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Jasmine launches attack on Danica
After Friday's live nominations during which she was put up for...
Alec | Day -299

After Friday’s live nominations during which she was put up for eviction, Jasmine continues to attack those who nominated her.

Jasmine was nominated by Lorenzo, Martin and Danica to face eviction with Rhian. After an argument with Lorenzo over his reasons for nominating her, she has since turned to Danica.

Speaking to Julian in the bedroom, Jasmine explained: “Today I don’t give a s***, whereas yesterday it (getting nominated) seemed really important. It’s a massive pressure off knowing it’s out of my hands whether I stay or not, but if I stay, god help the three people that voted for me.”

“It’s a game, and it is totally on,” she added. That came despite telling Lorenzo last night: “This is not a game to me. This is my life and the most important thing in the world to me.”

Danica called across the room: “You’re making everyone feel very uncomfortable, including me.”

“I’m trying very hard to, so that’s good to know,” said Jasmine.

When asked why, she replied: “Because I don’t like escorts and I don’t like your ways. I think it’s gross. If my daughter was trying to get men to buy her stuff off the internet, I’d lock her in her room. Aren’t your parents ashamed of you? It’s ugly.”

“I am so happy with what I do, so happy. You’re out of order” said Danica.

Harvey said the negatives vibes were not nice, while Julian jested: “And it was all going so well…”

Do you want Jasmine to remain in the house over Rhian?

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  1. Has this women ever seen Big Brother?
    Face to Face nominations happen occasionally, she’s took it over the top.
    Even though I hate Jasmine & Rhian, I hope she goes. Despite my hatred for Danica aswell, it’s not right to judge her based on her job. They’re all as bad as each other. Hope Jasmine goes though. Can’t stand her little diva tantrums. :lipssealed:

  2. jennyjuniper on 6:25pm August 18 '12

    I know I said ‘bye’ because I didn’t think I’d have the time or inclination to watch CBB before my holiday, but I must admit this line up (apart from the token ‘models’ is very good). While I don’t like Jasmine, I think she’s like a young Janice Dickinson (in the trouble making sort of way) and it would be a pity to let her go so soon. If she stays there will be lots of fire-works, while Rhian is pretty and that’s about it.

  3. hope she goes, she is a pain in the bum :fubar:

  4. Think Jasmine’s a bit of a hypocrite, i mean, what’s she famous for?? sleeping with Simon Cowell!!!! “who is she, who is she?”

    • I agree totally with you on that one, that is all she is famous for plus she was aparently seeing Simon Cowell when he was still with Terri Seymour so what does that make her a homewrecker, and it ain’t the first time she has dated peoples partners its like there say Pot calling Kettle Black me finks

  5. yeahyeahyeah on 7:49pm August 18 '12

    Well, if she’s not out this week, she’ll for sure be out on the next eviction now. Trouble makers like that give people a clear reason to nominate. Oh, and Jasmine…judge ye not, lest ye be judged!

  6. Ah leave Jasmine in…She says it like it is…Far more entertaining to watch and listen to then Rhian…I find her interesting..only one being herself so far….keep her in for more drama!!

    • rionablue on 12:44pm August 19 '12
      MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

      I totally agree SaraJane. She has said what alot of the housemates were thinking when they found out what Danica does on the internet. She said the truth. I would be ashamed if my daughter went on Big Brother and everyone could see that she sold herself on the internet for favours. Keep Jas in Shes entertaining.

      • JaniceR on 5:48pm August 19 '12
        MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

        Yes, I’m disappointed that Coleen hasn’t said something. In interview she said she didn’t like people who use sex to make money or to become famous. Maybe Jasmine is only one with the backbone to speak up. CBB sorry we don’t need Danica, Rhian,Situation or jasmine( but at least she’s stirring it up). The real celebs should be mad at being put in there with a bunch of nobodies.

  7. on 9:49pm August 18 '12

    Although I can’t stand Jasmine we have to keep her in just for the sheer entertainment value , come on guys who doesn’t want to see egotistical wannabes & washed up hasbeens bitch slap one another all for our entertainment. They are all so far up there own arses that they havnt got a clue as to what the public really think of them. In there eyes there the best thing since sliced bread.
    Am loving it. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    • Jules on 11:06pm August 18 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Must be nice to be so sure of how the so called has beens think, I personally am waiting to see, I have one or two thoughts but for me JASMINE out she is going to be one stirring so and so……she wont make the house good to watch at all. Another Caroline or Becky.

  8. Jasmine isa **** who thought every muthahubbard would love her.


    bore off

  9. Raykco on 10:08pm August 18 '12

    Jasmine is a nasty piece of work. She’s been spoiling for a fight since she entered the house.

    She has to go.

  10. Mynameisblank on 10:12pm August 18 '12

    That is such a disgusting thing to say to someone. Danica was just saying she was making people uncomfortable and asked why, and she snapped at her.

    She was completely out of order, and I think BB should pull her for saying that.

    • rionablue on 12:47pm August 19 '12
      MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

      No way!!!!! She told Danica what she thought of what Danica does she was honest about it. Danica had me fooled I thought she was a pretty girl who modelled for a living not sold herself on the internet. Jas is straightforwad and says it how it is and I love that about her. Comparisions between her and the gruesome Caroline and Becky are unwarranted. Jas isnt bullying anyone with her words she is venting her hurt and anger about the reasons she was nominated by the two men and telling Danica what she thinks of her!!!!

