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Double eviction confirmed for Friday
It has been confirmed that the last eviction of Big Brother 2012...
Alec | Day -309

It has been confirmed that the last eviction of Big Brother 2012 on Friday will see two housemates voted out of the house.

Adam, Ashleigh, Deana and Scott were nominated on Monday, and despite voting lines opening immediately after the announcement, there was some confusion as to whether Friday’s live show would be a double eviction.

It was finally confirmed by Emma Willis on Tuesday’s Bit On The Side, however, that the two housemates with the least public votes will leave.

This means that five housemates will contest in next Monday’s series finale, with Luke S, Luke A and Sara already having secured a place.

Which two housemates do you want to get the boot on Friday?

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  1. First and foremost Ashleigh, and it would be great if Scott went too :yes:

    BACKING TO WIN: Sam JOINED: 11/04/2011
  2. ashleigh and Scott

  3. microsis on 12:50am August 8 '12

    Ashleigh and sorry it has to be Scott

    Would love to see all the outsiders in the final :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • AmericanCousin on 4:51am August 8 '12

      I agree. I am sorry to see Scott out, but he is guilty of talking sh!t about the outsider’s when it served well.
      The only thing about Scott I will miss is his self-inherited accent and his DR antics.
      Ashleigh and Scott for the double-eviction :yes:

  4. Canadiana on 12:50am August 8 '12

    I would most like Luke A or Adam to win. Even Sara would be good, as I feel those are the most genuine people in the house. And when I say genuine, I by no means mean that they have been perfect, but they seem to have been true to themselves.
    I’m sure I am going to get beat up for this one, but oh well….Deana’s personality as of late is grating on me. She is a decent enough girl, but she seems to revel in stirring things up and being in the centre of it all. I do not agree with the bullying against her throughout the show, but as her true colours are starting to show she has a touch of the bullying in herself as well. She is condescending and belittles people for her own amusement. Anyways, that will probably get a few people yelling at me, but it’s true (well to me anyways :))
    And Ashleigh better be outta there in that double eviction!

  5. rosy83emma on 12:52am August 8 '12

    imo BB are now trying to save scott, good edits the last few days and the task designed for him tonight and i think they are trying to get deana out it’s almost like they are trying to cast her as the new villian :speechless: I just hope people haven’t got short memories I think Deanas great and will be voting to save her! I would like Ash and scott to go but think it could be close between Scott and Adam?

  6. on 1:00am August 8 '12

    I think it will be asta la vista mother f***ers to Ashleigh & Deanna. It’s unfortunate that Luke.s couldn’t have been up for noms, tonight he was so cringey regarding his body being fitter than the nude butlers.
    Deanna has been shown in such a bad light this week that I can’t see her getting through this week.
    Ashlegh 100%.

  7. Ashleigh and then whoever as long as it isnt deana or Sara. Deana is winding Luke S up yes but really we are all thinking it about the 50k and he is making out he didn’t press it because he wanted it but because he heard Conor’s button click which is crap because we all saw him go for the button before Conor just Conor’s hands were closer! Deana is being genuine and yes he is belittling Ashleigh who lets not forget has always tried gunning for deana with her two faced Nasty personality! Get her out and let’s have deana win because Scott and Sara are nice but haven’t been as entertaining! RANT OVER! DEANA FTW!

  8. yeahyeahyeah on 3:23am August 8 '12

    I think Deana will be okay. I hope a lot of people keep voting for her. I hope it’s Scott and Ashleigh who go, but I’m a little worried for Adam…I hope he gets to be in the final with all the three soldiers together! :rock:

    • Jules on 3:41pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Oddschecker give Ashleigh, Scott, Adam and Deana in that order so hopefully it will be Ashleigh and Scott.

      Top three are still Deanna, Luke A and Adam……hopefully it will stay like that for the final. Will be voting for Adam all the way to win.

      • Jules on 5:02pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Wow have just had another look, Luke A has become the favourite to win with Deanna going down to 2nd and Adam stays at third. Deanna has been at the top for quite a while now,

        • microsis on 5:45pm August 8 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Hi Jules :love: ,do you think perhaps that is because Deana is up for eviction and lukeA isn’t

          LukeA chance of winning must be more likely at this moment in time than deana ,,it might change when she stays on Friday which I am hopeful she will
          :music: :music: :music:

  9. Confused on 6:05am August 8 '12

    Ash won’t even get votes from Essex. Just remember, BB picks what we see. Deana attacking – LukeS crying – Scott being clever. We are being manipulated.

