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Eight face eviction after nominations twist
The latest nominations have been announced, and a total of eight...
| Day -325

The latest nominations have been announced, and a total of eight housemates will face the public vote this week.

Adam, Ashleigh, Caroline, Conor, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara have all been nomianted for eviction this week.

In a slight twist, every housemate to receive just one nomination or more has been put up for eviction by Big Brother. The only housemates not to receive any nominations and who are therefore safe are Rebecca and Scott.

Voting lines have opened, and details for the vote to save as well as full terms and conditions can be found on the Channel 5 website here.

Find out who nominated who by clicking here. You can also read how the housemates reacted to the result by clicking here.

Share your thoughts on the week 8 nomination results below!

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  1. BigBrother2011 on 6:34pm July 23 '12

    :c5: is finally getting their act together.

    But Becky and Scott got NO nominations????



    • Suprised Becky isn’t up, not so much Scott though.
      If you were to hear that only 2 people weren’t up for eviction you would probably think it would be Scott and Sara

  2. MrTommiiee94 on 6:35pm July 23 '12

    Well Caroline is gona go this week but i can see it being double eviction which will be even better GET CONNOR&CAROLINE OUT

    Maybe Luke and Ash too :)

    • i agree tottally

      • i totally agree double eviction then get lauren back in for 24hrs only she can nomiate for next week you see how the sad twats kiss her ass, conner is a sad excuse for a man, caroline omg get a grip girl, ashleigh well zzzzzzzz yea shes sooo borin, becky ummm liked her at first but now bubbly bitch get on yr broom witch…lol….
        play the footage to all housemates when adam got called gorilla….big bro should of dealt with that bit more serious me finks, so called bullies like b littlein others see how they react to seein that, bang out of order!!! dont know why i watch it really pisses me off…rant over :rock:

  3. .come on ppl we have been waiting for the insiders 2 go up lets get voting them outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  4. From last weeks low to this weeks best, finally we can have a selection in which we truly decide in which housemates should leave the house. I was pretty gutted to see Lauren become the seventh evictee of the series, but knowing that the public is tipped far towards the outsiders we can now rejoice that one (maybe even two) of the insiders will go. Conor, Caroline, or Luke S to go on Friday’s eviction. Prey that Luke A, Deana, Adam, and Sara make it to the final!!! So excited, thank you Big Brother.

  5. rionablue on 6:40pm July 23 '12

    I cant BELIEVE that Becky got no votes. Oh well at least almost all the insiders are up though Sara deflintely doesnt deserve it. I wonder what spiteful little housemate voted for her. Guess Adam! People want Conor and Caroline out with ages. Well now is there chance but it will cost a good deal of money as they have to vote to save all the others. Nice money pie for Channel5

  6. microsis on 6:42pm July 23 '12

    Happy yesssssss ,a double eviction would be the icing on the cake ,let’s get Conor and Caroline outttt
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. Recker on 6:48pm July 23 '12

    Gotta be a double eviction, since they plan on bringing in someone from the “white room”

  8. northernmonkey on 6:49pm July 23 '12

    Thank God for that, it was getting too predictable with the stronger clique picking them off 1 by 1.

    This has rekindled my desire to watch BB again, I shall have to watch to see who goes now.

  9. northernmonkey on 6:55pm July 23 '12

    Haha though I doubt BB were being selfless, they will get much more money now. I wouldn’t bet money that Caroline will go.

    Her filthy rich and quite possible vulgar parents could and probably will, spend a huge amount of cash to save their devil child. :bigsmile:

    It really should be a vote to kick out, but hey, where is the money in that.

  10. This had to be done this this way,because voting maths would allow the outsiders to be picked off,one by one.

  11. Sally on 7:05pm July 23 '12

    Dont just watch get voting.I want to save the outsiders. Let’s make this final more equal.
    Save the outsiders. :yes: :happy:

  12. JanRocks on 7:05pm July 23 '12

    YES!!! FINALLY ~ Big Brother you have redeemed yourself and made this little Bunny Very Happy :clapping:



    Save LUKE A , Deana & Sara definately

  13. BigBrother2011 on 7:12pm July 23 '12

    I still want Luke A to win. He is by far the most genuine in that house. And I’m so glad he stood up to Becky the other day. Imma get voting. :phone: :phone: :phone:

  14. yeahyeahyeah on 7:12pm July 23 '12

    How in the world did Becky get off being nominated??????? WTH?

  15. BigBrother2011 on 7:13pm July 23 '12

    I just notices it says up there 49/69 days. That meens only 20 days are left, which is not even three weeks. This MUST be a Double..

  16. Jules on 7:13pm July 23 '12

    Just had a look at another site with a poll, Deanna is 36 percent, Luke A and Adam are each 23 percent to stay. The next one is Sara at 9 percent. The othes are minimal and they are talking about Ashleigh being in danger or LukeS/Sara if there is a double eviction. Time will tell. I would rather it were Connor/Caroline or Connor tbh. Luke S isnt fairing well neither.

