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Day 44 in the Big Brother house
It’s day 44 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what...
| Day -329

It’s day 44 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the Housemates have been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s highlights show.


Last night, Caroline became emotional about her behaviour in the house. Lauren, Adam and Luke A are having a discussion about Caroline and Lauren mentions that Caroline had been into the diary room to apologies for her behaviour.

Having slept on her feelings Caroline has come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. “It’s clicked,” she starts and refers to the “connotations and repercussions” of some of her actions in the house. Caroline admits that she needs to stop her “verbal incontinence” but feels that it might be difficult to change people’s opinions of her. She tells Big Brother that Luke A had previously told her not to talk to him so her natural reaction was to reciprocate. “We’ll never be best friends, but I’d love to be able to be amicable with him” she adds.


Ashleigh and Luke S are getting cosy at the sofas and she complains about having bad shoulder. “I love bad shoulders, it turns me on,” Luke S swoons. They giggle as Luke S covers their heads with the duvet then are heard kissing adding: “I like kissing you, but I don’t want everyone to see me kissing you.” Luke A is also at the sofas and Sara is in the kitchen and they both look awkward as Luke S and Ashleigh reveal their heads but continue kissing. Lauren and Adam are in the bedroom discussing her possible exit on Friday. She tells him that she is “big enough and ugly enough” to cope. Adam jokes that Lauren could wear her punishment t-shirt and Lauren snaps: “Why do you wind me up, you’re bringing tears to my eyes, you’re so insensitive Adam,” and playfully slaps him as he hugs her.

Becky has come to the diary room. She tells Big Brother that she wants more arguments in the house. “I liked Ashleigh and Luke’s confrontation last night, it was a bit of an eruption,” she beams. She mentions that Adam and Lauren are “flirting” and says that they pair are “so flirty gerty” and refers to Luke A as the “third wheel.” Becky mentions all the love in the world of Big Brother: “Apart from that it’s s**t!” she quips.


Ashleigh is in the bedroom feeling unsure about her outfit. “Whose funeral is it?” jokes Becky. Scott giggles as Ashleigh replies: “Bex, you make me really insecure sometimes,” as Becky tells her that she was joking. Luke S is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Ashleigh. He mentions Ashleigh’s insecurities about their compatibility and refers to their argument about Lauren. Luke S explains that although he and Ashleigh have different ways of doing things “In some ways we’re very similar, we make each other laugh and smile, so it’s a good start.” Scott is having a clothing dilemma. “You look a lot better in some of your other trousers,” adds Caroline and Becky agrees. Scott tells her that the trousers are designed by Ralph Lauren and Caroline giggles: “Naming the brand doesn’t make them any better!” Scott takes offence and says that he loves that particular pair because his mother chose them for him. “I never wanted to have a pair of blue jeans, but my mum convinced me and bought them me,” he ends.


Becky is in the kitchen testing Caroline and tells her to spell “ Constantinople.” Ashleigh and Scott are in the bedroom talking about Becky. Ashleigh says that Becky has a habit of making people feel “small.” “She does make you feel like you are a piece of s**t, and she won’t say it in a nice way, she’ll say it in the cruelest way ever,” Ashleigh adds. Scott agrees and mentions that Becky was rude about his jeans. Scott says that Becky is tactless and mainly criticises people who are closest to her: “which is actually worse in a way.” Scott also mentions how dismissive and “blunt” Becky is during arguments: “That’s her defense mechanism,” Scott infers.


Caroline is in the living area eating a pot of yoghurt. “Who needs spoons when you can turn it into a yoghurty drink and pour it all over your face,” then necks from a tub or yoghurt. Conor and Scott S laugh.

In the garden, some of the housemates are discussing relationships. Deana says that once her life is organised and she is “set up and made lots of money,” she would like to get married but will always “be the boss.” She claims that if her future husband were to “f**k” with her: “I won’t give him his money supply and I’d cut up his credit cards.” Adam looks shocked adding: “That is so mean; you’re describing a house slave.” Lauren muses: “You can’t stop men cheating on you regardless.” “Not all men cheat!” exclaims Adam. “90 percent do, me dad told me,” retorts Lauren as Ashleigh joins them.

