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Jasmine returns to house with mum for task
Celebrity Big Brother evictee Jasmine Lennard will return to the...
Alec | Day -292

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Jasmine Lennard will return to the house today alongside her mother in a secret task, with a special reward up for grabs.

For today’s ‘Like mother like daughter’ task, Jasmine, who was the first celebrity to be evicted from the show last Wednesday, will return to the compund for some mystic meddling with the housemates.

Jasmine’s mum, professional actress Marilyn Galsworthy, will enter the main house pretending she is a new housemate who is a celebrity psychic in the outside world.

To pass the task, Marilyn has to convince the others she is a genuine housemate, but will also have to deliver a variety of psychic predictions recevied via an earpiece from her daughter hiding in the small task room.

If Jasmine and Marilyn carry out their mission without being rumbled and Marilyn’s true identity isn’t discovered, then Jasmine will win a very special reward which will be revealed later. If they fail their mission, then the housemates will be rewarded instead.

What do you make of Jasmine returning to the house for a task? What could her special reward be? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. haydan20 on 1:55pm August 25 '12

    Well I hope it is not letting her back in the house if they win. Silly task!! :bigsmile:

    • Actually, I think this is a great task. The only one likely to rumble Marilyn is Samantha who is a journalist, and if she is worth her salt she would know Jasmine’s mother is Marilyn Galsworthy (who had a non-speaking part getting eaten by sharks in an old Bond movie) but this pre-supposes that she knew in advance who her fellow house-mates would be and I think that is supposed to be kept secret from the housemates before they enter the house, but perhaps not.? Anyway, great task. Would be interesting if Jasmine got back into the house even briefly to create some havoc. Oh joy and happiness. Even though I don’t like her she makes for good watching.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 7:24pm August 25 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        A lot of people knew Jasmine was going into the house prior to the series launch. Jasmine obviously had at least heard about some of the other HMs going in, as she mentioned Rhian and Danica in her intro VT. It’s quite possible that Samantha, or any of the HMs for that matter, had heard who was rumoured to be going into the house and did some background research.

    • I think Jasmines mother is just as bad as her for calling Danica a whore, I am a bit disapointed that they even aired that on tv, I thin I would be seeking legal advice when I left the show if I were Danice a very annoyed viewer.

  2. why do we wont jasmine mum in the house it just a silly task.
    We voted out jasmine out of the house we dont wont her mum in.
    Wot a f*****g silly task.

  3. No. No we hate Jasmine. Don’t want to ever see or hear of her again. Saw her mother outside @ eviction – another daft old bat who cant see what a nasty revolting evil little sh*t her daughter really is. Already don’t like mother either. Where’s all the hero’s ? Where’s the winner, not the obvious Kemp/Julie. Give me a break.

  4. I agree silly task wot r big brother thinking we dont her mum in the house i diant wont jasmine in house wot a f*****g 2 face cow she make me sick.

  5. should her reward for calling Danika and Rihan ”skanks” be for her to go back in the BB house, erm NO!!!!

  6. yeahyeahyeah on 7:26pm August 25 '12

    I think the task is a good one, but I don’t think Jasmine should get any reward for it. It’s obvious what the reward will be though…she’ll get to nominate who will be up for eviction next. I’ll bet my money that she passes it.

  7. chill guys it will stir it up :d

  8. hope jasmine is let back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Louiza on 11:52pm August 25 '12

    Jasmine strikes again! She loves upsetting people and is very malicious with it. Daft task in my opinion. Soooooooooooo didn’t want to see or hear from her ever again. :no: :no:

    • Jules on 8:55pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      It makes one wonder what the mentality of the producers are exactly. Yes the HMs realise that to a certain extent they are going to be played but why put something so negative back into the house to deliberately cause distress to another humanbeing?

      It seems to get worse with this lot of so called programme makers. Hopefully what goes round will come around and they will realise how horrible all these things are. It is all about cash and ratings to them empathy goes out of the window. So very sad imo. Sad individuals the instigators and the players.

