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Deana and Luke A disagree over house divide
Deana feels their is still a divide between the contestants, but...
Alec | Day -311

Deana feels their is still a divide between the contestants, but Luke A is feeling more positive about relations in the house.

The pair were alone in the kitchen this morning having breakfast when Deana sung: “Some porridge in my tummy, waiting to face the battle today.”

“It’s not a battle anymore, Deana,” claimed Luke.

“Oh Lukey, you are so blind, yet so loveable,” she replied. “We’re going to have to beg to differ on this one and talk about it again in the evening.”

“I’m being honest, but okay, let’s say there’s less of a divide now,” Luke compromised.

“It doesn’t matter less or more, the fact is it’s still there. For me it has been a battle,” said the current Miss India UK, who has survived three evictions during the series.

“It has been a battle, but it’s not anymore. I just want to enjoy myself,” explained Luke.

Deana concluded: “I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself, just that there’s a divide. If want to say whether there is or isn’t, that’s your choice, but my choice is that it’s still clearly there.”

Do you think a divide remains in the house following the exit of three ‘Insiders’ in the last two weeks?

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  1. yes there is still a divide b cuz daena still game playing she bin game playing from the start.

  2. 5169paul on 3:20pm August 6 '12

    LUKe A dont trust this woman (DEANA) shes been playing a crafty game from the start and its obvious to me that shes a rich woman and also a greedy one. she wanted the whole prise money and when she said she wouldnt have let the money go above £12.000 before pressing the button if she had been in the white room was a load of bullshit.the blatent rules of noms has again been broken in a spectacular manner today with big gob ashleigh luke s and sara. if this is allowed to happen one has not to be very clever to work out the mathematics if all four insiders vote for deana and luke a then they will be up. yes the two most popular house mates in the house.BB will be ever so pleased as these two should get thousands of votes and BB will get back some of the money they gave connor.its been fixed from the very start and it will be to the very end.

    • Orchid333 on 3:53pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      Hi 5169PAUL. I agree with you about Ashleigh, Sara and Luke S talking about nominations. I shall be so cross if BB does not punish them (not cutting off the blooming water) PUT THEM UP FOR THE PUBLIC VOTE. Although all 3 were discussing nominations and influencing them, Ashleigh came straight out and said to Puke S (sorry Luke S) “you won’t vote Scott will you?”. Does the idiot think if she says it quietly, she will get away with it? But on BB’s production of the show she may well do. :whew:

      LUKE A to win :star: :phone:

      P.S. Did you read the comment I posted recently where I said that your user name makes you sound like a prisoner or soldier? (this is just a joke) :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  3. Flufferx on 3:38pm August 6 '12

    I honestly can’t blame Deana for having that feeling. She’s been treated like shite since the beginning of the show. The people they want her to cozy up with and be friends with now, were just recently saying horrible things about her.

  4. 5169paul on 3:45pm August 6 '12

    just had a thought if its a double eviction on friday then there will have to be at least three up today as if there are only two it would not be worth voting they will both go

  5. Of course there is still a divide, just look at the BB website with Trashleigh discussing noms with her insider mates, including Sara and Scott. They are weighing up how many votes it will take to remove the ‘top two’ as they so craftily say. Stop slagging Deana off just because she is telling it like it is. She has endured a helluva lot more than any of them in that house and feels free to express herself now that Conman and the Chunkster have gone. LukeA and Adam, her former friends, are getting worried about siding with her now and trying to distance themselves ….
    hope they don’t nominate her now, wouldn’t be surprised. Because of noms talk they should all be put up. That is how it is usually done with only a week to go. BB should let them nominate, then play it back to them so they can see just how 2 faced they are and then tell them the noms are forfeit. :angry:

  6. hi 5169paul just read yr comments thank u it is all true wot u said thank you.

  7. Deana feels there is a divide because she is intent on keeping it going. Ashleigh will have nominated her because she has snapped at her on at least 2 occasions we’ve seen and Luke S will nominate her.
    I don’t think more tah 2 votes are needed at this stage for someone to be up.
    By the way 2 weeks ago didn’t BB say the HM nominated for the last time?!
    Should all have been up automatically.

  8. dragon on 5:16pm August 6 '12

    I think it is about time Deana realised life is not all about her. If she wants to enjoy herself for the last stretch, she should just go with the flow. So what if there is still a divide in the house, nothing is going to change it.

  9. poppy44 on 6:11pm August 6 '12

    Let the games begin. :wink:

  10. Oh my god! Have you all forgotten how the insiders have treated Deana, bullied her on her race, her career, her looks. If anyone would feel the divide its her! She has been strong, considering she literally had to stand her own ground by herself. At many times in the program, she stood on her own.

