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Day 43 in the Big Brother house
It’s day 43 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what...
| Day -330

It’s day 43 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the Housemates have been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s highlights show.


After weeks of infighting last night’s face-to-face nominations brought tensions to a head. Last night as punishment for Deana and Sara’s rule break for discussing nominations, Big Brother has removed the hot water from the house. Conor wakes up and notices that Luke A and Adam have moved beds. Becky is in the shower. “Ohhh! S**t the bed, I forgot it was cold,” she screams. Luke A is heading toward the diary room and on his way, Conor asks him: “Are you feeling better?” “Yeah,” he replies.

In the diary room, Luke A tells Big Brother that he feels “isolated, hated, judged.” Big Brother asks him who he feels hates him; he says everyone apart from, Adam, Lauren “and possibly Deana.” He mentions the possible reasons: “Cos I’m different to them, cos I don’t conform to their group, cos I don’t suck their a**es and tell them they’re great everyday, cos I don’t let them get away with apologising to me and doing exact same thing next day, I just don’t fit in.”

In the living area Becky is desperate to hear the latest house gossip. Luke S tells her about Adam moving back to his original bed to be away from Deana. “And Luke A is in Adam’s old bed,” adds Luke S. “And Adam sleeps naked,” quips Conor. “Urgh dirty bastards,” exclaims Becky.

In the diary room Luke A tells Big Brother that he feels that he has not “fitted in” since his first day in the house. He says that Becky “hurts me,” and brands her a “fake.” He continues: “Her and Conor on the surface have made up, she’s taken Shievonne’s role,” and says she’s “untouchable.” Luke A says that Becky feels she can go around “screaming” or being “intimidating and nasty to us.” He continues, “She doesn’t need us anymore.” He tells Big Brother: “Their plan’s working” and says that whatever happens “one of us is gone.” Luke A says the house should be “understanding, unified, happy, having fun, enjoying summer and pulling together.”

Sara joins some of the housemates in the living room and Becky asks what happened last night and Sara says that things have been “blown out of proportion.” Sara tells them that she thinks Adam could have acted differently towards Deana on hearing his name mentioned during the rule break. She says that Adam has “dealt with so much in his life” then adds: “Why the f**k is he doing that to a 23 year old girl, moving beds when all she said is a name.”

In the diary room, Luke A tells Big Brother that he will try and talk to his fellow housemates and hopefully come to an understanding. “I’m sure it will get better if we try and talk,” he ends. Luke A exits the diary room as Sara continues to berate the situation. She tells Luke A that he should talk with Deana and he says that he had intended to and agrees that the situation is ridiculous. Sara says that Adam’s name was still mentioned, he only calmed down when he realised the conversation was between Luke A and Deana. “That’s cos I’m his closest friend,” he explains. Sara brands this a “pathetic” excuse and intends to speak to Adam when wakes up.

Luke A asks Luke S for a quick chat and they go out to the garden as Luke A comments: “The diary room has put things into perspective.” At the smoking area Luke A says that he has always felt that Luke S disliked him, “I’ve felt like I didn’t know what I did.” Luke S tells him that he does like him and has voiced the same concerns to Big Brother and Luke A is surprised. Luke S explains that the house has made them paranoid but he has sometimes thought that Luke A had been “sarcastic” towards him.

In the garden, Luke A says he sometimes feels “invisible” in the house. He mentions that he was intimidated by Luke S from the first night and then hardly spoke to each other for the first two. Luke A admits that he was “intimidated” by Luke S: “Not cos you’re a nasty person but you’re this level headed cool guy, with an amazing body.” Luke S reminds him of when Luke A spoke about his past and says he was “fascinated” by it. He says that things are the way they are because they both have close friends which can be a dividing influence on their housemates. Luke A says that he can be sarcastic “like with Caroline.” Luke S says that he can also be annoying but says that they are both to blame and agree that they will talk through any future problems. “Thanks for listening to me,” Luke A says and they share a hug. Luke A mentions that he will also speak to Caroline at some point.

