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Day 56 in the Big Brother house
It’s day 56 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what...
| Day -317

It’s day 56 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the Housemates have been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s highlights show.


It’s nominations day again however, this week, in a surprising twist, it won’t be housemates nominating it will be their friends and families instead.

“It looks like it is going to be an amazing day” Luke A exclaims. Adam tells his fellow housemates that he won’t be sunbathing, while he enjoys the sight of Sara getting ready. Luke S is tidying up in the house whilst Sara, Becky, Scott and Conor sunbath.

In the living area, Luke A has Luke S on his mind again. “Luke S looked hot last night with all that stuff on his face,” he quips. “You think he looked hot?” questions Adam and Luke A tells him that he is being sarcastic. Luke A reminds Deana and Adam that she called Luke S a robot “to his face” during the task. Deana claims that Luke S’ kiss tattoo is his on/off switch and they all laugh. “I can kind of understand that tattoo on you’re a**e but not on your bicep. Cheese,” Luke A remarks. Ashleigh is in the garden wearing her bikini. Deana comments: “Urgh look she has got her boobs out.” Luke A remarks: “This sounds so wrong and it makes me cringe. But I would rather kiss him than her.” Deana continues to slate Ashleigh branding her actions “disgusting.”


In the garden, Ashleigh speculates why housemates have not yet nominated. “Maybe we’re doing something different,” Becky ponders. Sara tells Ashleigh and Becky that all housemates may be facing the public vote. In the bedroom Deana prays that she, Luke A and Adam will be okay.

Meanwhile in the garden, Becky has noticed that there is a lot more cleaning going on in the house. Scott agrees adding: “Yes, there is a lot of talking today.” Scott and Becky are insinuating that fellow housemates are behaving out of character because of the impending nominations. “Do you think people change their minds?” Becky asks Scott.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas. Big Brother announces their friends and families will be nominating on their behalf. “I knew it!” Luke A exclaims. Most of the housemates are silent. Housemates cheers as Sara’s mum appears on the TV screen. She nominates Becky and Scott who she brands as “a rather forgettable character.” Adam rants: “Our f**king friends and family were right here and we didn’t even know it!” Adam’s mum is next and nominates Ashleigh and Becky; Deana’s friend nominates Conor and Ashleigh; Conor’s girlfriend chooses Deana and Luke A.


Housemate’s friends and family have been nominating for the last 24 minutes. So far, Ashleigh and Becky have 2 nominations each; Conor, Luke A, Scott and Deana all have one nomination. Scott’s sister is next into the diary room and nominates Luke A and Deana; Becky’s sister nominates Luke A and Deana; Luke S’ mum nominates Luke A and Adam, Ashleigh’s dad nominates Luke A and Adam and finally, Luke A’s wife nominates Becky and Ashleigh. The housemates nominated for eviction are Ashleigh, Deana, Luke A and Becky and therefore, these four housemates will face the public vote.


It’s been 3-minutes since this week’s nominations ended. Becky is in the bedroom fuming about Luke A’s “disgusting” comments that her sister revealed. “It’s so rude to say that about me, she’s got more respect than her BMI, oh my God!” Luke A is in the garden and can hear Becky’s rant. “She’s loving this,” he tells Adam and Deana and explains that he made his comment about Becky without even thinking. In the bedroom, Ashleigh tells housemates: “The f**king public are seeing them for what they are, I’m so f**king happy!” “The best one was ‘soldiers’,” grins Conor laughing as he relays what his girlfriend and Becky’s sister revealed about Deana catchphrase.

