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Day 49 in the Big Brother house
It’s day 49 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what...
| Day -324

It’s day 49 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the Housemates have been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s highlights show.


It’s is a bright sunny day and today, the 10 remaining housemates will nominate for the seventh time. However, Big Brother is throwing in a twist. Every housemate who receives one of more nomination will face the public vote.

Caroline comes to the dairy room and describes Monday as the most “tedious” day of the week. “Obviously Luke A will nominate me,” she guesses and tells Big Brother that there will be some “tactical nominations,” going on. She explains: “Luke S probably finds Scott more unbearable to live with but will nominate Luke A because Scott won’t receive many nominations.”

She also claims that Luke S was being tactical when he failed to nominate Adam during the face-to-face nominations, “Even though Adam is his least favourite person.” Caroline admits that she is lucky to have lasted so long in the house and would be fine if she were to leave on Friday.


Conor is in the bathroom preparing Scott for a day in the sun by spraying him with sun cream. Some of the housemates are in the garden sunbathing. Becky’s sun bed collapses and they all giggle. Unbeknownst to the housemates, this week there is a twist to the nominations. Each housemate that receives one nomination or more will face the public vote this week. Adam is the first housemate to nominate and names Caroline and Sara. Next up is Becky who nominates Luke A and Deana.


Conor is hatching a plan in the garden and decides to try and fry an egg on the plastic garden table. who receives one or more nomination will face the public vote. Sara is the next housemate to nominate and names Luke S and Ashleigh. Some of the housemates are in the garden as Conor checks on the progress of his egg experiment. “You need to use a magnifying glass!” suggests Ashleigh.


Luke A is the fourth housemate to nominate and names Caroline and Conor and Ashleigh nominates Luke A and Deana. Adam asks Conor the question on everyone’s mind, “Has if fried yet?” Conor says it hasn’t. Ashleigh joins Scott and Becky for a bitch about Sara. They all agree that Sara never cooks and Becky adds: “She hangs around the kitchen waiting for someone to cook so that she can have some!” “She’s like Deana,” adds Ashleigh.

Then talk turns to Deana and Becky says that she didn’t like to watch Deana dance when they were treated to music in the house, “She watches the cameras,” she adds. “She can’t get her body out but she can dance like that!” Ashleigh snaps.

Luke A is the next housemate to nominate and names Caroline and Conor. Ashleigh nominates Luke A and Deana. Caroline is called to nominate and names Adam and Luke A. Luke S nominates Adam and Deana.


Conor and Luke S are taking Becky’s fitness regime into their own hands. Becky is lying at the side of the pool and they gently roll her in. She explains that she enjoys Zumba “and s**t like that,” but doesn’t like normal exercise. Conor and Luke S instruct Becky through some water aerobics exercises. Caroline is watching from the living area and scoffs: “Why is Becky doing water aerobics, she doesn’t even like exercise?” “She doing it for the camera,” quips Deana. Becky continues her pool workout but looses her top a few times but laughs along with Luke S and Conor.


It’s been over three hours since Conor tried to cook an egg in the garden. Luke S checks on its progress. “The yoke has congealed,” he announces. Deana is the next housemate to nominate and names Conor and Caroline; Conor nominates Deana and Sara. Scott is the next housemate to nominate and keeps Big Brother waiting while he applies “a bit of colour” to his face. He nominates Luke S and Deana. Having received one nomination or more housemates Adam, Ashleigh, Caroline, Conor, Deana, Luke S, Luke A and Sara will all face the public vote to save. Becky and Scott receive no nominations and are therefore safe for another week.


For today’s task, housemates will compete in a fruit based challenge, boys verses girls. The aim of the game is to make their melon explode before the other team by wrapping rubber bands around its centre. Luke S gives a running commentary as the boys launch into the task: “The girls are all over the place, they don’t even know what day it is.” After 5 minutes and 8 seconds the boys’ melon bursts. As winners of the task they will be rewarded with drinks later.


