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Deana leaves in 3rd place
Deana, the favourite to take the Big Brother 2012 crown going into...
Alec | Day -304

Deana, the favourite to take the Big Brother 2012 crown going into tonight’s final, has finished in third place.

The 23-year-old was thrown into Big Brother at the deep end, after being given a launch night task to nominate three housemates within 90-minutes of entering the house.

Nominating Victoria for having “evil eyes” caused friction from the off, and it was a difficult journey for Deana thereon in.

The current Miss India UK was the most nominated housemate but survived five evictions to reach the final.

Do you think Deana should have won?

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  1. That’s stupid, she should’ve won.

    • An Asian woman win in this country , don’t be silly. The only reason Shilpa Shetty won CBB was because it had become an international/political/media debate, although Deana has been subjected to just the same abuse. Hope she makes complaint to the police. She should have won, but the baying racist crowd much prefer a wife beater.

      • the bullying and sadness those horrible people (Conor, Ashleigh, Caroline, Luke S and Arron) put her through, she deserved it. i know she was a bit of a wierdo on the last week but she was just exited

      • Jules on 10:56pm August 13 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Tbh for me it doesnt matter what nationality anyone is, Deanna is beautiful and she could have won she had a lot of support. All the forums were saying vote for Deanna etc. etc. far more than they were saying for the others.

        We just have to remember that the Insiders were outside and they were against her, I have no doubt at all that their supporters would have voted for others instead of her. A lot of it is tactical and nothing to do with nationality, colour or creed. Connor had many supporters as did some of the others, put them altogether and what have we got? I cannot understand why they were booing her but did wonder if it began in the departed HMs area. I may be wrong.

        I was most surprised at Luke S saying that he wanted Adam to win, I thought he would have said Sara tbh.

      • amazonfreak on 4:21am August 14 '12

        @Amazonicseige –Seriously? You sound racist to me. Don’t assume she didn’t win because of her race. It belittles her. Luke A and Adam were better housemates

        • @ Amazonfreak, You belittle the abuse Deana endured in the house by your insistent denial, as you refuse to acknowledge that she was targeted as a woman and because of her cultural heritage i.e scott and ashleys rant over her eating habits. Even on her eviction “interview” she commented Conor took a dislike to her on just seeing her. You must be very naive and sheltered if you cannot grasp the essence of insidious, covert isms. Maybe you are happy to see overt or sublime forms of discrimination , which makes you a racist not me.

      • Yes of course it’s all cos she Asian nothing to do with the fact that she slurped when ate food and was annoying all to do with the fact that she isn’t English love how people like u r so small minded to think everything about race people can take dislike to black or white people without it being a racist thing u no

  2. owen0912 on 9:48pm August 13 '12

    GET IN!

    GO ADAM!


  3. Minnie on 9:58pm August 13 '12

    So glad Deana was the first one out of the Outsiders! GO ADAM!!!!

  4. str-8-edge on 10:01pm August 13 '12

    ———-GO ADAM————-

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 outsiders making it to the end!! Goo Adam!!

  6. str-8-edge on 10:02pm August 13 '12

    ———-GO ADAM——-GO ADAM————–

  7. Sally on 10:18pm August 13 '12

    Deana was my favourite .Well done good luck for the future.

  8. arvintaylor on 10:34pm August 13 '12

    See that’s why I dont like these finals! Deana should have won. Always ends in disappointment

    • Jules on 10:44pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      It wasnt a disappointment, they made it together, one for all and all for one. Well done the final three you deserved to be there each and every one of you. They overcame……

    • Orchid333 on 5:33am August 14 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      ARVINTAYLOR. Bad loser. :smirk:

    • Jules on 12:33pm August 14 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      It only ends in disappointment for those who want a certain person to win. The thing is though at the end of the day as we know, it comes down to votes and more voted for Luke A and Adam than they did Deanna. The forums and twitter have been rife with people saying vote for Deanna but it was possibly the same people over and over again. She was third, a great place when we consider what she has been through and how much BB seemed to have been for the bitchiest and the nastiest aspect in the house.

      At the end of the day though, the three were together and they overcame the rest of the house. A magnificent achievement when we consider that we were afraid they would be picked off one by one.

      Deanna is ok, she is a fighter and she has won a few things for her future. She is a lovely person and many loved her and are disappointed. Many of us voted for all three all the way through so I was well pleased.