In the garden Deana mentions how silly it is that housemates took the “soldiers” comments literally, “It’s a f**king joke,” laughs Luke A. Becky is heard shouting from the bedroom, “To say, that, to a girl is absolutely disgusting, how dare he say that!” “Is that over the top or is it just me,” questions Luke A in the garden. He tells Deana and Adam that he would like to apologies to Becky, “But not when she’s like that,” he adds and shakes his head. “Do you think I should just so one,” he asks and Adam says no. “They think I’ve got a game plan,” he worries. Deana reassures him and says that housemates’ friends and families are bound to stick up for their own, “This was bound to happen,” she adds. Deana and Luke A head inside; Becky is nearby and Luke A tries to apologies. “I do NOT, want to hear you out Luke!” she shouts and marches into the bedroom. “I’ve heard him out one too many times!” she yells.


Luke A has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. “I feel awful and ashamed of myself,” he starts and says that he regretted the BMI comment the moment he said it. “I tend to speak before I think,” he scolds. Some of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about Luke A. Luke S tells Becky: “What your sister said isn’t her personal opinion, it’s what he said,” he states. Becky reminds them that her sister also mentioned that Luke A had slated them all by referring to them as “dirty, arrogant, cheating, evil a**eholes.” In the diary room Luke A sits with his head in his hands and begins to cry. “I feel sick, all through my life I’ve tried to be a good person, now everyone thinks I’m an a**ehole, I’m not an a**ehole. I can’t physically do anything right in this house, I’ve tried to be civil to them, now look at it,” he moans.


Ashleigh is in the bedroom and tells Luke S that she is excited about Friday. “The house is divided,” he declares. After 28 minutes in the diary room Luke A returns to the house. Deana realises he is upset and gives him a long hug. “Everyone said nasty things, not just you, you said it for a reason,” she reassures him. But Luke A tells her that his comment wasn’t meant to be “malicious.” “It was a whole sentence said as a reaction to how she treated you,” she reminds him.


Sara is baffled by the comments her mum made about Scott during nominations. “I hope she discussed it with other people, I can understand Becky, but Scott, I have no idea,” she muses. Scott has come to the diary room and is also baffled by Sara’s mum’s comments. “If I had enemies that’s fine,” and says that the friends and families would always defend their own. He begins to cry. Luke S and Ashleigh are sharing a bath; they talk about Scott. “He needs to understand if people don’t like him,” Luke S whines and Ashleigh tells him that Scott is “trying to please everyone.” Luke S continues: “He’s got one nomination and he’s taken it really personally.” In the diary room Scott tells Big Brother that he doesn’t care about being nominated, just the comment that Sara’s mum made about him being a “rapscallion.” “Even though I love Sara, that’s not very nice, and they said I was a very unforgettable character,” he ponders. Scott then thinks about how Becky was described as someone who “spreads poison around, I just don’t like it.”


Sara is still confused and has come to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she understands why her mum nominated Becky “but not Scott, why would she say rapscallion?” Deana is in the garden rallying her cause. Luke A listens to her from the hot tub: “We’re on the good side, I don’t care if I say soldiers, at times this house has felt like a war, I don’t regret saying it!” she rants. In the kitchen, Becky jokes to Conor and Luke S: “I’m princess BMI” she declares before dropping down and attempts some press ups. In the garden Deana tells housemates, “We have been true to ourselves,” she adopts a dance stance and rants Ashleigh style: “I’m going to Ibiza, I’m gonna go to f**kin’ Ibiza, I’m gonna get me tits out,” she stops suddenly then asks: “Is that entertaining?” Luke A is laughing adding, “Yeah, what you just did there was!”


Sara is boosting Luke A’s ego as he sits in the hot tub. She tells him that he is good-looking adding: “I’ll be even happier when you get a d**k,” and housemates laugh. Ashleigh has had a change of heart and tells housemates that Scott “stuck up” for Luke A during the shopping fiasco. She mentions that Luke A goaded her by asking if she was going to get Luke S to stick up for her. “It’s awful how a 31 year old man can say something about a 19 year old girl,” Becky exclaims. Ashleigh says that when she leaves the house “I’ll grab the mic from Brian and shout that Luke A makes me physically sick!”


