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Lauren, Luke A are nominated for eviction
It has been confirmed this evening by Channel 5 that Lauren and...
Nick | Day -332

It has been confirmed this evening by Channel 5 that Lauren and Luke A will face the public vote this week despite earlier speculation over this week’s nominations.

This afternoon housemates voted face-to-face in the garden as a punishment for failing this week’s shopping task.

To SAVE Lauren

Call from landline: 0901 616 1709
Call from mobile: 650 58 09
Or vote on Facebook  (Facebook voting currently unavailable due to technical issues)

To SAVE Luke A

Call from landline: 0901 616 1710
Call from mobile: 650 58 10
Or vote on Facebook (Facebook voting currently unavailable due to technical issues)

Calls cost no more than 36p from BT landlines and mobiles.  Calls from other networks may vary. For Facebook voting, 1 vote will cost you no more than 33p and may be subject to a minimum credit purchase. For complete voting terms and conditions, including costs, please see the Big Brother Vote Terms and Conditions.

Channel 5 have admitted that they are currently having some technical difficulties with the Facebook voting system but you are still able to vote via phone and text.

Let us know your reactions to this week’s nomination results – who do you want to leave the house this week?…

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  1. on 10:14pm July 16 '12

    I’m hoping the the technical difficulties is in there brains for allowing such a travesty to continue unabated.

  2. Joseph on 10:20pm July 16 '12


    Think it will be Lauren who stays, but I don’t want either to go! The Outsiders – Adam, Luke A and Lauren – are the only ones I like :sadsmile:

  3. news on twitter laurens been removed from the house

    • Hi Macca,

      Thanks for your comment – we can confirm that Lauren has NOT been removed from the house. This was a rumour which started on Twitter.

      • Conor should have been removed weeks ago, along with Caroliine for her racist comments about Adam. Emma was quick to have a go at that woman in the audience last night but Caroline and Conor are still in the house, double standards BB. Well done.

  4. Lesley on 10:29pm July 16 '12

    Should have been Lauren and Caroline up for eviction this week. Caroline is foul! Hope Luke A stays this week, I think he needs to relax a bit and let himself go. We are not seeing the best of him me thinks. Lauren to go!

  5. dragon on 10:29pm July 16 '12

    So BB favourite Caroline got her way? I am disgusted by the way big brother is allowing her to say and do as she pleases. Will I be watching more big brother? no I am off on holiday.

  6. Raykco on 10:43pm July 16 '12

    100% with you.

  7. brokenangel on 11:02pm July 16 '12

    I won’t be voting for either of my favourites to stay, BB will not be making any money out of me, and I will be switching off for the eviction, live feed . Least I can do for BB ‘s blatant acceptance of bullying of any kind. Think I will be switching off for good now because the writing is on the wall who will be going through to the finales, and trust me- it is not the outsiders- they will be picked off week by week.

  8. What a travesty! How can you allow this to happen BB? Well I guess it will either be one of the horrible ones that win :(

  9. Luke a trying the sympathy vote now crying OMG did he really think he could bitch all the way til the end and not go up him and Lauren god they do nothing but bitch get them both out lets face it the insiders call her a spoon because they can see what her game is licking arse then slagging off Bb need to show the hms what Luke a Lauren and Adam really chat about or should I say who when they are sitting having a cig they don’t stop bet Lauren will be all over Adam now bet she will be doing more than just flashing her bits to him with the hand stand she knows what she is doing the little brat What is with her talking like a baby does my head in glad they are up
    caroline and Adam up next week

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    • UUUUhm sorry are you blind? You are complaining about adam, lauren, and luke talking about the other housemates, but do you watch the show???

      The people that are mostly talking are CONOR, CAROLINE, ASHLEIGH and BECKY.

      And so what Lauren is flashing her bits?
      I prefer that than the FAKE relationship ahsleigh and luke have.

      • Blind me hell no I know what I see 3 two faced snakes that have not got the balls to say it to the others faces if I have a problem with someone or I feel someone has a problem with me I will have it out with that person not sit round bitching about it they are sly and two faced they plot their noms like the rest do tell me what else comes out of luke Lauren or Adams mouth other than bitching nothing

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        • They all bitch in the house but Luke a and Lauren do do it the most and if you can not see that then you must live a very 2faced life yourself ice ice or you very dumb I don’t agree with somthings connor says but least he is honest and has told deana he don’t like her and there is no point talking to him and she feels the same they are open on how they feel not like Luke a with Luke s all Luke a does is pull Luke s to bits but all smiles to his face
          Think about it maybe you need to turn you tv up and listen and watch better

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          • Connor honest? hahaha please, conor was denying that he said D AND B. What are you talking about.

            And the VILE things Caroline says, i think you also overheard that, or do you see HER saying those things face to face?
            Excactly, she doesn’t.

            Everyone is 2faced, didn’t you see Caroline call adam a monkey, than appologise, and later SMILED in the mirror?

            haha i think your pretty dellusional x chick x.

        • rionablue on 12:51am July 17 '12
          MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

          I agree Lauren is a real bitch and so fake. And Luke A is sneaky. Lauren hasnt made ANY effort with the other girls. And she just runs crying to her two buddies Adam and Luke A. I would prefer she go but either way Im happy. I loathe Caroline and Conor also but I have never liked Lauren from the start with all her bloddy WHINGING

          • the other girls were against Lauren from the start but she still tried to befriend them. The whole house has bitched about each other but Caroline and Becky do it with such venom that it is worrying what they are like outside of the house.

          • Jules on 11:37am July 19 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            She was made the outcaste right from the beginning by all of the girls. Adam and Luke A made her welcome and didnt join in with the bitching against her. Deanna eventually found solace in their friendship. Strange how the two outcastes from the Insiders were made welcome by Luke A and Adam, it just goes to show how genuine they are.

