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Deana apologises for launch night nominations
After being forced to nominate as part of Big Brother's evil...
| Day -372

After being forced to nominate as part of Big Brother’s evil launch night twist, Deana acted swiftly to build bridges with the nominees.

Before having the chance to become properly acquainted with her new housemates, Deana nominated Lydia, Victoria and Conor to face eviction on Friday.

Shortly after her task, the current Miss India UK approached Lydia in the living area to apologise.

“I’m sorry. Big Brother was saying ‘Quick, quick, say a name’ and when I looked to the left you were there,” she explained.

“Why couldn’t you look to the right?” Lydia joked, before claiming she would not have voted for Deana had she been put in the same position.

“At least you don’t have evil eyes!” Victora told Lydia, refering to the reason why she had been nominated.

Deana accepted they were “stupid” reasons and said another factor in her selection was that some housemates were covering up their name badges, but the girls reassured her it was fine.

Do you think the nominated trio will accept it’s part of the game or take their nominations personally?

Big Brother continues with highlights of Day 1, tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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  1. “At least you don’t have evil eyes!” :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :yes:

    To be honest, live nominations was a massive let down. I miss the days of big exciting tasks on launch night. The best they could have come up with was that. :(

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • aamile95 on 10:30am June 6 '12

      Yeah I completely agree. That task was such an obvious choice and too similar to Cbb with Kerry katona! Now we have to evict when we don’t really know anyone! A cleverer task would have been better ie something that would really create tension !

      • Yea, I also hate that we are evicting already. Also the three that are up, I like, so it’s a double whammy.

        Got to say that I was impressed with Brian’s performance last night. Lets hope he stays less scripted and more fluid.

        BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
        • Sally on 4:21pm June 7 '12
          MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

          I agree with you about Brian he was much better.A more relaxed style altogether. It is far to early to start evicting people.

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    • microsis on 12:06pm June 6 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Any chance of names under pictures Alec
      Oh dear ! Want Want Want
      :music: :music: :music:

  2. Avatar of

    Don’t like deana so far. She promised big things, and now she’s going round saying sorry… letting us down already :wondering:

  3. microsis on 10:32am June 6 '12

    Oh dear ,that must have been hard :whew:
    First impressions ,
    The hms who appears nice and friendly on first contact. Are the ones to look out for Deana
    Who would you have chosen ????

    • Avatar of

      I would’ve chosen Conor, Luke, Chris. Only because it’s 99% clear that the public would get rid of Conor, instead of Chris or Luke. And Conor isn’t that ineresting..

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  4. coxyy on 11:02am June 6 '12

    Rubbish task for launch! Deana doesnt even know them yet so that was competely pointless, maybe should of done a better task and let them nominate tomorrow! cause Deana didnt even have time for a long first impression :shake:

  5. Fudge on 11:07am June 6 '12
    Avatar of

    I agree with you coxyy. I think Deana did quite well considering. I’m disappointed that they seem to have chosen Victoria as the representative for the 40 something ladies. Thought there was going to be more of an age mix this year. Hmmm
    Also, don’t think Deana will turn out to be very popular with the younger competitive girls, she’s far too beautiful :nod:

  6. louise1971 on 11:57am June 6 '12

    dont like deana at all ! looks like she thinks shes better than everyone else (NOT).

  7. deogratius on 1:36pm June 6 '12

    can i download any video from here to my local machine? …..if yes, how?


  8. Joseph on 3:43pm June 6 '12

    OK it may create a bit of tension in the house, but evicting someone after a few days is bad enough, nominating after an hour of entering is silly if you can’t give proper reasons. I think they could have done something a bit different…

    I don’t think Lydia took to being nominated too well though :bigsmile: Looking forward to seeing the full aftermath tonight…

  9. debbz2012 on 3:46pm June 8 '12

    hard decision you tried

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