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Jakki Degg reportedly signed up for CBB
According to the Daily Star, former Page Three girl and club DJ...
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According to the Daily Star, former Page Three girl and club DJ Jakki Degg has had ‘hush-hush talks’ with Channel 5 bosses to appear on the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother.

Degg, aged 34 from Stone in Staffordshire has featured in the likes of The Sun and men’s magazine Front.

A source at the Daily Star said: “Jakki has beauty and brains. She’s got a massive fan base from her Page Three days and she’s a hit on the club scene. She may mix records for a living but she’ll no doubt mix things up in the house.”

The former model has also had minor TV experience, appearing on and winning both the BBC’s The Weakest Link and Celebrity 24 Hour Quiz on ITV.

Celebrity Big Brother is set to return in August for a second outing this year after Channel 5 sign a new deal with show creators Endemol.

Would you like to see Jakki Degg in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

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  1. As the famous Nikki Grahame once said: “Who is she!?” :bigsmile:

    Please get rid of ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother Channel 5 have give us a longer classic series.

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  2. coff3e on 8:34am April 11 '12

    i agree Who is she and can u see my
    comments in chat

  3. Avatar of

    Never heard of her. I thought the C5 CBB’s actually had relatively well known people (forgetting the models) as housemates. So far most of the names I’ve heard are going into this years house, really aren’t that well known.. shame :no:

  4. CBB??? I thought we were getting the original show next????

  5. microsis on 11:39am April 11 '12

    Another name being splashed about is Maria Fowler WHO. IS SHE , :sleepy:

  6. Fudge on 12:51pm April 11 '12
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    I agree Microsis. Please not more boring glamour girls. Soooo not interesting and such a bad representation of us ladies. NOOOOO MORE please. Ta BB !

  7. BBNut on 6:33am April 12 '12

    I only know who this lady is as she is from my home town but thats it! She is nothing special here and I’m not surprised in the slightest that hardly anyone has heard of her. Bad choice BB but of course it’s all speculation for now isn’t it :wink:

    • microsis on 10:11am April 12 '12
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      According to The Star ex towie Marie Fowler is in the centre of a war between I’m a Celebrity and celebrity Bb !! No contest let I’m a Celebrity have her ! Who is she. :sleepy:

  8. on 2:02pm April 12 '12

    I’ve never heard of her! Page 3 and glamour girls is just so predictable. With bb decieding to do another celeb series so soon they should at least make it so we know we’re watching cbb, with people like her i could easily believe i’m watching the regular show

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