    Before the Outsiders manipulated her and recruited her in there camp. If anyone out of the three soldiers deserves to win it’s Deana! Luke A is good too. I had a lot of respect for Adam initially until I witnessed him evading any type of conflict where Deana was concerned, and cleverly removed himself from it, so he would not be voted by the insiders. As opposed to helping his insider mate.

    Also do not forgot the number of times Ashleigh manipulated Sara, to stir about Deana influencing Sara to vote against her. when Deana clearly had done nothing of the sort re: liking Carole. Also at the beginning she shit stirred to Connor too that she was going from one group to the other, which was also not true.

    If anyone deserves to win it’s Deanna, she has been the only true solider. Both insiders and outsiders tried to recruit her.

    It’s Asheliegh stirring, as she has started only since last week putting ugly seeds in peoples mind, i.e. Deana is rich and has a business. I bet going by what little bit on the side reveals Ashleigh is the richer one. But regardless why mention all these new things about her financial status unless she is manipulating people to go against the true winner.

    Ashleigh states to Luke S (when he is in a low mood after Connor his best mate ran off with the loot, he wanted so desperately on Friday).

    Ashleigh exact words were “I will pay for us to go to Dubai.” Realizing her mistake she then goes on to my parents our rich I am not…. Ashleigh and Luke are playing us the public!

    Ashleigh for someone playing she does not know so much, she sure now about playing the game and putting seeds in peoples mind.

    Besides its not about the money who gets it and what they do with it (apart from Connors which was morally in just.. etc….) I feel personally if you reward Connors behavior you should compensate Deanna.

    But the real question is WHO DESERVES IT?

    Deana does.

    • Not really. Luke A and Sara deserve it. That said if Deana won it would nearly be worth it to see the look on Conors face. He is the vilest person ever to be in the Big Brother house!!!!!

    • When did the insiders ever try to recruit Deana?!
      No, Conners rant against Deana was wrong but that didn’t involve all of the insiders and Deana didn’t hear it so that doesn’t mean she should win . Also Deana has been involved in disputes with the insiders but so has Luke A and Adam. The person who was really bullied was Lauren.
      Adam did get involved in an argument with Deana over the shopping list so again you a wrong. Also surely the insiders would enjoy him arguing and that would save him ,I don’t follow you what you say.
      Deana wasn’t recruited by the soldiers, the soldiers are her thing. Adam and Luke told her that if she left last friday the soldier thing would have gone with her.
      There is one week left and what I see is a happier house where Deana and Ashleigh are the two that are continuing the divide. I’d like to think that we could have a couple of bitchless days before the end of the series.

  11. i think ashleigh is crude her language is cheap her dress sence resembles this her feet are filthy luke s was much more compatable with sara shes more lady like snd has manners ashleigh should have gone a few weeks ago luke s wouldnt have battered an eye lid but perhaps a sigh of relief

  12. agreed :yes:

  13. AmericanCousin on 11:28am August 7 '12

    Deana has been through quite a lot and perhaps is bitter. I don’t expect her neither Luke A. nor Adam to go running into the arms of the slowly dismantled insiders’, but I do expect the outsiders’ game plan to be that of “you get more flies with honey than vinegar”. Deana has been a bit over the top with all the antagonistic attitude towards people in the house. She should’ve played her part as sweet Deana, to sway Scott, who proclaims to be on no ones side, and Sara for the swing votes. Insteand, she wants to walk around like she shits rose petals. All the people that have truly been nasty to her are gone! Ashleigh, Sara, and Luke S. haven’t been the nicest but they were just following Conor, Caroline, and Becky’s manipulation. I refuse to believe that Deana couldn’t have truly played the game(not the victim/not the bullied bullying) and gotten swing votes and perhaps been the one safe this week opposed to Luke A.
    This is why I am choosing Luke A. as winner, because he is such a sweet guy. Introspective, forgiving, and smart. I like Adam too, but he hasannoyed at times for kinda sitting on the fence when it came to some things, but I do understand his role. He is a black man and a former criminal. I’m suprised he’s still in the house. He’s def had to be better because any Conor-like antics would’ve gotten him thrown out, immediately.
    Luke A. or Adam for the win. Deana, already has servants, etc. She’ll be alright w/o the money.

  14. It is all fixed. We are the ones being manipulated. We get to see BB editing the programme at its best, so all the Deana stuff has probably been spliced and put back together to get the wave of sympathy from Joe Public. I don’t like Deana and there has to be a reason why none of the HM’s liked her, you just don’t not like someone at their ages. We see an hour a day of highlights and she bores me to death. I preferred her when she sat in a corner blending into the background, now she’s proven that she’s no better than the people she keeps slagging off. :devil:

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