            Have just read a tweet by someone saying that they have found a bit whereby Luke S also cheated not sure if they mean noms or not. I havent seen anything to that effect as of yet.

      • rbdeschamp on 1:41am July 17 '12
        MEMBER (20 COMMENTS)

        I 100% agree with you! These other posters must be absolutely blind if they think Luke A and Lauren are the two biggest snakes in the grass! It’s BB everyone is going to talk about everyone this is true, but the extent Caroline, Conor, Becky, and Ashleigh talk about people is LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of what Luke A and Lauren do. I mean, you can’t call Lauren a “Wooden Spoon” when you’re a giant black kettle [Becky], and hope people will forget how GOD AWFUL ANNOYING you are! I think it’s bonkers how smug the insiders are but will love to see their faces when Lauren, Adam, Deana, or Luke win. :rofl:

  10. class system wins again ha ha british people must be closet facists to let a rich spoilt bitch like caroline dominate the house no hope for this country is there?

    • sammyvan on 4:29pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Not the British people – it’s the idiots in the house who have not seen thru her. If she had been nominated and up for eviction she would have been out that door so fast her feet would’nt touch the floor. Poisonous muppet.
      If only she had been up as well.

      • Jules on 9:18pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Wait until they turn on each other Sammy, they are most likely just using each other at the moment to be able to steer the nominations in their favour. It will be interesting to see which one becomes foul to their plans.

  11. AmericanCousin on 11:49pm July 16 '12

    This is unbelievable. Luaren vs. Luke A? This is a total and complete fix by BB. Conor must be blowing whoever’s in charge over there. BB and endmol and :c5: YOU ALL SUCK

  12. Worst decision by far this series and there have been many mistakes but this is only going to ensure that the bullies make the final and another unpopular winner.

    The face to face noms were never going to be done farily as Caroline and Becky had been up to their ususal tricks again campaigning for the HMs they hate to make sure they faced eviction this week. The producers should have known this and shelved the idea, also with the recent bitching and swaying they could of thrown in ann additional twist by automatically putting Caroline and Becky up too for their swaying of the other HMs.

    Really don’t like the way this series is heading now.

  13. Plase guys save lauren. im from ireland so i cannot vote

    • Jules on 12:23am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      The trouble is most like both of them so I doubt whether there will be a lot voting. The same as last week both were so disliked (although I like Shevonne outside of the house) that many didnt vote.

      If BB want to make money they will have to get more up so that we have a choice. I wont spend a penny on any of them unless Caroline, Connor, Ashleigh, Luke S or Becky are up. Had Lauren been up with one of the snake in the grasses inside, then I would definitely have voted for Lauren. So annoyed with it all tbh. Sorry…I want both of them in there.

    • rionablue on 12:53am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

      Lauren doesnt deserve to be saved. I would have preferred Conor or Caroline to be up but of the two who are Lauren is the MOSt annoying

    • Jules on 4:16pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Have been watching Luke A going around to all the HMs sorting out the whys and wherefores, many feel that he is now trying to make peace in case he is saved. Trouble is this should have been done ages ago, it is a bit late now. I like him but is he now going over to the insiders?

      Will be voting for Lauren.

  14. I can now believe big brother is biased thanks to you playing with people’s minds you like racism and other people to be bullied

    • Caroline is the most racist person I have ever seen on tv.. she is horrid. how bb lets her get away with it is just really wrong. I and my friends have watched bb since day 1 all them years back, but we have all said that is it we will watch no more.
      How bb cam promote that being a bully and being racist is ok and good tv I will never know.
      BB are going to lose a lot of viewers over this series and it will be hard to get them back next year as once put of a show one tends not to watch it again.
      It really does not like bb are listening to the viewers who pay to vote and keep the show on air.

  15. Raykco on 12:09am July 17 '12

    Read a post on Fb and its got me thinking.

    The motto of BB is: “Who goes? You decide”. Well if our choice to go is not one of the candidates, then we DON’T decide.

    At the very least the motto is misleading, and as money is involved, it could possibly be fraudulent.

    That may sound harsh, but I’m disgusted with BB and Ch5 for allowing this state of affairs to arise.

    • jennyjuniper on 8:54am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Good point RAYCO and perhaps Offcom could be contacted regarding this? It certainly isn’t us who decide, otherwise they would have a public vote every week to decide who was to be nominated.

  16. It was disgusting to watch tonight’s show!! What a horrible and ignorant  move by a production company and Bb!    After all the bitching give bullies even more power! Will never ever again subject myself to watch such a disgraceful, embarrassing and boring show! 

    If big brother have any power in the house, bullies should have been punished publicly a long time ago! Instead of this, big brother joins in and allows all this embarrassment to be broadcasted on public television.

  17. What an absolute joke, what is wrong with bb letting them nasty horrible housemates( Caroline, Becky and Conner) getting away with their hateful behavior !!

  18. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch how Bb allowed all the bulling to happen and to be shown on the public television. So embarrassing and undignefied!
    Bad enought that some people in the house are so vile.. But I can not believe that members of production company have supported that bad behaviour!

  19. Does anyone know if conor’s sexual abuse comments concerning Deana, have been reported to the police. Are women 2nd class citizens in britain?

    • jennyjuniper on 8:56am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Well they certainly seem to be in the BB house. Just because he didn’t threaten her to her face doesn’t make it less of a threat. At the very least he’s guilty (along with that sickening creature Caroline) of inciting hatred.

  20. does anyone know who voted for who ?

    • Jules on 1:12am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Adam: Caroline and Ashieigh
      Becky: Luke A and Lauren
      Connor: Deanna and Lauren
      Luke S: Lauren and Luke A.
      Luke A: Caroline and Becky.
      Scott: Lauren and Deanna.
      Sara: Lauren and Luke A
      Caroline: Luke A and Lauren.
      Deanna: Connor and Ashleigh.
      Ashleigh: Lauren and Deanna.
      Lauren: Caroline and Beccy.