    Hopefully most will be voting for the Outsiders, this seems to be the trend on twitter as well. Nothing is ever certain though as we know. It will be interesting to see the bets on Oddschecker but I doubt whether that will be available until tomorrow.

  17. Jules on 7:18pm July 23 '12

    We have to vote though folks, just to make sure as nothing is certain.

  18. Xavier on 7:18pm July 23 '12

    I can’t see the public voting to save Ashleigh, so I’m pretty sure she will be going home. If it’s a double eviction, it would be her and Caroline, but I hope Conor goes.

  19. conor to win caroline an ashleigh go out

  20. Sally on 7:29pm July 23 '12

    Dont trust the poles.
    Dont assume your favourite is safe

    Save the outsiders. please :love:

  21. yeahyeahyeah on 7:33pm July 23 '12

    I think that Ashleigh and Caroline will go. I hope that too. I can’t see Ashleigh getting more votes than any of the other HMs. And whether we like it or not, the Irish are voting for Conor, so he’s probably going to survive yet another eviction. :no:

    • Im irish and Im ASHAMED of him. I dont know why he was ever even PICKED for big brother. His mother has been standing up for him. If he was my son I would be mortified at his behaviour.

  22. brains on 7:38pm July 23 '12

    get coner out while you have the chance.dont forget what he said he would like to do to to deana. once he has gone then think about the others, without him being there the votes will change a couple of them will want to change sides again

  23. i would like to see caroline out but ashleigh showed her true colours with luke a on sat so would be happy for her to go too, but the vote to save means it will probably be sara to go

    • I really really hope it isnt Sara. I cant vote as Im in the republic of Ireland but if any kind posters could put a few votes her way I would be so happy. I think the fact she is from Scotland might also be of help to her as the Scottish people will probably vote to save her xxx

  24. Can someone please tell me how the double eviction works and when do they announce it?

    I sadly can’t vote since I’m American but this is my first time watching Big Brother in general and I love it!

    • northernmonkey on 8:01pm July 23 '12

      The 2 with the least votes get evicted. Nobody has said it’s a double eviction. People are just assuming it is because so many are up this time.

      BB do generally have a double eviction though, so there is a chance this wil be it, it’s a good twist .

      • Thanks for your detailed response. Another question, If there was to be a double eviction..Will it be announced live during the show?

        • on 9:02pm July 23 '12
          MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

          Yes they will evict one h/m & then return back to the house with the shock news that another h/m is going to be evicted & then announce who it is

          • This would be fascinating. I’m going to check if I as a American can vote on Facebook.

            I want Adam and Luke A to stay. Its to bad the shamoo isn’t up for eviction but her time will come.

            Conor is annoying at times but I would really like to see Ashleigh and Caroline be evicted. I can’t believe that Big Brother would allow such a racist pig to still be in the house. If any reality show here in america aired on national tv someone calling another person of african descent a gorilla the network would be fined and the person would be gone ASAP. As for Ashleigh, I find it funny how she couldn’t stop comparing herself to Laruen and being spiteful about it.

  25. Kernow on 7:55pm July 23 '12

    Don’t get why Becky isn’t up :wondering:

  26. sammyvan on 8:07pm July 23 '12

    At last! Been a long time coming – guess :c5: and BB need to replenish the coffers!! Several weeks of the public not voting … we will all be voting for several people at once.
    Never presume the favourites [ the outsiders ] are safe. They will need every vote. So glad I have saved votes these last weeks so can now spend them wisely!
    I also do not understand how Becky escaped? Thought she would have at least one nomination? Oh well, we have enough to choose from this week. Shame it was not last week and Lauren could not have been saved. BB must have realised this series was at death’s door – and decided to finaly play fair. :clapping:

    • Jules on 8:16pm July 23 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Sammy how did you get your votes from fbook please? Have been trying but havent succeeded. It is definitely the easiest and cheapest way. Thanks :love:

      • Jules on 11:22pm July 23 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Ah maybe it isnt the cheapest this year, I was going by last year when we were voting for Arron. Have used the landline :rofl:

      • sammyvan on 4:56pm July 24 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Jules, i just open my fb page, click on ‘buy votes’ then once that is sorted I click on ‘vote’ and off we go! It is more expensive this year – something like £14 + – for 50 votes, but a lot easier than last year. Still works out cheaper than phone vote.
        Have only used it twice so far this year – when Conor has been up and I vote for everyone but him ! This week will be hell and I am going to be visiting Microsis for sunday lunches until the series ends!!
        Strange to think if BB had not introduced this twist, three housemates = Deana, Luke A and Caroline would have been up. Would have been much easier to save Deana and LukeA in a three-way…..and cheaper! Guess BB needed the money??

  27. Ashleigh to go and then be shown Luke S comment about getting with a girl (any girl?) etc etc……….OOh yesss!

  28. str-8-edge on 8:13pm July 23 '12


  29. Louiza on 8:20pm July 23 '12

    Brilliant! That’s set the cat amongst the pigeons. :rofl: How did Becky escape this time….???? Double eviction, yes please bring it on. Hope Connor and Caroline get voted out. Now youv’e got me interested BB.