    Caroline all the way. FTW – WTF

  10. Biddy on 7:28am August 8 '12

    Once again BB are showing their true colours by showing favouritism to the insiders…This week giving Scott tasks to give him more air time…Showing Deana in a bad light…And not showing Adam hardly at all….and also blatantly changing the rules to stop Adam going into the White Room…
    Such biased editing and rule changing by BB has ruined this series for many true BB fans…
    I just hope that it is Ashleigh and Scott out this week…
    they can go and see their mates ,,the vile foul mouthed bully, Conor, BB gave 50k to,,the most bitchy spoilt cheating brat Caroline and Becky who has enough BMI to sink a battle ship…..
    I will be giving Adam some votes this week to try to give him a chance in the final with Luke A ( my fav now, was Lauren)
    :music: :music: :music:

    • Orchid333 on 11:46am August 8 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      Morning BIDDY. Wow. :whew: Do you feel better now that you’ve got all that off your chest? :giggle:
      I agree (as Ashleigh most annoyingly would say) 100%with you so I have nothing to add. :wink:

      I am also giving Adam some votes to save him this week :rock:

      Luke A to win :love: :love: If not, Adam to win :love:

    • Jules on 5:04pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Loved Lauren Biddy, I liked the way she has challenged Caroline in their dinner chats. Hopefully our three will stay together, they have done really well tbh. :love:

      • Biddy on 6:11pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        Hi Jules,,,Yes it is such a shame Lauren has gone..loved the way she spoke to Caroline ,,Caroline was speechless for the first time…so good to watch…
        Hopefully Adam, Deana and Luke A will all be there for the final,,,fingers crossed…
        :music: :music: :music:

  11. It has to be Ashliegh out first, then unfortuantely Scott, I just hope he deosnt get booed. Shame we dont have the option to boot Luke S out with his scabby mate.

    • microsis on 8:06am August 8 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes my favoured option would be lukeS out this week

      I am fed up of seeing him running to be first to the tasks
      He would give Bolt a run for his money :giggle:

      Hes always the first to run to the diaryroom so he can
      read out the instruction for the new tasks
      Please someone trip him up

      :music: :music: :music:

  12. Glad to see at least one or two people upset about Deana’s latest behavior. I thought it was fun when she was dancing around after Conor left, but she is being quite harsh this week, even Adam and Luke taking themselves out of the conversation at times…it’s not cute.

  13. str-8-edge on 8:43am August 8 '12

    Once again the talk around the coffee shop is get rid of Ashley and Deanna.But BB hasn’t shown any love towards the viewers and keep making the The mean people stay in and look good…BB if you want to bring hope back into the viewers you would get rid of Ashley and Deanna……

  14. brains on 9:01am August 8 '12

    bb is at it again, they will show deana in a bad light every chance they can and then bbbots will put the knife into her.dont forget what she has had to put up with from the insiders for weeks about time some of these knows what its like to be the minority, as for scott i think he has been a bit to clever going from one group to another and putting on his act in the diary room personally i think he is one of the biggest game players in the house but he does it in a nice clever way.about time we stop bb from trying to manipulate the show and voters again, like to see ashleigh and scott go then luke s and then people can vote for there favs as it should have been from the beginning

    • Jules on 3:45pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Scott has always basically been an Insider, it shows with his final nominations. i am afraid the same imo applies to Sara as well. What a lame excuse for nominating Adam, she has played a good game but she isnt a genuine outsider, never has been. I hope Ashleigh and Scott go this week.

      • Orchid333 on 4:37pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        Ditto JULES. I am backing Luke A to win but I am voting for Adam and Deanna to be saved this week. :bigsmile:

        3 soldiers to march to the end and show all the insiders that their game playing and bullying did not work. YES BB – bullying. On BOTS whenever someone in the audience mentions bullying (when they are not gagged) Emma shoots them down in flames. :nod:

  15. If anyone wants to read more unbelievable sycophantic Conor fanclub bullshit, google conor mcintyre’s name and find the link to the Derry Journal ~ everyone who knows that manipulating the programme so that this malevolent irishman could win all that money was wrong should let the ‘people’ of Derry know what they think

  16. Deana’s arrogance and vanity was apparent to some viewrs right from the start but all her faults were camaflouged by the nasty things conor said bout her. We felt sorry for her n she milked it. Now hes gone n we can see her for what she really is..get her n ashleigh out. Adam is a caring genuine unbiased guy. I liked how he told Deana that It was not nice to keep reminding luke s bout losing the money.

