannot believe that Lydia only got 2 votes. Furthermore, I am livid that Lydia nominated Deana! Deana is about the only person in the house who will put up with her. Lydia’s reason – Deana has drawn her into arguments – is Lydia delusional or something? We see her constantly bitching to Deana about the others and trying to provoke a scene. Unbelievable. :angry:

    • jennyjuniper on 4:03pm June 19 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I read on the BB website that Lydia is known for being a ‘kiss and tell’ kind of person. Apparently having been with Mickey Rourke and Jack Osbourne. She’s so obviously one of those awful people, who can’t be celebrities themselves, so have to settle for being seen with them. What a plonker she is.

  6. Sally on 4:00pm June 19 '12

    I thought that Lydia and Arron would have been up this week. I hope Lauren stays. Luke A is quite right this was a group vote. That is what comes of being allowed to talk about nominations. :sadsmile:

  7. What has Lauren done to be up?
    Can some one tell me please?

  8. Get that arrogant rat :puke: Arron :puke: out, he’s completely in love with himself and getting way too annoying now with :puke:

  9. Which bright spark thought up the idea of allowing them to talk about noms? Probably dick and dom, the 2 nerds in the cupboard on bit on the side, AKA Mr Bean and meatloaf, quite possible the 2 dullest people on TV . Think they share the same brain.

    BB production team are clueless, the biggest group just picks the others off, it spoiltit last year too – No suprises now.


  10. Raykco on 11:29pm June 19 '12

    Now they can discuss noms, I can confidently predict the following (because the brat pack will gang up).

    This weeks survivor will be up again, probably against Lydia. Next week it’ll be survivor against Deana, then probably survivor verses Luke A. The list will go on until the last seven are Becky, Sara, Caroline, Scott, Ashleigh, Luke S and Conor, because there won’t be enough others to stop them.

    Nominination discussions without penalty has ruined the show

    • Dirtymonkey151 on 3:59am June 20 '12
      MEMBER (3571 COMMENTS)

      I hate to agree but I do.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 5:03am June 20 '12

      I almost agree, however, I think that Shievonne will stay in. I don’t think the HMs will find a valid reason to nominate Shievonne, and this group will nominate on each other before turning against her. Becky will be the first out of this group, as she is just a sheep and they are just using her because she agrees to vote along with them. Once her vote is no longer needed, she’ll be out. Ashleigh, Sara, Luke & Conor will vote Scott out and then turn on Caroline once she gets upset about Scott being tossed out. Then Ashleigh and Luke S will turn on each other and vice versa pitting the girls against the boys.
      I would like to see BB split the house into two teams (HMs choose teams) and the teams compete in a task. Whichever team loses the task, the whole team goes up for nom in a double eviction. Hopefully the team will be the trio mentioned above and it will be enough to break up this predictable scenario. I almost don’t want to watch anymore, because it’s just a bunch of bullies ganging up on people who aren’t as popular…and that’s no fun to watch.

    • Biddy on 7:36am June 20 '12

      Totally agree, Raykco,,,,BB is getting boring, with this nomination talk,,,,they talk about nothing else,,,,,The HM’s get no punishments at all, always pass the tasks ,,,,,never go hungry……
      All very predictable………

      :music: :music: :music:

  11. Louiza on 11:51pm June 19 '12

    Being allowed to talk about noms, ruins the show. The public wants to be entertained in a fun way. It’s all too serious at the moment. Why bother to ask housemates to nominate in the diary room? they may as well do it infront of everyone…….I’m sure there would be no shocks or surprises. Already picked my top 3. Shievonne, Adam and Lauren.

    • microsis on 12:09am June 20 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi Louiza ,,,we seem to agree on our favourite three Shievonne ,Adam and Lauren ,,,,,,,don’t like the hms talking noms It’s completely ruined the excitement of nomination day ,

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Raykco on 12:12am June 20 '12

      Agree about the nominating in the diary room, might as well do it on the sofas.

