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Exhibits fail museum shopping task
The five hosuemates taking on the role of exhibits have failed...
Alec | Day -309

The five hosuemates taking on the role of exhibits have failed this week’s shopping task after the guards became suspicious.

Yesterday, the large task room was transformed into the Big Brother Museum for the final shopping task of the seires. Adam, Ashleigh, Deana and the two Lukes became exhibits leaving Sara and Scott to take on the role of guards.

The guards were told that to pass the task, the exhibits must stand still without moving or talking throughout the day. The guards would ensure this happened by watching them on a monitor as well as carrying out inspections.

However, the exhibits were informed that the real task did not require them to stand still in silence for the whole day, but just for one hour. Big Brother would then play the first hour of footage to the guards on a loop will the exhibits entered a secret chamber to enjoy a number of treats.

The actual aim of the task was for the exhibits to return to the task room and resume their positions in costume in time before each guard inspection. To distract the exhibits from returning on time, the chamber was filled with snacks, a massage chair, pool table, make-up station, protein shakes, dinner party, as well as a revitalising oxygen mask treatment and much more!

“You’re doing an amazing job, I wouldn’t be able to do it,” encouraged Sara during one inspection, unaware of all the fun the exhibits were having.

However, as the exhibits enjoyed a supposedly silent disco, Scott alerted Sara that he had heard shouting. The pair rushed to their monitors where Sara determined that the footage was fake.

As the guards had strong suspicions the task was fake, the group have failed the shopping task and will live off an economy budget for the final week.

[vimeo id="47189685" caption="Watch the exhibits enjoy themselves only to see the flashing 'Inspection Imminet' warning light..."]

What do you make of the task outcome?

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  1. :love: i love arron lowe !

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  4. AmericanCousin on 8:43pm August 8 '12

    :love: Luke A. :love:

  5. Arg!!!! If you think somethings not right, keep your mouth shut! Scott how thick can you be?!

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  6. fun show 2night i enjoyed it im starting 2 like luke a as well he was funny 2night

  7. AmericanCousin on 11:01pm August 8 '12

    I don’t like when Sara gets alcohol. She just honks that bus horn voice so loudly and is so righteous. Why does she speak over people saying the same crap over and over? If Scott wants to be a phone sex operator entrepeneur, then who the he!! is she to oppose? He is not a young boy, he is an adult. Her voice just irritates me. It’s so loud and flat. After Ashleigh, Sara’s got to go!

    • Orchid333 on 11:18pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

      AMERICANCOUSIN. Ditto. Remember don’t let your blood pressure get too high for babby’s sake. LOL :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

      Luke A to win :love: :love: :love:

      • AmericanCousin on 11:24pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        Aww thank you, Orchid :giggle: . That was kind of you to remind me. Goodness, this show is going to give me premature grays,lol. At least. the show was fun tonight. It was good to ssee everyone getting on :party: . Even Luke S. and Deana :party:
        :love: Luke A.-the last man standing :love:

        • Orchid333 on 11:41pm August 8 '12
          MEMBER (3191 COMMENTS)

          AMERICANCOUSIN Call me nosey if you want to, but are you married to an English man living over here or do you live in America and watching BB on line??? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: or are you married to a fellow American living here?? :thinking:

          Luke A to win. :love: :love:

          • AmericanCousin on 4:31am August 9 '12
            MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

            Ok, Hi nosey(joke),
            I am an American married to an American. I just love you guys,lol. I live in the US and have never been to the UK but I plan to visit, one day. So, yes I’m watching everything online.
            Thanks to Ermm and BBcouchpotatoes.
            I don’t think you are nosey, btw :wink:
            :love: Luke A. to win BB 2012 :love:
            p.s. the name American Cousin was derived because it was the British who settle America, so I consider US cousin/sister to the UK :yes:

          • Jules on 11:11am August 9 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Aw AC, I love the American accent, I love Adam, naturally he is a British subject but he has spent time in American as we know.