      • Jules on 12:35pm August 14 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Also sadly those who went out from the Insiders wouldnt have wanted Deanna to win because they favoured Connor, it became a fight to the end really and I have no doubt that they are well pleased that she didnt. I was surprised that Luke S said Adam to win, I would have thought he would have gone for Sara tbh.

  9. Well done Deana,,,the soldiers won in the end……

  10. on 10:55pm August 13 '12

    Would love Deana to make official complaint to the police & then eventually Connor has to pay her 50k ! A dream I know but it’s good to dream?

  11. I was really glad to see Deana in the final 3 with her two friends Adam and Luke A. I felt as though she should have won but was happy with either of those three winning. i felt like Deana was the only one in the house to really see through the bullshit..and at the end when she felt comfortable enough to have a voice..when she was joking around to Luke S it was the funniest part of the whole series, and she actually had the guts to say those things to his face unlike some of the other cowards that were in that house that spoke behind her back. It was unfair that Connor got to walk out with 50k..AND it was really unfair that Connor and Luke S were allowed to go into the White room off of the family votes..I think it would have been a more fair outcome had the housemates had been able to vote themselves..but it just seemed as though, despite the horrible behaviour, that the production team was really on the side of the insiders. How many formal warnings were they willing to dish out before action would have been taken…Caroline Connor Ashleigh Becky and Aaron were the most disgusting people I have ever seen in my life..I wish those people nothing good.

    • Orchid333 on 5:31am August 14 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      CANADIANFAN. I agree with your comments. But just remember, Conor did say tonight that he had not received any money yet. :smirk: That was obvious anyway in how he was dressed. :giggle: :giggle:

      :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

      • Oh really that is great to hear..I haven’t seen anything but the show yet…have not seen any links to bit on the side show up online yet, will have to look for it tomorrow! But thanks for the info, hopefully some justice will be served!

    • Jules on 12:44pm August 14 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Hi there, I wouldnt agree that Deanna was the only one to see through the b***s*** tbh, do you remember Adam saying to her “pick your battles wisely”? Sadly I think the past two weeks since Connor went, lost her a lot of support. She was indeed funny bless her but it didnt do her any good. That week she went down from first favourite to second, it damaged her. People seemed to have forgotten what had happened in past weeks. This is why, as we know, those last few weeks are crucial and votes can be lost just like that.

      When we are shown past clips it is surprising how much we have forgotten, I know I have. I realised just how much they were altogether, Scott, Luke S, Caroline, Becky, Ashleigh. Wont be going back over the clips though as we have had a brilliant result tbh. :handshake:

  12. ha ha ha

  13. ha ha deana lost the 50k and conner has won ofcon cant stop conner geting the 50k he won it.

    • He might need it in legal fees yet, he isnt in the clear by any means.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 8:08am August 14 '12

      Yep, remember over 100 people complained to Ofcom about Conor receiving the 50K, so depending on the outcome of the investigation, they could actually keep it from him. That’s probably exactly why he hasn’t received it yet. Maybe they will rule against him and Luke A will end up getting double the prize money. :rofl:

    • Jules on 12:48pm August 14 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      No matter what Star, the money wont do him any good at all. Best to keep ones dignity than to cheat on a fellowman. It will catch up on him eventually, all his bullying and sitting there with his little gang doing his dirty work for him…….yuck……

      Remember how Adam brought him down to size with words when they were all stood on the box trying to win a tele. Wisdom is far greater than collecting others to do ones dirty work. He walked out on all of them!!!

  14. why didn’t they show deena conors rant live if it wasn’t an issue maybe with some luck conor won’t get the money nasty little boy should’nt have been allowed in the studio.

    • Yes i was waiting for them to show it….
      But no…..
      What does that tell you….
      They were in the wrong not throwing Conor out when he said these things….
      Mmm…don’t think this is the end of it ,,somehow !!!
      Justice may still prevail…….

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Anon i think its time to accept that Conor has got the money n has probably spent it by now so it will not be taken bak off him.,,Deana coming 3rd shows she had support but not as much as Luke A n Adam, they were bettr HMs, Deana’s downfall was her true side coming out after conor left n im sorry to say the public n myself cud c the real her for the 1st time once the sympathy washed away n i didnt like her. She was vain, spoilt n came accross as sly n selfish. Im indian n cannot stand wen white n any other colored race cannot say anything about eachother without the race card being shown. Absolutely disagree. Ppl who r now trying to say she lost cz she’s indian its complete rubbish. If every undeserving person won becoz of their colour then this society wud b even more messed up than it is now. Nxt time im waiting in line at the super market i’ll ask to b let thru 1st cz im indian n they r being racist for making me wait.