      Seems as though Sara is in with the others now.

      • microsis on 1:21am July 17 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hi Jules , if only the outsiders had given Caroline one more nom she would have been up as well
        :music: :music: :music:

        • rbdeschamp on 1:46am July 17 '12
          MEMBER (20 COMMENTS)

          OMG, i totally tweeted this earlier, had Deana nom’d Caroline, or Lauren/LukeA nom’d Ashtray, one of those poor excuses for a human being would be up!!

        • Jules on 4:20pm July 17 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          Sickening eh Micro, I suppose that once they had chosen their cards, they couldnt quickly change them, shame really. Deanna could have gone for her as she knew how she was bitching. :love:

        • sammyvan on 4:47pm July 17 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          What it shows, Microsis, is that the outsiders did not get together and decide who was getting the nominations! On the other hand, it’s quite obvious that Caroline had her way when you see the Luke A and Lauren votes.
          MIA posted above about the production company and the BB employees – I agree 100%. Can picture the ******* sitting back, rubbing hands in glee and enjoying the feast of ugly and unpleasant behaviour in the BB house. Do they honestly call that entertainment? We all have certain HM’s we support. It is not for me to tell anyone who they may or may not enjoy watching. However, I object strongly when I see anyone upset or in tears [ be it male or female] and people who encourage that behaviour disgust me. I will NOT be voting again unless this show changes drastically for the better.

  21. Raykco on 12:51am July 17 '12

    Can’t believe there are guest posters on here that think Lauren and Luke are worse bitchers than the evil Caroline, Ashleigh, Conor, Luke S and Becky.

    What are they seeing that I’m not. Or is it that I just “live a very 2faced life myself” or am “just dumb”.

    • Jules on 1:14am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Maybe some dont realise that the outsiders have known for a long time what happens inside the house. Lydia very kindly pointed things out to them and she was right. The outsiders are just standing up for themselves. imo

  22. Raykco on 12:59am July 17 '12

    As a BB fan from the start (and I’m even compiling a book on my memories of the show), I would support any sanctions that Ofcom took over the show, even if it meant pulling the plug.

    I don’t want that to happen, but I also don’t want to see what is being broadcast as entertainment this year.

  23. BigBrother2011 on 1:18am July 17 '12

    Luke A deserves to stay. He is one of few GENUINE people in that house.

    The Insiders all complain that they all go in the corner and bitch Outside with others insted of to thier faces.

    Why do they do that? Because they don’t want to hurt peoples feelings unlike the spitefull, horrid people who would like Caroline and Conor.

    Only hope now is that Scott and Sara see the light and how bad they are, but I doubt Scott will do anything since he’s freinds with fake-as-hell Becky.

    Becky deserves to go.
    Conor and Caroline should not even still be here.

  24. Jules on 1:24am July 17 '12

    If it is correct it seems that the HMs have been punished for noms talk…….4 chats and guess what….they have had their hot water turned off. Oh dear, what punsihment is that that is punishing all the HMs. They just dont worry about that …..

  25. rbdeschamp on 1:26am July 17 '12

    I’m in complete shock with these noms. Makes me really dislike Sara and Scott for sheeping again as they had been nominating on their own for weeks! To afraid to go against the lot of them so I suppose twas smart on their part. And as happy as I am that Deana is safe, am gutted that two other Outsiders are up. Lauren is completely misunderstood in that house and Caroline and Becky find it easy to gang up on her so people will not realize what t**** they are! And Luke A is such a GENUINE person that i’m utterly devastated that he is up. I hope Luke A gets to stay because he has been a more long-term character and real from day 1. I will be miffed over either of them leaving though. :/

    • rionablue on 12:30pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

      I think Sara nominated the two housemates she has the least connection with in fairness. She had already said that she didnt know where she stood with Luke A as he is so moody with her from time to time. If you look at all the housemates as a whole I think she is pretty much friends with all of them except she has little connection with Adam Lauren and Luke A. Deana and she have been pretty good friends with a week or two now even though Deana is gravitating towards the outsiders. I very much doubt if Sara could be classed as a sheep. She is just more friendly with the people she DIDNT nominate xx

      • Jules on 6:13pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        She is very naive and doesnt really hear what is going on tbh, she just wants to keep in with everyone. She soon went into the Insiders to tell them what went on with Deanna and Adam, she should have stayed out of it tbh. She gave them ammunition.

      • rbdeschamp on 6:18am July 18 '12
        MEMBER (20 COMMENTS)

        I can accept this logic, because I don’t think she’s as benevolent as the other HMs. I think, had we had normal, DR noms, Sara and Scott would have both nominated differently though. Still gutted that one of them have to go, and I hope ALL of them go up for eviction next week!

  26. i really hope there is a big rule break and all housemates are put up for eviction ! That would make this week exciting, at the moment really bored as the “outsiders” dont have the numbers.

    • brains on 9:10am July 17 '12

      that wont happen because bb knows who woukd go

    • Gill on 11:35am July 19 '12

      Totally agree, this is so wrong – ‘Let the public decide…..?’ what a joke. Only a full house up for eviction will speak the truth. I am certain the majority of the public would want to vote out the nasties – especially Caroline. I liked Conor at first but was left open mouthed by his foul attack on Deana. Before that I had considered Deana boring but I totally switched my opinion following that. Conor is slyly trying to appear a sweet guy again but I’m not fooled now! While I’m on a rant, I liked Becky too but realise she can be a nasty piece of work too. GET ALL THE HOUSEMATES UP FOR EVICTION BB AND LET THE PUBLIC REALLY DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. A investigated needs to started about big brother and channel 5, i believe BB is rigged in favor of CH5 share holders.