Lauren tells her that they are having a “we hate men speech” and Deana says that Ashleigh won’t agree with them, as they have broached the subject before. Lauren claims that all men will cheat on their wives but Luke A says that he would never do that. Ashleigh tells them that her dad wouldn’t either “My mum and dad are soul mates for life.” Deana then says that if her husband “made a mistake” and cheated on her she would be more upset if he had a relationship with someone else. “If it was just sex then no,” Deana continues. “100 percent I’d get a divorce,” exclaims Ashleigh, “So would I,” adds Luke A.


Ashleigh is at the sofas talking to housemates about Deana adding: “She’s irritating me now,” and tells housemate she had given Deana “So many chances.” Scott, Becky and Conor listen as Ashleigh refers to Deana being like “a lost zombie.” Scott says that Deana is “in her own little bubble and Ashleigh comments: “She’s definitely 100 percent doing it for the cameras now.” “Yes!” yells Conor. Ashleigh mentions that she dislikes the way Deana eats: “I know exactly what you mean,” adds Becky.

Ashleigh does her impression of Deana for her housemates and they all laugh. Ashleigh refers to an incident when Deana had milk around her mouth while eating cereal. She says that when she mentioned it to Deana, Deana wiped her mouth with her hand. She tells them that instead of using a spoon, Deana then used her hands to pick up her cereal. “Do you know what, they used to do that in my dad’s takeaway, my dad owned and Indian takeaway and they used to eat everything with their hands?” Becky looks confused as the rest of the housemates giggle. “I think it’s the culture,” Scott tells her. “I just wanted to give her the spoon,” giggles Ashleigh.


Most of the housemates are in the living area where Sara is revealing today’s task, Speed Daters. Sara reads: “All male housemates will go on a date with Sara, me, what the f**k?” she exclaims. Housemates discuss the task as Big Brother calls Sara to the diary room. Meanwhile, in the living area, housemates have been provided with details for the real task, Speed Haters. Adam reads out the rules to his fellow housemates; the boy who manages to get buzzed and have the shortest date will win a prize. Housemates have 30 minutes to get ready and all head off into the bedroom.


Big Brother has gathered the housemates for tonight’s speed dating task. Scott is up first and swigs from the bottle and asks: “Do you think we should get a president.” Royal lover Sara promptly buzzes him out. Conor is next and helps himself before pouring the wine for Sara; Luke A is next in the hot seat and mentions that he is married, “You’ll be doing me a favour by pressing the buzzer” he pleads; Adam is up next and finally Luke S joins Sara on the date and mentions that he feels nervous, “Cos Ashleigh’s watching,” and is quickly buzzed out.

Big Brother has gathered housemates for the result of tonight’s task. Adam claims to feel upset about being rejected. “You spoke to me about sex on the first date,” Sara exclaims and Adam feigns his sadness. Big Brother then reveals the real task and housemates all laugh. Luke A is the winner as he managed to get booted off in the fastest time of 17 second. As a prize, he will receive a Boys Night In, in the small task room and chooses Adam to accompany him.


Ashleigh is dying Conor’s hair as Becky watches. “John Travolta,” says Becky. Deana is talking to Luke A about her fellow housemates and says that some of their sense of humor is “humiliating people and to put other people down.” She tells him that she uses the phrase “Real recognize real people,” and claims that this is why she gets on with him.

Scott has been called to the diary room. Big Brother tells him: “Before you entered the Big Brother house you were reminded of the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour. You were told that Big Brother will intervene and take appropriate action if housemates behave in a way that Big Brother considers to be unacceptable. Earlier today at 4:46pm you had the following conversation with Ashleigh.” Big Brother relays the conversation as Scott listens. “Big Brother believes that your use of language in this conversation could be seen as stereotyping and therefore potentially offensive. Do you understand?”