Some of the housemates are cowering in the bedroom in fear of a moth and Scott tries to catch it. Luke A, Deana and Adam are at the sofas discussing their day. Adam mentions that seeing their loved ones has make people miss them more. Luke A says that he now has to deal with the situation he has caused. “Everyday we analyse ourselves,” Deana muses and Luke A tells them not too, “We must all have a personality to be in here,” he exclaims. “The boring people always stay to the end,” Deana adds.


Ashleigh has lost her sense of direction and quizzes Conor on Ireland’s location. In the living area, Luke A tells Adam and Deana: “Despite all the s**t, I’ve still enjoyed it.” Becky goes into the diary room. “It’s been a bit of a weird day,” she starts. She mentions the nominations and tells Big Brother “I can’t believe my sisters been in here, I love her soooo much,” she beams. She giggles and cries at the same time and admits that Luke A’s comment about her BMI was hurtful, “It upsets me that my family were upset.” She continues: “I can’t bring myself to talk to him, there’s still the divide between soldiers, it will be me and Ashleigh that goes,” she presumes.

On the sofa, Luke A ponders: “Maybe my game plan thing is just my morals.” Becky runs through the living area to the bedroom and Adam and Luke A watch her silently. She tells housemates about her visit to the diary to the diary room and has tears streaming down her cheeks. Conor hugs her and she giggles: “Oooh, the fit boy wants to hug me,” and reveals that she “burst into tears,” in the diary room. “Right private, get to bed it’s going to be a ling day tomorrow,” mocks Luke S. “I couldn’t give a s**t, I just wanna go home,” Becky whines.

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  1. Drunk Deana was the definitely the highlight of today’s show. :D

  2. Get loud mouth over the top becky out…..and ashleigh too.
    Adam to win

  3. michelle920 on 11:43pm July 31 '12

    Get that fat ugly jabba the hut looking thing that calls itself Becky out of the house and down the clinic for a gastric band LOL.

  4. Its funny how on eviction night last week, most of the insiders got booed. Thats cos the public can see what nasty fake people they are. Ashleigh is as thick as 2 short planks and has a mouth like a toilet…..what a lovely lady….you got yourself a cracker there luke …LOL

  5. what gives conor the right to slate luke a for his comment about becki s bmi surely he remembers his comments about deana a few weeks ago and was lucky not to be kicked out as a result

  6. Absolutely agree with y ou BBUK BIGGEST FAN> Conor has said the worst things about any housemate and still they are fucking rallying around him like some GOD. When he leaves the house not a single magazine that values itsself will bother with him. I hope he doesnt make one single PENNY OUT of the whole experience. You know I would love Sara to win but Deana winning would probably be the icing on the cake as Conor would have handed it to her on a plate. From the time he was horrible to her her popularity skyrocketed just like Shilpa who went on to win the competition

  7. lisa dingle a mean becky must get put out she wasnt happy bout luke a comment toward her but she didnt seem to mind wen she was on the excersise bike and connor nd luke s were laffing at her mmm also wen she was in the pool and connor and luke were lafn at her but she didnt mind then as for beckys sis shes jst as bad becky

  8. brokenangel on 12:23am August 1 '12

    Nor did she mind weighing her boobs with Luke S having a grope !

  9. 5169paul on 12:24am August 1 '12

    was not gonna watch bbbots 2nite again i am disgusted with the anti LUKE A :love: demolition job what has that poor bloke done wrong that bitch becki slamming him in the diary room natalie cassidy :makeup: calling a back stabbing bitch ,she can talk after her performance on CBB.what was she but a nasty bitching twat. the that woman comedian diagnosing how luke had lost. of cause he has a lot to prove HES A MAN TRAPPED IN A WOMANS BODY. DOESNT ANY BODY FEEL SORRY FOR THE POOR GUY.GOOD ON YOU LUKE A HOPE YOU WIN CRAP ON YOU EMMA WILLIS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ANTI FAVOURTISM— HUMBUG. GET OFF LUKES CASE. ANYWAY WHO CHICKENED OUT WHEN CAROLINE OUT CAME PITY YOU HAD TOOTHACHE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT TWO BITCHES INTERVIEWING EACH OTHER.I PREDICTED THREE WEEKS AGO THAT CONNOR LUKE S AND ONE OTHER WOULD BE IN THE WHITE ROOM. WHY IS BBBOTS ON FOR 75 MINUTES WEDNESDAY NIGHT