  10. No more of Skeletor or the parent that spawned this monstrosity. If her mother was not such a media “whore ” like jasmine , she would be seeking help for her disturbed offspring rather than pursuing car crash tv.

  11. rionablue on 12:51am August 26 '12

    That is an awful thing to say and I hope because you are called Nollaig that you arent Irish as I certainly wouldnt be proud of another native of our country saying such horrible things about a human being!!!!!!!

  12. Awesome.

    Hope Jasmine comes back in the house.

    Was so disappointed when she left.

  13. Whot a silly task I sorry i am not a fan of danica but for jasmine mum to call danica a whore it make me sick. Borings task ever

  14. ps they both need help there sick in the head.

  15. Oh dear, I saw a short clip last night. mother and daughter both looked and acted like witches. Made me feel nauseous. I had forgotten how vile Jasmine is, like mother like daughter I guess. I admit I was wrong, this task was NOT a good idea and has only added to Jasmine’s enormous twisted ego. Bad idea Channel 5.

  16. I agree catkin this task was a bad idea. They both need help they make me sick. Bad idea bb.

  17. Orchid333 on 2:44pm August 26 '12

    On a completely different subject and because I haven’t much to comment about BB because I have not seen it for a few episodes because I am holiday, I have read an article in OK Magazine on Julie Goodyear who says that one of her husbands was an accountant and on her wedding day he left with the best man!! AND she said her marriage was annulled and he got half of everything she had!!!! I am a family solicitor and know that if the marriage was not consumated then she could get the marriage annulled but NOT TO GET HALF OF EVERYTHING SHE HAD!!! That could never be true!!! What a load of tosh comes from that fake’s mouth. :whew:

    • Jules on 12:21pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I am afraid I do not trust her honesty Orchid but maybe her marriage was consummated before the deed was done, would that count? :rofl:

      • Orchid333 on 1:35pm August 27 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        Morning/afternoon JULES. The marriage would have to be consumated after the marriage ceremony. However, even if it had been consumated and there was an immediate divorce, no way would he have been entitled to half of everyhing she had!!!! NONSENSE. :bigsmile:

        Doesn’t she meet some weird men? :wondering:

  18. Orchid333 on 3:57pm August 26 '12

    WHERE IS AMERICAN COUSIN??? :love: :love:

  19. jennyjuniper on 4:52pm August 26 '12

    So Rhian, Danica, Samantha and Mike are up for eviction. Hope Danica goes as I can’t bear to watch her mining for gold much longer.

    • sammyvan on 5:00pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Feel the same, Jenny. I will be voting for Sam this week. If she is saved then one of those three [hopefully Danica] will be out – had enough of the “rinsing” [ whatever the heck that means] and all this tedious ‘romance’ . Sam has been a pleasant surprise to me. and I would prefer her any day.

      • jennyjuniper on 8:02pm August 26 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Sammyvan, yes Sam suprised me too. When I heard she was going in I was prepared to dislike her on sight, but she has grown on me. I think her ‘I am so beautiful’ article was a wind up, to get her talked about. Well it worked!! Although she is fairly quiet in the house, she also has a very astute head on those shoulders and sees more than she’s letting on. Hope she stays.

  20. brains on 5:09pm August 26 '12

    i also hope danica goes but i am also fed up with the situation going around moaning about how bad danica is treating him, is he stupid he,s like a little boy going home and crying to mummy. grow up and get a backbone, you can only be played like that if you want to be

    • jennyjuniper on 8:05pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      To an extent I agree with what you say, but it’s a well known fact that men/boys are less mature than women and in the U.S I suppose Mike is used to being the player rather than the playee. It must be a shock to his system to find that he too can be played. If nothing else, now he knows how it feels, maybe he will be more considerate of others feelings in the future?