Earlier today housemates nominated for the seventh time, but this time there was a twist involved. Each housemate who received one or more nominations will face the public vote. Housemates have been gathered on the sofa for the result of this week’s nominations. Becky and Scott are the only housemates not to face the public vote. “Are you actually joking, I’ve been really bad though?” shouts Becky when all the names have been announced. “I think it’s gonna be a double,” Conor says.

Luke A and Adam are at the smoking area and are surprised that Becky has not been nominated. “Conor kept to his word,” quips Luke A. Deana has joined them. “God helped us there, it’s a good thing right?” she asks. Sara comes into the garden and tells them that she is fine about being up: “I didn’t think you would be Adam, you came as a shock,” she says. “I’m baffled how Becky isn’t up,” Adam tells them.

Scott tells Caroline that he is surprised that Luke A didn’t nominate Becky and Caroline raises her tactical nomination argument.


Caroline is in the pool and giggles while telling some of her housemates: “According to Friday night’s reception I’m the least popular” in the house. Some of the housemates are at the sofas. Sara asks if they are alright following Big Brother’s revelations. Most of them are fine but Adam feels otherwise. “I’ve been up three times,” Conor rants to him.

Adam explains that he is entitled to feel how he does, “I’ll grow a set of balls but right now it’s not a good feeling.” “Whatever happens, happens,” Conor retorts. Scott is in the garden and tells housemates in mock shock: “I can’t believe Adam,” and they all laugh.


Luke A still has nominations on his mind and speculates how the public have viewed Luke S: “The public aren’t stupid, when he did that calendar shoot, people will see the funny side,” he muses.

In the garden Luke S is showing off his funny side. Becky and Ashleigh are at the sofas and Luke S has revealed his testicle to them to show them. “I have never seen a bigger bollock in my whole life,” Becky exclaims and calls Scott over to have a look. Luke S explains: “It’s full of veins.” Scott shields his eyes and protests: “No, I can’t look.” Adam has also come to view the spectacle, “Oh my God!” he grins.


Luke S has come to the diary room having been put up for eviction for the first time. He confesses to feeling “a little nervous,” as a “newbie” to possible eviction. He admits that he would like to be in the final preferably with Ashleigh, so they could share the experience. “I don’t know how I’m perceived but I’m fully aware of how I come across on first impressions,” he adds.

Ashleigh is in the shower and Becky asks her why she isn’t shielding the view of herself. “Fannies, vaginas, tits, balls, we’ve all got ‘em!” she yells. “What if you stay and Luke (S) goes,” Becky asks. Ashleigh says that she wouldn’t be upset as she will see him in two weeks. “I’d be like, ‘See you outside sunny Jim’.” she mocks.


Scott has come into the diary room and Big Brother asks him how it feels to have evaded being nominated. “It’s nice I realise I haven’t got any real enemies.” He mentions Adam’s reaction then mocks him while adopting an American accent. “No, I’m not okay at all,” he mocks.

Caroline and Ashleigh are chatting and Caroline grins: “We’ll have the best week cos we don’t give a s**t.” The conversation turns to Adam and Caroline tell Ashleigh that viewers will like him. “He’s different, cool, he’s been through a lot, changing his life around,” and thinks people will like his “storyline.” She says that although Adam is nice, the public don’t have to live with his “s**t marks,” but would prefer to live with him as opposed to Luke A. “He’s a nice guy, just really annoying,” she adds. “He wants it so much,” Ashleigh adds.

Deana, Adam and Luke A are in the garden. Luke A asks if they will be having any “soldier talk” tonight. “I’m a Private, who’s the Major or Brigadier?” he grins. “I don’t think we should do that,” scolds Deana.


Caroline has come to the diary room and tells Big Brother: “I’m genuinely so pleased we’re all up.” She says that she was amused by Adam’s reaction to his nomination and is “amazed” to have lasted so long in the house: “Considering I can turn into super bitch.” She grins while announcing: “I’ve definitely ruined my life,” and reveals that she plans to sabotage forthcoming shopping tasks by spending the budget on “5000 jars of Nutella.”

