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LIVE: Celebrity Big Brother Live Launch updates
Celebrity Big Brother is back and follows with it a big BANG...
Alec | Day -302

Celebrity Big Brother is back and follows with it a big BANG -Brian Dowling brings us thirteen Celebrities all competing for the no. 1 place.

Tonight is the night were the rumours come to a halt and the truth is revealed. Which star-eyed personalities will be entering the most famous house in Britain? We’ll be bringing you the full action – keep refreshing the page for the very latest updates and don’t forget to get involved by commenting below – we want to hear your reactions!…

20:59 – Welcome to the return of Total Big Brother’s LIVE UPDATES for one night only – it’s time to reveal which celebrities will be diving in to the Big Brother house. Let us hear you say ‘YEAH’!

21:00 – CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER IS BACK! Dancers parade along the red carpet as Brian appears from inside the Big Brother house doors.

21:04 – The first housemate to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house is ex-Coronation Street actress, Julie Goodyear! She enters with cheers and a sexy escort and Brian reveals she is the first celebrity housemate to enter the house tonight. She said: “I’m looking forward to it… bring it on, bring it on!”

—- AD BREAK 1 —-

– Julie Goodyear enters the house through the Diary Room door and says “Oh yeah, blimey, this is cool… hmmmm” as she wonders around the Celebrity Big Brother house in a multicoloured gown and attempts to enter the bedroom, which is locked.

21:13 – It’s time for housemate number 2… ex-Eastenders bubbly star Cheryl Fergison, otherwise known as Heather Trott. She doesn’t know whether she’ll be a good housemate but would like to be seen as a happy housemate. She enters the house with cheers and chants from the crowds. She explains how she sees Big Brother “as a bit of a holiday” and says that she has a few things up her sleeve. Cheryl explains she does not have a gameplan and thanks the crowds for their support.

21:16  – Cheryl enters the house and immediately recognises her ex on-screen neighbour Julie. They talk amongst themselves in the living room.

21:17 – Julie and Cheryl are asked by Big Brother to enter the Diary Room – the chair cover has been replaced with a pink cover.

21:18 – Big Brother asks how the pair are – then sets them both a task. Big Brother asks how the house compares to Coronation Street and Eastenders. Tonight, Big Brother wants to see what type of drama Queens they really are – by turning the show into a soap show for the next 90-minutes. There are two ear-pieces, the pair have to insert these and follow instructions from Big Brother.

21:20 – Cheryl and Julie had troubles inserting these into their ear – every time the pair hear their show theme tune, they will be in soap mode – Big Brother wants to see stand-ups, tantrums and mishaps. If they complete this to Big Brother’s satisfaction, the whole house will be rewarded. As this is a secret mission the house must not find out what will happen.

21:22 – It’s time for housemate number 3… Mike Sorrentino from MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’! He enters the house with a big reaction from the girls and says he is going to “wing it”.

21:25 – He enters the house to a confused pair – Cheryl has to take the ‘Situation’ to one side and tell him that she hates Julie so much due to her having an affair with her ex.

—- AD BREAK 2 —

21:33 –
It’s time to meet housemate number 4.. it’s Julian Clary a comedian and television personality. He says he is going to make a bit of class in the house and enters with a chanting crowd! When Brian asked him a question he replied with “Well Davina…”, to which Brian said “I’ll give you that”.

21:37 – Julian entered the house and said to Cheryl “I didn’t recognise you without the balaclava over your head”, referring to the recent news were Cheryl was caught by paps.

21:38 – The next housemate is a real page 3 glamour girl, it’s Rhian Sugden! She says she is “alright to live with”. She enters the house with a mixed reaction from the crowd.

21:40 – She greets the rest of the celebrities politely and innocently, while Mike catches an eye of her! The Coronation Street theme tune is played – Julie tells Rhian that she reminds her of a barmade and that she must watch out and be careful of certain men, especially of Mike.

—- AD BREAK 3 —

– We’ve got 5 glittering celebs in the house already – that means it’s time for another housemate, it’s MC Harvey! Harvey enters the house with a positive reaction from the crowds as he is greeted by Brian.

21:53 – He enters the house by greeting the rest of the housemates and Cheryl offers him something to drink.

21:54 – The celebrity housemates seem to be getting on a treat – but how long will this last for? It’s time for housemate number 7.. it’s journalist and writer, Samantha Brick! She enters the house with boo’s from the crowds and a topless guy in her right arm. She explains to Brian that she cannot express herself freely.