  30. can americans vote thru facebook?

    conor & caroline OUT this week! :yes:
    i pray 4 the double evict!!!! :wink:

    • on 9:05pm July 23 '12

      Yes you buy your votes the same way we do & then follow the easy steps

    • yeahyeahyeah on 9:46pm July 23 '12

      I don’t think so. I’m in Canada and I can’t vote, and even the vids that :c5: post on the BBUK facebook page are blocked on facebook and youtube. I think voting is only within the UK.

      • Jules on 11:57pm July 23 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        It is wrong tbh as we so often have people from US on the show, they do well up until the last hurdle. I know Adam is British and UK based but he would have a lot of support from US as well. He does seem to have a lot who like him though so hopefully we will get him into the last three at least.

        These last two weeks may be a strain on them all tbh even if they dont show it. They all want to win and they have done well to get this far. I can see tears and tantrums, some are already scheming as to how to upset Luke A. so that people wont vote for him. Rotten lot.

        • microsis on 12:28am July 24 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Which hms are trying to upset Luke A Jules
          Don’t they realise that the public are watching and it might go against them in the long run
          Any way the 2 day party starts tomorrow don’t it
          :music: :music: :music:

          • yeahyeahyeah on 3:58am July 24 '12
            MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

            I think there are legal restrictions to prevent people from outside the country participating in the show. After all it is a contest, so it has to abide by UK rules and regulations regarding contests, so that would make sense not to allow foreigners to vote.

  31. the nastiest housemates ever caroline and conor out double eviction please adam or luke a to win then we will watch next year

  32. maggie on 8:54pm July 23 '12

    yes how did big mouth becky escape .wish all of them was up . :angry: ..

  33. all housemates are scared of conor

    • Yes but we arent!! we must take this last chance to get him out. It would be a landslide if it were a vote to evict, make your save vote count for all women out there.

  34. We have to spend a lot of money to save people just to get Conor out, please make it A VOTE TO EVICT, there is no way he’ll go with a vote to save.

  35. We MUST get Conor out this is our last chance.

  36. AmericanCousin on 9:32pm July 23 '12

    I knew there was gonna be a twist, There was no way in he!! two outsiders would’ve been nom’d and there wasn’t some kind of repurcussions from the viewers. What I don’t get is, how did Becky not get nom’d? She is quite loathesome. Maybe the outsiders feel there are bigger(smaller in size compared to that whale) to fry. I have a feeling Ashleigh will go and that is just fine by me but I want Conor or Caroline out because without the “brain”, the body will die.

  37. Wish I could vote and if any Americans figure out a way for us to vote, please post.

  38. i do hope caroline and conner goes this week , caroline is a very nasty and spiteful B…., Adam or Deanna to win.

  39. I wish they can make it to where you need to vote for the person you WANT evicted. Its kinda hard to evict the person you want when you are voting to save. If it was the other way around I’m sure Conor and Caroline would have 90% of the votes.

  40. yeahyeahyeah on 11:14pm July 23 '12

    BOTS was hinting tonight that there wasn’t going to be a double eviction…maybe a triple? But I have to wonder, with so many HMs up for eviction and the final just a few weeks away, maybe this has something to do with the White Room? Maybe the “evicted” HMs this week will be the ones to go into the White Room?

    • microsis on 12:10am July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I dont think the White-room comes into play until 1 st aug
      And according to what I have read it is in a secret location ,some where outside the bb house
      Sounds exciting what ever
      :music: :music: :music:

    • They are probably waiting to see of Conor is evicted before they decide if they are going to put he evictee into the white room, but they have to tell us when voting opens and they havent done so they cant change it now. They will do anything to save him.

  41. rionablue on 11:16pm July 23 '12

    Everyone who wants the outsiders to stay will vote to save them BUT remember people if you want Caroline or Conor out you must vote for the likes of Sara also as people might just assume she will be safe. If you just vote for the people you want to stay she may well be in trouble and you will have to put up with those two horrible spiteful housemates the one chance we have of getting them out. Luke S is so sure of himself also but he can wait for another time. Sara should never have been up and as she is my favourite housemate together with Deana and Luke A I really hope all three survive xx

    • im voting for everyone rionablue except conor, i dont like caroline but i,d rather he left, i detest the creep

      • rionablue on 11:44pm July 23 '12
        MEMBER (3620 COMMENTS)

        Thanks Muckerkitty xx

      • Jules on 12:02am July 24 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Will be doing the same Muckerkitty the only way and yet will it work? We can but try.

        • rionablue on 12:12am July 24 '12
          MEMBER (3620 COMMENTS)

          Thanks Jules. I would be delighted if anyone can throw a vote or two Sara’s way even if she isnt their favourite. I just want her to be safe and the horrible people to be booted out :love:

          • Jules on 12:25am July 24 '12
            MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

            Looks like the ijits have begun their stupidity towards the outsiders, trying to get them annoyed, I daresay it will work as well. Ashleigh and Caroline have taken one of Adams energy drinks which he has because he doesnt drink alchol, they say they will take the rest as well. How nasty they all are.