  28. 4of hms have been talking bout noms wat do bb do turn hot water off

  29. Sue123 on 2:04am July 17 '12

    :devil: this is not good bb.conor and caroline should be up. im not to faced or dumb.they should’nt be in not going to vote

  30. mrmikez143 on 2:25am July 17 '12

    come on big brother, put everyone up for eviction. Its not fair, the show seems rigged now. In previous years bb has done whole house nominations so the public decide.

  31. Raykco on 2:45am July 17 '12

    Maybe we should now get the bookmakers involved.

    Punters have placed many bets as to who will win, and Lauren & Luke A are up there as favourites.

    Conor and Caroline are rank outsiders. By letting the mob rig the nominations, as they have done, I think there is a case for a police investigation now.

  32. I really hope that all the housemates will be put up for eviction for their consistent poor behaviour. This will allow the public to decide who truly deserves to be out of the house as they will save the contestants they enjoy watching. Since we live in a democratic society, the majority (PUBLIC) should have their say. Please Big Brother make us the viewer who support the show feel like our voice is being heard !!!

  33. Put everyone up and make it a double eviction event on Friday. That will really put a damper on the “INSIDERS” master plan. Really hope something like that will happen. That would make this week EPIC !

  34. Raykco on 3:39am July 17 '12


    The housemates have been punished for talking (rigging), noms.

    They’ve had the hoy water tuned off again.

    ITS A FIX.

    • Biddy on 6:18am July 17 '12

      Totally Totally agree Raykco…
      They haven’t got the bottle to put them up for eviction,
      i’m finished with this fixed BB…
      :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 4:55pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Follow me, Biddy- BB USA is great fun!! Certainly no bias there and you can watch when you fancy. I will continue to listen and look out for you guys on TBB………..I enjoy reading all your posts but I am finished with this sham that :c5: are calling BB.
        For those who say stop complaining or we will lose BB ………we have already lost the true BB.

        • jennyjuniper on 8:31pm July 17 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          Hi Sammyvan, exactly – what’s to lose!! Like you I’m sick of going to bed angry because of the likes of Conor,Caroline and Becky (yes I finally saw her for what she is!) I too will not be watching as often, but I will keep protesting to Ofcom and Schwartzkopf and anyone else who will listen and still logging onto this site every day. Keep smiling :nod: :rock:

  35. yeahyeahyeah on 4:27am July 17 '12

    I’ve completely stopped watching. I check the site here now and again to see if anything has changed, but I can’t be a**** to watch people getting slaughtered by bullies. HMs aren’t obeying the rules, and have no respect for BB or the house they are living in. They are all just greedy pigs and they are not even playing the game anymore. BB has turned into a complete Sh*t Show! :fubar:

  36. I stop watching, it’s to late to put up people and make a different. I know alot of people don’t like it but i watch BBUSA it has a live feed and with a live feed you see what really goes on. Big Brother Canada is comming in 2013 and it too should hopefully have a live feed. People need to stop voting for BBUK as long do not have a live 24 hour uncensored feed every other country in the world has a live feed but the UK.

  37. So fired up! I would fly all the way from Canada just to boo Caroline. If and when she comes out I hope she’s greeted with the same venom she has spewed at others!!

  38. Robynbrid556 on 6:52am July 17 '12

    I like both Lauren and Luke A :worried: i don’t want either of them to go :sadsmile: , i wish Caroline and Becky were up as there the wooden spoons by turning everyone against Lauren and Luke A. I hope everyone is up next week.

  39. Well done BB, you have let Caroline Conor and thier gang win, Caroliine has persistently tried to influence nomonations and succeeded if last nights debarcle is anything to go by, you did nothing to punish her.We all knew that only Deana would have the bottle to nominate Conor face to face but you let it go ahead anyway. Shame on you.

    • rionablue on 12:35pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

      Im thinking that every year they have face to face nominations at some stage. Its just a pity the outsiders were going to lose out but DONT blame Big Brother. They didnt TELL the housemates to nominate. Every single year there are little gangs and the biggest of them usually manages to eliminate the others one by one. Look at the year Mo and that dreadul Katreya and all that gang were so tight most of them ended up in the final. I have lost some of my favourite housemates way too early in some series because of mob rule in the nomination process.

      • sammyvan on 5:02pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Riona, what BB did was to have ‘face to face’ nominations when the friction in the house made it plain that HM’s would not go against the strong personality’s [ and I use the word very loosely! ] in a live vote. The outcome would have been very different if HM’s like Scott and Sara had been able to vote in the diary room. Its human nature – we are not all brave and foolhardy!

  40. DONT VOTE AT ALL , its the only way apart from turning off to hit BB where it hurts, in their pocket.

  41. These noms suck! I want Lauren to stay but she will probably be evicted. :sadsmile:

  42. Louiza on 8:41am July 17 '12

    I was really looking forward to the start of BB but in my opinion, this is the worst series and I have watched them all! The tasks are good, but so many people I dislike. I have kept watching ONLY because I like Luke A, Lauren and Adam. BB are allowing the others to run the show. I cannot see any redeming qualities in Caroline, she is a very unpleasant individual. She may be getting away with her behaviour in the BB house, but I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes when she leaves.
    Lets hope one of the other housemates gets put up for rule breaks, won’t hold my breath though.
    So sad Lauren and Luke A are up… them both so unable to decide who stays. Which one has more chance of kicking a.. if they stay and go on to stand up to the nasty Housemates…??

  43. jennyjuniper on 8:49am July 17 '12

    I agree. Hit them where it hurts. Also lets have another non viewing night. Any suggestions which is the best and will hurt them the most? I am also going to contact their main sponsor and ask why they are supporting such bullying and intimidation.

