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Jasmine first evictee of Celebrity Big Brother
After just 8 days, Jasmine Lennard has become the first housemate...
Alec | Day -295

After just 8 days, Jasmine Lennard has become the first housemate to be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Jasmine was nominated alongside Rhian during last Friday’s live nominations, and tonight the former has been evicted after the public voted to save Rhian.

On Day 2, Jasmine revealed she was in the house for the money in order to look after her son, and slammed the other housemates for nominating her and potentially denying her the opportunity to raise her profile and earn more money on the outside.

Speaking to Brian Dowling during her eviction interview, Jasmine described fellow models Rhian and Danica as “skanks” for their behaviour in the outside world, and said Julie had been like a mother to her.┬áThe 27-year-old also hopes that Danica is evicted next.

Thirteen celebrities have become twelve, but another will leave in just two days time during the second eviction on Friday. Nominations will take place tonight.

Are you glad Jasmine left over Rhian? Let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Raykco on 11:17pm August 22 '12

    Glad she’s gone. She was dragging the house down with her catty remarks.

  2. Ally on 12:03am August 23 '12

    so glad she is gone , how can she say her mother is proud of her , if she was my daughter I would be mortified and ashamed .She has a mouth like a sewer ,no redeeming qualities at all . Think Martin has a good chance

  3. 5169paul on 1:14am August 23 '12

    glad shes gone evil bitch. they have made a complete balls up on bbbots tonight the housemates haddent finished nominating when the show finished. all but two had done it so the noms wont be available till tomorrow think they would have supposed to be announced at the end of the show.WHAT A COMPLETE BALLS UP THE MAIN SHOW WAS FAR TOO LONG AND SURELY THE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN JUST 2 MINUTES TO NOMINATE. WHOSE RUNNING THIS BLOODY SHOW ITS A SHAMBLES AND THE BIGGEST SURPRISE IS THAT ONLY 2 HOUSEMATES HAVE RUMBLED WHAT AN EVIL AND VICIOUS BITCH JULIE GOODYEAR IS. SHES AS COMMON AS MUCK AND NOW TAKEN TO TALKING TO SEAGULLS. I REST MY CASE

  4. The way she deliberately called Danica vile names was designed purely to put the guys off her, pure spite and jealousy from Jasmine as both Danica and Rhian were the only two attractive girls whom she saw as competition. Jasmine has major issues, not least her anorexic body, but her lies and anger issues were despicable. Then she tried the sympathy card about being a single mother – disgusting. Her choice to have a baby no one else’s. Probably the vilest CBB contestent ever. Good riddance.

  5. jennyjuniper on 6:08am August 23 '12

    I still can’t see why she turned on Julie? Was it just because Rhian told her that Julie had offered words of support to her and if so why not? You can like two people, even when they don’t like each other.
    Anyway how come Rhian is so believable all of a sudden? Jasmine swore on her sons life that Rhian was lying about Ashley, but suddenly she’s telling the truth. This smacks of Jasmine being a childish egoist, who thinks that because Julie likes her, that she shouldn’t like anyone else.
    As for Rhian, that was sneaky. Even if Julie had said those things to her, what was the point of repeating them if not to cause trouble. Not as sweet as she appears to be isn’t Rhian.

    • Belladonna on 6:31pm August 23 '12

      I’m not a Rhian fan as such, but I’d be inclined to keep an open mind on this as we’ve only heard one side of the story. We don’t know in what context the conversation took place, or who initiated it, and Jasmine has already shown her manipulative skills in twisting people’s words to suit whatever story she’s telling. She may also have been trying to make Rhian look bad in an attempt to save herself from eviction last night. The problem is that she’s so neurotic and unbalanced that she convinces herself that what she’s saying is true.

      So, not saying you’re wrong about Rhian, just saying you may be.

  6. i am glad she gone they can get back to haveing some fun. I have just read 5169Paul comments about julie she nice funny and i am glad she on the show so my frend if u dont like the show why r you watching it for and moning about it.

  7. jennyjuniper on 9:49am August 23 '12

    Have been liking the show so far, but why oh why do we have to sit through repeat after repeat of scenes we’ve seen at least three times already. I love Julie and Cheryl and thought their first night ‘soap’ was great, but enough already.

  8. Yes I agree with the REPEAT AFTER REPEAT SCENES, just as you think it’s over,they start repeating stuff again, I’m not interested, and I usually to wait for 5 minutes or even more after the programme has started, then start watching it.

    Also did anyone notice last night….9.50pm adverts, 10pm adverts and 10.07pm adverts. I HATE adverts, I want to watch the programme, not adverts.

    Wish it was on the BBC.

    So BIG BROTHER listen up, cut right down on the repeats and don’t be so greedy with the adverts, viewers will get p…….d off.

  9. microsis on 12:10pm August 23 '12

    The hms already knows who is up for eviction this week
    Julie stayed up late last night comforting Mike I think she might adopt him now that jasmines gone

    :music: :music: :music:

  10. Don’t like julie too much of a Diva. So glade Jasmine has gone, lets hope she gets some kind of help because she has a lot of issues. how she got in the house is beyond me..

  11. Orchid333 on 4:29pm August 23 '12

    5169PAUL :hi: I agree with you – especially about Julie!!!! I am in New York at the minute on holiday so I am not up to date with the programme. For some reason Big Brother on catch up states it is not available in this country so I am missing it.

    I see you are backing Coleen and I am going to back her also.

    This might be the last day that I will be able to go on to TBB cos the fee for WIFI is blooming $14 a day!!! So I will have a lot of catching up when I get home on Tuesday. :giggle: :giggle:

  12. i think Julie playing the biggest game of all.
    Her and Julian like two old women discussing
    everyone,saw her calling Jasmine over after telling her
    she was her adopted daughter.VERY SLY .

  13. Confused on 5:40pm August 23 '12

    BOTS seems to encouage bullying. There is a difference between “speaking your mind” and intimidation. Jasmine should have been removed when she first crossed the line, but the timid producers are too green to understand and if they are using the so-called psycholoigical “experts” from BOTS for advice, nothing short of physical violence would have concerned them.

  14. yeahyeahyeah on 6:53pm August 23 '12

    Jasmine seems close to death’s door in that picture above. Shame on BB for exploiting her need for attention and the unhealthy and damaging ways she goes about seeking it. You should have suggested she seek help before hiring her. I think this experience will only serve to make her condition worse than it already is.

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