  11. I kind of like Jasmine for the entertainment value, we don’t need to lose her at this stage. The public will probably screw up again and vote to save a boring housemate again

  12. Danica is a prostitute who gets payment/gifts for flirting and the rest. Jasmine is great as she told it like it is. I don’t think she is the bitch portrayed. A real bitch would be too calculating to be revealed as one.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 12:00am August 19 '12

      she’s hardly a prostitute. All she does is talk with people online, it’s not like she has sex with them. It’s an honest transaction…the people who give her money and buy her gifts know exactly what they are getting in exchange.

      • Orchid333 on 12:16am August 19 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        I may be being a bit dim, but what are the people getting in exchange??

        • yeahyeahyeah on 5:47pm August 19 '12
          MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

          the chance to have a personal conversation with her, that’s about it. Oh, and maybe exchange a few pictures. If you ask me, she’s a pretty smart girl. If people wanted to give me money or buy me things just to talk with them online, I’d fully take advantage of that too.
          She’s not like the other girls in the documentary who were basically leading men on and lying to them in order to squeeze out gifts. With Danica, it’s more of an honest exchange. I don’t think any of her clients think that they are going to get to have sex with her.

          • JaniceR on 5:53pm August 19 '12
            MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

            Still think its a bit of a low way to make a living. I’d have some respect if she had no other option but she is a lingerie model too so doesn’t need to sell herself.
            I’ve seen the trailers for Babe Station and found it disgusting especially when it can be accessed by children.
            Anyway this is CBB why is she there,is being a slapper now a form of celebrity?

          • What’s “honest” about pretend teasing, flirting with strangers online , losing your self worth for money/gifts.

  13. Cindy blyth on 2:24am August 19 '12

    I think jasmine should stay because even with her outspoken ways at least she is honest to their face and not behInd their backs !!!!!!

    • yeahyeahyeah on 2:52am August 19 '12

      Jasmine is graceless, tactless, and spoiled. She’s not just being honest, she’s deliberately trying to stir shit up and cause drama. I really hope she is the first to go. Can’t stand her. I’m surprised she’s been given the chances she has in life…obviously she’s messed every one of them up.
      Danica may take money from strangers, but at least she is courteous, honest, and respectful about it and isn’t out to hurt anyone. Jasmine didn’t even give her a chance. She needs to get off her high horse. Karma is a bitch.

  14. i watched the tv show danica appeared in, it was basically about women receiving “gifts” from men on the internet, it involved i think, 4 women, the point of the show was that these women recieved lots of expensive, sometimes inexpensive gifts from men but it DIDNT involve sex of any description, saying that, a few of the women involved actually met up with these men on a regular basis yet kept stressing the fact that no sex was involved but it was so obvious that the men hoped there would be, then u had another who actively went out with her friends looking for men to get things of, for that 1 night and maybe more, i was all prepared to judge danica when it came to her story, i was “pleasently” surprised,yes she has recieved a lot of gifts, including the most gorgeous puppy i ever saw lol but the thing is, she has never met these men, led them on in any way, she has a professional website where yes, she sells pics, tastefull pics btw, the guys on HER site KNOW that theyre never gonna get her or even near her, they know its not real but they want to give her things, well sorry, but if ppl wanna give me free stuff without the hassle of worrying if im gonna get stalked then feel free pls, imo shes a nice girl who is only making the best of it, think we all would if our “morals” werent at stake

    • on 3:10pm August 19 '12

      You watch her scream & shout though if one of her
      ” Friends ” started stalking her or found out where she lived & visited her. This girl has the morals of an alley cat & her parents & family SHOULD be ashamed of her. What Jasmine said was only what the majority of moralistic people think.

      • JaniceR on 5:58pm August 19 '12
        MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

        The men hope that they will get soemthing in return. Who checks out that these lonely men are stable. Actuyally of course they aren’t they give gifts to someone on the internet instead of going out and getting a life. She is totally wrong in what she is doing.

    • elitest101 on 4:38pm August 19 '12

      agree totally ! :party:

    • Does it matter what Danica does in “real” life – she fills a need, someones need. I liked Jasmine initally but I do think she is fragile and BB. can only emphasise her instability. I want Jasmine to go this eviction. p.s. Muckerkitty I agree with you, I apologise to my previous BLAST to you, regards………..

  15. just get them both out i thort this was celeb big bother not ****** well i’m sure u no.

  16. karen g on 4:38pm August 19 '12

    i think jasmine is jealous of danica, she is a lot younger and prettier. and neither of them are celebs.



    Let us all get along.
    Bring peace to TBB please;).

    ROCK ON. :giggle:

    - p.s. this site is my guilty pleasure.
    Love you all :love:

  18. Louiza on 6:38pm August 19 '12

    I don’t agree with Danicas life style, but it is her life. From what I read about her in the newspaper today, her Mother died when she was a teenager.

  19. i may be wrong but when i fount out jasmine has had relationships with men and women that means she bisexual and i think she likes danica to be honest… but jasmine cant call danica a prostitute least she has a job…

  20. the stupid uk public will always vote off entertaining people and keep the good boring people, GET USED TO IT POEPLE

  21. I dont think Danica has any morals at all! For what ever reasons for doing what ever it is she does she seems pretty proud of it by the looks of it. I wud be totally ashamed of her if she was my daughter but my daughter wudnt do THAT!! As for Jasmine she is just saying how she feels about it n so wud i!!! Go Jas. x

    • OMG jet if you don’t know exactly what she does how can you say she has no morals, she basically gives a bit of her time talking and sending pics to men and women and there buy her things, she ISN’T selling her body, she is getting paid for what most ppl do everyday on fbook talking and sending pics or even on these dating sites you are talking to ppl and sending pics of yourself, yet ppl on here are saying she has no morals so that must mean majority of ppl have no morals

  22. Jasmine is so right about this danica skank , saw todays sun newspaper , she was ho-ing it up with another female for adult channel.

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