  44. I can’t believe big brother actually thinks it’s ok to keep such nasty people in the house.
    On bit on the side last night that lady made that awful comment about Luke A, what a disgusting low mannered woman I hoped we’d moved on in society.
    I don’t think Luke A crying was because he was up so much as he was ganged up on by all the horrible house mates in there . There’s only so much a person can take and I think the insiders wear the outsiders down purposely with hope their bad side will show and people will dislike them. Poor outsiders are locked up and being bitched about 24/7 of course they will begin to sink emotionally. It’s okay to cry though.
    And the comment that woman made last night, well I think that proves that Luke A has still got many hurdles to jump in regards to being accepted as some people are obviously still too up themselves to accept equality and difference. I suppose she is a snippet of the ignorant people he has to face everyday. Luke A has a lot to be proud of though as do all the outsiders for keeping so dignified in that house of horror.
    Luke A and Lauren to stay all the sneeky insiders to go.

  45. jennyjuniper on 9:05am July 17 '12

    Like many of the others on this site, I refuse to vote this week and put money in the pockets of the people who think it’s fine to allow racist,sexist and truly unpleasant bullying behaviour to continue. I’m also contacting Schwartskop, who is their main sponsor to complain. It truly is a sham for BB to pretend that we the public have any say in who goes or stays. Let’s hit them with non votes and non viewing nights and see how their advertisers like that.

  46. brains on 9:07am July 17 '12

    dont talk about noms just say who you dont like have a row with them and thats who we will gang up on. it wont make any difference to me who wins but at least be fair about it,if it carries on like this why bother with noms, let coner and his gang of creeps make a list of who they want out.

  47. I swear to god if i ever met Caroline in person, i would **** her, she is such a nasty, lazy, ****piece of ****

  48. Fudge on 10:32am July 17 '12
    Avatar of

    Deana has been bullied – picked on / singled out in a negative, demeaning fashion – almost from Day 1 of being in the house. Like it or not, that is bullying. Nothing has been done to prevent it or to address the bully. I so wish that was not the case but it is.

    Congratulations to Deana for being the only housemate with the guts to nominate Conor face to face. Not surprised, but always impressed :love:

    On the other hand, terribly disappointed in Scott :brokenheart:

    • brains on 9:47am July 19 '12

      i agree totally, bb shows that they have no respect for anything but money.and as for coner and caroline comparing noms it shows that they can do as they like. the caption should read is that ok with you coner. they should go up with luke a and lauren but we know that wont happen

  49. stella on 10:54am July 17 '12

    worst bb ever thats what u get with no live feed all want camera time

  50. Jules on 11:16am July 17 '12

    Just a quickie, Luke A favourite to go at this moment. Deanna has taken over the top spot for the winners.

  51. Okay I am going to put my opinion as I feel this is a personal matter. I have been watching bb since 2004, i have enjoyed everyone but this. This is horrible tv, no one deserves to be treated the way Lauren & Luke A and Deana are being treated. It is not entertainment, it is vile. I am for one to complain to ofcom, as much as i agree with all these comments. It is not going to help, we need to complain about this to ofcom, they are going to listen if they get a majority of complaints. It is not about Lauren and Luke A being up. It is the fact that BB are allowing bullying to happen. It is very low and uncalled for. This nomination is proving it, how people have been intimidated into nominating before hand. This is not tv, it is just horrifying.

  52. oh piss off, im a nurse and come on this site when im not WORKING and did u not consider that some ppl CANT find work? u sound like a nasty piece of work, friend of carolines and conors maybe? lmao

    • remember to be nice the hardworking nurses who are looking after you, a smile goes a long way :) :) :) :)

    • Well said.I’m currently house bound and enjoy the companionship of this site when I am unable to sleep. The problem with the show is that BB has failed to act to stop Caroline’s blatant and times insidious racist comments about Adam. They have also failed to support Lauren when she has been ganged up on . Becky was completely in the worng the other day but the HM who knew left Lauren to her mercies. Yes all the HMs bitch but this has been caused by BB not sorting out Caroline and punishing rule breaks severly. When Conner and Aron were in diary room with Deana and Becky that should have been show to the group along with action taken by BB.

    • Raykco on 12:25pm July 17 '12

      You disgust me OMG with your vitriolic comments about people who post on here. I am one of those “lazy poeple that are living on the tax you pay”, as you put it. and was posting on here in the early hours. I don’t work, for 2 reasons.

      1: I have a heart condition which prevents me from doing anything strenuous, and

      2: I’m medically retired because of it.

      Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but just because you work, doesn’t make you any more superior.

      • exactly raykco, not everyone who is unemployed is lazy, a lot of ppl cant find jobs and others cant work due to ill health, the reason i took offence at omg,s comments was the generalisation, yes there are some on benefits who dont want to work and who milk the system but also NOT everyone on here is unemployed, and we must all not give a damn about child killers, rapists etc apparently just because we,re annoyed at the unfairness we see in front of us?

      • sammyvan on 5:18pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Seem to have had a few rather nasty “guests” all of a sudden? Yes, we are all entitled to make comments, but most of us on this site would rather they remain friendly?
        Please don’t tell posters to ” get a life / get a job etc” We are all of various ages, have different jobs that mostly require us to work at different times, so there is no excuse for posters to be rude. Many of us are retired and have no need to be told to “get over it”.
        In my opinion.

    • jennyjuniper on 3:40pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Could it be true that BB actually thought Conor and Caroline would judge the results fairly.? If it’s true that they gave incorrect amounts of ‘gold’ gathered, then that makes everything that followed null and void, including which housemates were immune. Come on BB, we know you cover up for Conor time and again, but don’t be so bloody blatent about it.

  53. RobbieBBFan on 12:20pm July 17 '12

    That’s Rediculous. For Me Lauren, Luke-A & Deana Are The Only Ones Who Deserve To Be There. Lauren Has Been My Faveourite From The Start But If Luke Goes I Will Be Sad Too. :love: Don’t Want Anyone To Go :sadsmile:

  54. Just emailed Scharzkopf organisation stating that I and friends will boycott their products if they continue to support racist BB.