  21. jennyjuniper on 8:11pm August 26 '12

    I’ve just been wondering who Jasmine’s mum reminds me of, it’s Jeff the singer on BOTS, except Jeff is better looking.

  22. karen g on 9:19pm August 26 '12

    aye jaz your mums a munter

  23. christinam on 9:40pm August 26 '12

    Just watched that very cruel attract on housemate this is lowest nasty nasty disgusting act I will not watch any more. Disgusted how 5 have allowed that nasty women to carry out more nasty violent bullying . Turned off

  24. fed up with bullying on 9:46pm August 26 '12

    appalling i have enjoyed this series until now, i think it is unacceptable to allow the mindless rants of jasmine calling danica a whore to go on, i feel channel 5 has now become part of this continuing bullying which stopped thank goodness with the eviction of jasmine, please stop it isn’t good t.v.

  25. Dont think it was right for jasmine to get away with name calling it is a form of bullying and nothing was said think a lot of people will switch of

  26. I dont know how Jasmine can call Danica a whore when it’s
    obvious that Jasmine herself is one of the biggest gold diggers out there .
    i also think thats slander and think Danica should sue her .
    Also what a terrible example for her to set for her son .
    look son this is how to bully and belittle people !!!!!!
    Jasmine is a vile bitch.

    • ..well actually I know that I also HATE BULLYING, JAN. However, D (and all other H/Ms) will have signed too many contractual clauses so will most probably not be able to successfully sue BB or others.
      D unfortunately does fulfill the dictionary defination of a prostitute and whore, as sadly she does sell her body for money – not the ‘rinsing’ stuff, but her glamour model work.
      D’s probably ended up taking this ‘career path’ due to the tragic loss of her mum in her formative years. That’s why it was particularly disturbing -on many levels- watching Batty enacting her daughter’s jealousy based acts towards D.
      I hope D either wins CBB or that she does marry Lorenzo (a real life ‘Pretty Woman’ type ending). The latter is highly improbable when L see’s D’s online stuff; but would be the best ‘cold revenge’ for the Bat and Batty.
      D showed immense maturity and a balanced state of mind in not taking ‘the bait’ when she said in the diary room that she had nothing to say to the Bat; and assertively (not aggressively) turned down a 1:1 with Batty.
      Completely ironic or moronic ?? that the ex- wife and daughter of a PORN BARON are repeatedly using the whore ‘card’ against a girl who has done nothing negative towards them and lost her mother at 14.

      • microsis on 12:39pm August 27 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Oh I got carried away there
        great post :yes: ITHINK

        :music: :music: :music:

      • JaniceR on 1:34pm August 27 '12
        MEMBER (3622 COMMENTS)

        are you serious? You want Danica to win! She shouldn’t even be in CBB.

        • JaniceR – yes definately – yes definately – the fact is she is in CBB, and she deserves her place as much as the other HMs.
          I think u think differently to me – that makes interesting reading on TBB site.

      • Orchid333 on 1:48pm August 27 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        I THINK. You will have upset a lot of glamour models by your comment that as a glamour model, Danica is a prostitute and whore. A whore has to sell her body for sex!! Danica does not do that. Sexual intercourse is penetration!!! :whew:

        • Orchid333 -additional to sexual intercourse hence obviously penetration, the definations are basically:
          quote Oxford dictionary
          ‘Whore’ -prostitute, have commerce with….
          ‘Prostitute’….2. sell for base gain, put to infamous use one’s honour, oneself, ones abilities, offer for sale…’
          Commerce’ – exchange of merchandise,… or dealings
          quote Collins dictionary
          ‘Prostitute ‘….3. offer oneself or one’s talents for unworthy purposes…
          end quotes.
          Unfortunately, sometimes the truth hurts, but that is no reason to not state it – tough love.
          And most words/terms’ original meanings evolve and expand over time, hence the difficulty in courts of law in matters of defamation of character and other cases.
          You should know that from your profession maybe?