    • Orchid333 on 7:33am August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      :yes: Good on you paul. I absolutely agree. I used to love Emma Willis. Not now. BBBOTS is probably on for 75 minutes to continue slating off the good outsiders. I do feel sorry for Luke A being trapped in a woman’s body and having to go through all he has to. I also feel sorry for Becky being trapped in her body :giggle:

  10. I hate bbbots. The show is getting stupider than ever and Emma Willis shrieks with laughter at her own lines as she is reading the autocue. The audience look like the dregs of society and the panel tonight were shocking.Natalie Cassidy finds Luke A. bitchy???!!! That silly puppet man was embarrassing and the other guy was unintelligible. This has been the worst BB and they really need to sit down and decide where this show is going in the future….ifthey have one. Too much bitching and bullying does not make enjoyable viewing. I had to stop watching until they got Caroline out. Now the grotesque Becky must go. Truly, her bmi must be 40 which means nearly half of her is fat. She is heading for diabetes and heart disease before she is 30. :angry:

  11. A shame the housemates only heard the comment Luke A made about Becky and not all the other nasty things said by other housemates. Time the supporters of Connor, Luke S and Becky woke up and smelt the coffee. Just hope the prize goes to someone who isn’t a foul mouthed, egotistical, vain, arrogant plonker which rules out any of the insiders.

  12. brokenangel on 2:44am August 1 '12

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Becky’s support page is stating that Collette has been in touch with BB and Becky is in bed with scot at her side after the fall out with Luke A and Collette telling a few home truths in the DR. This is not right surely ? How is it that what is happening in there being relayed to the public via her family. I know that the inmates are not allowed contact with outside world but is there not some code the family has to keep quiet?

  13. Ashleigh is one f’ug ass ugly herpe riddled skank!

  14. weird but the insiders family and freinds were no diffrent to their housmates. how comee bb let them tell everyone every little detail to cause trouble. connor is a coward. and in a ring i would knock him out and ashtrays dad as well. beckys whole pod i mean family are nasty bcoz of their heretitary weight problems. sara or deana to win

    • Orchid333 on 7:16am August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      :yes: Bez, did you notice on BB last night that Conor was agreeing with Becky that the BMI comment Luke A said was awful????? WHAT? How can he have the nerve to say that? Has he just forgotten about the disgusting rant he had about Deanna???????? :angry:

      • Fudge on 10:49am August 1 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
        Avatar of

        Exactly. Then he slapped Luke A on the shoulder to make sure he was alright. What a hypocrite. Luke A has only 2 real friends in that house, Adam and Deana. None of the others should be trusted.

  15. get laura back in

    • Orchid333 on 7:18am August 1 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      :yes: I loved her. Did you see her on BBBOTS last night in the dining clip? She was brilliant having a go at Caroline.

      • Yes, Orchid,she was brilliant. The girl is very smart and should never have been evicted. I’m sure she will tell Caroline like it is. As far as I am concerned, Caroline ruined the series with her evil bitching and ruined the experience for Lauren and no doubt some of the other nicer ones. Scott is so deluded, aligning himself with super-bitches Caroline and Becky.

  16. Orchid333 on 7:21am August 1 '12

    Does anyone not think that housemates’ family and friends could have got together and discussed nominations? :thinking:

    • brokenangel on 11:18am August 1 '12

      In answer to that yes-,defo – family had spent the weekend with other HMS family members and Caroline .Fact as it was stated on one of the HMS support page.
      If I also remember rightly on Becky’s hompage for support it was also asked by her boyfriend(if his name is Matt) ” I thought you were going to nominate the weaker ones?
      So obviously things had been rethought.