“Ooops, I’m sorry,” Scott replies. “Big Brother has no option other than to issue you with a formal warning; if you use this type of language again we may have to consider removing you from the Big Brother house. Do you understand Scott?” He replies: “Now that I hear it back it sounds really bad, that’s really horrible cos I do actually like Deana and I wouldn’t want to be horrible like, I’m sorry for getting carried away and talking about someone especially like that, I’m really sorry about that.” Scott leaves the diary room.

Big Brother calls Ashleigh to the diary room. “Before you entered the Big Brother house you were reminded of the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour. Big Brother would like to remind you of what bullying can consist of, “Yeah, yeah I know.” Big Brother continues: “It can include factions developing, tensions, arguments and ostracising of individuals. Examples of bullying could be excluding people ridiculing or humiliating people, name calling, sarcasm and rumour spreading.” “I am sorry, it’s not very nice,” says Ashleigh. Ashleigh looks remorseful and explains: “I didn’t mean to make people feel ostracised, but I understand my actions and I’m really sorry. I am really sorry.”


As Luke A was the housemate to be buzzed by Sara during the Speed Haters task, his reward is a Boys Night in and he’s chosen Adam to accompany him. They enter the small task room and marvel at the treats and games. Caroline is talking to Lauren about her possible eviction. “Everything will hit you like, I think you’ll be absolutely fine.” She adds: “I think you’re loved on the outside.” Sara and Scott are exercising a bit of philanthropy and worry about a moth in the garden. In the kitchen Lauren tells Caroline that the reason they clash “is cos we’re too similar.” “I hope we can just get along from now on in,” Caroline muses.


Luke A and Adam are enjoying their fun time in the small task room. Luke A beats Adam during a Wii game and punches the air and cheers in celebrations as Adam lies defeated on the ground. By way of congratulations and not on his knees Adam pats Luke A’s groin booming: “You don’t have nuts?” Luke A laughs adding “But you do!” and playfully hits Adam in his groin with the game remote control.


Lauren and Adam are in the garden. She moans about having to listen to the toilet paper conversations and Adam laughs and says that Caroline left quickly. Sara is discussing her Scottish heritage and explains to Deana about clans.

Adam and Luke A are talking about Lauren. Adam says that he is in a “stupid position,” adding “She knows I like her.” He confesses that he doesn’t want to look like “an idiot on TV,” but claims that Lauren had become more “touchy feely.” Luke A explains that he can sometimes feel like he is hindering Adam’s progress with Lauren, by always being around, “Just give me the nod,” he adds.


Adam is in the diary room talking about Lauren. “She’s 20, we’re in this environment, she’s an amazing girl, her imperfections make her perfect, I’ve said it before,” he adds. Adam gushes: “She’s fun, she’s energetic, she speaks her mind, gorgeous, beautiful smile, there’s a lot of things, you drift towards somebody and I have that human connection with the opposite sex.” Big Brother asks Adam if he will ever be more than just friends with Lauren. “Who knows, I have no idea, I’m lost in the wind, it’s taking me like a leaf, I’m fluttering about, he smiles.

Caroline and Deana are in the bedroom. Deana tells Caroline that people can be anything they want in the house. “I wish I had retained a small morsel of dignity,” Caroline laments and Deana tries to reassure her. “You haven’t got drunk or run around naked,” she adds. “Sometimes I think Christ, I’ve definitely ruined my life,” moans Caroline before bursting into laughter. Deana tells her that she thinks of Caroline as “Just a little girl.”

In the garden, Adam is about to spill the beans to Lauren. “Oh my God, don’t even do what I think you’re gonna do,” she warns. Adam smiles as Lauren shouts: “Adam! Don’t ruin our friendship.” Adam tells her that he has thought the same thing. He says: “You are confirming everything in my head, even having the conversation with you would be stupid.” “Are you actually being serious; Adam I’ve never seen you like this before?” she questions. Adam laughs nervously and Lauren tells him he cannot fancy her, “I’m one of the lads. Well, I feel awkward,” she smiles and tells him that she feels like a 10 year old. “It’s fine, I know, trust me, I already know,” he smiles as Lauren sits in silence.