            I have relations in America and Canada, discovered through my love of geneaology, it opened up a whole new world for me, I agree we are all cousins and many Americans original roots began in England.

            I agree with you re Sara and I am hoping that either Luke A or Adam will win with Deanna coming in third. Wont be to bothered if Deanna wins though.

  8. Orchid333 on 11:14pm August 8 '12

    I think that Sara’s comments when she was talking about workers striking will lose her a lot of followers. Saying that postmen get paid a fortune!!!!! And saying that all they do is walk up and down delivering letters and they already get paid £8 an hour . What are they doing? And that they only work 6 o’clock in the morning to one in the afternoon. :angry: I am not a postman or postwoman but if I was, I would take exception to Sara’s comments. They have to work in all kinds of terrible weather. Would she work for £8 hour??? :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry Sara, you are an idiot and have done yourself a lot of damage tonight. :nerd:

    Luke A to win :star:

    • AmericanCousin on 11:29pm August 8 '12

      Oh my, when I heard that I was just annoyed, yet again. 8 pounds/ 12 dollars is not a whole lot of money. Like you said, working in all kinds of weather, dealing with dogs and crazies, excessive walks, etc is not an easy job. Even here in the states when anthrax was rampant(not sure if UK had scares).Then she said binmen/trashmen get paid too much as well and that some agencies are over staffed?? Who the he!! does she think she is? I def was rubbed wrong when I heard that.
      See it’s HM’s like her that make us love HM’s like Coolhand Luke A. :yes:

  9. brokenangel on 12:13am August 9 '12

    And having a pop at Lorry Drivers too, my dad worked darn hard and long hours.Well I wonder how much Sara gets paid for walking like a model.. For someone who is so opinionated she sure does talk a load of twaddle!
    Bet you we see her in NUTS anyway she doesn’t seem to be able to hold a strong opinion and stick to it ! LOL

    • microsis on 12:36am August 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I bet Sara has never done a decent days work in her life
      Yes postman might finish their day at 2 Sara but they start at 5 30 in the morning and they work in all kinds of weather ,I just couldn’t believe the rubbish that was coming from her mouth

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Yep, what’s the going rate for a model? They work sooooo hard.

      • jennyjuniper on 5:38pm August 9 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        I agree that she probably doesn’t know what work is. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including Sara, but the uninformed rubbish that pours out of her mouth, especially when she’s had a few drinks, is pathetic. In a way I wish it was her and Ashleigh going tomorrow.

      • Jules on 7:09pm August 9 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        That was a hard thing to accept eh Micro, how uninformed that gal is. I have worked in all kinds of weather and tbh it isnt any joy at all. Just imagine all the steps they have to climb etc. etc. One of the worst things are the dogs, some are friendly but oh boy some sure are mad dogs!! Nah the woman doesnt have any empathy at all. :love:

  10. Orchid333 on 6:30am August 9 '12

    AMERICANCOUSIN. :yes: You’re absolutely right I am blooming nosey. :bigsmile: I am a lawyer and therefore cannot get out of the habit of cross examining people. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    I am going to New York (for the 7th time) in less than 2 weeks so good job BB will be over by then otherwise I would be spending too much time online to find out what is going on. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

    Big day tomorrow. Better get a few calls in to vote to save Adam and Deanna so we have the 3 soldiers there until the end. :cool:

    Get some sleep or is that little babby keeping you awake? :yawn:

  11. Orchid333 on 7:19am August 9 '12

    AMERICAN COUSIN :giggle: Silly me. You’re on a different time zone to us aren’t you? What a dope am I? :bigsmile:

    Luke A to win :love: :love: :love:

  12. oh look deana at it again playing games hope she go’s on friday

  13. poppy44 on 9:25am August 9 '12

    Backing adam all the way :star:

  14. microsis on 9:51am August 9 '12

    Just read that Adams odds have him fav to stay tomorrow so that’s good
    We just need to make a liitle more effort to make sure that Deana is up there with him
    Can not see how Ashleigh /Scott could possibly stay over Deana IMO but stranger things have happened

    Luke A to win :love:
    :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 11:01am August 9 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Hi ya Micro, was just going to type in the same thing, Deanna is fast losing ground tbh as she was well ahead for favourite to stay. If we can we need to vote for both Adam and Deanna to stay. I am naturally pleased for Adam but I would love to see the three of them in top spot at the end of the show, they deserve to be together.