Sara is in the bathroom with Deana. She says that Adam was unfair toward Deana adding: “I’m really angry with him!” “You were upset and they didn’t speak to you.” Deana tells her that it was her own fault but Sara disputes this and tells her that Adam should have spoken to Deana rather than other housemates. Sara tells Deana that she is going to speak to Adam about his actions, “He’s supposed to be your friend and they can turn on you like that,” she adds.


Sara is at the smoking area clearing the air with Adam and brands his actions the previous night as “disgusting.” She tells him that he should have spoken to Deana before telling other housemates about it. Adam responds that Sara can have her say but mentions that he’s never said to Deana: “You’re up next,” he continues: “I’ve heard it every f**king week.” Sara says that he should have told Deana he was tired of hearing it, instead of changing beds “which made her feel isolated.”

Lauren joins them and agrees that Adam should speak to Deana although she hasn’t always got on with Deana “You think about that third week,” Lauren adds. “Well, you’ve nominated her before,” Sara adds.

Luke A is in the garden clearing the air with Caroline. He likens the house to feeling like an “outcast” at school, “but that’s my problem.” He mentions times when Caroline is whispering as he walks in to a room and how that makes him feel. “That’s horrible,” Caroline responds and apologises to him. They both agree that they should work out their problems and that everyone should be friends. Luke A mentions that some housemates assume that Luke A’s friendship group have been talking about the others “but we’re genuinely not,” he adds.


Scott and Becky are amusing themselves in the kitchen. She refers to him as Lucas and tells him that he looks “ridiculous in those sunglasses.” “Says she in that frock,” he retorts. “Frock! It’s a jumpsuit you d**khead,” she yells. “You absolute b***h!” he scolds.

Deana has decided it’s time to talk to Adam. He tells her that they could have handled things better and could have spoken about things first hand. She agrees and relays the conversation she had with Sara which led to the rule break. “If you want to fall out with me over this,” she adds. “It would be a shame.” Luke A adds and says that it was a “misunderstanding.” Deana explains that it wasn’t “about them,” it was more to do with what happened. “We just need to know we can trust you,” Lauren adds. Deana says she should have always stuck by them. Adam says that Deana should always “believe in us,” no matter what.


Luke S and Conor are putting Caroline through their paces.

After failing this week’s shopping task the housemates must work with an economy shopping budget. Becky is taking control. Conor, Luke S and Caroline are watching from the garden. “I hope they f**k it up,” Conor spits and Caroline says that Becky is being “bossy.” Deana is adding up the shopping list and Becky worries that she is having trouble. Luke S comes in and Becky asks him to add up the list together but he returns to the garden. Conor worries that the shopping will be full of “hotdogs and chicken nuggets, if it’s s**t I’m throwing it over the wall!” Becky’s order includes cheesecakes.


Luke A is having a talk with Becky. He tells her that she has changed towards him. Becky says it was “silly stuff,” and mentions “snappy stuff,” she has done and mentions a particular incident during a task. Luke A tells her that his supposed snap wasn’t meant how she took it. Becky goes on to say that Luke A is “absolutely amazing, on being in this place.” She says that she is 100 percent his friend but is not being “malicious,” towards him and has not jumped on “the bandwagon.” “I wish I’d done this sooner,” Luke A muses. Becky mentions that if nominations had been today, her nominations would be different.

Caroline has been called into the diary. Big Brother talks to her about some aspects of her behaviour towards other housemates. Big Brother says: “The pressures and demands of the environment in the Big Brother house can lead to behaviour which can be defined as bullying. Bullying can include lots of different things, factions developing, tensions, or the ostracising of individuals. Do you think that any of your behaviour fits the descriptions given above?”

