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“I’m in here for the money” admits Jasmine
After only a matter of hours in the house, Jasmine had a...
Alec | Day -301

After only a matter of hours in the house, Jasmine had a heart-to-heart with Harvey revealing her reasons for entering.

Speaking in the kitchen, the 27-year-old ex-lover of Simon Cowell revealed: “I’m not going to lie, I’ve said it straight to all the cameras – my reason to be here is money.

“I don’t chase the fame anymore. My ideal situation would be to be on a remote beach somewhere secluded, but I’ve been left in a situation where I’ve got to make good for my son.”

“That’s honest,” said former So Solid Crew member Harvey. “Everyone’s got their own motive for being here. None of us are multi-millionaires otherwise we would be sitting on a remote island, but some are looking to raise their profiles and other want to feed their kids.”

Jasmine continued: “People have turned around to me and said ‘You did good kid, you did alright, but you were never what you were meant to be’. I believe that, and there’s one person in particular that let me down, so I’m trying to come in here and shine to show him he’s made a mistake.”

Harvey insisted: “I’m going to be your brother in here. I’ve got to be because you’ve got goodness in you. I can see it, but you don’t believe in yourself.”

“I’ve got demons, we’ve all got demons, but we have to start releasing them,” he added.

What are your early impressions of Jasmine and Harvey in the house?

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  1. Well at least she is honest !! They are all in it for the money.

    • Somehow I think the prince with 50 mill isnt ahaha

      • Yes! What on earth is he doing in the house with a bank balance like that?! :surprised: and why do we ALWAYS have to have a token American(s) or American/Italian whatever he is? Same reason we have to have the model/page 3/lingerie/money-grabbing whores I suppose! At least producers enforced a ban upon the dreadful TOWIE ‘stars’ – proof they are capable of getting something right! :clapping:

        • yeahyeahyeah on 6:12pm August 16 '12
          MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

          Wasn’t it you, ‘Nut who recently predicted a list of bimbos, washed-up soap stars, reality tv rejects, and people who have been in the papers for scandals on who would be going into the house? I see you were bang on!
          The only one who seems remotely interesting and decent is Julian Clary and maybe Martin Kemp. I tend not to watch CBB because it’s usually just a whack of deluded privileged people with warped values banging around a house for a few weeks and moaning about how bad they’ve been portrayed poorly in the press and how they want people to know who they really are! :dull: :yawn:

          • BBNut on 6:48pm August 16 '12
            MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

            Yes, I wasn’t far off was I! :wink: Producers banning TOWIE rejects is a very smart move in my opinion and should extend it next year to all other ‘reality stars’, models, journalists and nobodies! I’m thrilled to see actual celebrities this time, Julie, Cheryl, Julian, Coleen and Martin are all excellent choices. Celebrity Big Brother is always worth watching just to see them totally out of their comfort zone and what humiliating tasks evil producers will throw at them without remorse! Civilian’s get it easy! The most intriguing and enjoyable part is to watch the most unlikeliest and warmest of friendships form and develop, Paddy Docherty and Sally Berkow was a classic example. :handshake:

        • sammyvan on 6:12pm August 16 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Very relieved we have no Towie or ‘out of Essex’ housemates this series! We need a break.

  2. It nice to be happy.

  3. rionablue on 1:08am August 17 '12

    I admire Jas for her honesty. She isnt boasting about her career she did say that its her relationships made her well known not her work. She has a little boy and wants to earn enough money to provide for him. I think that underneath that tough exterior she has been hurt in her life. I hope people give her a chance. I like her :yes:

    • Orchid333 on 11:42pm August 17 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      I felt so so sorry for Jasmine tonight. I don’t think that she is as hard as she is portrayed or makes herself out to be. :crying:

      It is too early for me to back anyone at the moment to win. But I do love Coleen; Cheryl; Martin and Julian at the moment. :yes:

  4. sammyvan on 6:57pm August 17 '12

    So far I admire Jasmine for her honesty – and for showing a caring side to her personality when she ‘comforted’ Cheryl. I know who I do like – however it will take me time to decide if I dont like a HM. Prefer to make my own judgment and not listen to gossip.

  5. AmericanCousin on 9:44pm August 17 '12

    hey, @ least she’s real about it.

  6. I like her, I think she is “edgey”, if that is the correct spelling. Hope she stays in for some time whatever her personality.

  7. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 10:47pm August 17 '12

    Jasmine is tv gold and if you want a brilliant CBB, vote to keep her in.

    If as per usual you want bland and boring, vote that blonde bint in as she is like watching paint dry..


    • Yes, we all want another three weeks of bitching and arguments, we’ve had nowhere near enough friction or confrontation this year have we? :yawn: There’s no harm in them actually having some fun and providing us with some amusing entertainment themselves! BB has already put a stop to that with face-to face nominations and allowing them to discuss them :fubar: What will be ‘boring and bland’ is watching a carbon copy of BB13…we need fun and laughter but the deluded producers are hellbent yet again on turning it into a savage bitchfest in the guise of ‘entertainment’. Sit back, the manipulation has begun…enjoy! :yawn:

  8. Jules on 11:29pm August 17 '12

    Sorry not very keen on Jasmine. Was surprised at Julie nominating Coleen.

    Loving Sheryl, Martin and Julian at the moment plus the little American chappie (Harvey ?).

  9. jASMINGE is just a silly little girl and needs to grow up it’s not all about her as she thinks it is who would want there young girls to grow up with her as there roll model you get along in life jumping into bed with soneone famous to become famous (or should that be infamous) shes bitter because she thought doing whag she did would get her fame when infact it got her noteriotey and bad reputaition she mad because she thought she was in control of the situation but was being played ttime to grow up little girl and needs a good meal shes skeletal EWHGH!!!! horrible.

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