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Housemates react to their profile VTs
Last night, each of the housemates' profile VTs were shown to the...
Alec | Day -311

Last night, each of the housemates’ profile VTs were shown to the group. Read on to find out how they reacted.

Yesterday afternoon, the housemates were set a ‘Choccy Chops’ task in order to win a TV dinner. Deana won the task and chose a dinner of chicken and chips for the group to tuck into as they settled in front of the TV, but were shocked when Big Brother started to play their profile VTs.

Reacting to her video, Sara claimed: “I said so much more than that. They’ve put that together very cleverly and made me look like a total bitch. I sounded horrendous. My voice was so Scottish!”

“My accent has completely changed, and I didn’t realise I sounded so gay!” Scott laughed.

“I think my accent has gone now. Compared to then it has totally changed,” replied Ashleigh.

Sara suggested that Ashleigh should dye her hair back to blonde. “I fancied you more in that VT with blonde hair,” said Luke S rather awkwardly.

“I think I looked a bit weird,” confessed Ashleigh. Referring to comments made about herself in the VT, the Essex girl added: “I don’t stop swearing, I don’t stop talking about sex – that is purely me.”

The housemates also discussed how great it would have been to have seen the VTs of those who had been evicted as well.

Highlights of the Choccy Chops task and TV dinner can be seen tonight on Channel 5 from 9PM.

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  1. Orchid333 on 3:10pm August 6 '12

    Sara’s manners are terrible. Double dipping in the dip !!! :puke: Talking with her mouth full! She said BB in her profile have made her look bad and bitchy. They can only show what you have said and she has floated from one group to another the whole of the series. However, she is not anywhere near as bad as some of those housemates who have already gone.

    Ashleigh’s voice grates on me. I have family in Essex and they don’t talk as bad as she does and certainly do not swear as much! In her profile she said about her makeup and nails whilst she is on TV. Ashleigh look at your hair and particularly your bitten nails. And before anyone comments that I must think that I am perfect, I most definitely am not but I am not putting myself on TV for people to criticise. :whew:

    LUKE A to win :call: :phone:

    • AmericanCousin on 4:48am August 8 '12

      I definitely agree. I can no longer speak about Ashleigh because my blood pressure goes through the roof and I’m 30 weeks pregnant,lol.
      I am finding Ashleigh and Sara annoying. I just wish Deana would’ve found her voice when Conor, Shievonne, Becky, Arron, and the vile-child Caroline was there. Luke S. never really picked on her too much, unless I missed something.
      What gets me most is Deana saying “sorry, sorry, I was just kidding” or ” Did I hurt you” what do you think, Deana? Were you not hurt when you were ostracized from the majority of the house? To me, she is being weak by giving in to trifle’s Ashleigh and Luke S. They aren’t even worth the salt she expends. If anyone deserved a blast was Conor and his crew.
      I will sum this up as, A day late and a dollar short.

      • Orchid333 on 11:12am August 8 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        HI AMERICANCOUSIN. I love that word -”douche” and Ashleigh most certainly is one :giggle: Keep calm on eviction night and watch that blood pressure :cool:

        I agree somewhat about Deanna and wish she had stood up for herself with the evicted insiders. I still like her and hope she doesn’t go too far. I fear for her on Friday now that I know it is a double eviction. I would rather Scott go than her but he is not too bad anyway.

        I think that in the final when the public are allowed to vote to evict, Luke S will be out first. UNLESS BB FIX IT AGAIN :wondering: :puke:

        Luke A to win if not Adam :love:

  2. AmericanCousin on 3:08am August 7 '12

    I agree, Orchid about Sara and Ashleigh. Sara’s loud and flat voice and the way she interrupts peopel when they are speaking and how she takes offense when someone calls her out has gotten on my kast half of a nerve. Ashleigh, well, I have nothing more to say about her besides she is declasse.
    But I must say this, I saw a while ago a side to Deana that I particularly didn’t care for and now on series/episodes 61 and 62, she really has annoyed me. Sure Luke S. is a douche but I don’t like to see anyone’s feelings getting hurt. All of the things frustration she took out on Luke S. was for Conor but she didn’t stand up to him. So, yes Deana has gotten a little too big for her britches if you ask me. I like humility and as of now, she hasn’t any. Almost as though, the bulliied is now the bully. I am still rooting for her to go far, as long as she keeps it together.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 3:44am August 7 '12

      I thought it was funny actually. She was just having a little joke and was being a bit of an ass. It’s not like she was being vile. She wasn’t name calling or arguing. If Luke is the big man he says he is, he can take it. Compared to what some of the others in that house have got up to, Deana is an angel.

      • Don’t agree . if had been funny as you say the other Hm would have joined in. Instead they looked uncomfortable and Adam and Luke A even said to her in the morning that she went too far.
        It is true that the bullied often become the bully!

    • Orchid333 on 8:10am August 7 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      AMERICANCOUSIN :nod: You have made some good points here and I am glad you are wanting Luke A to win. :star:

      I have been wondering if you really are American and now I think that you may be because you have spelt offence the American way. :cool: If you are, you should be proud of your athletes who are doing well and our TV presenters have praised them all by the way they are behaving generously in these Olympics. :clapping: If you are not American, you’re probably saying – “what knob is she?” :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

      • AmericanCousin on 4:41am August 8 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        :hi: Orchid, love, I am an American. I used the term douche,lol. I’ve always had a love for the world’s people, especially the Birtish :)
        Thank you for the comments about the Olympics. I sometimes I am under the impression that we can be percieved as pretentious people.
        I def agree, she has been a knob as of late,no?
        Cheers, Orchid~ :party: :yes:

  3. Confused on 6:30am August 8 '12

    How soon we forget how Deana was treated. Remember Arron in the laughing task? She tried to give back but was bullied into silence. The “boys” constantly accused her of playing up to the camera, condemned her for task failures and noms sins, when they were far from angels. Go back and watch her trying to communicate with Conor, being shouted down by the gang and not one HM coming to her defence. It is amazing that she still has anything left to give. Yes, LukeS was not the primary evil, but he was a willing accomplice and never defended her. He is not an innocent victim of her wrath. Do they need to bring Caroline back to remind us of the evil that Deana faced? BB allowed this to happen.

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