Caroline replies: “Yes, I would never ever intend to victimise or bully anybody, I feel absolutely awful but I genuinely would never make someone feel left out.” I just get so frustrated with people and irritated and pernickety, I have very independent thoughts about people and I don’t let anyone pressurise me. I just feel a certain way towards somebody and then I tend to think aloud and tell people how I’m feeling, I’m not trying to impose my feelings, I would never ever try and make someone feel belittled but sometimes when I have problems with people I find it really really difficult to put them aside and swallow my tongue, but maybe I can influence people. I hate thinking of myself as some kind of evil dictator; I don’t even know how I’m coming across, I just do it unintentionally, maybe I’m a horrible person. I’ll try my absolute hardest to stop and encourage people to stop ganging up on people and stop using stupid names, it’s just utterly ridiculous.”


Ashley and Luke S are lying on the on the rug in the living area. She asks him if she can give him a love bite. “No, I’m not 1 years old,” he quips and Ashleigh says that she only wants to give him one because she knows he dislikes them.

Caroline is in the bedroom talking to Scott and Conor. She admits to being “really opinionated,” and reveals that this has gotten her into trouble in the past. Scott reassures her adding: “It’s Big Brother, its fine.” Caroline is worried and says that her actions may be caused by her “insecurities.” “I’m only funny when it’s at other people’s expense,” she says. “Just carry on being yourself,” Scott quips and Conor remarks: “Never change who you are Caz.”

Caroline reminds him that they’ve previously mentioned that they are not usually “this bad.” Scott tells her that life in the house “will inevitably bring out the same tensions” and Conor says Caroline is entitled to have her own opinions. “I take it too far Conor; I go beyond the boundaries of being acceptable.” She reminds him, “This isn’t me Conor, we’ve both said this, our worst characteristics are magnified.” She tells them that they need to think more before saying things as well as the “ramifications” of what they say. “Some of the things I say are not nice at all, it’s really hard to be a nice person in this house.”


In the garden, Adam and Lauren have a problem with each other. “I know what both your problems are,” quips Luke A. “Sexual, Healing baby,” sings Ashleigh. Lauren says that Adam will get “all sensitive again and I can’t be dealing with it.” Adam smiles as he listens to Ashleigh talking about the supposed sexual tension between Lauren and Adam. Lauren cuddles Adam saying “I respect you Adam.” “I adore you,” he replies as Luke A mocks Adam’s smooth response.

In the bedroom, Scott talks into his mic and asks Big brother to open the store room. “Open the store room so we can make the pie and eat it! Are you listening?” Big Brother announces the store room open for housemates to receive their shopping. Scott is ecstatic and housemates rush to collect the shopping. Adam marvels over the biscuit selections.

Caroline and Lauren are having a heart-to-heart. Lauren says that she imagines that outside of the house, “The bitching and whispering isn’t you.” Caroline agrees and they mention that the “tense environment” within the house is also to blame. Caroline says they need to stop talking behind each other’s backs. “We’re both guilty of being hypocrites,” she says. Lauren tells Caroline that she has a “brilliant personality,” but Caroline admits: “I’ve been absolutely awful.” She mentions whispering about people who may then enter the room, “On no grounds is that okay,” she scolds. Lauren says that she has noticed Caroline doing this with Becky and Scott. Caroline advises her not to alienate herself and sticking with Adam and Luke S. “At this point everyone thinks I’m sly so I just don’t know what to do about it,” Lauren worries.


The shopping has been packed away and all the housemates are enjoying a well deserved biscuit apart form Conor and Luke S. They call over to Caroline and joke that she was supposed to be eating healthily. Big Brother calls Sara and Lauren to the diary room. In the diary room, Big Brother reminds them about conversations that include talk of nominations and relays a conversation they had earlier in the day. Big Brother gives Sara and Lauren a visual reminder as housemates have persistently broken the rules. They must wear the t-shirts provided bearing the slogan You Can’t Trust Me. Lauren is livid, “I can’t believe you’ve done this to me when everyone already thinks I’m sly.”