      I would like to see your 3 in the final, but it won’t happen while the hms are allowed to block vote.

  12. It’s still not too late for BB to suspend the nomination talk, it will also be a massive shock to the housemates who are used to it now, they’ll have to talk about other things and what will :puke: Conor do coz that guy is obssessed with noms chat, it’s all he does and ppl accuse :love: Lydia of plotting and backstabbing

    • I’m afraid it looks like the person who’s idea this was has a very fragile ego and is unwilling to reverse the stupid decision to let them continue talk noms. Some people can never admit to be wrong no matter what happens to viewing figures.

      Hey that dumb idea must be their sole contribtion to BB on :c5: and only claim of fame :)
      Typical middleclass student type idiots who can’t bear working on a established show that didn’t need any of their input – thus they have a ” brainstorming “session and come up with rubbish ideas to feel they’re adding something to the show.

      Gotta larf

      • Honestly, I think the show is just starting to become interesting. Lines have been drawn within the housemates and they now see among themselves the different cliques. I’m excited for next week to see if Deana, Lydia and Lauren/Benedict can put someone from the power groups (Becky/Caroline/Scott) and (Arron, Conor, Luke S, Ashleigh) nominated.

  13. If they can change the rules at any time then change them back so they can’t talk abou them as of week ?

    This way they get the excitement of housemates being allowed to talk but then bring it back to normal

  14. microsis on 9:05am June 20 '12

    BB how about only allowing hms to talk about noms the day before noms ,,,,,that way hm could still plot and scheme but it wouldn’t consume their every waking hour every day of the week

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Fudge on 9:57am June 20 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      Hi Microsis, hope you’re ok. I agree with your suggestion. It would be funny seeing Lydia and Conor sitting up until the clocks hit midnight so that they could start plotting and bitching!

      PLEEEAASE could someone have a conversation in there about something other than nominations? Sooooo boring :sleepy: :yawn: :dull:

      • microsis on 10:25am June 20 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        I am fine thanks fudge ,,,what I miss most is the amazement on the hms faces when they use to get caught out talking noms ,,,,,,,,,best IMO was Derick Craig and Roberto. who thought they had it in the bag to get Saskia up for eviction ,when bb played back their conversation their faces were priceless ,,,,,And Maxwells reaction WOW Great bb moments

        :music: :music: :music:

  15. Fudge on 9:55am June 20 '12
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    Luke, I like you and I think you nominated well, I would have done the same. So why are you now moaning that Arron should be up? Also, why are you telling Arron he is such a great guy if you think he should be up? Are you turning into an Elstree witch? Have you been taking lessons from Ashleigh, Sara and Caroline? :giggle: :nerd:

  16. Louiza on 12:01pm June 20 '12

    Hi Microsis. Brilliant idea, suggesting ONLY talking about noms the day before. Personally things I remember about previous shows are the fun tasks and housemates making fools of themselves. Who can forget Alex and the tanning!!! The housemates this year seem to be ruthlessly out for themselves, with the exception of Sieivonne, Adam and Lauren.

    • microsis on 12:13pm June 20 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi Louiza ,,you are so right ,where’s the fun gone ? The hms are to busy watching their backs to have any fun ,it’s dog eat dog in there ,hopefully things will change, :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

  17. Glad to report that nominations talk has now stopped as of 20:14 pm 20/06/12, lets see if the the two powerful voting blocks in the house can still pick off Benedict, Lauren, Lydia, Deana, Luke A and Adam and when he’s outlived his usefulness Arron will be stabbed in the back by Luke S and Conor

  18. I think Luke A, together with Chris. are envious of Luke S. They see their own physical shortcomings in him. I do not believe Luke S. wants to win, but wants instead the coverage to show off his “body beautiful”. He can afford to be detached from others. Luke A. should look and learn, Luke S. is a professional at being cool !!!

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