  17. brains on 12:27pm August 8 '12

    i enjoyed the way deana wound luke s up and she did it to his face unlike what he would have done. as for the toast thing with motor mouth, ashleigh was looking to wind deana up so that she could run in the bedroom and start bitching about her,she is so used to deana keeping quiet, doesnt like it when she gets told to f off thats a phrase she likes to use

  18. i agree anonymous deanas really come out her shell since big man connor left but she has been too snidy and ashleigh must go as shes plaine stupid and boring

  19. Orchid333 on 12:46pm August 8 '12

    OMG :sadsmile: I have just watched “secret food fight” clip and guess who started the food fight? Yes, Trashleigh. But they all joined in and quite frankly, I was disgusted!! :surprised: What a waste of food. Now that they have lost the task, they will be wishing next week they had some of that food. :smirk:

    Who the hell is going to clean all that up? :mmm: Actually, I don’t know why I am sat here wasting time and thought on this. :yawn: BB staff deserve to have to clean it up for working for that micky mouse company :giggle:
    Rant over. For now anyway. :whew:

  20. Sally on 1:33pm August 8 '12

    Ashleigh and Scott to go on friday.

    Save Deana and Adam.

    • Orchid333 on 1:41pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      Ditto :bigsmile: :yes:

      I want Luke A to win but I want the 3 soldiers to be the last 3. That will show them blooming outsiders who were the most popular in the house (or as Ashleigh would say instead of house, ARSE). :giggle:

  21. sammyvan on 1:33pm August 8 '12

    Seems a shame that the one housemate who has been kept ‘down’ for all these weeks, who was continously berated and bitched about, nominated week after week, and afraid to be herself… now being accused of all sorts because she is now able to answer back and be herself! How ironic. Have watched all the footage, and, while I agree she went on a bit about the ‘golden ticket’, what exactly did she do that warrants all these negative posts? Luke S and trashliegh have never stopped yakking about her, bitched about her, nominated nearly every week — and people are feeling sorry for Luke S now?? Beggars belief!
    Dont stop supporting Deana. We have to make sure she reaches the final, along with Luke A and Adam. If Deana goes now then Conor will be smirking and gloating all the way to Derry.
    Get Voting – please? :phone: :handshake:

    • Orchid333 on 1:46pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      SAMMYVAN :yes: 3 soldiers should be last 3 but I am routing for Luke A to win. However, I am phoning this week to save Deanna and Adam. :phone: :phone:
      Actually, when Deanna kept referring to the “golden ticket” my husband and I were in stitches.

      On this site, I don’t see anyone backing PUKE S and TRASHLEIGH :giggle: :giggle:

    • Sally on 2:00pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (2372 COMMENTS)

      Sammyvan I am with you 100%
      Word for word exactly how I feel.

    • brains on 2:30pm August 8 '12

      100% agree with sammyvan deana luke a and adam deserve to be in the final

    • jennyjuniper on 3:26pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I agree Sammyvan, maybe Deana is going on a bit, I say maybe, because with BB editing what we see I’m not even believing what I see anymore. But even if she is being a bit bitchy now, who could blame her? I would still prefer Luke A to win, but I definately want Deana and Adam to be with him in the final three. Also if the truth be told, I’m sure what angers Luke S the most about Deana is that she could make the final on the public vote, whereas he has had to rely on BB’s machinations to get there.

    • AmericanCousin on 8:51pm August 8 '12

      I am a Deana fan so when I say this, I am saying this based on what I’ve seen. Deana wasn’t scared of anyone nor to be herself, ever. My this is,why has she chosen to be herself when the one person that has shat on her constantly is now gone? Luke S. and Trashleigh have been the same the whole show long-consistently a$$holes. It is Deana who has just come out of her shell and shown her true self. I don’t feel sorry for Luke S. at all but to kick someone while they’re down is the same reason I dislike Conor. Bullying behaviors. Deana needs to humble herself a bit and save that sh!t for Conor, Becky, Ashleigh, Caroline, and Shievone- the ones who truly did her dirty. I haven’t forgotten that Deana was two-faced to Lauren on two occasions and voted for her out of all the nasty people in the house. I see Deana’s cracks and that’s that but I do want her in the final three for keeping up her composed demeanor, even if that was a charade. Deana has taken on the role of Conor as resident house-knob. I’m just calling it how I see it.
      Luke A.
      final three~

