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Lauren and Ashleigh argue over cigarettes
It's been a tough week for smokers in the Big Brother house, and...
| Day -349

It’s been a tough week for smokers in the Big Brother house, and cigarettes were the source of further tension yesterday evening.

On Tuesday, Arron was instructed by Big Brother to cut up all cigarettes as part of this week’s shopping task, an action which Lauren especially did not take well.

When new cigarettes arrived with the rest of the housemates’ shopping on Thursday, Ashleigh was unhappy that Lauren received an extra pack than the other smokers, despite this coming from Lauren’s own share of the budget.

Talking to herself in the bathroom after, Lauren said: “You (Ashleigh) are not even a proper smoker. I can’t stand the girl, she’s horrible. I hate her, she can f*** right off. What have I done to you?”

Speaking to Luke A in the garden after the incident, Lauren warned: “I can see a full-blown argument happening between me and Ashleigh. Conor told me to get some balls and tell her to shut up.┬áLet’s be honest, she’s hated me since day one because I was supposedly trying to steal her man (Luke S).”

Why do you think Asheigh doesn’t like Lauren?

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  1. Raykco on 12:41pm June 29 '12

    Ashleigh doesn’t like Lauren through jealousy. She’s only using Luke S to help herself get further, as she has addmitted that she has no feelings for him.

    But she is also affraid that Lauren will steal her limelight. She knows she can’t compete with her on looks and intelligence so she just does what most bullies do, make Lauren’s life as misserable as possible.

    Ashleigh is just plain nasty.

  2. BBNut on 1:19pm June 29 '12

    Ashleigh is vile! Lauren gave loads of her cigarettes away after saving up only for them to be chopped up by ruthless Arron. I think she has every right to be angry and I look forward to her putting Ashleigh in her place the ungrateful little dimwit! Not a fan of Luke S either but he needs to be told he’s being taken for a mug and used. I’m so glad Lauren was saved and think she’s about to come into her own and stand up to a few people. I only hope this doesn’t lead to her being nominated again by all the sheep. I also think Lauren should turn the tables and tip away the protein shake in return for a reward from BB or BB should confiscate it the minute the lads put a foot wrong. She saved hard earned cash for those cigarettes!

  3. Lauren to win!

  4. Sally on 2:41pm June 29 '12

    Lauren deserved the extra cigarettes. the others have been smoking hers and also she had more destroyed than the others. Ashleigh does not like Lauren because Luke S was friendly with Lauren in the beginning. Ashleigh prob is :envy: She might have the guy but can she keep him for the mag deal. :cool:

  5. Catess76 on 4:32pm June 29 '12

    Ashleigh, fake, thick, what more can I say….. yawn.
    “I didn’t know a chicken came out of an egg” … err yeah right, have you been living in a padded cell your whole life.

  6. Recker on 4:33pm June 29 '12

    Ashleigh is quite simply jealous of Lauren. Even though Asheigh doesn’t want to be with Luke she will never “break up” with him. She knows that relationship is the only thing that makes her interesting.

  7. jennyjuniper on 4:47pm June 29 '12

    Although Laurens voice annoys me from time to time, especially when she is whining, Ashleigh’s voice annoys me all the time. It’s as if she and Conor are speaking a foreign language. Subtitles please for both of them.

  8. okolokings on 5:33pm June 30 '12


  9. lillian on 4:46pm July 1 '12

    although i dont care much for Ashleigh. Total bitch, did anyone else notice Shevonne setting up the argument before the cigs even arrived

  10. AmericanCousin on 10:27pm July 1 '12

    I agree with those who said Ahleigh is jealous. She is quite a nasty little girl. Lauren is also annoying. Everytime something happens she doesn’t agree with she handles it in such a childish way. Yelling,kicking, screaming- like come on, girl get yourself together. I am starting to dislike Lauren because she kisses too much a$$. Why can’t she just get it through her head that the pop group doesn’t like her instead of being two-faced to deana? lauren, grow up, hun. I was rooting for you…

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