          • Orchid333 on 3:02pm August 27 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            I THINK. I am in fact a family law solicitor and do not specialise in “defamation of character”. Danica has never professed to have sexual intercourse for gain!!

            Considering you have indicated that you would like Danica to win, you don’t seem to be in her corner as far as I can see :wink:

          • Orchid333 on 3:14pm August 27 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            ITHINK: The legal definition and the literal definition are not always the same. The legal definition of prostitution is selling your body for sex. I rest my case :giggle:

          • Orchid333 – I never ‘blindly’ support anyone. Even ‘flaws’ (my own and others’) have to be acknowledged to enable the person to move on. Both literal/dicitonary and legal definitions are never ‘written in tablets of stone’ but are merely subjective interpretation. Case law is built on this.
            I’m sure you posted in caps ‘defamation of character’ ???
            Just for the record:
            Prostitute” is defined in section 54(2) of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 as:
            “A person who, on at least one occasion and whether or not compelled to do so, offers or provides sexual services to another person in return for payment or a promise of payment to that person or a third person.”
            (section 51(A) Sexual Offences Act 2003
            However, the offence is not limited to particular types of premises. It could therefore apply to premises which may have a legitimate business, for example a nightclub, as well as online internet-based services.
            I think D’s internet /’glamour’ model work could be classed as above. In prostitution, intercourse does not need to take place, there are many other sexual services that are on offer. The dated Hugh Grant case demonstrates this.
            However, we all make ‘mistakes’ and people need to be allowed to move on (if they want to). So I hope there will be a happy ending for Danica.
            I think YOUR ‘RESTED’ CASE NEEDS TO JOG ON… and maybe enjoy New York instead??

  27. Come bb we voted that 2face f*****g cow out we dont wont her or mum on the show no more wot a wast of time that tast was !

  28. two vile bitches hope somone turns rournd and punches them in f ing face and there the ones who are whores

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  29. Confused on 9:34am August 27 '12

    This could have been a clever task if Cheryl had been directing her relative in the fortune-telling. At least Cheryl’s relative would have the intelligence and acting skills to succeed with Cheryl’s wit rather than Jasmine’s venom behind her. This really reveals the immaturity and lack of judgement on the part of the BB production team. Who can forget the grinning “genius” behind the White Room last week on BOTS? Now if they could only get rid of the banal “psychologist” who declared Conor the winner. I hope the teenage girl who hops around in strange costumes is an intern, so she will not lose wages when she is made redundant.

    • microsis on 10:20am August 27 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      This COULD had been a great task ,but becky /jasmine was rubbish at it ,,,all they wanted to do was hurt hms ,,,which of course was what the producers wanted

      If Becky had just been allowed to let slip bits of info about hm that no way could she have known ,,,,,,,that could have caused some interesting reactions from the hms
      She shouldnt have told them she was a psychic until later that put hms on their guard straight away

      A trained monkey could have done a much better job

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 11:24am August 27 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Pathetic the lot of them tbh.

    • CONFUSED you are ‘spot on’ this time…. and all your other postings.

  30. Absolutely disgusted, not only with Jasmine and her vile mom but Channel 5 for allowing it. From start to finish the task was about putting Danica down and why, because Jasmine is jealous. This was bullying at its worst, not physical but mental. Bosses at Channel 5 knew they had gone too far by not mentioning it on BOTS. When that lady phoned in expressing her disgust Jamie said it hadn’t been mentioned as Jasmine and her mom were not there to defend themselves, bull they wanted to distance themselves from the flack. Plus in all this no mention has been made of the boys. They are just riled because they have been knocked back. Ashley should grow up and Mike should remember girls can play the field also. Watch Jersey Shore and see how he behaves. A lot of the celebs in that house have done things they regret give the girl a break. She is not out mugging old ladies.