            Someone else is going to sabotage the shopping and spoil Luke As choices. Arent they so grown up. So Caroline, Ashleigh and Connor out :bigsmile:

  42. Channel 5 makes much more money with vote to save.
    It doesn’t believe in doing whats best for its viewers!
    I think Ashleigh or Sara will go on Friday as Conner has a fan base, which we saw in previous votes and Caroline has friends and family with money.

  43. rbdeschamp on 11:24pm July 23 '12

    I absolutely LOVE this twist! I think the “insiders” will finally get a taste of their own medicine, and hopefully we get to see one (or more *fingers crossed*) leave on Friday! The voting public just needs to make sure that they support all the goodies including SARA to ensure on of the foul foursome get the boot! If any of Caroline, Conor, Ashtray, or Luke S go, I shall be satisfied!

  44. just a thought do u remember yrs ago a plane thingy flew over bb house had banner on end of it . wudnt it be great 2 see that agin but only with the words saying INSIDERS UR GONNA DOWN ON FRI lol lolololol

  45. on 12:01am July 24 '12

    I think it will probably be 4 evicted but evicted into the white room. They have to do it this week as they wouldn’t spend all that money on a separate room just for 1 or 2 weeks.

    • Jules on 12:05am July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Oh no, the one who goes goes into the white room arghhhhh, anything is possible. I do believe though if it were going to be more than one to go they would have said tonight because of the voting process. I may be wrong though.

      • microsis on 12:15am July 24 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        According to what I have read the White-room don’t come into play until the 1 st aug
        so I don’t think that can be happening Exciting though
        :music: :music: :music:

        • yeahyeahyeah on 12:55am July 24 '12
          MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

          Actually it could be. Four HMs “evicted” on Friday, then the real White Room eviction on Wed. All three go Wed except the one that survives and gets the Golden Ticket. And Natalie from the task team did say something on BOTS about a task that involved seeing how long the HMs could party for…so maybe they will have a White Room party from Fri eve until Wed eve? Hey, it could happen! :itwasntme:

  46. Jules on 12:28am July 24 '12

    I think this week will be interesting because they are possibly going to try and rile everyone up, I cant see a peaceful house at all. I hope I am wrong. Going to be a lot of b..ching…….

  47. Does anyone know who voted for who today ?

  48. Canadiana on 12:30am July 24 '12

    I am quite happy about this as it will hopefully mix it up a bit. I am absolutely shocked that Becky got no votes, I thought she would at least get one from Luke A.
    I’m scared for Sara though, as she can get lost in the crowd and may not get alot of votes.
    I’m in Canada, so i can’t vote. I really hope Caroline, Conor or Ashleigh are out of there

  49. Jules on 12:35am July 24 '12

    With just one result showing on the Oddschecker:-

    Luke S
    Luke A

    Ashleigh being the favourite to go, wouldnt be surprised really. It may alter later on with more bookies showing.

  50. Jules on 12:36am July 24 '12

    I wonder if they will show us who really was up for eviction, could it have been Connor and Deanna?

    • yeahyeahyeah on 12:47am July 24 '12

      Of course they will. I can’t see why they wouldn’t show nom numbers just like they do every week, and we’ll see each HMs noms and their reasons.

    • microsis on 12:48am July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Jules ,,,what I picked up was that
      Deana Luke a and Caroline would have been the hms up if it had been ordinary noms
      We will know tomorrow if that is correct or not
      :music: :music: :music:

    • I have a feeling their precious Conor would have been up against someone they know he wouldnt beat, now because of the rip off vote to save we have to waste money voting to save at least 7 other people to get him out.

  51. Wish BB would have changed the voting method back to Vote To Evict for this week, this Vote To Save nonsense is so unpredictable all the polls so far have been wrong and even the bookies have been wrong for three weeks in a row. ppl assume their favourites are safe and don’t bother to vote that’s why we have so many bizzare eviction results in this series and the last. Everyone likes to vote to get the HM they hate out but not enough to pick up the phone and save.

    Everyone’s saying Caroline or Conor will go but don’t believe the polls it’s actual votes that count and there are some twisted fans out there who will vote to save them but not enough fans who will want to save the likes of Sara or Ashleigh. Deana could also be at risk through fans complacency, it’s anyone’s guess who will go out of the 8

    • Jules on 12:53am July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I think Deanna will definitely be safe and hopefully Adam and Luke A, going by the chat on twitter and other places. Most seem to be saying vote for the outsiders but as you say we mustnt become complacent, we must do it.

  52. on 1:29am July 24 '12

    It really is an 8 horse race, people aren’t going to pay to vote 7 times in order for their favourite to stay. The vote to save system should be looked into by ofcom or the like as it is unfair to expect us to pay :c5: all this money just so our fav h/m stays it would be interesting to know what the results would be if viewers were polled on vote to save or vote to evict & these figures then given to ofcom or the like!