Conor, Sara and Becky play a game of Have you Ever. Becky reveals a cowboy move she has done while having sex. Lauren is still upset about having to wear her punishment t-shirt. Deana is alone in the bedroom and Deana tries to reassure her and reminds her that Sara also has to wear one. Lauren says it may seem “stupid” but after what was said about her during nominations, she’s feeling more sensitive. “I’ve just had enough, I wish I’d been a bit older,” she says adding: “Maybe I’d have had more balls.” Deana agrees that things can get on top of you in the house which is why she is sitting alone. They hug as Lauren encourages Deana to join the rest of the housemates.

Ashleigh has something to share with Luke S. She tells him that he has more in common with other people in the house. Luke S tells her not to worry. Ashleigh comments: “They know so much, they cook together.” Luke S is shocked that Ashleigh thinks he and Lauren are suited. Ashleigh says that they would be “perfect together.” Luke S takes offence and walks off. “That’s why I’m not good at relationships,” she muses.


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Caroline is brushing Deana’s hair and compliments her on it. Becky is in a playful mood and while trying to pull down Luke S’ shorts, her top falls down.

Ashleigh is in the diary room worrying about her relationship with Luke S. She tells Big Brother: “I’ve never been so insecure in my entire life” and is sure that Lauren and Luke S would never get together. Ashleigh admits to being “paranoid” but says that she feels “thick” when she’s around Luke S. “I can’t add up, like maths, I wouldn’t have a clue, I wouldn’t know what 2.84 + 3.65 is” and says that Luke S is always “correcting” her. Ashleigh admits to being “scared of the unknown.” She admits: “I really like Luke, he could easily go up to Liverpool and I might not even see him again, it’s sad to think that cos I really do like him.”

Luke A is trying on his eviction outfit; Deana’s yellow onesie! After a day of realisations and home truths, Caroline has come to the diary room. “I’ve never been in here voluntarily and I haven’t come in here for attention or sympathy but I just been thinking about one thing you said earlier. You said you were not asking me to make an artificial apology.” Caroline begins to cry: “I just really really really really really don’t want you to think that I would ever go about trying to make anyone feel upset, I genuinely just keep thinking about it, I really really really really really would never ever try and bully anyone, I just don’t understand sometimes how influential an individual can be, I was not fully aware of what I was doing, I’m really really really really sorry.”

Caroline sobs: “I’m acting like a toddler, I’m not trying to get sympathy or anything that’s why I don’t want to be upset in front of my housemates cos I don’t deserve it, obviously I’ve just been a completely manipulative bully and I haven’t’ intended to at all.” She tells Big Brother that today, her relationship with Lauren and Luke A has been “a million times better and I do genuinely like them so much, I feel like such a d**k!” she weeps. “Today they’ve been so so so nice, Lauren an I have loads of fun and Luke and I have had convos’, everything has been so so so much nicer. It makes me feel sick, it makes me feel it makes me hate everything about me that I’ve made anyone feel belittled or less anything they should be just because I’m insecure and I feel absolutely awful.”

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  1. BigBrother2011 on 10:24pm July 18 '12

    I’m so glad the BB has talked to Caroline about her bullying. Hopefully it will change her.

  2. brokenangel on 10:27pm July 18 '12

    Bit like shutting the door after the horse has bolted don’t you think? They have only done it because of the back feed back they are getting, they should have done something before it got this far !

  3. rionablue on 12:39am July 19 '12

    Good on Sara for taking Adam to task about his treatment of Deana. Im wondering also how many people will say that Caroline was only crying for the cameras and that its too late to be sorry. I think everyone deserves a second chance. She has been warned about bullying, looked at her behaviour in a different light and I genuinely think she is sorry

    • Jules on 1:14am July 19 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Why didnt she do it with Connor though when he had a go at Deanna? She was out of order and should have let Deanna and Adam sort it out themselves. I do not see how Sara can say she doesnt know what is going on tbh. She is either very naieve or she is playing a crafty game which after all, it is a gameshow and she isnt as bad as the others. She made it her business to tell all the others knowing that they would be pleased with the situation, ie someone else having a go at Deanna. Connor was quite pleased.

