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Lee Ryan given CBB second chance?
Blue singer Lee Ryan is reportedly back in the frame for a stint...
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Blue singer Lee Ryan is reportedly back in the frame for a stint on Celebrity Big Brother in the summer, after missing out on a place in the house for the last series.

The 28-year-old musician was set to star on the show in January, but was dropped from the line-up just days before the series began after requesting his fee of £175,000 be increased.

He was subsequently replaced by So Solid Crew member Romeo, who finished 6th.

The Sun has suggested that producers are looking to come to another agreement with Lee in time for the third series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5, expected to be aired at the end of the summer.

It was reported last week that Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison is also in a £175,000 deal to enter the house, with Samantha Brick, Maria Fowler and Jakki Degg among the rumoured potential housemates as well.

Some of the reported names so far have been criticised for not being considered true celebrities – would Lee Ryan fit the bill?

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  1. Yea, I would not mind him entering the house. The house needs some male eye candy hehe

    Shame he tried to get a higher fee, as I would rather have had him on the last CBB then So-Liquid-Flop Romeo.

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  2. on 10:52am April 20 '12

    I know who he is so that’s a good start lol i think he could make a good hm.

  3. Joseph on 2:41pm April 20 '12

    I agree, and “I know who he is” was my first thought too :bigsmile:

  4. Sally on 9:38am April 21 '12

    Oh dear,I still dont know who he is.But heres a thought if I dont know who anyone is then it will be like watching BB.Not quite me thinks. :giggle:

  5. microsis on 9:42am April 21 '12

    Here we go again !!!!!rumour in the Sun ,,,actress Julie Goodyear who played BetLynch in Coranation Street has trousered 300000 to enter the famous big brother house … comedian Julian Clary is another big money recruit Gosh is there going to be enough room to cater for all these celebs that are so say going into the bb house !!!! :bigsmile:

  6. microsis on 10:34am April 21 '12

    Nadine from Girls Aloud thought I would slip that one in. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  7. Sally on 1:05pm April 21 '12

    According to the Sun Channel 5 bosses have demanded there be two CBB series in the same year.
    Its big money being spent on celebrity with the latest pay out to Julie Goodyear rumoured to be £300,000 and Julian Clary £325,000.
    I thought Cheryl Fergisons £175,000 was a lot of

  8. Avatar of

    Well, at least I sort of know who he is. It’s a start..

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