Adam and Luke A are at the smoking area. Luke A brands most of the housemates as “Evil, attention seeking, arrogant, a***holes!” “My friends would be 50/50 with my performance,” Adam remarks. Luke A admits: “I’d hate to be here without you guys,” but tells Adam that he “blends in better,” with the other housemates. “I could be a lone soldier but I’d prefer to have you here.” Caroline is on the decking. “Do you think she’ll go?” Adam asks. “Deffo,” Luke A replies.

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  1. Sara was going to nominate Adam but then decided to give him a chance and nominated vile Ashleigh instead. Its a pity Adam didnt give HER a chance and nominate even VILER Becky instead!

  2. rionablue on 12:21am July 25 '12

    Terry Christian must be the most horrible ignorant panelist BBOTS has ever had. I remember any time he has been on he has almost taken over the whole show and tonight was no exception. He thinks he is a KNOW IT ALL and he KNOWS F*** ALL. He kept butting in, making his opinions heard, slated Sara one of the most genuine housemates, also belittled Deana. Rav Wilding hardly got a word in edgewise and Aisleyne who was trying to hold her own in the discussions found herself interupted and shouted down. NEVER AGAIN should this vile little man appear on an otherwise well presented and mostly interesting show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AmericanCousin on 3:39am July 25 '12

    I really hope one of the soldiers take Caroline’s brush and hide them. Preferably, in the DR under the chair. Somewhere where she’d never look. That would be good fun, since she like “winding people up”. What a horrible little fungus she is. Ashleigh looks ill. I wonder if she has a thyroid problem or iron deficiency. And again I repeat, Becky looks so gross jiggling around in those loose materials. Would someone bind her up, so she doesn’t look like a a giant vat of jello. Im just sick of these mean people and I’ve become mean myself watching them. Forgive me, people.
    p.s. I think Luke S. has one testicle larger than the other because he’s take steroids,lol

    • sam08 on 5:54am July 25 '12

      :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: soooooooooo funny. Dont you think Trashleigh look’s like her mum carried her around by her ears when she was younger?????

    • microsis on 9:03am July 25 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      :giggle: You have a great way with words AMERICANCOUSIN ,,,lol.
      I agree with you about Ashleigh,,, I had noticed that her legs are twitching all the time as well

      As for Luke S testicle I don’t know much on that subject I’m afraid

      :music: :music: :music:

      • on 9:15am July 25 '12
        MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

        Have you noticed that not only can she not hold a conversation without profanities she also has to throw in 100 % several times. She really is the most Engish language challenged Person to have ever appeared on B.B & probably British T.V ever.

        • sam08 on 9:20am July 25 '12
          MEMBER (11 COMMENTS)

          :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: SHE IS JUST VILE

        • microsis on 9:28am July 25 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          I agree 100% ,,,,, :giggle:

          :music: :music: :music:

          • BBNut on 4:33pm July 25 '12
            MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

            Have you also noticed that here reasons for nominating someone are ALWAYS the same and she hasn’t been challenged about either thanks to bias BB. Everyone is ‘sneaky and snidey’ and she doesn’t like it. I desperately want Conor out (please for the love of god), however, ripping Trashleigh and Mr Protein apart will be hugely satisfying also as she just thinks she’s safe and he’s far too cocksure of himself. I’ve now reserved myself to the fact that Conor or Caroline or both will more than likely make the final just as long as neither of them win it just can’t happen. They make hated Aaron from last year look like a pussycat :nod:

    • brains on 1:53pm July 25 '12

      sorry american cousin, got to disagree with you regarding becky what you call jello is what we here call jam and no way is she sweet. may i suggest a giant vat of for luke s the large testicle is probably where his brains are

  4. microsis on 10:57am July 25 '12

    Ashleigh said Luke S had a smell of onions

    That’s not nice is it

    Brought tears to my eyes

    :music: :music: :music:

  5. jennyjuniper on 12:38pm July 25 '12

    So after Caroline cried in the diary room and was really, really, really, really sorry, she didn’t bitch about anyone for how many hours? However long or short the time was, she’s back to her old ways now. So much for being sorry.
    Now she’s trying to do a *Harry* by ordering Nutella instead of shopping! This girl hasn’t an original thought in that empty head of hers. Harry got away with it, because it was original and he was liked by the public. She isn’t.