      Totally disagree with this last chefs party, what a let down why couldnt they have all been included. Surely BB do not want to make the last days uncomfortable and bitter for them all? It was obvious they knew who was going to win the awards, their blue eyed boy Luke S, they also knew who would be chosen, Sara and Scott have been with them most of the time in the house. Rotten imo. They should have all been there. Cant even look at the clips being shown am to annoyed about it. :devil: All their innane chatter and putting on the airs :devil: :devil: :love:

      So far as I can see around the boards, many disagree with the whole thing, the party that is. Also Deanna has a lot of support but some are jumping on the bandwagon mainly I would think, those who didnt like her in the beginning.

      ADAM LUKE A DEANNA for the final three in no particular order. :rofl: :rofl:

      • microsis on 11:22am August 9 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hi Jules :love: Yes ,,what difference would it have made for all the hms to attend the party ,,,,,,,lukeA would have loved the opportunity to talk and watch the celeb chef at work
        It was obvious who Luke S was going to chose even before he opened his mouth and BB knew this
        You are right it was a good opportunity for all the hms to get together and have a fun time
        But obviously that’s not what BB wants. :angry:

        LukeA to win :love:

        :music: :music: :music:

  15. Pitty the guy that marries Sara, he would have to leave the house every time she had a drink, or it would drive him mad.

    She goes on and on and on and on and on, never lets anyone speak, and she imagines she’s an expert on the topic!!!!!

    I loved her voice at first.
    But now it drives me mad .

    Luke A to win :love:

    • microsis on 10:32am August 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I agree KATYCARROT 100 %

      Sara drones on and on ,for what seems a life time ,,about nothing in particular no one dares to interupt her

      Or else she goes off on one ,,”why are you talking to me like that “. ,,,,”I don’t want to talk about it ”

      Luke A to win :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 11:04am August 9 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I agree Micro, her voice sort of sticks in the mind even when we are not watching. This is simply because yes she goes on and on and on, look at Scott trying to get a word in edgeways. The gal certainly had the floor there!! :bigsmile: All good for her game. :love:

        • Haahhh, that’s funny JULES her voice does stick in the mind, in fact I can’t get it out of my mind, it’s driving me mad, I really must try and think of something else….. yikes. :worried:

        • I think Sara thinks she is going to win…
          what a surprise she wil have when she is second to go behind Luke S……( I hope )
          Wil be giving Adam a few votes ,,i think Deana will be safe…but would love all three soldiers as the last three standing…
          With Luke A winning…but i must admit i have a soft spot for Adam too,,,so if he wins and Luke A second, i’ll still be happy….and Deana third…..

          :music: :music: :music:

      • Yes MICROSIS it drives me mad when she says ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ and ‘Why are you talking to me like that’ wish someone would say something to her, maybe Deana…again.

        Luke A to win :love:
        or Deana
        or Adam

  16. str-8-edge on 11:20am August 9 '12

    ———–Deanna and Ashly need go. Please —————-

  17. northernmonkey on 6:47pm August 9 '12

    I didn’t watch last night but by reading the comments here – I am not happy with Sara, obviously another spoilt, selfish housemate who thinks the World owes her a living.

    Can’t believe she said that about working class people. i doubt she would get her skinny arse out of bed for £8 a hour, even though she only came 3rd in some skanky “beauty” contest,

    I am almost gobsmacked she said those things.

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