      Luke A had the right solution, it was a misunderstanding and they sorted it out themselves. They are now good buddies. Deanna, I like her and I think she will win, hasnt always given the three confidence in knowing which side she is on. Thus Adam became uncertain. I think they will now trust each other so Adams outburst would have at least brought the matter to a head and hopefully they will all be ok. It is difficult as Deanna is friendly with Sara and Sara is in with the other lot. As they said she goes back and confides in Sara, so does Sara tell the others, obviously she does it has just been proven.

      • brokenangel on 1:21am July 19 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        Very valid points Jules, if she was to take Conor to task it would put her in a very sticky position and likely to get her nominated . She took to task the mildest male without having to fear of a comeback

        • Jules on 3:08pm July 19 '12
          MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

          I agree Angel, she is playing a good game which as I have said, this is what it is all about, but people shouldnt be blind about what she is actually doing. They are each doing it in different ways. She certainly isnt any Angel.

          I hope she felt bad when she realised that she had been taken in with the dating process. I hope that she apologised to Adam. I have no doubt at all that she would have made Luke S the winner if she had the choice. She also said Adam drank out of the bottle, so did some of the others.

          • Sara hasnt a mean bone in her body an I dont know WHY people think she is playing a game. Deana is her friend. She was very upset at what Adam did and how he treated her. Sara saw that. In all fairness if Sara has any problem with ANYONE she has told them face to face not bitched behind their backs. She has already had conversations with Luke A and Lauren earlier in the series about their differences and tried to sort them out. Out of all the people in the house I think Sara has been the most genuine. She has only become close to Deana in the past few weeks that why she didnt confront Conor. Sara is NOT PLAYING a game.

        • Sara wouldnt see it that way Brokenangel its only in the past few weeks she has got close to Deana. I believe she is her own person and isnt part of the ‘horrible bitching insiders’ she is actually nearly closer to the outsiders. Adam didnt seem to mind too much when Sara came to him. At least it showed a bit of courage and loyalty to her friend. I love Sara. None of the other girls come close

  4. Making lauren wear the t shirt is absolutely disgusting BB, why not make Conor wear one that says I am a bully, oh no you wont do that to Mr I cant do anything wrong because you are scared of him. When Lauren is allready up for eviction your actions with th t shirt could influence viewers opinions, whoever is runnning this show should be the one wearing a slogan t shirt.

  5. jennyjuniper on 7:41am July 19 '12

    So BB finally realised the pressure we the viewers can bring to bear when we find behaviour utterly unacceptable. I was glad to see Caroline taken to task about her bullying, but why just her?? While she may be the most prolific bully in there, she is certainly not the only one. She, along with Becky and Ashleigh do it for Conor’s approval. HE is the bully behind the throne and if BB really wanted to address the bullying issue they should have said what they said to the whole house. This would have given the ones being bullied confidence in themselves, to realise that it isn’t their imagination, they really are being bullied. Too little too late BB. And why the hell was Sara and Lauren pulled up about talking noms, when STILL nothing has been done about Conor and Carolines cheating in the last task??

  6. microsis on 9:03am July 19 '12

    2012 bb secret White Room Twist ,,1st aug
    Anyone know anything about this
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. brokenangel on 1:27pm July 19 '12

    They really ought to do something this week to balance out the clear blatant cheating of Caroline and Conor with face to face nominations. The clip cleary shows Caroline showing Conor a card.
    They expect us to vote and pay money for something that was fixed. The nominations of Conor and Caroline should have been void, in doing that it would have been a different outcome for the vote to save this week. BB think we are stupid.

  8. microsis on 1:49pm July 19 '12

    Twice bb had ignored the fact Caroline cheated ,,,,,,,,,have they conveniently forgotten that ,she also called out a lesser amount of gold in the gold rush task for the bad team :devil:

    :music: :music: :music:

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