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Janice Dickinson close to signing CBB deal
57-year-old reality TV star, Janice Dickinson is said to being...
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57-year-old reality TV star, Janice Dickinson is said to being ‘close’ to signing a deal to appear on the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother.

Dickinson, who has previously worked as a judge on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ as well as appearing on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ is one of the latest starts reported to being close to signing a deal with Channel 5 executives.

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A source has told the Daily Star: “Janice is a reality star. She wound everyone up on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ She’ll really shake up the ‘CBB’ house.”

During her stint on ‘I’m A Celeb’, Dickinson won many of the public over after completing a record 10 tucker trials, and came second on the show, just loosing out to Christopher Biggins.

If Janice does enter the house, she could well be house-sharing with ‘EastEndsers’ star, Heather Trott, Blue singer Lee Ryan, comedian Julian Clary and Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle; all of which have been reported to be entering the house this August.

But the question is, would you like to see Janice Dickinson entering the house? Also let us know some unique names you would possible like to see.

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  1. adamlink on 8:41pm April 26 '12

    omg she my best celebrity i love her in i am celebrity get me out of here terrifick

  2. Sally on 8:41pm April 26 '12

    I would love to see her in Cbb. she’s like marmite. I Like her hate marmite.

  3. Avatar of

    I really like her!! She’d be great :D

  4. With not being a I’m A Celeb fan, I didn’t really know who she was, but she looks fun. So yea, I’d want her to go in.

    She also looks like she knows how to use a wooden spoon to stir some things up in the house.

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  5. MacinTyler95 on 9:11pm April 26 '12

    SPELL CHECK: If Janie does enter the house, she could well be house-sharing with…

  6. coff3e on 8:50am April 27 '12

    best news ive herd in agees corse i want her in she was so funy in iam a celeb… :hi: :bigsmile: :star:

  7. microsis on 9:35am April 27 '12

    Janice Dickinson would be great ,I can not believe they have not asked her before ,Janice is a reality star she wound everybody up in IMAC she would really shake cbb up ,!!! I veer between finding her totally annoying and irritating to her being really funny and strong the perfect hm ,,,I can only hope this reflects on what the civilian BB will be like :yes:

  8. Fudge on 4:16pm April 27 '12
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    Please don’t just stuff the house full of so-called reality stars. Boring…. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :nod: :nod:

  9. Sally on 9:49am April 28 '12

    :hi: The big difference between BB and CBB housemates is that those in BB want to be there, some of them have tryed several times to get into the house.It has been a dream for years. The celebs do it for the money and hopefully get work from it. they dont really want to be there, its just a job to them. There are times when they dont do themselves any favours by being in the house. What do you think?

  10. Sally on 11:31am May 6 '12

    This has nothing to do with Janice.
    To any one who is interested .I have a wonderful display of bluebells tulips and wall flowers in the garden.Also 3 birds nests.
    Black Bird, Bluetits,and Tree sparrow. We also had a hedgehog over winter,its gone now.The last time I saw it. It was hurrying away at the back of the hedge.Maybe its on its way to Elstree studios. :whew: Its a long way.
    Only 4 weeks to go to BB.Or is it 5 he he. :rofl:

    • Fudge on 7:27pm May 6 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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      Best comment I’ve read for ages Sally. Your garden sounds absolutely gorgeous. Bluebells smell beautiful :nod: cold weather seems to be prolonging them too :yes: xxxxx

  11. microsis on 8:24am May 7 '12

    Whether your ” Home or Away ” something Bbig might be happening : what’s that all about ?Are we having a Australian actor joining the cbb cast of millions :rofl: :rofl: :nod:

  12. microsis on 9:20am May 7 '12

    7/5/12 10 o’clock ,.? Well 10 o’clock has come and gone ,!!! Could it be 10 o’clock tonight Excited !!!!!!!??? :sleepy: :sleepy:

  13. microsis on 12:26pm May 7 '12

    Could we be getting our first glimpse of bb eye in tonight’s episode of Home and Away on :c5: Owww !!! Jamie East. You better be right :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :kiss:

    • microsis on 5:42pm May 7 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      We got a glimpse of the eye with the words coming soon ,same shape as the previous series but this time it has a checkered multi coloured glossy effect ,, it’s like a colour wheel :yes:

  14. Sally on 2:38pm May 7 '12

    Rumour has it that our BB eye is the same as the Australian one?

  15. Sally on 3:04pm May 7 '12

    BB eye on :c5: at 6.10pm.
    Word from Australia and Uk BB. lets see if its true. :wait:

  16. jennyjuniper on 5:43pm May 18 '12

    While I don’t like Janice Dickinson, she will be good as a contestant. The others had better watch the food stores though, especially if food is limited (remember Janice pinching the food in I’m a celeb and sneaking off into the bushes to eat it)?
    Others I would like to see in the house are, Paul O Grady, Matt Lucas, Mary from Corrie (sorry I don’t know her real name) with or without Norris, Alan Carr and….that’s all I can think of for now.

    • Sally on 10:15am May 20 '12
      MEMBER (2379 COMMENTS)

      :hi: jennyjuniper.
      Welcome back to TBB. As you say Janice Dickinson would make a good contestant,and yes I remember her in Im a celeb.Janice can be very funny,annoying, and darn right rude.
      I hope the rumours are correct and that she will be in the next CBB. :nod:

      • Fudge on 11:09am May 20 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
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        Hi Sally and Jennyjuniper, sounds like me and Janice would have a lot in common then …… :giggle: :wink:

        • Sally on 2:02pm May 20 '12
          MEMBER (2379 COMMENTS)

          :giggle: Love your sense of humour Fudge. Funny yes but never rude.Im sending an extra cake for the birthday boy.Sorry its late. :cake:

          • jennyjuniper on 5:20pm May 21 '12
            MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

            Hi Sally, yes it’s great to be back. If Janice does go into the house they should put another opinionated woman in as well, then see the sparks fly. Not so much hunger games as anger games!! Didn’t Janice get booted off America’s top model as a judge because she didn’t get on with one of the other judges, whose name escapes me??

  17. Sally on 2:39pm May 22 '12

    :hi: jennyjuniper, I think Julie Goodyear could be a good match for Janice.
    Janice was sacked from the team on America’s top model. She runs her own model agency, but makes a lot of cash out of reality shows. :nod:

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