  53. Finally Big Bro, i l :love: you.Please please let it be 3, Caroline, Trashleigh and Conner, get Lauren back in so she can get the rest of them out.

  54. yeahyeahyeah on 5:14am July 24 '12

    Interesting, I’ve been giving some thought to the whole vote to SAVE vs. vote to EVICT dilemma recently. It seems to me that during the show the viewing public are more focused on who they would rather see leave the house, rather than who they genuinely want to win. Vote to SAVE actually works, if you have ONE favourite and you want to save that favourite above all others. Where the vote to SAVE doesn’t work is if you have a pecking order. Vote to EVICT worked better if you were to line up who you liked least to who you liked best. Maybe because it was vote to EVICT for so long the public are used to choosing who they like from least to best, and it upsets them that the new system doesn’t work that way. Because the public aren’t used to the new system, instead of voting within the system to just vote for your favourite that you want to be the overall winner, you have people who are voting for people that they don’t necessarily want to win, but simply want to stay in the house longer than another HM. With the new system, it’s more of a mystery in the order that the non-winning HMs will leave, but the ultimate winner still prevails in the end. Just like Aaron from last year, he was up for eviction constantly, but he kept being saved over any HM he was up against because he was the overall fave of the public.

    • Its a money making scam, I want Conor out but this week I have to vote for 7 other people to hopefully get him out, in a vote to evict I only have to vote for one person.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 4:21pm July 24 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        It’s clever, and yes I agree it’s a way to make more money but I don’t think it’s a scam at all. But if you’re trying to get someone out, rather than keep someone in, you’re not actually playing the system the way it’s supposed to be played. Rather, you’re trying to play the system like the old system. If you simply voted to SAVE just your fave, then it would work and :c5: would actually not make more money. The public still want to have their pecking order, but unfortunately that doesn’t work within the new vote to SAVE system. Yes, someone who you dislike more than someone else might stay, but ultimately the most popular HM would still win. But instead people are trying to get someone out with a system that is put in place to do the opposite: keep someone in. A lot of people are going to vote for the quiet ones like Ashleigh and Sara, not because they actually want those people to win, but simply because they want someone else (C or C) to go before them.

    • and Aaron from last year was a nasty piece of work. His winning is what Yuke(ee) S. and that vain effeminate model (forget his name) model /ed themselves on.
      You’re analysis is partly wrong. The current voting system can enable sh*ts like connor and caroline to win simply because of regional loyality and rich family/friends voters.
      Deana or Adam to win.

  55. jennyjuniper on 7:26am July 24 '12

    It is a little hard on the pocket to vote for seven, just to ensure the one we really dislike goes, and I can’t help feeling that this is just another way for Conor to slither through, while BB ‘appear’ to be playing fair and square. Still if that’s what it takes to get that awful Conor out I will do it.
    I have a feeling that Caroline might just walk before Friday. She’s a gutless wonder, who can’t confront people to their faces and I doubt if she’ll have what it takes to face the boo’s that she knows she’s going to get.

  56. Athanie on 9:02am July 24 '12

    So we will get a double eviction and the ones who gets evicted will be put into a secret room instead of actually getting booted……. like they did with that horrible woman Aisleyne in BB7.

    What if that will be Connor and Caroline, then we can’t get rid of them, maybe this is Big Brothers plan? :angry:

    • microsis on 9:42am July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Oh ,I really liked Ashlyene ,,,the public had to vote for her or Susie ,,,to go into the secret house instead of being evicted so I dont think that can happen this time
      I would have loved to have had that opportunity last week though
      :music: :music: :music:

  57. Robynbrid556 on 9:45am July 24 '12

    Caroline or Connor OUT! Wish Becky was up i can’t stand her :angry: Luke A, Adam, Deana,Scott, Sara in the final :)

  58. microsis on 10:11am July 24 '12

    Does anyone know if this Friday night eviction show has been extended

    If so this could be a good indication that there’s going to be a double eviction ,

    Please please let this be the case and let’s get Conor and Caroline out those doors
    :music: :music: :music:

  59. Jules on 10:34am July 24 '12

    Morning all,I honestly do not think we will get Connor out this time around not with a vote to save. He has changed places with Sara in the Oddschecker and has become the 5th least likely to go…….it is much the same as I said last night …..

    Ashleigh favourite
    Luke S in third position wow he isnt popular.
    Conor We will have to wait for the vote to evict :devil:
    Luke A

    It looks as though it may be between Ashleigh and Caroline but anything can happen it is going to be a tense week if one lot is trying to upset the others. Hope they can keep their cool.

    • brains on 11:52am July 24 '12

      clever bb, luke a deana and caroline with the most votes.with all the talk about noms,loss of hot water and so on amazing how they pick this week to put 8 of them up. as it stood caroline was a firm favourite to go but this way they are hoping to save their favourites,plus make money,am i wrong thinking this?