  55. maggie on 12:30pm July 17 '12

    will not be voting this week both …soz wrong ones up x :sadsmile:

  56. rionablue on 12:42pm July 17 '12

    Im not a Conor fan and I dislike Caroline intensely but I just want to make a point. Conor has been up TWICE for eviction by the public and TWICE they have kept him in. So even if he is up unless its against Caroline and that all the people who dislike her vote to save him well he wins again doesnt he. And I think that whatever is making him so popular with viewers ( damned if I know what it is) even if he is up against any of the favourites he will be saved

    • i think he was only saved because he was up against equally repugnant housemates and ppl found it difficult to choose, personally i wanted him out, i think if he was up against say, adam or deana then he wouid be well gone

  57. I was against Channel 5 bringing back Big Brother because I knew something like this would happen. Atleast Channel 4 Big Brother series, good always prevailed over evil, on this blatant Channel 5 fix BB its completely the opposite.

    On the Channel 4 versions of BB they removed Emily out of the house when she mentioned the N word. They also removed Alexandra out when she threatened housemates who put her up for eviction. Atleasts Channel 4 had some morals and wised up after the whole Shilpa Shetty fiasco when things went to far, but with Channel 5 BB has completely gone backwards they have no morals no standards. How can they allow a thug stay in the house when he threatened sexual violence against another woman (more like rape) and then he threatened to punch her in the face if she rataliated by throwing water in his face don’t forget he called her a piece of shit several times how disgusting was that and he was hardly given a warning.

    I feel like this BB garbage is making our society go backwards where bullying, threats, intimidation and sexual violence is acceptable. Their maybe lot of young kids who watch this and may feel this type of behaviour is acceptable and channel 5 openly encourage it. I fear for todays youth I really do.

    BB should have removed both Conor and Caroline after their disgusting remarks.

    I urge the voters not to vote this week it was a complete sham to save their boy Conor, thats why they had this face to face nomination because they knew no one would nominate him face to face.

    Ofcom need to step up now the house is getting very nasty and its not entertaining not one bit.

    • brokenangel on 1:23pm July 17 '12

      Connor’s remarks to the housemates when he survived last week ” Keep putting me up you f*****” i/m not going anywhere, sais it all really. Read between the lines, do so and you will be next.

      • Yes and Channel 5 never broadcast it on HL show I wonder why? What else does this scum say that we are not allowed to see. why are people voting to keep this sorry excuse of a human being in the house? He’ll be in the final now when he should have been kicked out weeks ago before Lydia even got evicted.

  58. Well well done big brother having partners in crime become sheriffs when they clearly hate luke a and lauren you could see this one coming a mile away you should of punished luke s who cheated in task and put him up for eviction with them . two clear favourites up big mistake .

    • rionablue on 7:25pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

      Im sorry but I just CANNOT understand Laurens popularity. What has she brought to the house? She has been crying, whinging, moaning, stamping her foot and bitching as badly as most of the others. Nobody who has behaved like that has EVER won BB. She is not my least favourite, that would be Caroline followed closely by Conor but she would deinfitely be third from the bottom of the pile for me

  59. Raykco on 1:15pm July 17 '12

    Ch5 made things perfectly clear that they wanted a nasty person to win, even before the show began.

    They’ve always known that disliked hms usually get voted out through the decency of the general public. That is why they changed it to VOTE TO SAVE. Having the vote this way, the odds of a hated person being evicted were considerably reduced.

    BB and Ch5 have openly encouraged spitefulness and bullying form the outset.

  60. i am really disappointed with the show this season. It really shows how little the publics opinion matters and how our support of the show by watching the highlights and voting doesnt seem to matter. I really hope to see something change today where the public truly are given a say on “WHO STAYS” as they claim by putting everyone up. That is the only way I think I would be able to continue watching the show and have faith that rule breakers and intimidators are being punished appropriately by producers.

  61. I watched my last big brother ,the day conner sat down with sly two chins becky and weasl scott , i think big brother have let us down , it has let a bully like conner stay ,and a racist caroline stay , i think if you talk about nominations you should all be up , the show is made for caroline


  62. this series could have been so different if the producers would of used their imagination when the constant rule breaks by the same HMs occured, they could have automatically put them up for eviction along with the nominated HMs and let the public decide, but instead they chose just to turn off the bloody hot water, pathetic punishments this year

  63. brains on 3:05pm July 17 '12

    cant bb see that most of the house mates are frightened to vote for coner and also not to vote for the ones he wants out. bb is supposed to be entertainment,sad if your fav is nominated but thats life this is letting some of the hms just take over. bad bad control

  64. Crigginz on 3:18pm July 17 '12

    Luke A out!

  65. They may as well just let everyone talk about nominations again. All the bullies do is say who they hate the most to each other then those two are automatically up for eviction. It will be like that til Adam, Lauren and Luke are out. Then Scott and Beckie will be next since they are only being used for numbers. I never seen so much hatred on a big brother series. Once they watch it back when they get out of the house they will be so embarrassed and not want to show their face in public.

  66. Raykco on 3:24pm July 17 '12

    It has now been proved that BB is blatantly favouring the vile gang.

    Conor and Caroline have just been given slaps on the wrist for their comments (and even then only after a public outcry and Ofcom investigation).

    Yet Deana has been given a stern warning for making offensive remarks to Adam.

    One rule for some and completly different for others.

    Wish all the nice people (Lauren, Luke A, Deana and Adam), would team up and ask to leave the house. That would shake even the biased BB producers. Losing 4 potential winners in one go would throw the sho into caos.