        • Oh dear Anon…Conor has not received his money yet,,he said so himself on TV last night..
          My favourite was Luke A but i also loved Adam and Deana,,,and i quite enjoyed Deana having a go back,, she was only taking the mickey by no means being a bully, just showing she wasn’t going to be intimidated anymore…i thought it was quite funny…
          Deana , Adam and Luke A have no idea what Conor said, they have yet to hear about that,,,

          :music: :music: :music:

          • Jillie on 10:57am August 14 '12
            MEMBER (45 COMMENTS)

            Absolutely right Biddy. Could’nt agree more. I think when Deana sees the fottage of Conor’s verbal attack on her she will be horified as probably her family have been. I just hope they take some legal advice on this issue and sue C5. Conor should have been thrown out of the house after his discusting behaviour … no question.

        • Jules on 12:52pm August 14 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          I agree with you there Anonymous, to make an excuse of her being Indian is so wrong. Many loved her and many voted for her, the forums and tweets showed this over and over again. This factor seems to have only just come up. I still say it was a fight to the end between her and Connor, Connor had his gang outside. His friends and relations and his uncle in BB?

          This is why when lovely Lauren left, she was good for the outsiders, she praised them and gained support from others. It was then we realised just how popular they all were.

  15. JaniceR on 9:44am August 14 '12

    That would have been horrid! can’t believe you think that would have been great. You’ve obviously been corrupted by BB. She will see it soon enough ,but to subject her to it during her interview would have been awful. BB should have shown it to Ashliegh etc and challenged them though. They all seem to still be thick as thieves.
    Did you see Becky grinning and looking like she totally supported Adam and Luke A?!!!!

    • Orchid333 on 11:06am August 14 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Now then JANICER, before you jump down my throat, Sara was lovely last night and had not a drink!!! Let’s hope that she learns something when she looks back at BB – and no, I am not being condescending. Just expressing an opinion.

  16. Anonymous thank u for wot u said i agree with u wot u said is all true.

  17. rhero on 10:33am August 14 '12

    it was cool that the “soldiers” were the final 3.. a nice slap in the face to the insiders haha
    congrats deana! :yes:

  18. She deserved to win it all yes. But the fact that the outcome was the 3 of them at the top. Could not have hoped for a bigger slap in the face to the others. Happy for the 3 of them. Here’s hoping that Deana makes a LOAD of money in the outside world. That far exceeds anything Conor gets from being a total PRICK inside the house. Karma is a good friend and Conor will meet him soon. :clapping:

  19. Sally on 12:56pm August 14 '12

    :hi: guys and girls have a look on Home page.
    A look back at Big Brother 2012 for some good images.

  20. AmericanCousin on 5:06pm August 15 '12

    Just because she was bullied doesn’t mean she deserved to win. I think Luke A. winning was perfect. Albeit, I am happy she was in final three.

  21. she was borring 2 face and fake she shurd have bin kick out in the frist week. Conner is the true winner this year he play the game well and never vote out that wot big brother is a game show.

  22. Jules on 10:08pm August 15 '12

    I would agree with you Star had he not cheated so much, had he not been so nasty, had he….I could go on and on and on……cant stand to look at the bloke.

    The money wont do him any good in the long run because he is what he is and a lepoard doesnt change his spots.

  23. it makes me think why conner was like that, then it came to me it must have been the way he was brought up cause certain family members of conners were saying racial remarks about deana on conners fbook fan page, then when ppl where kickin off there tried to back track and tell ppl not to write stuff on there, yet there thought it was fun to start with PATHETIC

  24. bb is game show conner won 50k and like him or not he was not vote’t out and he played a good game that’s why there are two winner’s this year conner and luke a. good on them both

    • Jules on 11:08am August 16 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      The only reason he didnt get voted out was the fact that we didnt have vote to evict also there were to many others in there who needed to be out. He just sat back and groomed them all clever man and idiots the others for idolising him and doing his bidding. They all fell by the wayside thank goodness. He would never have won fairly.

  25. yes he would have.

  26. star i agree with you BUT THEY HAVE GONE it now celeb bb so much better and so funny.

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