  60. Sue123 on 11:11am July 24 '12

    Hope Conor does go this time.the house would be so different .becky the turn coat sucks up to conor so he dosent bully the end of the day conor is weak the way he acts towards women.every time he stays it makes me so mad.please lets get him out.caroline would be gutted if he wasn’t there to stick up her.and it would great for Deana to be able to relax and not have to look at his ugly mug everyday waiting for him to start an argument with her.

    • Sue123 on 11:27am July 24 '12

      So sorry. I meant stick up for Caroline. Omg, that bloke is getting to me. My daughter has just read it and I’m in disgrace now

      • Jules on 11:42am July 24 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        I am waiting to see who nominated who and who would have been up. We dont know if this is a ploy to keep Connor in. If it is true re Connor having someone in the production team or whatever, they are going to look after their hopeful “winnings” by phoning and keeping him in. If he survives this round I can see him going up to the top 4, I hope I am wrong, i really do. We still have to have the vote to evict hopefully beginning next week?

        Luke S automatically assumes that the outsiders dont like him, he doesnt realise that Scott cant stand him and I am willing to bet that Scott put in a nom for him. We shall see eh!! I bet Becky nominated Luke A and possibly Adam.

        • Sue123 on 11:58am July 24 '12
          MEMBER (23 COMMENTS)

          wish it was vote to evict he woult’nt stand a chance.he makes me so mad.i keep getting on my high getting down now.i’ll be .back on it if he is saved .connor out please i keep getting a feeling he’s going to stay.

        • microsis on 12:04pm July 24 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Hey Jules What makes you think we may have vote to evict next week
          Next week we’ve got the White-room Task on wednesday
          i think it will be ,from then on vote for your winner what do you think
          :music: :music: :music:

          • Jules on 12:13pm July 24 '12
            MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

            I cant remember what happened last year Micro, if we dont get a chance to vote to evict then Connor will be up in the winners I am sure. I guess I am just hoping :rofl: :love:

      • microsis on 12:12pm July 24 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hehe sue123 ,,,, what a difference one missing word makes :bigsmile:
        :music: :music: :music:

    • yes Deana cannot relax and show her funny/positive side for fear from conner and his hangers on. Nastley was even bitching about Deana for dancing. These swipes are always based on jealousy.

  61. puddleglum on 12:38pm July 24 '12

    This should have happened last week
    will be interesting to find out who would
    have been up
    Lauren was my fav :angry: that she went

    backing Adam now and hoping Conor goes :party:

  62. Oh please please let it be Caroline that gets the boot this week

  63. Cant believe becky is not up after the way she has been over this week
    But so glad Caroline , Conner , Ashleigh , Luke s are up .
    Hope either caroline or conner go hope it a double eviction then we can get both caroline and conner out :bigsmile:
    Everybody vote to save Luke A , Adam , Denna and sara :phone:

  64. If it is a double eviction, I reckon it will be two of the boring ones, like Luke S and Ashleigh, but at least it will be two of the insider’s, way hayyyy, get them out. If it was to evict, Caroline and Connor would go but Big Brother knows this. Don’t know why Luke A didn’t nominate Becky, bet she nominated him though, will see tonight. :tmi:

    Luke A to win

  65. OMG why Connor and Caroline. At least we get some laughs with these HMs. Luke A is totally vile pretending he is so upfront and honest, Adam BORING and Dean EVEN MORE BORING.

    If the outsiders tried to connect a little more with the insiders maybe they’d have a little fun instead of ripping the back out of everyone.

    Caroline or Connor to win yeehaa

    • Jules on 3:11pm July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Not much point in connecting with the Insiders, the Insiders do not want to connect with the Outsiders, they think they are beneath them. The inners set it up within the first first weeks and they have carried it on. The shoe is on the other foot the only way they could connect to the inners is if they come down to their level even if they lose they will have kept the respect of the public.

      Caroline and Connor out yeehaa :rofl: :rofl:

    • you try relaxing and having fun whilst you’re being subjected to a barrage of abuse. You’re laughs are at the expense of others SADDO.

  66. jennyjuniper on 2:49pm July 24 '12

    In answer to Rody, Luke A did try to connect with Caroline and she was nice as could be to his face, then stirring it up with the insiders as soon as she could. Conor doesn’t want them all to be friendly either. He knows he can boss his little group around, because they are as thick as he is, whereas the Outsiders are intelligent and think for themselves.

  67. To Jennyjuniper, As soon as Luke A heard he was up for eviction last week he went round practically every housemate to try and smooth things out. Why didn’t he do this before if he was so annoyed. He is one of the biggest back stabbers in the house.

    • i think he spoke to them all last week because he was taken aback by their hatred. Try thinking how you would have felt in his place, I think he;s a decent bloke and would rather be an outsider than one of the insiders who are all back stabbing imo.
      Luke A , Deana and Cariline would have been up under normal noms. Pity its changed as we could have got rid of her for sure.

