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VIDEO: Housemates fail ‘Rules are for fools’ shopping task
Housemates were unsuccessful in this week's shopping task after...
| Day -336

Housemates were unsuccessful in this week’s shopping task after the wardens incurred more than the permitted number of fails.

Over the last two days, wardens Adam, Luke A and Luke S have been doing their best to ensure the other housemates did not break any rules, and to issue tickets when they did.

The trio did a commendable job in incurring just 3 fails over the duration of the task, however, this was too many for Big Brother’s high standards.

In an attempt to clamp down on the group’s persistant disregard of the rules over the series, Big Brother was not willing to allow any fails during the task.

This means the housemates will have to live off an economy budget over the next week.

Details of day 1 of the task can be found by clicking here.
Details of day 2 can be read by clicking here.

[vimeo id="45659444" caption="Watch the housemates smash their way to failure..."]

Update: July 12, 10:20pm

As Luke S issued the most tickets for rule breaks out of the three wardens, he has been named ‘Employee of the Week’. He has won an engraved photo frame and a picture of himself, plus a £30 shopping voucher to use on the following items:

· Protein powder x1 – £30
· Coffee pot and posh coffee – £15
· Fancy iced donuts – £10
· Portuguese chicken meal for 1 – £15
· Sushi llatter for 1 – £15
· Grapefruit soda – £5
· Massage oil set – £15
· One hour with weights – £30
· Pamper hamper for Ashleigh – £30

He chose to spend his full £30 on the pamper hamper for Ashleigh, which Big Brother will deliver this evening.

Are you pleased the housemates have finally failed a shopping task?

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  1. Joseph on 6:10pm July 12 '12

    Good job BB! :yes: :bigsmile:

  2. JamesB628 on 6:38pm July 12 '12

    Bout time they made a task that would be hard to win. Much better television with grumpy hungry people.

  3. coff3e on 6:43pm July 12 '12

    haha wuda been imossble or close

  4. Daniel on 6:55pm July 12 '12

    Finally…i’ve been waiting for them to do this.

  5. Recker on 7:04pm July 12 '12

    Lame…they should have given them 1 fail. Zero fails allowed is just setting them up for failure. I like the tasks to be hard, but c’mon really?? Only one allowed?? Just makes the whole thing seem like a setup. If there are no fails allowed then why bother…just punish the house and get it over with.

    • The whole point of the task was about rules. It would be ironic to allow one fail to result in a luxury outcome. So I think Big Brother did good to drum the message that rules are there for a reason, and that only fools break them. ;)

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • Considering that some of the housemates went out of their way to break rules, they should have failed it, no matter what.

    • Daniel on 8:12pm July 12 '12

      And so they should set them up to fail. Big Brother makes the rules, not the housemates. The housemates have broken so many rules over the past few weeks with measly punishments such as turning the hot water off. I believe Big Brother put 0 fails to punish them and make them go onto an economy shopping budget. I like this Big Brother- move evil. Further rule breaks should result in £10,000 being knocked off the prize fund IMO. And then to earn it back, they either have to really work for it (really hard tasks, physically grueling) or they have to buy it back should they win a shopping budget. For example, they can spend £100 of the shopping budget for £1000 of the prize fund. They would start doing as they are told then. :giggle:

  6. :yes: :bigsmile:
    Over the moon! Well done Big Brother. Let them know what its like to live like most people on a ‘economical budget’. :mmm: :evilgrin:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  7. on 8:11pm July 12 '12

    I thought Luke.Ss response was soooooo typical of him , such a bad loser. He is beginning to annoy me more & more he slags off Luke.A behind his back then gives his reason for not liking him as “he slags me off behind my back” !! Also I am sick to death off seeing him posing & flexing his muscles ALL the time, would like to see him nominated next week just to knock him off his perch .

  8. Sally on 8:52pm July 12 '12

    I Like It, so clever BB well done that will show them.

  9. brokenangel on 10:57pm July 12 '12

    It would be funny if BB does not allow the Hamper for Ashleigh lol, surely he was supposed to spend it on himself?

  10. Raykco on 12:08am July 13 '12

    Why should Ashleigh be able to have a luxury pampering hamper?

    It was only just a week ago she had one for her birthday.

    Glad they failed the task, but some hms do seem to get preferential treatment.

  11. AmericanCousin on 1:29am July 13 '12

    @Raykco and BrokenAngel
    Perhaps he wants to get Ashleigh to “Pamper Hamper” because he’s sick of her walking around looking homeless.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 1:04pm July 13 '12

      I wholeheartedly agree! Jeez some of the angles I’ve seen her at, my God! You’d think they’d do some camera testing before they finalized the casting…that woman is NOT photogenic at all! :puke:

  12. this will destroy becky who does nowt but stuff her face and lie around all day, lazy and greedy, hope she goes soon

  13. the tasks have been so easy so it was good to see them fail for a change but no doupt bb will set them a secret mission to win booze and food that will be easy to pass, bb should let that spoilt lot suffer for a change cause it makes better viewing when they are starving and getting on each others nerves through hunger lol

  14. teesa on 12:57pm July 13 '12

    this has been the best task yet. set to fail maybe but it actually made me laugh, especially shev not being able to talk with hands.

  15. yeahyeahyeah on 1:37pm July 13 '12

    Is it just me, or does Luke S always look like he’s just smelled something bad. Even when he’s smiling…he looks like he’s enjoying the smell of his own farts or something.

  16. lillian on 3:44pm July 13 '12

    Dont like him but impressed he got the hamper for Ash and not the protein powder for himself.
    Good for him

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