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Deana favourite for Big Brother crown
With five housemates remaining, Deana is the favourite to win Big...
Alec | Day -304

With five housemates remaining, Deana is the favourite to win Big Brother 2012 ahead of tonight’s series finale.

After 70 days in the Big Brother house and 12 previous evictions, tonight the series comes to an end with Adam, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara all hoping to bag the £50,000 prize.

Fansite polls and bookies agree that Deana is the favourite to triumph. Bet365 currently have odds of 13/10 for her to win, and 37% of visitors to Total Big Brother have voted for the reigning Miss India UK.

The online polls suggest it will be a close battle between Adam and Luke A to claim the runner-up spot, with Sara not too far behind in fourth.

As things currently stand here on TBB, Adam (13/5) has 22% of the votes to win, Luke A (13/5) has 21% and Sara (8/1) has 16%.

You can vote in our poll below:

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Luke S, the only ‘insider’ to reach the final after securing a pass during the White Room task, looks set to finish 5th with only 4% of votes in our poll, and has outside odds of 66/1 to win.

How do you think the last five housemates will finish tonight?

Coverage of the live final begins at 9PM on Channel 5.

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  1. WOO come on deana!! If she doesnt win then Either Adam or LukeA any off them and i will be happy xD

  2. please let luke a win. Deena is soo sly, and really doesnt need the money. She really doesnt deserve to win, she is nasty.

  3. rach2301 on 6:33pm August 13 '12

    there is no way deana should win, all she has done is winge and nothing else. adam to be the winner plzzzzzz :nod:

  4. Deana is winning the show according to the stats. But the stats may not accurately reflect the public opinion, who are actually voting via cell phones. They are only meant for an approximate projection of a certain possibility.

    I am personally hoping Luke A wins but wouldn’t mind if deana gets the crown. She had suffered a lot at the hands of certain people in the house and she handled it gracefully. And she performed akarma (not karma) by getting back at Luke S, who deserved it. Overall a fair result, I must say.

  5. Jules on 6:46pm August 13 '12

    ADAM preferably to win but will be happy for any of the three to win. Adam and Luke A are so close that their odds keep on changing. Nothing in it at all. Well done to all of them imo.

  6. yeahyeahyeah on 7:12pm August 13 '12

    5…Luke S 4…Sara 3…Luke A 2…Adam 1…Deana

    I’d like Luke A to be runner up, but quite often the one we want in the lead ends up being 3rd for some reason. Adam will probably sneak into #2 spot. Happened with Jedward and Gareth in CBB and also Alex in BB12.

  7. I will be sooooo annoyed if Deana wins,I can’t stand her ! she doesn’t deserve it.Hope Luke A wins or Adam x

  8. Really hope :party: Luke A wins tonight with :party: Deana and :party: Adam taking 2nd and 3rd places, but if Deana wins I’ll be happy too coz she deserves it for what she’s been through in the house with :puke: Conor & Co.

    :angry: Sara is only in the final as she hardly ever got nominated for eviction, she would not be a worthy winner and neither will that snake :puke: Luke S, in fact he will be first out tonight! :giggle:

  9. arvintaylor on 7:44pm August 13 '12

    Go on deana :love:

  10. Oh dear,,,have just seen a picture of HM’s arriving at tonights show…..
    Sitting on one side we have::::::Victoria, Chris, Lydia
    Benedict and Lauren……… :love:

    On the other side we have::::::Scott, Becky, Ashleigh,
    Conor, Caroline and Shievonne ….No sign of Arron… . :angry:

    Luke A to Win :party:

    :music: :music: :music:

  11. Adam to win :yes: :yes: :yes:

  12. rionablue on 8:27pm August 13 '12

    Sara to win. Come on Sara :yes: :yes: :yes:

  13. Jules on 8:33pm August 13 '12

    Come on Adam you can do it….

  14. dragon on 8:33pm August 13 '12

    Let’s face it the favourite miss has often put her foot in it thereby causing a lot of upset in the house. She really does not deserve to win.

  15. DEANA has earned it.. plain and SIMPLE..

  16. brokenangel on 9:34pm August 13 '12

    The last 3 remaining all deserve their place to the end. I hope Luke A wins though, but if not, Adam or Deana I will be pleased for.

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