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In Pictures: Mr Snuggles opens his salon
With the recession and all, Big Brother today let the notorious Mr...
Alec | Day -307

With the recession and all, Big Brother today let the notorious Mr Snuggles into the Big Brother compound to set up his new Salon.

Click here to read all about the salon task, including videos.

Mr Snuggles salon is not your typical salon however. Pay a visit if you dare, and refunds will not be given. Be warned.

Browse the image below to see what Mr Snuggle has inflicted on our housemates:

Would you dare visit Mr Snuggles salon?

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  1. Sally on 2:56pm August 11 '12

    Hate this clown gives me the creeps. :sweating:

  2. very funny bb keep it up.

  3. jennyjuniper on 5:59pm August 11 '12

    Good job Shievonne didn’t see him. They would have had to bring the men in the white coats!!

  4. whats happening with the ratings then?

  5. Was Mr. Snuggles Rex from a previous Big Brother series ? I noticed he had young hands .

  6. str-8-edge on 1:37am August 12 '12

    —ADAM TO WIN—-

  7. god ashliegh milked it big time, i never heard her mention having a dislike of clowns, scary or comical, when shiv was having her meltdown, i think she was just upset cos luke s, big girl that he is, didnt object too hard when she said she,d do it lol#

  8. microsis on 10:59am August 12 '12

    I can not believe how lukeS was moaning at Ashleigh saying she was making him look like a mug ,when she was upset about her hair ,self self self self

    I thought Jason was bad enough with his I love me attitude ,But lukeS takes the biscuit so full of himself its unbelievable ,,please get him out first on Monday

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  9. Jules on 11:13am August 12 '12

    With you there Micro, Luke S out first.

  10. microsis on 1:23pm August 12 '12

    One of lukeA zingers
    When he first met Mr Snuggles he said ” you look like a Dave ”
    Well I thought it was funny

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

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