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Eyeing up the beds
Before Big Brother had even unlocked the bedroom, some of the new...
Alec | Day -301

Before Big Brother had even unlocked the bedroom, some of the new housemates were laying claim to their preferred place to sleep.

Peering into the bedroom from the garden, Julian pondered: “Where’s the loo?”

“Julie’s bed has to be nearest the toilet apparently,” said Samantha. “I don’t mind were I sleep to be honest, but I’d prefer a bed on my own.”

“Are they the beds?! They’re a bit f***ing close aren’t they?” Julie excalimed. “That’s mine with the leopard and heart on, must be.”

“I wouldn’t mind being in the corner. I couldn’t cope with one in the middle, or I wouldn’t mind that double next to you,” said Julian.

“That would be good, get that one next to me,” encouraged Julie.

Which of the celebrities would you want and not want to be in a bed next to?

Find out if the housemates are happy with their beds, tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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  1. I would want to be in the bed nearest Martin Kemp (if not in it) and I would NOT want to be beside Samantha Brick

  2. Louiza on 2:51pm August 16 '12

    Ditto Jillie. Shame they have frosted up the glass on the shower. :giggle:

  3. OMG they got frosted glass in the shower sorry but some of the guys r HOT HOT HOT.please bb no frosted glass.

  4. JaniceR on 7:59pm August 16 '12

    Can’t stop singing Spandau ballet songs! Much better group of celebs that they have had of late. Loved the task last night. Cheryl and Julie were so convincing.
    Not sure about Rhian and Danica. Situation looked out of his depth.

  5. josh-lewis on 9:08pm August 16 '12

    i would like to be next to coleen and cheryl they are really nice so i would like to talk to but i would not sleep next to micheal and julie

  6. AmericanCousin on 10:18pm August 16 '12

    I wouldn’t mind being next to martin and jasmine

  7. rionablue on 1:13am August 17 '12

    Id be happy next to Martin also. I love Jas

  8. I personally would like to be in next to Mike ‘The Situation’ ;)

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