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Housemates compete in dance off task
Today housemates went head-to-head in Big Brother's dance off,...
| Day -362

Today housemates went head-to-head in Big Brother’s dance off, with the winners being rewarded with a party while the losers are locked out.

Big Brother put professional dancer Lydia in charge of this afternoon’s task, and the remaining fourteen housemates got suitably dressed and were paired ready for a one-on-one battle on the dance floor.

The dance pairs and result were as follows:

  • Shievonne vs Lauren – Shievonne wins
  • Caroline vs Becky – Becky wins
  • Deana vs Conor – Deana wins
  • Sara vs Arron – Sara wins
  • Scott vs Adam – Scott wins
  • Ashleigh vs Luke S – Ashleigh wins
  • Benedict vs Luke A – Benedict wins


[vimeo id="44165321"]

Lydia was the sole judge of each battle, and she and the seven winners will be thrown a special hip-hop party by Big Brother later this evening while the losers watch on from outside.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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  1. skippy1996 on 8:01pm June 16 '12

    Want to see Scott and Adams lol

  2. Sally on 8:11pm June 16 '12

    This looks fun. They are all making an effort I hope we get to see more of this. :happy:

  3. That looks soooo much fun. Im loving Big Bro this year. :bigsmile:

  4. chelsea on 8:22pm June 16 '12

    :bigsmile: becky you are priceless that was. Funny you all enjoyed

  5. hey guys what was last nights ratings

  6. BBNut on 9:30pm June 16 '12

    Is it me i’m sure i haven’t missed a show (i wouldn’t!) but has the risk it for a biscuit task not been televised? i only saw a clip on BOTS and that’s it :thinking:

    • Tombolian on 6:56am June 17 '12

      I would guess it to be on the next episode as tonight’s was just a recap of Chris’ eviction. It’s the consequence of having live shows.
      Correct me if I’m wrong tomorrow.

      • Biddy on 8:45am June 17 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        Yes Tombolian I’m sure you are right,,,that will be shown tonight then dance task tomorrow night i would presume thats how they will do it…HM’s won’t be doing much today ,,,so won’t be much to show tomorrow night….
        Then again i may be wrong :giggle:

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Joseph on 10:08am June 17 '12
          MEMBER (176 COMMENTS)

          The biscuit task happened on Thursday so should have been shown during Friday’s show… although i missed it, judging by your comments it wasn’t featured.

          It would be odd to show action from day 10 on tonight’s day 12 highlights but we’ll see!

          • Biddy on 11:54am June 17 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            Oooops looks like i am wrong,,,!!!!!!
            You are probably spot on Joseph……..
            Just seems strange to do a task and not show it,,,,,,,

            :music: :music: :music:

          • Tombolian on 3:11pm June 18 '12
            MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

            Spot on Joseph! Nothing further was on the main show, but we did get to see a tiny bit more on BOTS when they interviewed the task thinker-upper-guy.
            Why in the world would BB do that? Maybe something to do with Scott’s bereavement leave? We may never know…

  7. Sally on 11:57am June 17 '12

    :rofl: Fridays eviction show was to short. It looked like they were in a hurry to get it over with. :rofl:

  8. :puke: Becky :puke: dancing like a harpooned whale on heat was one of the worst things I’ve ever watched on TV, I felt physically sick

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