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Lab rats frustrated by impossible maze
Rebecca and Caroline entered Big Brother's maze in the latest...
| Day -358

Rebecca and Caroline entered Big Brother’s maze in the latest shopping task challenge, but unbeknown to them, it was impossible to complete.

The pair, both lab rats in this week’s shopping task, took part in Big Brother’s latest psychological experiment in order to test whether a rat with confidence conditioning would take longer to give up than a normal rat.

Rebecca was first to attempt to crawl her way to the cheese, and was informed she would win a prize if the maze was completed in a faster time than the next housemate. She was also told she could give up at any time by saying the phrase “I camembert it”.

The impossibility quickly got to Rebecca, who said she was “literally mind-boggled”. Despite the groans of frustration, scientist Lydia could only instruct the rats to “continue towards the cheese”.

She gave up after 23 minutes and 20 seconds, complaining, “What a waste of my life! This is the worst game known to man, and I will never ever be playing it again.”

Caroline, despite being the conditioned rat, only lasted 15 minutes and 32 seconds. As the scientists hypothesised that confidence conditioning would motivate a rat to try and complete the maze for longer, they failed this part of the shopping task.

What do you think of the housemates latest challenge?

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  1. So can’t wait to see this!!! :bigsmile:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  2. Raykco on 1:03am June 21 '12

    Not surprised that Caroline gave up so quickly.

  3. jennyjuniper on 10:46am June 21 '12

    At first I quite liked Caroline (apart from the birds nest on her head), but that ‘one tone drone’ that is her voice and the moaning about everything is doing my head in. I’m waiting expectantly to see what punishment BB is going to give her for talking about nominations. Hope it’s a non talking ban.

  4. Tombolian on 6:39pm June 21 '12

    Oh, the droning when Caroline was trying to sleep in the task room. It’s so predictable, BB speaks, she whines… BB speaks, she whines… Wash, Rinse Repeat!
    So why does it make me giggle? Sorry folks, still loving Caroline but I can’t explain why! :drunk:

  5. Becky was hilarious in this. “This is discrimination!” Lol I love her!

    • Mike,You did a gorgeous job for Rebecca and Ryan. My dtuahger, Rebecca, and Mike, our photographer, both were suffering from kidney stone attacks throughout the day!!!! You both pulled through and the resulting portraits are magnificent. Ryan did real good, too Brittany was wonderful and is a strong asset to your team.Bob

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