  22. Sally on 1:55pm August 8 '12

    Its true Deana did wind Luke s up. :bigsmile:
    Its time she spoke up. The outsiders have been b****ing about her, behind her back for most of BB . She teased him to his face.
    While Ash and lukes are still calling her behind her back.
    If she was playing the browbeaten victim those who have suddenly turned against her would be saying oh poor Deana.
    So those of you who are staying loyal to Deana give her some extra votes. :nod:

  23. on 3:56pm August 8 '12

    At least with Daenna she’s doing it to the h/ms face, i thought it was priceless the way she wound Luke.s up & then gave as good as she got from Ashlegh. It’s nice to see her more relaxed & more comfortable I hope her & Adam get through to the final, but B.B are showing Deanna in such a bad light & nothing at all off Adam that I fear for there safety. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  24. What the hell is wrong with the world? Does everyone love bullies or what? I never liked conor and i always saw so many of his fans praising him all the time. And now deana has turned into conor 2.0 and everyone’s loving her even more. wtf!! Her behavior is very disruptive. seriously, scott and adam should be saved

    • Biddy on 5:09pm August 8 '12

      You are caling Deana a bully,,,,crikey…How on earth can you put Deana and Conor in the same sentence….
      I’m sorry but although Deana is not my favourite i feel i have to stick up for her here…she has endured weeks of the insiders bitching and vile remarks behind her back and now she is giving a little back and my goodness it is a little….She wasn’t even saying nasty things , just a few home truths,,winding him up….
      What a shame…NOT !!!!

      Luke A,,Adam and Deana in the final…..
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 8:35pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        BIDDY. Yes I agree with you and I love that lovely old fashioned word – “crikey” :giggle: :giggle:
        Luke A to win :love: :love: :love: If not, Adam :love: :love: If not, Deanna :love:

      • AmericanCousin on 9:01pm August 8 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        What has Luke S. done to Deana? Everyone keeps saying Conor but he’s gone. The insider’s are mostly gone. I just feel that I’ve raised my blood pressure, for weeks, feeling sorry for poor Deana and inside of her is someone who dish it just the same. I feel a bit bamboozled. Why not explode like that before on the vile-child Caroline or the Conman? She saved all that for Luke S. who was an insider by default because of Trashleigh? She’s not even really giving it to Ashleigh or Sara for flip-flopping the way they deserve. Luke S., tho, really? Who is he??

    • She was having a JOKE saying he had a golden ticket like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – that actually made me laugh – something I have hardly done this series. Where is their sense of humour? It is something that my children would say, it is NOT bullying. Saying it is bullying is absolutely bonkers in my opinion. Everyone needs to loosen up and have a giggle :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  25. mary on 4:45pm August 8 '12

    After the weeks we have had to watch deana lauren luke a and adam put up with all the bitching and backbiting I hope adam luke a and deana come in 1st 2nd and 3rd.and what if deana is a bit irratating she deserves to be after what ashleigh luke s and gang put her through.good luck to the soldiers

  26. Louiza on 6:21pm August 8 '12

    Luke A Gold.
    Adam Silver.
    Deanna Bronze. :happy:

    Scott,Sara, Ashleigh and Luke S …. Disqualified!!

    Rubbish series,but hopefully a good result in the final!
    Lauren was my fav housemate during this series.

  27. oh my god wot r u lot watching daena is so 2 face and bin game playing from the start also adam bin playing games and So Borring when he talks i go 2 sleep zzzzz get them both out i just hope celeb bb is better

  28. oh my god wot r u lot watching daena is so 2 face and bin game playing from the start also adam bin playing games and So Borring when he talks i go 2 sleep zzzzz get them both out i just hope celeb bb is better.

  29. i hope deana or adam will go but it will b ashleigh.

  30. big brother is finished so boring without conor he was the one that everyone wanted to watch like him or not. hes out and everyone is still talking about him. most popular hms and he made the show . there all rubbish now

    • Jules on 8:15pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Thank goodness he is out, lots of negative chat about him, not a good thing to have to face, no credit there. He made the show rubbish…..

    • Orchid333 on 8:51pm August 8 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      SQUINTY – Get back to school and learn to speak English. :yawn:
      No wonder your user name is “Squinty”. You’re not seeing the same show as everyone else. :giggle:

      Luke A to win :love:

    • AmericanCousin on 9:05pm August 8 '12

      He made the show by what? degrading Deana? He was in no way, in my opinion, entertaining but hey some people find watching snuff films or train wrecks entertaining. It just depends on individuality. I def loathe bullies and have always since being a school-aged girl.

  31. northernmonkey on 8:37pm August 8 '12

    To be fair to BB, they can’t show Deana in a bad light if she wasn’t……. err acting a idiot.