    • GRANNY EI and the BOTS ‘phone in’ lady are very wise. Keep posting please… :yes:

    • sammyvan on 5:32pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      And that is why I would like Mike [ the situation] to be the next evictee. Where is it written that the man is totaly innocent? He is immature and petulant and he and Ashley have been pestering these two girls since they entered the house. Not saying I agree with Danica’s career choice [ I dont ] and she and Rhian have not behaved well, but it takes two to tango.
      Out of the four, Samantha should stay.

  31. Thank you ITHINK lovely to know someone appreciates my view on things (for a change) :giggle:

  32. Orchid333 on 1:22pm August 27 '12

    JULES; I am home tomorrow and will then know what has been going on. I will be sitting with my little kitty, Pippa, drinking gallons of good English tea watching all my recordings of BB and BOTS. I hope will I still like Coleen :love:

  33. northernmonkey on 2:41pm August 27 '12

    Didn’t watch it but………. WHY ? We have only just got rid of the scrawny Steve Tyler lookalike.

    BB is as dumb as The Situation at times, not a easy thing to do.

  34. Sally on 4:59pm August 27 '12

    What a missed opportunity,this could have been a great task. It is such a pity that it was played with malice.
    Surely BB producers realized this would happen picking Jasmine and her mother.

    Confused was so right when he suggested that Cheryl would have made a better conspirator. It could have been so funny. :nod:

  35. I would just like to make the point that Danica IS a sex worker and – without making any comments on the dysfunctionality or otherwise, of anyone’s background – I can understand why someone who does fashion modelling and was raised in Belgravia (Jasmine) would find it uncomfortable to be compared both to Danica and to the topless model Rhian.

    Danica doesn’t just take her top off for money and doesn’t just proposition strangers to buy her things; she is also a ‘presenter’ on an adult tv channel – with all that that entails. There’s no two ways about it, she is deeply involved in the sex trade; and I would uphold anyone’s right to be offended by that behaviour.

    Big Brother has changed since being bought by Channel 5 – which is part-owned, and certainly financed, from the girlie magazines/porn background of David Sullivan, one of it’s owners. It’s a long way from the earnest ‘social experiment’ started by Channel 4, with the housemates looking after chickens and living a ‘simple’ life.

    Channel 5 sees nothing wrong with making the show more ‘watchable’ by filling the house with plastic surgery-enhanced women from the sex trades.

    Just because Danica has a baby face and pretends to be the girl next door, doesn’t mean that she IS. You can make all the excuses you like, based on a pretty face and an aptitude for pulling the wool over people’s eyes. All I know is, if I were holed up in a house with someone like that, as a ‘celebrity’, I would be objecting too!

    • Orchid333 on 6:48pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      I agree with you on your reference to BB production changing since C5 took over. However, I am such a saddo that I would rather have C5 producing BB than nothing at all. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    • JaniceR on 11:36pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (3622 COMMENTS)

      I agree with what you are saying and add that C5 in its managing in BB and now CBB is showing the wrong side of society as role models for young people.
      lets see more of the other housemates and not dwell on Danica and her antics.

    • I think you are completely right, as a celebrity I would be offended. Online there are videos of Danica performing soft core porn with other women, or even by herself, for people to call into her phone sex line. She uses her body in a sexual nature to get money from people…that is prostitution!!! But what really gets at me is how she acts in the house, she tries to act all innocent but is clearly using her body and sex to get things from the guys in the house. Her flirting is endless, for instance when she puts her head under Lorenzo’s shirt right by his pants in this Gods and Mortals task…its quite clear what she was doing and taking shelter from the rain wasn’t it!! I respected the playboy twins from the last CBB because although they pose for playboy nude they still respected their bodies and they never compromised their integrity by flirting around with the guys in the house! They had boyfriends and knew where to draw the line, Danica is using guys and she has no problems with it, she has no integrity, and I would not say its due to the loss of her mother because we do not know her whole life story. I do know that i know people that grew up without a mother and never acted like her!!

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