21:57 – Some of the housemates are surprised to see her as she struts down the stairs. She says “it’s a pleasure to meet you” to Julie. Julian offers her a drink and she stands to get to know the rest of the celebrity housemates.

21:59 – It’s time for housemate number 8 and a Prince he very well will be… it’s Prince Lorenzo Borghese who recently appeared on the American show ‘The Batchelor’. He gets a good reaction from the crowd as he walks down the red carpet with a glamour girl full of feathers. He says that he will get the rest of the housemates to do all of his work for him.

21:02 – On entering the house he said “I’m not too sure what just happened out there… but it was nice”. He meets all the housemates by handshaking. The Eastenders theme tune is played, Cheryl has to go to Harvey and tell him about Julie’s affair with her ex.

22:05 – Cheryl explains the situation to Harvey as very upsetting, first of all he looks overwhelmed and laugh’s it off, but then realises that Cheryl is serious and tell her to calm down as she is in here for a while. She squeezes the tears out like a true actress!

—- AD BREAK 4 —

– It’s time to send another housemate in… it’s Danica Thrall star of Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys. She says she would be very good at obeying Big Brother, but if she has a drink she doesn’t know what would happen. She gets a mixed reaction from the crowd and says to Brian that she will not be getting naked in the Big Brother house as it’s on TV.

22:15 – Upon entering the house she introduces herself to her fellow housemates and said “This is so scary” and compliments the house.

22:17 – Let’s throw another housemate in to the batch, it’s Olympic competitor and bad-boy Ashley Mckenzie! He gets a good reaction from the crowds as he struts his stuff along the red carpet to Brian. He says he likes to think that there is someone in the house to win him over.

22:20 – Ashley enters the house by introducing himself to Cheryl and the rest of the housemates.

—- AD BREAK 5 —

– It’s time for another housemate, Coleen Nolan from the group called The Nolans! She enters the house with a large cheer from the crowd.

22:28 – Coleen enters the house and says “I’m so happy to see you” to Cheryl. She happily greets the rest of the housemates as she gives them hugs and kisses.

22:31 – It’s time for housemate number 12 – Jasmine Lennard a finalist in the popular TV show Make Me A Supermodel. She reckons she will put everyone in their place and believes that she will end up being arressted. The crowd gave her plenty of boo’s during her entrance. Jasmine explains to Brian that she can be a bitch.

22:34 – The rest of the housemates seem shocked and surprised as she enters, they all seem reluctant to say hello.

—- AD BREAK 6 —


22:41 – It’s time to chuck the final celebrity in to the Big Brother house, it’s ex-Eastenders star and actor Martin Kemp! He says that he loves Big Brother and has been watching it since it started. He classes it as a new game and cannot wait to get in there to take part. Martin enters the house with cheers from the crowds. Talking to Brian he said “If you go in there, you got to go in there to win”.

22:44 – He enters the house with a warm reaction from the house and hugs Cheryl first and then moves on the Julie. The Eastenders and Coronation Street theme tunes were played. Cheryl and Julie must now have a blazing row with eachother about the affair and Julie must throw a glass of champagne over Julie.

22:48 – Cheryl starts the argument by saying “I can’t deal with this” to Julian infront of Julie.  She said “Man I’m getting evil, I don’t like it”. She goes up to Julie and asks us whether she can sort this problem out. Julie fires back by saying “Don’t talk stupid – Cheryl just leave it”.

22:50 – The rest of the housemates look shocked and surprised. Julie said “I don’t take sh*t from anyone”.

22:51 – Back to Brian who finalises the launch show – what could possibly go wrong? To see all the fall-out of tonight’s secret mission, tune in to Live Streaming on Channel 5 straight after the launch show. Live Face-to-Face nominations from the Big Brother house will take place this Friday!  The first eviction will take place next Wednesday from 9pm.



Thanks for joining us and getting involved within our Live Updates for the Launch of Celebrity Big Brother. Don’t forget to keep your comments coming and we’ll be back on the final night of Celebrity Big Brother night bringing you Live Updates direct from the house! Let us know your reactions to tonight’s show.

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  1. Like the housemates so far, trying to explain the secret mission was amusing :yes: don’t like the dancers and interviews with Brian before entering :no:

    BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
  2. Oh god, The Situation. A moron, but sometimes entertaining. Hopefully this season will outshine regular BB.

  3. Aww thanks Ben for doing these live updates!

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  4. on 9:26pm August 15 '12

    I hope Julie isn’t going to be chewing gum throughout the series cause that will ike me!

