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Housemates pass ‘Party Animals’ shopping task
After being party animals for the last two days, housemates have...
| Day -323

After being party animals for the last two days, housemates have passed this week’s shopping task.

On Tuesday, Big Brother set a number of party-themed mini-tasks for the housemates to complete as they attempt to win a luxury shopping budget. Housemates are permitted up to three fails, and only incurred one on the first day. You can read all about yesterday’s part of the task by clicking here.

Here is what the housemates have been up to today:

Political Party

Two Housemates will be invited to each form a political party and fight it out, debating head to head. After each two minute debate, they will be questioned by their opponent. Their fellow Housemates will then privately vote via a ballot box on which side they agree. At the end of the task, the two political party leaders are called to the Diary Room to predict which them has won the debate – if they get it right, they will pass this challenge for the team.

Result: Pass - Luke S formed the Scratchy Party who believed that Big Brother is won by playing the game. Scott formed the Raving Rakes who believed that Big Brother is won by being yourself. Following their debate, the rest of the Housemates unamiously voted in favour of Scott. Big Brother then asked Luke S and Scott to predict which of them would have won the debate and they correctly predicted Scott

Office Party

Housemates are invited to an office party. Three of the Housemates become the bosses who must compete in Office Games at the party (aided by their PAs). One of the bosses, however, is given a secret mission that they must win at least two of the three office games in order to win the overall party game for the group. The office games are as follows:

  • Office Chair Race - Each Boss must rapidly spin in their chair before dizzily wheeling themselves to the biscuit table. The winner will be the Boss who does this fastest, though if they have spilt too much coffee during the race they will be disqualified.
  • Name That Noise - Big Brother will play in a number of random noises made by Housemates. The Bosses compete to identify which housemate made that noise. The first to call Big Brother on their office phone with the correct answer wins.
  • White Board Picture Guess - Each Boss must guess which housemate their PA is drawing on the whiteboard.

At the end of the party the Boss who won the most games wins a special prize. What Housemates don’t know is that they will only pass if the winner is the Boss who was put on the secret mission.

Result: Pass - Adam, Sara and Scott were chosen as office bosses, with Luke A,  Deana and Becky being as their PA’s. Big Brother set Sara a secret mission to win at least two of the three office games at the office party in order to win this part of the task. Sara therefore won the Office Games and in doing so successfully passed her secret mission.

Trigger New Year’s Eve Party

Throughout the task, Housemates have a standing invitation to a New Year’s Eve party which they must gather for whenever they hear Big Ben’s chime. When the trigger sounds, they must all gather, hold hands and sing Auld Lang Syne.

Result: Pass - They successfully attended four New Year’s Eve parties across both days.

Housemates have therefore passed this week’s shopping task after only incurring one of three permitted fails. They will receive a luxury shopping budget for the next week.

Let us know your thoughts on the task conclusion below!

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  1. on 11:58pm July 25 '12

    Wow what a surprise another luxury shopping list, come on B.B it’s time to get tougher

  2. Jillie on 10:06am July 26 '12

    Not surprising. In all honesty it was’nt a very hard task. Hopefully some housemate will do something extremely bold and they will be put back on basics !!

  3. Sally on 3:00pm July 26 '12

    I can’t see much point in the shopping tasks now.Even if they lose BB comes up with some way of supplying them with food. They seem to be eating all the time.Any talk of noms and items of food should be taken away.
    The only punishment these house-mates will understand is the threat of being ejected from the house via the back door. It should be 2 warnings of unacceptable behavior and you are out. aggressive behavior no warnings no goodbyes your gone.Its to late now. but maybe the producers of BB should take note. Oh dear now im having a good rant it must be catching. :rofl: :rofl:

    • Fudge on 11:24pm July 26 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      :hi: I agree with you Sally, far too soft. Conor should have been gone in week 2/3. If Caroline messed up the shopping list, then that is all they should get, bar basic supplies.
      By the way, we must somehow vote tactically to GET RID OF CONOR this week. It might be our last chance before the final week. Please vote to save everyone else and get Mr Smug out. Pleeeaaasee :cool:

  4. jennyjuniper on 3:06pm July 26 '12

    A couple of days Caroline criticised Adam’s table manners, yet she didn’t say a word about Conor, who was shovelling food into his mouth like a stoker. Then the little twit started sniggering when Luke A was talking. It’s hard to imagine disliking this immature object any more than I do now, but every day just makes her more unlikeable. If I were her parents I wouldn’t admit to it.

  5. It’s getting to the stage where watching paint dry holds more suspense than the shopping tasks.
    What happened to the tasks where HM had to push themselves to win?

  6. AmericanCousin on 11:18pm July 26 '12

    I wanna see Becky on a ration diet. I wanna see her squirm :rofl:
    Btw, I am really behind. In the US, I am a day sometimes 2 behind the show :angry:
    Waiting to watch day 51… :worried:

  7. sammyvan on 5:59pm July 27 '12

    Did I miss something – or did any of the group sitting on the couch, bitching about Deana and Sara “cheating” on the task, apologise to either of the girls after the results were announced? :itwasntme: Luke S sitting there like a ‘numpty’, making the most ridiculous statements, Becky doing her “never in my life” bitter denunciation of Deana………….were any of them big enough to say sorry? :lipssealed:
    Even Adam disappointed me, though he said sorry over and over when he found out about the ‘secret’ task.
    What a nasty lot we have this year – where did BB find them???

    • agree first para.
      adam did however learn from the experience of judging too quickly, and his apology was 100% sincere. i don’t think he’ll do that again. It was a mistake.
      Deana, Luke A and Adam to – all win with equal share of prize fund.

      • sammyvan on 6:22pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Yes, sorry if I did not make that clear enough. Adam was man enough to apologise again and again to Deana. He felt really bad he had not picked up on the “use your brains” clue she gave them!!
        I have also added Sara to my ‘votes’, as I dont want her to go before the other garbage!

  8. couldn’t agree more Sammy van. hope Deana tops the votes. not sure if I put your name proper their.

    • sammyvan on 6:28pm July 27 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Hi Coleman – only one way to make sure Deana tops the vote…….get voting!!
      Then join the forum and become one of the TBB crowd.
      We have good fun here and CBB is coming up soon.

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