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  1. AmericanCousin on 10:53pm July 19 '12

    I really don’t appreciate how Becky and Ashleigh were talking shit about Deana’s eating habits. Deana is better looking, better acting, and just better, so deal with it. “Zombie, Ugshleigh? You look a zombie. Like someone on their deathbed and Becky, well put some red lipstick and a moo moo on Shamu the whale! I am sure what Scott said wrong, but why wasn’t Becky repimanded for her snide remarks? Becky, Caroline, and Ugshleigh are by far the nastiest because they are the most insecure. With Sara, Lauren, and Deana in the house and you look like those three, how wouldn’t one be? The day Becky, Ugshleigh, and Caroline are voted out, is the day I will rejoice in utter happiness for they are infectious, nasty, vile cretins. I hope Scott sees this and distances himself from such nastiness because I know he is a really decent guy.

    • jennyjuniper on 11:00am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Did you notice Conor sitting there like the Lord of the manor while the others were making fun of Deana? Scott and Ashley were reprimanded, but why not Conor too? He was giving encouraging noises and laughing. The younger ones do what they do to impress this vile creature. Why, I will never know.

      • Fudge on 5:05pm July 20 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
        Avatar of

        YES! I noticed that, and he did say something nasty, can’t remember what though! He needs to know that he is at least as bad as the others if not 10 times worse. BB don’t have the bottle though… Not surprised at Ashleigh, very disappointed in Scott, again.

  2. Oblivious on 11:01pm July 19 '12

    Haha, how can Lauren say to Adam that he can’t fancy her cos she’s one of the lads; as far as I know lads don’t shout for another’s attention then do the splits up a wall, spoon each other in bed and generally cuddle up at every available opportunity. It did make me laugh :clapping:

  3. rionablue on 12:12am July 20 '12

    I was just about to say the same thing oblivious. Im not a fan of Lauren but she isnt my most disliked housemate I reserve that for Conor with a close second of Caroline and Becky. HOWEVER Lauren has been flirting and cuddling and sidling up to Adam and now I really feel sorry for him. Nobody who is a so called tomboy or one of the lads sits on Adams lap in teeny tiny shorts and expects him not to feel sexual tension. Lauren is after doing herself no favours. I could see this coming a mile off. One of the days or nights Adam was bound to crack. Poor Adam x

    • Jules on 11:37am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I have a feeling it may be better for her to go tonight and I have just put a couple of votes in for Luke. As much as I like Lauren she has been leading Adam on for quite a while now. Luke and Adam were good to her and Deanna when no one else wanted them. Hopefully Luke A will stay and they will be able to build a stronger relationship with Deanna and push Caroline out unless she leaves Adam alone.

  4. Producers want Lauren out on 12:24am July 20 '12

    Female Producers want Lauren out.
    Did you know most of the BB producers are female no biased at all i’m sure.

    • don’t follow this as Jamie on BOTS was male and a producer. Think you’re seeing conspiracy every where now. Also Luke should stay as Lauren has become so annoying

  5. Well so far we have had three girls Victoria, Lydia and Sievonne and three guys, Chris, Arron and Benedict out so its pretty even I think is it? I still think Luke A should stay as he has alot more to give and has been on a huge journey. AND he has never led anyone on either!!!!

  6. rionablue on 12:45am July 20 '12

    Anyone wana predict the top five in the final. They dont have to be in the order they finish in. My hopes would be that Sara, Adam, Scott, Deana and maybe Luke A if he is saved would make the final. These are the only 5 deserving of it. Anyone agree? Or differ?

