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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Place Secured?
Duane Chapman, who is more commonly known as 'Dog The Bounty...
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Duane Chapman, who is more commonly known as ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’, is hotly tipped to be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house. But booking the Hunter proved challenging for BB Executives.

The American’s past jail sentences almost ruined his chances of taking part in the upcoming Celebrity edition of Big Brother.

Dog’s ‘colourful’ string of convictions include being sent to jail for murder. The Bounty Hunter only served eighteen months out of his original five year sentence, due to the fact that he wasn’t the one to pull the trigger. In Mexico Duane captured a pervert who has a track record of sexually abusing women, but was later sent to jail for his actions, due to the fact that Bounty Hunting is illegal in Mexico.

For the past eight years Duane has stared in his own reality series “Dog The Bounty Hunter” which focuses on him and his 5th wife Beth, as they chase criminals and bring them to justice. During it’s eight seasons, the show enjoyed global success, being aired in countries including America, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. However, despite success, the series was axed back in May this year.

Speaking of the Hunters place in the Big Brother house, a CBB insider stated “To say he’s had a colourful past would be an ­understatement. He’s been to prison so many times. The Celeb Big Brother house will probably be easy for him.”

Revealing how hard it was to secure Housemate status for Duane, they added “No housemate has ever had a ­criminal record quite like this.”
“It was touch and go whether or not he’d be able to take part.”

“It was only finalised at the 11th hour.”

However, despite his track record, Dog’s place in the house has reportedly been secured, and he is expected to become a Housemate on Wednesday, during the launch night of Celebrity Big Brother.

Other celebrities expected to join Duane are Coleen Nolan, Julie Goodyear, Julian Clary and Martin Kemp.

What do you think of The Bounty Hunter entering the Celebrity Big Brother House? Do you want him locked inside the celeb household? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. microsis on 1:06pm August 12 '12

    Oh he’s a bit scary ,not as scary as Mr Snuggles though

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Avatar of Eddy

      I watched his show a couple of months ago, and again today. He’s actually not scary, he seems like a really nice guy. It’s not like he’s going out hunting down random people.. he’s trying to get the bad guys, haha :D

  2. go the bounty hunter, he won’t put up with anythink :rock:

  3. Go Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, he wont put up with anythink :rock:

  4. i dont like the thort of the dog in there they have had 2 many usa ‘celebs’in the house in thd past. but the rest of the celebs sound like it will b a fun show. I’m sure it will b a much better show then this year show.

  5. u r so right star they have had 2 many usa celebs in the past keep it british. It sure will b a fun show..

    • AmericanCousin on 6:03pm August 12 '12

      Would it be more fun if it were any more British?

      • Jules on 6:08pm August 12 '12
        MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

        I am British and I love the American aspect coming into the scenario. After all why not isnt this how we learn about each others culture? Tbh the likes of many of the British people who are shown make me cringe.

        My young grandchildren have more sense and common courtesy than a lot of them. i would be ashamed to say that I was the parent of many of the HMs, especially with this last lot.

        ADAM to win….

        • Orchid333 on 7:42am August 13 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          JULES: You are such a wise person and talk a lot of sense. People should not be using this site to “dis” the Americans.

          I am going to New York next week and I am sure that they will welcome me as they have always done in the past. Some New Yorkers can be brash and rude sometimes but so can some of the , before anyone starts having a go at me about my comments, I am British and proud of it.

          Well done GB team in all of your achievements in the Olympics :star: :star:
          LUKE A to win.

    • dirtymonkey151 on 6:04pm August 12 '12

      how xenophobic.

  6. Jules on 6:11pm August 12 '12

    He will most likely be as soft as anything…….time will tell…..

  7. In the past celeb bb shows the usa celebs dont get bb b-cuz they have not seen the show b4 so i have found them borring that y. Any way there lots of uk celebs out of work let have the job. That y i say keep uk!

    • Athanie on 10:20am August 14 '12

      I think the American housemates has been the most interesting ones to watch BY FAR throughout the years…..

      Coolio, Verne Troyer (Mini Me), Tara Reid and members of the Jackson family.

      It doesn’t have to be Americans either, I enjoyed seeing Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) there especially since I’m Swedish :bigsmile:
      so please keep it mixed up :yes:

  8. Hi star you so right i hope julian clary in this year he is so funny i am looking forward to this celeb bb hope it better then this year show this year bb has bin a let down sara 2 win

  9. thank you jay 5. I hope julian clary in the show also he funny.

  10. on 12:03am August 13 '12

    I don’t think it really matters where they hale from, they will all be washed up hasbeens & wannabes, this isn’t meant in a derogatory sense. Because of there status they can be extremely funny & entertaining after all they are fighting to be noticed & loved by the public.

  11. With Duane (dog) already in we have 11-13 more people going in, lets hope we get some good surprise in there.

  12. MarkSalem on 4:54am August 13 '12

    Im an ex-pat who lives in Boston,USA now,and to be honest I wouldnt go on about the amount of americans in CBB,when England sends over their crap on a daily basis…Jeremy Kyle…Trisha Goddard…Cat Deeley….part of the reason I left the country in the first place.

  13. If your happy in usa and dont like uk tv why are you on uk fan site talking about big brother uk? I agree with you about jeremy kyle i dont like him i am happy he over there hope he stays.

    • MarkSalem on 3:16pm August 13 '12

      Where did I say that I didnt like UK tv? Im curious,can you highlight my quote where I say that?
      oops no you cant.

      • Orchid333 on 5:00pm August 13 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        MARKSALEM :hi: Good one. You’re too clever for STAR.

        Before anyone jumps on me for being vicious, condescending and accusing me of looking down on people as if they were uneducated, I WAS ONLY BLOOMING JOKING. :giggle: :giggle:

        Luke A to win :phone:

  14. im so happy hes going in, I loved Dog The Bounty Hunter!

  15. OMG star is so right some of u need 2 no wot a joke is. Any way why im here i just hope there r some hot fit guys going in the just like arron he is SO SEXY and that body and bum on him thank u god i just love

  16. no it should be uk celbs only

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