    I only watched 30 mins or so but found her very annoying and I was a fan of hers.

    Still… I hope Ashleigh goes, then probably Scott – Though I don’t over mind him.

    • AmericanCousin on 9:09pm August 8 '12

      NorthernMonkey, I agree with you 110%. I didn’t even find her remarks funny. I didn’t get that feeling like “yeah, put the idiot in his place”. It wasn’t entertaining at all. It reminded me of Conor’s stints. Cocky, abrasive, not funny, and egotistical. She was completely over the top. It was a weak attempt to break Luke S. down. I don’t go for anyone breaking anyone down, unless thye truly deserve it and the deserving ones Conor*, Caroline*, Shievonne, Arron,Becky* ARE GONE. DAY LATE, DOLLAR SHORT,sweetie. The show is over, take a seat.

  32. BBFANDEBS on 4:29am August 9 '12

    Thanks to the heavy editing of BB, we have been fed sides of the housemates that otherwise don’t get aired. Deana has had alcohol before, yet we are seeing for the first time the effect it truly has on her. Drink makes a person braver, and the one emotion that a drunk person cannot pick up on is anger. While drunk she would not have seen or absorbed the anger from Luke S as she teased and cajoled him over not pressing the button faster. However she said it, however many times she said it. It was the truth.

    Many of the vitriolic comments made about Deana behind her back were not true. They were based on a gaggle of wannabe’s who used every little nuance to pick out something daily to give them the excuse to run down another housemate.

    Deana saw through Luke’s lies and decided to show him up for the liar he was. No one else was brave enough to do that. They ALL watched the white room task draw to a close with Conor walking away from the house 50k richer and Luke getting his *golden ticket* to the final. Yet not one of them apart from his faithful puppy had the balls to point out that he had indeed pressed the button.

    Luke S, to me, comes across as someone who has been able to hold court and persuade people that he is a good guy. When in fact he is the opposite. Luke S is self-centred and only does things when he will gain from it. The white room task, having watched it back a number of times, now to me, seems like Luke S was doing everything virtually possible to NOT press the button. It was only when he thought that Conor had kept his word about going to the final, he pressed it. He thought he was leaving with 50k in his back pocket.

    Conor, stood calmly and had his hands where they needed to be, next to the button, which is where I would have also had mine ready to pounce when it hit £49,000.

    Whichever way you perceive this task, its over now. Luke S will perhaps, if he is lucky, earn the 50k from magazine deals and photoshoots. I don’t think its rocket science that Ashleigh won’t fully comprehend his deception once she see’s footage of his fake job interview etc.

    If anything, I would like Adam to take something from this experience so he can continue to do good things. I would also like Luke A to gain enough money to complete his transition. Deana has already achieved alot before entering Big Brother.

    It would be sweet to see Ashleigh and Scott leave on Friday. Scott has no redeeming features about him whatsoever. He believes he is a cut above people, when we all know its an act. Ashleigh can go back to her adoring family who approve of her being masturbated over on TV, and who seem to be proud she cannot string a sentence together without using profanity.

    Lets hope she doesn’t reproduce just yet, as the childs first words will be *sneaky f*cker* and *snidey*.

  33. Orchid333 on 6:10am August 9 '12

    BBFANDEBS. My sentiments entirely. Do you feel better now you have got that all off your chest? :whew: :whew: :whew:

    You talk more sense than some of those blooming psychologists on BOTS. Especially Mark who said to Conor – “You are the real winner of BB. Anybody else is gonna come second to that because you played a blinder”. :speechless:

    Luke A to win :love: :love: :love: If not, Adam :love: :love: If not, Deanna :love:

    I am voting to save Adam and Deanna this week :phone: :phone:

  34. ElProximo on 9:25am August 9 '12

    It’s vote to save. So I’d like to see Ashleigh and Scott (tho he’s made me laugh lately) although Adam could go too. But it’s vote to save and that means its a vote FOR Sara after all.
    *Deana has been winning me over but Sara all the way.

    • microsis on 10:07am August 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I don’t think Sara did herself any favours last night
      with her thoughts on workers ,,,,,,,especially postman and lorry driver having the right to go on strike for better working conditions and pay

      LukeA to win :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

  35. poppy44 on 7:12pm August 9 '12

    It would be so nice if luke s and ashleigh went out on friday. But as we know he”s there to the end boo hoo! Adam to stay. :yes:

  36. str-8-edge on 8:22pm August 9 '12


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