    • skippy1996 on 1:02am July 20 '12

      Totally agree :)

      • yeahyeahyeah on 1:25am July 20 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        Almost agree, but I think Lauren is going to stay this week over Luke A. And I think somehow that some of the insiders are going to end up in the final. I think Luke S and Ashleigh…so here’s who I think will end up in the final: Lauren, Adam, Luke S, Ashleigh, Sara, Deana. I hope Deana wins, but have no idea what the order will be.
        As long as Conor and Caroline go I think I’ll be satisfied.

        • I agree as long as Conor and Caroline and Ashleigh are out, dont care for Luke S but he doesnt offend me, I think Luke A will go this week, Deana, Lauren, Adam, Sara and Scott to the end hopefully.

    • Jules on 11:38am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Not so sure of Scott but the others are in the top at the moment so hopefully they will stay there.

  7. TunTnuT on 4:01am July 20 '12

    I would like to think BB’s lack of action is purposeful…

    After all, offensive housemates, who appear to the public as, getting away with inappropriate behaviour will have to face the public eventually !

    It appears that nearly all housemates have been issued with a “first warning”… Once BB has issued all housemates with a warning then it can not be said that BB has not been fair !

    Whatever a viewers’ motivation is towards boycotting the show and or it’s sponsors is reserved entirely for the realm of the unknown.

    What is known… The reality of the housemates experience when they return to the outside world. No-one likes a bully or a rascist, and these labels that certain housemates have willingly applied to themselves will live with them for a very long time !

    No amount of apology will suffice, as actions speak louder than words !

    Roll on BB, you are doing an excellent job !

    • Jules on 11:43am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Had BB done an excellent job in the beginning and made the whiole process fair instead of thinking that everyone wants a bi**hy and fighting atmosphere all the time, then that would have been fair. All they are doing now is playing to their own likes and their likes are sadistic. It is the more gentle ones who are suffering for it.

      I do not envy the others sense of character when they come out because if they read the forums etc. etc. they will know how much they have been disliked. Will they get over it or will they just think ah well it was a gameshow. The public have decided thanks to BB’s misrepresentation of what once was a good show.

  8. Canadiana on 4:08am July 20 '12

    I’ve gotta say, I initially was hoping that Lauren would stay in the house, but would now not be so sad if she left.
    I think she has been toying with Adam’s feelings and flirting with him for the camera. She couldn’t have been that shocked that he has developed feelings for her. I know she is just 20, and perhaps not clued in to these things, but I don’t know, seems a bit manipulative.

  9. To yeahyeahyeah
    When are going insiders going to be up i been waiting for weeks and it has not happen.

    Also this years editing has been horrible when hgs are up for eviction there should not giving one hg a bad edit and another hg a non bad edit. Producers need to show both sides but always play favorites.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 5:10am July 20 '12

      well, Arron was an insider and went over Becky and Deana. It’s too bad that wasn’t a double eviction, or Conor would have been gone too. Insiders are not popular on the OUTSIDE, and sooner or later they will have to face the public vote.

  10. I really liked Lauren, but I must admit, I am a bit disappointed with the way she played with Adam’s feelings
    I would like the final five to be Deana, Luke A, Adam, Sarah and Scott

    I am backing Deana to win

  11. Jules on 11:49am July 20 '12

    Angel Deanna has a very good chance of winning, she is still favourite with Adam 2nd then Lauren. Luke A has gone down to 5th. Hopefully it will be between Adam and Deanna for the last two. I would like to see Luke A in with the three top ones. It all depends on what happens in the next week or so. I hope that Adam and Deanna do not go up against each other, I really do.

    • I want Sara to win with Deana and Adam 2nd and 3rd then Luke A and Scott. The rest of them are rotten to the core and dont deserve to stay in the hous till the final x

  12. Willie from BB USA was kicked out last night he said the
    C-word, he was calling everybody a**holes, he kicked the Have-Not door twice, and he HEADBUTTED Joe four times.

  13. salomo Akudhenga pires on 12:33pm July 24 '12

    Everything Is going well,keep Up guys……………

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