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Housemates punishsed for nominations rule break
Much to Benedict's disproval, Caroline and Conor have broken the...
| Day -357

Much to Benedict’s disproval, Caroline and Conor have broken the rule regarding the discussion of nominations just hours after it was introduced.

Yesterday evening, Big Brother banned all talk of nominations and told housemates there would be severe repercussions for any breaking of this rule.

Despite the warning, Caroline and Conor were found to have breached the rule, and after gathering all housemates on the sofas this morning, Big Brother informed them: “At 11:57PM, Conor and Caroline had the following conversation about Beccy.

“Conor said, ‘She’s going to win the show. She’s going to win’. Caroline said, ‘No she’s not, she’s so annoying. Everyone’s going to nominate her’. Conor replied, ‘She’ll be up so many times’.”

As a result, there will be no access to hot water in the house until further notice. Caroline and Conor didn’t seem to concerned however, and giggled throughout Big Brother’s announcement.

Their fellow housemates failed to see the funny side, and Benedict ranted to Caroline: “You’re not sorry, you bitch about people all the time.

“You’ve been a pretty nasty b*****d since you came in here so don’t apologise, it’s what you do.

“You laughed in the vilest form when Victoria had to deal with leaving, and you made Chris’ time here a misery too. You’re nothing but nasty, and ungrateful to your parents who brought you up.”

[vimeo id="44457674" caption="Watch Caroline and Conor get reprimanded and a good telling of from Benedict..."]

What do you make of the first punishment for discussing nominations? Was Benedict right about Caroline? Let us know below…

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  1. Jillie on 2:15pm June 21 '12

    Actually Caroline is really begining to annoy me now and good for Benedict. I really hope he does not go on Friday beacuse last night, in the Diary Room, he was just too funny describing some of the housemates

  2. Ha well said Benidict, she is a spoilt, nasty upper class turd :)
    Nasty, little elitist.

  3. Fudge on 2:40pm June 21 '12
    Avatar of

    Wow, hats off to Benedict for speaking the truth to someone’s face. There are a few in there that could learn from him. So pleased that he stood up to Caroline.
    Yes Jillie I agree, while I like Lauren and I think she deserves a second chance, maybe Benedict should stay as he could be better value as a HM and as the voice of reason. Basically, the wrong 2 housemates are up which is why this choice is so difficult. Maybe I will vote this week after all….. :phone:

  4. microsis on 2:47pm June 21 '12

    The tide seems to be turning for Benedict since his rant in the diary room ,,,it’s going to be difficult to know who to vote for now , :phone:
    :music: :music: :music:

  5. Knew :puke: Conor would be the first one to break the ban on nominations chat, coz that’s all he’s ever done since Day 1 is bitch and plot against other HMs.

    :party: Benedict is right about ‘Made In Chelsea’ reject :devil: Caroline, she’s a nasty piece of work at times her jumping up and down with joy when Victoria and chris left was disrespectful and nasty. However much you dislike someone HMs shouldn’t cheer when ppl leave it’s just not the done thing.

  6. jennyjuniper on 3:01pm June 21 '12

    I’m glad that the punishments are back :devil: :devil: and that BB tells the rest of the house about who said what. Bring it on.

    • Sally on 4:31pm June 21 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      Yes jenny bring it on :nod:

    • Tombolian on 6:47pm June 21 '12

      Yes!!! yes!!! YES!!! They fixed it! This is the part of BB that was missing!
      BB isn’t only about fun and games but also about punishments and rewards. So far in the game, there has basically been only rewards with little to no punishments. BOOOORRRRING!
      It’s about time. I hope BB doesn’t try this stunt again. Temporary talk about noms is fine, but it sucks as a permanent rule.

  7. Louiza on 3:42pm June 21 '12

    Talking about noms now, should result in being put up for eviction. That’ll sort em out!

  8. Biddy on 4:07pm June 21 '12

    Oh! How i wish they had put Conor and Caroline up for eviction this friday…then Benedict and Lauren would be staying, thats for sure!!!!

    :music: :music: :music:

  9. john gas on 4:09pm June 21 '12

    cant wait to see ashliegh tell benedict to get the f…k out of the house as he tries to have a go at her ””go ashliegh;;;;;;;; :angry:

  10. john gas on 4:12pm June 21 '12

    ]]]]]]]]] ashliegh is a star,she is not afraid of benedict]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  11. microsis on 5:05pm June 21 '12

    Oh my goodnes ,no remorse no empathy what so ever Becca must have felt awful
    :music: :music: :music:

  12. Recker on 5:50pm June 21 '12

    I hope Lydia breaks the rules…the house has to find out what a two-faced b**ch she really is. God I can’t stand her!

    • jennyjuniper on 12:54pm June 22 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I’m suprised she has been able to keep her mouth shut about it up until now, because before that’s all she talked about (and her famous-cough,cough -fiance)

  13. rionablue on 6:18pm June 21 '12

    Benedict is no angel and has bitched and bitched bout other housemates specially Sara so he cant preach to anyone. I dont think what Caroline said about Becky is very nice but its A GAME people

  14. Sally on 6:39pm June 21 '12

    At last some one is speaking out re the nasty remarks Caroline makes.There has been far to much whispering going on.

  15. Caroline has just done what all the other housemates have done. Benedict is the most condescending arrogant deluded person in there. He has no ground to stand on doing what he does whilst he was teaching children. Also if anyone said anything about my family or my relationship with them I would have gone mental. He thinks he knows it all but he just wants to force his ideas one everyone! I’m not falling for these diary room rants! Funny how he is only doing it because he is up for eviction!

  16. Raykco on 7:08pm June 21 '12

    Lydia gets all the stick but Conor is the biggest schemer in there, but he is clever about it.

  17. benbee on 7:48pm June 21 '12

    Benedict is just acting up 2 the cameras to save his a** from eviction I’m not falling 4 it like most people r . Hope lauren stays voted 4 her 200 times

  18. Benedict is arrogant and thinks his opinion matters ! what a bore he is seeking attention big time buy his rants and sneaky actions , typical of a teacher they never leave school!!! get him out and the rest of them will have some fun

  19. Ugh Benedict has to chime in on everything! I don’t even think that conversation was that bad! They didn’t say they would nom her, they just said the word nominated. BB is just looking for any little thing to punish imo.

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