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Does Lydia have a game plan against Victoria?
Lydia's recent kind behaviour towards Victoria appears to...
| Day -371

Lydia’s recent kind behaviour towards Victoria appears to contradict what she has been saying about her fellow nominee to others.

Earlier today when feeling left out from the group, a teary Victoria was quickly consoled by Lydia, who said she understood what the model was going through.

“I’m not in a group either. I never thought I was a floater but I am in here. We’re both floaters,” she revealed.

However, in a previous conversation with Caroline, Lydia had explained her dislike towards Victoria.

“I can’t stand her,” she admitted. “Honestly. I just keep talking to her to p*** her off. I keep putting myself in her face because I love it in here.”

Furthermore, when preparing a steak salad at lunch, Lydia forgot to make a separate portion for vegan Victoria and instead offered her yesterday’s leftovers. Just what is Lydia playing at?

The pair face eviction on Friday along with Conor, who has kept a relatively low profile. Will that help him survive the public vote?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Emma on 7:27pm June 7 '12

    i would like connor to be evicted , and would hope that people would agree due to the fact he has been so quiet. With the girls, we know things are going to happen a few days or weeks down the line. Im sure Lydia and victoria will have things to say about each other aswell as the other housemates , that could cause a few arguements.

  2. Sally on 9:52pm June 7 '12

    I dont think lydia will be in the house long.Thats if she stays on Friday.

  3. rionablue on 12:35am June 8 '12

    I dont like Victoria either Lydia. I think she reckons she is above everyone else. Conor and Lydia to stay I would like to give them a chance

  4. coff3e on 12:39am June 8 '12

    alec or dose any 1 know when the links page will b back :wink:

  5. lorna22 on 5:17pm June 8 '12

    OMG lydia is being so fake making out she’s victoria’s friend when all along she dislikes her…. get her out….

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