    • AmericanCousin on 4:02pm July 24 '12

      That’s not being a backstabber because he has no loyalties to any of the “insiders”. Maybe you should consider a better choice of adjective to describe Luka. If anything, he’s smart. It could’ve been done out of sheer strategy to keep himself safe or he genuinely could’ve been hurt by the face-to-face noms. Either way, he did not backstab anyone.
      A backstabber wold be Ashleigh to Luka for running immed. to tell Lardo what he’d said or when Ashleigh went around campaigning about how she had nothingin common with Lukes or how Lukes told that faux-company he’d prefer bachelor life all while snuggled up against rat girl(ashleigh). Now, that’s backstabbing.

  68. Jules on 3:35pm July 24 '12

    Rody he has never backstabbed anyone at all.

  69. AmericanCousin on 3:57pm July 24 '12

    If Adam did vote for Sara, I can’t quite blame him. She has jeoperdized his spot safely in the house. She “stood” up for Deana for what? Against Adam? Where was Sara when Conor viciously said he wanted to “stick the brush handle up her @$$” or where was Sara when Arron attacked her? Sara is playing a game too and I’m not fooled by her. She is sneaky and plays both sides whenever she can pretending to be neutral grounds. Even Ashleigh consoled Deana well vefore Sara could tear herself away from the insider’s nest. Adam hasn’t done a thing to Sara. If Deana was so hurt by Adam, why are they still friends and share convo’s and hugs? Sure friends won’t see eye-to-eye all the time, but in the end, it was Adam who was there for deana through the real hardships, not simple Sara.

    • Jules on 4:06pm July 24 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I agree AC, sadly though it is what each one of them do now which will be judged. Adam and Deanna have a great friendship and I believe they should be left alone to sort out any little disputes they have. He has always been there for Deanna and Lauren along with Luke A. They make a great team.

      I believe Sara has gone under the radar tbh and now she feels that she is safe in having a go at an outsider, it is the insiders she is in with and it is their favours she wishes to keep. She didnt have the courage to have a go at the others.

      • sammyvan on 5:25pm July 24 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Thanks to Sara we have Ashleigh in the bag also! Surprised Sara nominated Ash and Luke S ?
        Some forums seem to think Luke S is in trouble? Why oh why cant it be straight forward……please vote everyone but Conor!!!!

      • I agree, Sara is a faux outsider. She is a key insider. Her ‘loyalty’ to Deana only surfaced when Brian D. revealed that Deana had most votes. Sara expects Deana to go, and hopes that Deana’s fans will then vote her to win BB. Her ‘challenge’ to Adam was done with exactly same aim. Anyone with such blind loyalty to royalty is not a underdog supporter.

    • rionablue on 6:59pm July 24 '12
      MEMBER (3620 COMMENTS)

      Sara is one of the ONLY ones in there who is NOT playing a game. She had a right to talk to Adam if she wanted to. Its better tackle any problems face to face. She might well have over reacted but she didnt like the way he moved to another bed away from Deana. Adam is not untouchable and if a housemate has a problem with him they have every right to confront him. Sara was bound to know he would nominate her though I really think he wasted his nomination when he could have nominated the horrible spiteful Becky and have put her up as well as the other lot. Of all the girls left in there only Deana and Sara are genuine. I think Conor voted for Sara not because he deemed her to be lazy but because he has seen she has been spending more time with the outsiders. Of the 8 people up for evidtion surely the biggest most horrible gameplayers AKA Caroline, Conor, Ashliegh and Luke should be the favourites to go

      • I totally agree with you rionablue. And Adam had another GO at Deana last night when he deemed she was talking about nominations when she was only asking if people expected to be up. I cant UNDERSTAND why he is so popular in here. However Conor and Luke S need to be booted out first

        • Jules on 12:07am July 25 '12
          MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

          He has the right to put forward his feelings, I cannot even think that he is popular with the Insiders, they are always b**ching about the Outsiders.

          Now Adam and Luke A have listened to Deanna with her rants, some have been very funny. No matter what the three of them are very close and they are there for each other. I seem to remember Deanna having a go at Adam at one stage and yet Adam and Luke A took her under their wings.

          Good on them their friendships will last which is more than we can say for some of the others.

          ADAM to win …

      • Jules on 12:11am July 25 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        It wasnt Sara’s problem as I have said, it was between Deanna and Adam. Look how Sara was comforting Ashleigh the other day, she should have been comforting Deanna, Deanna is supposed to be her friend but she was sure of Deanna not nominating her. After all that Sara has nominated Ashleigh, why? Ashleigh didnt nominate Sara.

  70. sammyvan on 5:22pm July 24 '12

    Adam Caro and Sara
    Ash Luke A and Deana
    Becky Luke A and Deana
    Caroline Adam and Luke A
    Conor Deana and Sara
    Deana Conor and Caroline
    Luke A Caroline and Conor
    Luke S Adam and Deana
    Sara Ash and Luke S
    Scott Luke S and Deana

    Some surprises there!