  67. goosey on 3:34pm July 17 '12

    I won’t be voting either and I refuse to watch BB live eviction!!! Get Conor and Caroline out first!

  68. Raykco on 3:39pm July 17 '12

    How about all the genuine BB fans around the London area, go along to Fridays eviction. Not to be in the crowd, but to form a picket line and try to persuade others not to go in.

    Imagine a live eviction with NO crowd.

  69. BB listen to the people on these forums , we are the ones that pay for the votes ….. This is an insult to have these 2 lovely people up for eviction, change it or deem to loose money votes and your viewers, enough said :tmi:

  70. karenlink on 4:49pm July 17 '12

    it doesnt matter what we say to channel :c5: . they will do nothing while people are still voting. the only way to get them to listen,is by not voting. as a die hard fan since series 1, i will not be voting again. i watched about 20mins of it last night, then switched off. something i never thought i would do.well done channel :c5: .you have destroyed what was once a very good show. R.I.P. big brother :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  71. Yayah on 7:19pm July 17 '12

    It’s a hard one, you don’t know which one to go for as they’re both lovely. I am not voting due to intimidation going on in the house. But, I would prefer Lauren to stay, just for the insiders to get off with that. Most girls are threatened by her, that’s why. I want either Lauren, Luke A, Deana & Adam to win, when them 100 faced low life scums see on national television that one of them has won, I hope they regret what they did. Stupid bullies, I know big brother won’t see these comments as this is not a official website, I just hope they listen soon. At the end of the day, the b*stards want money, they don’t care. Channel 5/Big Brother might aswell design a banner and stick up on their website saying ‘WE SUPPORT BULLYING’ & the insiders can be their sponsors. I really despise this years big brother, it’s the most horrid thing ever. The insiders will get what they had coming. Stupid twatssssssss.

  72. rionablue on 7:31pm July 17 '12

    If you dont like the series YAYah dont watch it. I think its totally stupid the way the ‘bullying’ word has been bandied about. I have read all the comments on here and so many many people hate this series, criticise the way its been handled, wish their least favourites were put up for eviction etc etc. yet when it comes to voting alot of these people dont vote. PLEAAAAASSe people if you dont like the series DONT WATCH IT. BB has always been about gangs, bitching, back stabbing, horrible housemates, nice housemates and of course rule breaking. Its what its about. Like it or LUMP IT!!!!

    • Yayah on 7:36pm July 17 '12

      I am not watching it any more. I was putting my opinion forward. It’s not about that though, it’s different this year. It’s racial abuse going on and they’re not doing anything. So shut your trap, it’s my view on how things are. And at the end of the day, it is bullying. You clearly are dumb.

      • i agree with you yayah, stopped watching it on friday after that ass conor was saved, its ok to say other shows have had bitching and backstabbing rionablue but this series takes the biscuit and channel 5 are taking the proverbial piss

        • rionablue on 1:21am July 18 '12
          MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

          Sorry Im far from dumb and Im as entitled to my opinion as you are girls. Its just so annoying when everyone says that this series is all bout bullying etc. If it IS as bad as everyone seems to think it is Channel 5 would have removed the so called bullies by now. They have a clear policy when it comes to it. Formal warnings have been issued to those who Big Brother felt needed them. If the house was harmonious people would say its BORING.

          • rbdeschamp on 6:26am July 18 '12
            MEMBER (20 COMMENTS)

            I haven’t seen a series ever where bullying was so BLATANTLY condoned!! You can say the “bully” word is being thrown around carelessly, but in all seriousness, it’s accurate! I think Conor and Caroline have both been given lenient warnings towards their behaviors and i think it is unfair. I watch because I hope in the end GOOD overcomes EVIL! And will continue to support the outsiders+Scott/Sara. I am willing to bet though you are one of those people who think Conor is a god among men though and has done nothing wrong, ye?

          • I absolutely loathe Conor and feel he is way out of line in what he says. And I AM Irish and would like to see him out of there. So I DONT think he is blessed among men!!!!!

    • Tombolian on 8:15pm July 17 '12

      I like it, and I agree with you Rionablue. Can’t we all just get along and enjoy fake reality television together? :handshake:

  73. What special task or just a regular task will big brother give to Luke so he gets extra time on the highlights…..We know bb will make Lauren bad.

  74. Yayah on 7:41pm July 17 '12

    Also, why are people saying it’s tv? It’s REALITY TV so it’s REAL, dumb fools. It’s not scripted, therefore, it is classed as reality, aka real. Imagine being in a house with a bunch of people like caroline, conor, becky etc. (Insiders) with no escape what so ever, you’re deemed to be a victim. They single you out because you make the tiniest mistakes. It’s like high school but this time, it’s gone to far. It’s on national television, I don’t think most of them in there realise that. It’s horrible.

  75. :no: this series has turned into the worst ever. I’ve been on all the bb sites & everyone is in agreement that Conner & his vile mates have been bullying the outsiders throughout the series. What have bb done? Naff all! Tonight’s bbbots will probably ignore all this negative reaction to the Caroline induced voting & pretend that this year’s bb is the best ever!
    I will not be voting again this series & will turn off when all the outsiders have been voted out

  76. jjbb on 9:39pm July 17 '12


  77. I can’t believe Caroline has now survived seven weeks, Get Caroline OUT!

  78. Nobody deserves to be bullied but as far as I can see they r all as bad as each other,,every single one of them has been trying to influence noms, Deana has showed it on more than one occasion, Deana supporters if u think it’s so awful for her then y doesn’t she walk??? She has been up for nom a few times so then y do u not rescue her n vote her out n save her frm the baddies she chooses to remain with?? Plz ppl every single HM knows wot they signed up for, each one is in it to win it or wot they can get out of it, Conor Caroline Deana luke s…they all hav their ugly sides n I really think we all need a reality check, this is a game show n ppl r in there of their own free will n can leave whenever they wish, no crimes hav been committed except against intelligence.