  17. Orchid333 – to bad she’s being bashing
    elsewhere on the internet its best not to say anything and just move on even if your unhappy.

  18. jennyjuniper on 8:32am August 1 '12

    So big man Conor is not only afraid of strong women, he’s also scared of a MOTH. I laughed my socks off seeing him cowering on his bed, while little Scott played the white knight. As for Becky’s family trying to milk the Luke A comment, anyone with half a brain (which rules out the insiders and all the production staff of BB and BOTS) could see it wasn’t a malicious comment, merely a truthful one. IF Becky is soooo hurt by comments like that then the answer is simple….give up the nug nugs, pizza, take-aways, huge helpings of anything that’s going and get rid of the stash under her bed.

  19. Agreed about Conor…..he makes out he’s this big hard man……he’s actually a disgusting pig for stuff he said earlier in the series. Like someone said….people have short memories.
    Also when caroline done the biscuits and chocolate shopping…….conor was laughing about it…..but he was only laughing cos the outsiders were really unhappy…..i bet he was fuming inside. 1 person who was happy about the shopping tho was Big becky… was like heaven for her, the greedy cow.
    And lukes bmi comment was said in the heat of the moment……..the truth hurts love……any excuse for the cameras to be on her. Adam,luke a, sara, or deana to win. They all seem like the nicest down to earth people in there…..the rest are revolting.

  20. Sally on 11:02am August 1 '12

    Last nights BB was horrible. Edited into a drama not a reality show.
    I am not a fan of Becky but she was truly upset trying to put a brave face on. but you could see at the end she was really hurt. Her sister should never have said those things surely its a sisters job to protect a sibling
    she must have known that Becky would see the noms.
    The public had already heard what Luke had said it was not going to help save Becky by repeating them.
    I noticed the outsiders family where kinder in their noms. than the insiders. What about the nom for scott from Sara mum she really slated him. Yes the most unhappy miserable show of the series. Its been a humdinger and the editers are sadists. :crying:

  21. Deana is playing a good game. Shes acting all nice and acting like a victim so the public can fell sorry for her. Shes always looking into the cameras when their on her she acts all nice shes boring and she is soso lazy. Sara to win shes kind caring and she has no game plan. Scott is nice too sara or scott to win.

  22. I’m not sure about Sara or Deana. Their too busy analysing everyone else and looking for issues. What was with Deana the other day speaking to her microphone and saying”I don’t know about him “- she meant Adam. Woman has a problem and she will win because of all the stuff with Conner and now his F&F.
    She’ll get the sympathy vote.
    Oh well lets hope CBB is better .

  23. :devil: i have watched bb since it began this is the worst series revolting people i cannot believe connor remains eveyone has double standards why have we not been shown fun times just constant backstabbing they all need to have a good look at themselfs when they come out i dont think anyone of them deserve to win maybe adam bring lauren back inthat will shake them up :rofl: :rofl:

  24. i still say she is playing a game. Do u really think she will see adam or luke a on the outside. Shes trying to get the public on her side shes not genuine. The public r not seeing this shes meant to be miss india what is doing on a show like this !!

    • ringer give it up, ur not convincing many here to turn against deana, its a bit sad tbh, a lot of the “guests” on here are dissing her cos they are obviously related to the axxholes, aka, the insiders

  25. Emma Willis has turned in a copy of Davina, dont like her at all.

  26. Luke A or Deana to win!!!!!! Hope Ashleigh or Becky go out next!

  27. davina is a good experinced presenter emma wills and alice levine r crap they jst havent got wot it takes to present what used to be a good show when chanel 4 had it yeah put lauren back in the house and lets c what happens

  28. TunTnuT on 3:56pm August 1 '12

    Did it appear to anyone else that the apple never falls far from the tree ???