  6. brains on 12:43pm July 25 '12

    apparently caroline has called luke a mrs luke a, to call her a bitch would be an insult to a bitch there are not words to describe how nasty she is, she knows exactly what she is doing then comes out with oh i am sorry i wasnt thinking, she hates luke a and that was a very well thought out way of hurting him more than anything else, she should not be up on friday she should be out today.

  7. brains on 12:45pm July 25 '12

    must add this is beyond game playing

  8. I HATE TERRY CHRISTIAN. I hope he NEVER get son BBOTS again. He ruined the show with his stupid banter. Nobody f****** CARES what you think TERRY!!!!

  9. AmericanCousin on 1:58pm July 25 '12

    The HM’s that criticized Adam for speaking his feelings are FAKE. Conor, Caroline, and the rest knew damn well it didn’t feel good to be nominated. Adam is one of the only real people in the house. While the idiotsiders sait back and gave fake responses, Adam was keeping it all the way real. :clapping: Good for you, Adam~

    • jennyjuniper on 4:42pm July 25 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      It was a classic case of twisting someones words. Someone asked Adam how he felt and he replied that it didn’t feel good to be up, Then Scott said to Conor that Adam was angry at being nominated and of course Big gob Conor agreed and spread the word. :angry:

      • Notice how coward Conor didnt take it up for long with Adam, had that been a woman he would have gone in shouting and being aggressive, BB have made a huge mistake not making this a vote to evict, Conor should have been removed weeks ago.

  10. sammyvan on 7:04pm July 25 '12

    How’s the voting going, Jenny? I feel this is probably the last chance to get Conor out – and have a horrible feeling that it will probably be Caroline or Ash that go! How sad that he may get to the final when he should have been out weeks ago – by the back door.
    This “vote to save” has probably been the single most reason for viewers complaints this series. Great way for :c5: to make money, but almost impossible to vote out who you wish to leave. Total rubbish that one has to vote for 7 people just to try and remove one who should no longer be there anyway. Taking a flaming liberty with my cash!!
    Fingers crossed for Friday………… :call:

    • jennyjuniper on 3:15pm July 26 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Sammyvan. I too feel that Conor will probably wriggle out of being evicted. Mind you if Caroline and Ashleigh go, what’s he left with? Luke S doesn’t like Conor and Becky will flit to the outsiders as soon as it seems that they are on the winning side. I’m concentrating on saving the insiders and Scott and Sara. If I can afford it I might vote for Luke S and Ashleigh, because although I can’t stand them, they are a better alternative to Conor and Caroline. Poor you. No Sunday dinners for the forseeable future, but worth it to wipe the smirks off Conor and Carolines ugly mugs eh? :yes:

      • Sally on 3:39pm July 26 '12
        MEMBER (2379 COMMENTS)

        :hi: Jenny don’t you mean saving the outsiders.
        sally x

      • sammyvan on 5:36pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Sorry, Jenny, draw the line at voting for Ash and Luke S! They have to take their chances with Conor and Caroline, even tho I would prefer Conor out. It’s not going to happen tho, as we seem to have people who actually like Conor???? Beats me! I see nothing to admire in this man. Would absolutely hate to be in the house with someone who has so little control over his emotions. He is seriously deluded.
        Maybe the worst thing for him would be to actually get to the finals………..and then come out first on the last night, to a chorus of boos! If he got as far as the final night he would be convinced he was the winner…love to see his face when he realises he is NOT God’s gift.

  11. I can’t afford to vote seven times so like the outsiders I’m looking for God’s intervention.

  12. Im going to vote for the outsiders plus Sara as many times as I can. This is the first time I will be voting this season and I couldnt bare to see Sara eliminated just because people vote for their favourite outsiders and she gets left behind. Shes a good one. The rest of the insiders are scum!!!! Please help the good housemates people xxx

  13. paulbad on 8:33pm July 25 '12

    Adamout, big game player and the bad tempered violent gang member aint far beneath the mask.

  14. keep the gorgeous deana in. She is polite and nice.

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