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IN PICTURES: House of rules task (Day 1)
As part of this week's task, Big Brother has decided to give our...
Alec | Day -337

As part of this week’s task, Big Brother has decided to give our rule breakers even more rules to break.

Browse our gallery of images below as the task plays out on day 1. If you want to read the article about this week’s rule task, then click here.

More images of today (Day 1) should come later on…

What do you think of this task so far? Which is your favourite image?

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  1. Sally on 4:47pm July 11 '12

    Cant wait to see video of becky in pool she is such fun

  2. jennyjuniper on 10:39am July 12 '12

    One reason to love Becky is that unlike the others, she doesn’t let the atmosphere of the house keep her down for long. She’s determined to have fun. Not the easiest thing in that house at the moment.

  3. AmericanCousin on 1:52am July 13 '12

    Love seeeing Luca with the tan. He’s a nice looking dude.

  4. microsis on 9:00am July 13 '12

    Becky,,just about manage the rolly but not the poly when going to the diary room :giggle:
    :music: :music: :music:

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