    “Con Her”s girlfiend was a jealous spiteful bee-atch who can see he has a roving eye and a mouth that needs gargling with liquid detergent !

    “Re Belch A”s sister was an even nastier piece of replicated dna that g*d has had the misfortune of putting breath into !

    “Ash-canker-Me”s father was a few bricks short of a wall

    “Puke-Ess”s Mum… dull colourless and boring too !

    Scott’s sister… probably scott no mates too !

    Sara’s Mum… puts the mmmm in milf

    Adam’s Mum… obviously well liked by all housemates

    Deana’s friend… runner up for Miss India ???

    Luke A’s wife… standing up for her husband … good to see ! It was all about defence and not attack !

    And dinner on the side was amazing…

    I would not be surprised if CarolWhine doesn’t change her identity ! It’s a shame you cant buy a personality ! But we really cant blame her for her ignorance… that responsibility rests with her obviously inbred parents…

    And finally….

    Lauren did not need to win BB… a minute of exposure to the public eye is enough to recognise the intellect of this young lady… she will by her own grace go very far in this world !

  29. F.Y.I. Loisxo – the following was a conversation about Deanna several weeks ago:

    Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

    Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

    Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

    Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

  30. Ive just been on youtube and its been on the news in india about deana and conner, shaming us english get the insiders out

    • brokenangel on 7:47pm August 1 '12

      The comments that were on facebook were not only directed at Luke A , Deana and Adam, also the English too We were called “dirty English tricksters, the “English Cu**s ”
      Another comment : How can Deana ,Luke A and Adam pray to god when Luke A has gone against god by changing her sex,YOUARE A Joke A and wot GOD is Deana praying too, another comment: Did Sara say to Luke A she can’t wait for him to get a Dick, another comment by female suggesting that Luke A is taking a sexual interest in Luke S, A popadom with Deana face and name drawn on it.

      Some people have had the intelligence to save the comments as they have names by the side of them. The now Team Mackers open page has been closed and a new group with same name reopened but with a closed group, but members can still be seen.
      The transphobic and racist remarks were disgusting to say the least, have highlighted some of the less crude ones because it is upsetting.

      • jennyjuniper on 8:26pm August 1 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Brokenangel. I only heard about these comments, but they truly are created by morons are’nt they, nasty inbred morons no doubt. I’ve written about this to the Daily Express, hoping they will do a story on the hate campaign by the McIntyre brood. Seeing as you have more facts, and it always helps if more than one person complains about something, could you too contact the Daily Express ‘ as well? They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this. In fact if I were part of Deana or Luke A’s family I would be onto the police about them. Nasty, evil bunch that they are.(The McIntyres I mean, not the police)!!

        • brokenangel on 8:55pm August 1 '12
          MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

          I will contact them , yes.
          I see chanel 5 has blocked the version of conor’s verbal angry outburst, but it was shown on India’s news and copied on youtube in their language.
          No wonder BB was quick to call him into the DR.
          It would seem India thought it was bad enough to be shown on their news channel.
          So I wonder again- why is he sstill there !

  31. str-8-edge on 6:51pm August 1 '12


    • paulbad on 7:17pm August 1 '12

      conor to win, at least he is human and real, most of them especially the soldiers are hypocritical game players :rofl:

      • jennyjuniper on 8:28pm August 1 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        If you like your humans nasty, foul mouthed, thick, aggressive, racist and sexist then I suppose he is real.

      • Conor – Get your epilator, stick it up your ass. We don’t give a f**k, cause i’m gonna (inaudible). I’ll give her a fun game, i’ll stick this up her f*****g minge the stupid bastard. I’ll give her a f*****g epilator (pushes brush upwards)/ I’m gonna play loadsa pranks on her.

        Because she’s a f*****g piece of s**t. I don’t care if i get pulled up to the diary room.

        Ashleigh – What if she chucked water on ya

        Conor – I’d punch her in the face. Just knock her out (punches the air) I’d say, get up off the mat you piece of s**t.

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