  71. yeahyeahyeah on 5:43pm July 24 '12

    OH. MY. GOD! Viewers are going to be so P*SSED now! If they hadn’t done the nom twist, it would have been Deana and Luke A vs. Caroline, and she would have been gone for sure! >_<
    Oh man, we had a nice 24 hours of thinking BB had redeemed himself, but NOPE. You offered us a pony, but it turned out to be a stinky old mule! BOO BB! :doh: :fubar:

    • Jules on 12:16am July 25 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      It does make us wonder, this is one of the few BBs when I can say I think there is a fix LOL…..

      • BBNut on 12:35am July 25 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        This BB is going to be fixed right up until the end let’s face it. WHY are they still defending Conor and Caroline and making pathetic attempts to redeem them somehow when the damage is already done and was inflicted long ago? It’s too late. I just can’t trust C5 or BB anymore and hate the thought it is all set up and fake. Deana to win by a mile please, failing that Luke A or Adam, it’s a wonder they haven’t gone doolally tap in there with that vile lot. Justice MUST prevail!

        • Adam doesnt deserve it. The other two do. I think Sara is also a pretty deserving winner thought I do think it will most likely be Deana or Luke A. Adam has changed alot. In fairness all he does most days is lounge in the smoking area talking. And HE was saying Sara was lazy last week!!! Deana Luke A or Sara to win :love:

        • Best result would be Deana, Adam and Luke A win with equal share of prize fund. The result that puke s. and conner were expecting/dreaming about a while back. Sara is a key insider and faux outsider. Trying to cash in on Deana’s Fan base for her own personal win. A royalty sychophant does not an underdog supporter make

  72. brokenangel on 10:58pm July 24 '12

    I honestly would laugh if Luke S went Friday, mainly because he has already divided the prize money in his head 3 ways lol, he must of gven that a lot of thought to be able to give an exact amount for 3 people.

  73. does badly in tasks can’t string two words together without swearing thinks cos shes with him shes safe thick and brings nothing to the show..

  74. plse get conner,caroline out, wud even b better if big bro got lauren back in 4 24hrs omg imagine there faces oh yes stir it up or wot…lol…then for next weeks nominations lauren shud b the 1 2 pick, now that wud certainly piss them sad 2faced fuckers arrrrr..DO SUMMUT ITS GETTIN SOOOO BORIN.. !!!!

  75. Jack0O0O on 1:41pm July 25 '12

    sara was one of my favioutes and now im am backing her or adam to win this series i wouldnt mind luke a or deana winning either. has any heard the lastest of caroline vile comments she was in discussion with lukes, ashleigh and becky she was discussing tackicals voting about adam and luke a and even horridly branded them mr and mrs tackical referring luke a and mrs, there now a campaign started up by luke a family on twitter but if you wanna see it for yourself spoilers and news can be fount on ***********

    [mod by="Alec" text="Please do not post links to other websites. Thank you for your understanding."]

  76. There is some daft people posting on this site take your rose tinted glasses of deana is a complete back stabbing cheat aswell the sun shines out of her ass.her luke a are as bad as conor its a game after all..1 comment by connor.and he is villified..adam to win for me the only geniune person in the group

    • BBNut on 4:10pm July 25 '12

      No offence but to compare Deana and Luke A with Conor is delusion and ignorance. Have you heard Deana or Luke A make any vile, disgusting or violent threats? I don’t think so. Conor severely tarred himself with his own brush so early on it’s astonishing he’s still in the house. If he makes it to the final (which will be an injustice) he won’t win, if for some bizarre reason he does BB is finished.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 4:19pm July 25 '12

      You don’t need to call anyone daft to make your point. That’s quite rude.

  77. In answer to Rody, I agree with everything you say about Luke A. This is a very clever, devious, multi layered person. His eyes tell you everything. They become animated only in the Diary room when he is “bitching”. Unfortunately I am of the opinion the “powers that be” in t.v. would prefer such a winner, than someone, aka Caroline that is totally off the wall. I still think Conor will win, I personally have no comments on this, I think the whole show has been dreadful.

  78. hollyb123 on 5:06pm July 25 '12

    well if anyone had sense they wouldnt vote to save caroline …. yes conor is bad too but he hasnt been rude for a while where as caroline is still doing so!
    VOTE LUKE A!!!
    the way its looking ashleigh is least fav…
    GET CAROLINE OUT :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

  79. Ash and Caroline out!

    Cant stand them

  80. Dale999 on 2:03pm July 26 '12

    CONOR should be out already. Id he makes it to the final then i will not be watching bb next year cause that means that a bully has won

  81. benno on 2:44pm July 26 '12

    DO u think it’ll be double eviction?? :thinking:

  82. connor,ashley,caroline,luke,s, and becky should gin tis bb doing

  83. benno on 6:57pm July 26 '12

    I’m thinking the final is in two weeks time and only 5 can make it to the final so it must be a double eviction or even a triple!

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