  5. Loving Cheryl already and Julie, think they’ll be a cracking pair! The secret task is hillarious!

    BACKING TO WIN: Dan JOINED: 05/04/2011
  6. Jules on 9:29pm August 15 '12

    Oh I hope not, as much as i loved Adam, i hated seeing him chewing the gum.

    Looks good so far, maybe it will be light hearted and funny?

    Two winners, Julie and Sheryl not sure on the lad….

    • Sally on 3:24pm August 16 '12
      MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

      Yes Jules that’s what we need something light-hearted and funny. I think Julie is gum chewing because she had been denied her cigarettes for a while. she will end up with jaw ache if she continues to chew like she did last night. Julie and Cheryl most popular women for me. :nod:

  7. on 9:46pm August 15 '12

    Ah poor mike he looks so out of his depth, I hope he does well I really like him

  8. on 9:54pm August 15 '12

    I reckon Samantha will be the 1st one out !

    • microsis on 10:11pm August 15 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hehe yes don’t like her ,,
      Only half the hms have entered the house and we want her out already LMAO
      I love Harvey so far he seems a nice caring guy ,,,,,a friend of Romeo

      :music: :music: :music:

  9. microsis on 9:58pm August 15 '12

    Oh did I pick this up right ,,when Michael The Situation said he was a USA reality star ,,,, Julian said oh right I will use short words then

    I think this is going to be fun ,,,,,,,Julie and Cheryl love them both already ,

    :music: :music: :music:

  10. Hmm they have had 7 months to prepare for this since the last Cbb and yet they choose the exact same launch night twist! Get a new task team BB please!!!!

  11. Sally on 10:24pm August 15 '12

    Loved Julie and Cheryl in the diary room with the ear piece so funny :rofl:

  12. We will have profiles and images on the site early tomorrow. :)

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  13. Sally on 10:40pm August 15 '12

    Martin Kemp mmmmmmmmmmm yes :inlove:

  14. on 10:42pm August 15 '12

    Well done Alec & team for the continuous feed

  15. on 10:43pm August 15 '12

    :c5: & B.B seem to have spent some money on some good celebs , we could be in for a very good few weeks, fingers crossed.

  16. microsis on 11:02pm August 15 '12

    BB left the best for last Martin Kemp
    Gosh we are going to be spoilt for choice ,,,I love it

    :music: :music: :music:

  17. on 11:04pm August 15 '12

    Ah what no Lauren Harries ????

  18. Oh my god I’ve only just caught up on civilian BB after being away and Celeb’s off the starting blocks! I have so much to say! So far so good, amazed how many actual bona fide celebs have entered the house! Really hoping for some light relief with Julie, Cheryl, Julian and Coleen, they are all very likable and this will be a refreshingly funny series after the doom and gloom of the past ten weeks. Congrats to Luke A, wanted Deana but it was definitely the right final three and justice was served, sort of. Missed chatting with everyone hope this lot give us plenty to gossip about! :clapping:

  19. i am loveing julie and cheryl so funny in diary room hope they pass
    ( i think thay will) also sone sexy guys thank u bb julian all ways funny good 2 have in the house some good house mates i dont no whot 2 think sam is it is that name who is she ? Any one no i think this is going 2 b great show better than the last one i hope!

  20. bbfan mark i agree with you it going to a fun show lets hope.

  21. rionablue on 12:41am August 16 '12

    Interesting mix of celebs. I think Julie might find it tough she seems much older than the others. Always loved Cheryl in Eastenders. I like Jasmine I think she is fiesty and fierce and doesnt pretend to be anything she isnt. Love Martin Kemp. Loved Spandau Ballet ( still do) Rhian is a complete waste of space. I mean what REALLY made her famous was her SEXTING with Vernon Kay ( very much like Natasha Giggs last year or other non entitities) Dont get me STARTED on Samantha ( Im too goodlooking) Never heard of a few of them but definitely there are more well known celebs than last year

  22. Why did Julie walk through the diary room not up the stairs??

  23. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 12:47pm August 16 '12

    Agree that the task Team need to be sacked as they don’t seem to know what imagination and creativity mean.

    Julie Goodyear needs to have her cigarettes taken away and then we’ll see her kick off big time.

    Some of the girls are being knocked, such as Rhian, but Vernon was a naughty boy too. Anyway, why don’t idiots like The Situation, get knocked as much. He seems a complete numpty to me but I’m sure the fickle will love his tiny muscle.

    That Prince needs a personality transplant, no wonder he is still a bachelor.

    Julian Clary is by far the cleverest, so lets see him cut a few of those with huge egos down to size..

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