    • rbdeschamp on 6:30am July 18 '12

      I believe people continue to save her because in the end everyone likes to see good triumph over evil. I personally hope to see Deana emerge victorious over all the insiders, and if not her than any other outsider winning would be great.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 6:41am July 18 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        Deana to win! She deserves it more than anyone! Luke A, Lauren, or Adam could win too, and I think it would be alright, but Deana is the best! I hope the public just vote and vote and vote for her whenever she is up. I don’t think I could bear to see her evicted.

  79. Either Deana, Adam or Lauren to win, I dont mind Sara so much but she needs to get away from the dark side.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 8:10am July 18 '12

      for a moment there the week that Deana was saved from eviction, I had high hopes for Sarah, but I really think she’s proper stupid and a total sheep, especially after seeing the face to face noms this week.
      Sarah is a tough nut to crack sometimes, because she looks to be quite intelligent, but she’s actually as dumb as a stump. Actually, that might be an insult to stumps. :doh: :wondering:

      • That really shows some jealousy on your behalf methinks yeahyeahyeah and her name is Sara not Sarah. She is far far from dumb. How many nominations has she got since the start???? I think 3 at tops and none for the past few weeks. Thats because both the insiders and the outsiders like her. She voted for the people she has the least connection with. She is the ONLY one of the insiders that is friendly with Deana and she was quick to defend her to Adam when Adam went off in a huff over the nominations talk. Please there is no need for such vicious mud slinging of a housemate who has been the least bitchy of the LOT If you dont like her fair enough.

        • yeahyeahyeah on 6:40pm July 18 '12
          MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some of the things I’ve heard Sara say and talk about during the show make me do believe she is quite stupid. Also, to the contrary, I think she is being quite two-faced between the groups, and she’ll just follow along whoever she is feeling good about at the moment. But that’s just my two cents. She really irritates me.

          • rionablue on 7:49pm July 18 '12
            MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

            There arent many people in here share that view. If the groups need ONE THING its a link between them I hope that Sara manages to get Adam talking to Deana again and maybe at some stage we might see them all work together as a team. I love Sara. In my eyes the is the only one I think has the remotest chance of making the final at this stage. None of the others deserve it with the exception of Deana and MAYBE Adam if he is man enough to make his peace with Deana

  80. i don’t want either to go but i’m afraid i’ll have to say i’s prefer lauren to go than luke A
    :angry: GET CAROLINE & CONOR & ASHLEIGH & LUKE S out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I don’t want to see either Luke A or Lauren go…

    However, there’s no way around it, one of them will go, and if I absolutely must choose one person to go, I would choose Luke A. I just think that Lauren’s being saved would prove a bigger point to the other housemates. They’ve got her completely wrong, they’re going around saying things about her that are absolutely unfair and untrue, and I think it’s important for them to see her get saved a second time.

  82. Save Lauren! Prove a point to Caroline and Becky.

    • Jules on 12:51pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Whilst I love both of them and do not want either to go I am hoping that Lauren stays. I think this will upset the others more as she isnt afraid to say what she thinks. Luke is more gentle and doesnt like confrontation of any kind. He has his say with the others outside though and he is a loyal person, this has been proven with him comforting Adam that time.

  83. arvintaylor on 2:11pm July 18 '12

    I dont really care which one goes but I have to decide, I would save Lauren

  84. Connor won’t argue with Denna he aint got the brains
    to hes scared he’ll go off on one and say something like his nasty rant he aint got enough self control.

  85. BigBrotherLover2012 on 8:25pm July 18 '12

    I don’t understand why Luke A is a highly rated Housemate. He’s so boring, bitchy and now he’s up he’s playing the victim. I agree with Conor and Caroline comments and I believe that they should be removed from the house. I really like Becky but she’s getting so much hate. I like her she’s funny and she’s so real. I really don’t like Caroline anymore because she’s sorry all the time and then she does it again it’s iike wtf?

  86. Their no drought about it a massive support for the outsiders. Including me. we all share the same though. we are one accord on this and will see it through to the end. as long as we support ANY of the outsiders. we cant go wrong. one will always be standing

    • Jules on 9:15pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I have never known a BB like it, normally there is friction and viewers are divided but this year the majority are rooting for the outsiders. Brilliant, lets hope that at least one of them gets through and becomes the winner.

  87. I am commenting for the first time as I feel disgusted as to the choices this week. For the first time ever in all the time I have watched BB have I wanted to turn off and stop watching. The bullies are winning and being allowed to pick off the others one by one. The only way this can be rectified is by a group punishment resulting in everyone being up – lets see then how it rattles the nasty individuals. This eviction cannot be allowed to go ahead as it is!!!!!!!!!

  88. Gill on 11:23am July 19 '12

    I am commenting for the first time as I feel disgusted as to the choices this week. For the first time ever in all the time I have watched BB have I wanted to turn off and stop watching. The bullies are winning and being allowed to pick off the others one by one. The only way this can be rectified is by a group punishment resulting in everyone being up – lets see then how it rattles the nasty individuals. This eviction cannot be allowed to go ahead as it is!!!!!!!!!

  89. i think its time that Ashleigh, Caroline and Luke S went up for eviction especially Caroline ! Ash and Caroline do not deserve to be there but they will make it to the final :speechless: !!!

  90. cazzerefc on 12:10pm July 19 '12

    have to agree with most comments on here, deana has been bullied from day one,conor and caroline shud have been evicted for there vile/racist /and bullying comments, but bb is letting them constantly get away with it, and on this weeks noms caroline showed conor her card who she was voting and again bb allowed it. double standards again, will not vote this week as i want them both to stay. bb grow a pair and evict the 2 nasty housemates.

  91. this site is a little bit out of date. unless in looking at it right anyway save deana

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